Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2009 11:25 am EDT


I got a message from David last night that he has just updated his popular weather app SimpleWeather. The application is a great way to track your local weather right from your device. You can choose up to 3 zip codes, set the update interval and more. The icon will change on your homescreen to reflect the current conditions. SimpleWeather runs on any device with OS 4.3 or higher. The application normally sells for $2.99, but David has thrown us 100 copies to give away free! To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Only one entry per person - so please don't leave more than one comment or only your first entry will count!

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather



The weather channel doo-daa sucks battery power like a vampire in search of sweet sweet blackberry battery nectar. If it's as 'simple' as it sounds, it's probably much nicer on ye ole' battery meter.

It would be nice to have the weather icon on my phone instead of having to get it from the web. This would be a great app to have.

I live in Ohio and the weather is always fluctuating. I check all the time and this app would extremely handy. I'd also like to win finally.

...I need to know the Weather...

Suuure...I could just look out the window or go outside..

But what about those days when I just wanna look at my BlackBerry for the weather...(or anything else for that matter)
Because its a BlackBerry, those days are everyday.


Gotta admit it looks like a pretty sweet program, plus it looks like something I could definitely could use. With 3 zip codes I wont have to change my settings with the seasons. So if I am strapped to a board headed down a mountain, I can see the weather without have to take off my gloves. Or hitting the ocean for a little scuba diving, and depending on the water, wet suit and gloves...

im going camping at assteague island for the next 10 days and this would be a major help planning out the days to avoid the fore casted thunderstorms

I don't know much about all these contest but I would like to try out this software on my BB. I hope to win this! YAYAYAY! CRACKBERRY IS THE BEST!

This would be GREAT for my BlackBerry! I STILL need a weather application, but haven't found the best one for me. This looks very suitable! :-)

I've been looking for a simple yet elegant weather app for my bold. I am not willing to dish out 10 bucks for a weather app. $2.99 is fairly reasonable, but who can turn down a chance for a free app!

SIMPLEWEATHER is a Great app that is lite on memory I had the old version. I could sure use the NEW version it would be even better if I won a copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't be upset at all if I were chosen to get this neat app for free! Thanks for the consideration!

Just wondering how many of these great contest one has to entry before they win? I love my WeatherBug, but hear great things about this program. Hope this is my time!

This app looks great. I've been looking for a good weather app for awhile. Would love to win a copy of this

Since i am a golf Pro i need to have acsess to weather at all times and this seems like it could be perfect for what i need