Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2009 11:25 am EDT


I got a message from David last night that he has just updated his popular weather app SimpleWeather. The application is a great way to track your local weather right from your device. You can choose up to 3 zip codes, set the update interval and more. The icon will change on your homescreen to reflect the current conditions. SimpleWeather runs on any device with OS 4.3 or higher. The application normally sells for $2.99, but David has thrown us 100 copies to give away free! To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Only one entry per person - so please don't leave more than one comment or only your first entry will count!

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather



Today was a day i needed this since i was on duty and didnt know that it would rain ugh. Had no rain gear. So maybe you'll that me win one

I remember back in the day when I use to wake up to the weather channel and put on the weather channel before bed. I would love a copy of this app! :)

Wow!!!! I have been looking for such a beautiful easy weather app for my berry!!!! This is gonna make some people really happy!!!!!! :)

I would love to win any free stuff, and this looks like a great place to start. Please let it be me!

i have yet to find truely a simple weather app that i can use on my home screen of my storms theme that is accurate and doesnt bog memory or drain my battery...but am willing to give this a try.....thanks

This looks like a cool app and would be great if I could win a copy. I work at an Att dealership and it is always nice to show BB customers various applications.

I haven't had much luck with Weather Apps on the BB, so I'd love to give this a go and see if it works for me!

This is my first time hearing of this app. I use weatherbug right now, but I have been looking for a better weather app.

ive entered nearly every contest (except the things I haven't wanted) and never won. I'd love to have this as I like watching weather at home as well as a few other places (I'd have to cut down to 3, i understand...)

I could use this, the accuweather app is pretty lame by comparison. This Simple Weather app looks like what it's trying to be. Love the site.

I neeeed a good weather app. One of the things I check alll day long. Specially since the weather changes every couple hours! lol.

I would love this app. I have been using the free weatherbug app but it's not working as well as I'd like... It'd be nice to get this.

hi there. now this is an app that's very good to have, espcially being in hurricane season with all our electrical storms and tornadoes. thanks!

I would love to have this app. Instead of turning to the weather channel or signing into, I can have this cool app in the palm of my hands.

this should would come in handy, it has been raining so many days this summer I have begun building an ark. Weather is not simple but with this app it get could be managable.

my weather changes hourly, this maybe the only way for me to keep up with some of the most unpredictable weather in the world!