Contest: 100 Free Copies of Missed Call Alert

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2009 02:08 pm EDT

Missed Call Alert

If you're constantly on the go and find yourself missing calls, this app is for you. Missed Call Alert integrates with your device and provides you with recurring audible alerts for missed phone calls. You can choose to have it repeat every 30 seconds, 5 minutes or more. You simply set the options and pick an alert in your profiles and your done. Missed Call Alert even supports both vibrate and silent profiles. The app regularly sells for $4.99, but to celebrate the launch, we have 100 copies to give away free. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Reader comments

Contest: 100 Free Copies of Missed Call Alert



This looks like it would fit me and my life style count me in.Thanks Crackberry for keeping all us users and abusers up to date on the hottest stuff.TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!

Just what I need! This should've been a stardard feature from the get go. I mean seriously, it's so basic!
Hope I win! ;-) (fingers crossed)

I have been looking for something like this since I have owned the Storm. Thanks. I hope it works.

free apps are cool, especially ones that you actually use on a regular basis. I don`t know why blackberry`s don`t have this built in.

This is one application i really would love to have. I"m a teacher and can't pick up my phone during classtime. Having this app will remind me of all my missed calls.


I've seen this app in action and it's pretty nice, much more practical than the regular pop-up missed call notification that brings you to your call log.

This app is fantastic. I can't tell you how many calls I miss. Keeping track of a missed call is a real pain.

This app would make my life easier and make my friends happier since I would be calling them back because I noticed I had a missed call.

If you pick me for this please know how much I will appreciate it.

Thank you!!

Need better luck and no more searching for missed calls. Thank you for this chance to change my life.

I would love this app. I am always on the go and it is always so loud that i cannot hear my ringtone.

Once I win and install a copy of this fine application I guess I won't have a good reason/excuse for missing the birth of another child...

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies
I love freebies, and this one I will actually use quite often.......
If I win.;-)

I don't like missed calls. They are bad. I'd like a program that would let me know I missed a call. So thank u for choosing me. Crackberry rocks!!!

I nearly missed this 'call' for this free app.
I would like to participate in this contest for this free app.

Wow, nice app, pretty useful for people always on the go to whom a missed call can mean a great deal! I'd like to have one...

Being new to the storm.. I like the idea of the missed call popping up with the information.

I really don't care for the standard missed call icon on the storm..

They charge for 4.99 for a missed call alert??? Thats pathetic!!!! That should be automatic! Dummies! Now we have to try and win this??? Stupid!

This has always been a critical shortcoming of BlackBerry for me. My old dumbphone would beep until I acknowledged the missed call yet BlackBerry won't. So, pick me, pick me!

I would love to win this app. I can't believe that RIM did not incorporate this feature into the Blackberry operating system.

i alwayss miss calls!!! one of my only complaints about the blackberry (just got mine a couple of months ago) is that it doesn't specifically tell u or remind u when u have a missed call.. i rlyy hope i winn!!

Who would have thought that such a simple task would have been missed by BB... Or should I not be surprised... Great App... even if I'm not a winner - it's definitely an app worth getting.

Our house alarm went off the other day while I was at work. My Blackberry showed about 14 missed calls from my husband, the alarm company, etc. I did not find out about it until a couple of hours later. :(

With a missed call you may lose more than you realize. This would make it a little easier to stay on top.

My Girlfriend would love for me to have this app since im constantly missing her calls lol....So hook me up....Please

I hate missing calls! the other day i was going to my girlfriends house. I walked in the house like i always do. I walked in on her with her husband! if i only had the missed call alert on my phone that never would have happened!