Contest: 100 Free Copies of Missed Call Alert

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2009 02:08 pm EDT

Missed Call Alert

If you're constantly on the go and find yourself missing calls, this app is for you. Missed Call Alert integrates with your device and provides you with recurring audible alerts for missed phone calls. You can choose to have it repeat every 30 seconds, 5 minutes or more. You simply set the options and pick an alert in your profiles and your done. Missed Call Alert even supports both vibrate and silent profiles. The app regularly sells for $4.99, but to celebrate the launch, we have 100 copies to give away free. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of Missed Call Alert



come on cpu pick me pick me. i could really use this neat app since im always missing out and not knowing when i actually have a missed call

I've missed this since joining the Blackberry world!

My old Razr did the constantly vibrating or beeping until you cleared it.

This would be GREAT!

I miss calls all the time and never return them I forget about them. This would make people happy to finally call them back.

im a mechanic and i run my own business . its hard for me to get to my phone everytime it rings becuase im under a car .

i seem to forget to call people back to line up even more business .

i have lost out on countless numbers of jobs because i forget the missed call !

I'm always missing phone calls, and the Blackberry doesn't make it easy when you miss multiple calls. This would really help me!

Good luck everyone!

I could really use this blackberry application. I am always on the go and usually miss important calls. The application will come in handy.

I can tell how Very badly I Need this app. I am constantly missing calls and then not seeing them on my Tour. I will begin praying for my win at bedtime tonight! :)

I hate when I've missed a call and don't notice the little phone icon showing you missed it until several hours later. I wouldn't miss it with this app.

Now that's an awesome application. It's always nice to know you called you right at a finger tip vs having to check out the phone log. Sure hope this works for the Storm.. if not, I might have to buy the Tour instead!!

Oh god I dont why BlackBerry didnt include this with their phones. I could really use this...alot of times a go to poo and someone calls and I dont find out until they call back and say i dont return calls. I really need this ...I poo alot

This should be standard on every phone and all brands. The older phones used to do this. We live in a very mountainous area and half of our calls are missed. Currently you have to remember to always check the BB light to see if you missed something.
This would be one of my favorite additions to our storms.


This would be awesome for those of us that can't feel the vibrate mode while at work. I repeated have to check my phone for missed calls.

I have taken the average chance of winning from the last 10 Crackberry contests; and I have to say the odds are against us! There is on average a 12.3% (rounded to the hundredth) chance of winning any of Crackberry’s contests (numbers based on the number of comments posted at the time of this post). I have fallen victim to a berrygambling addiction and continuously post pointless, one word, never to be read comments and at the cost of what? My time, effort and bandwidth, believe me I like free stuff just like the next guy but this is my last comment on a 12.3% chance of winning, I need an intervention or this berrygambling addiction will never end!!

This would be nice to have. Does it show multiple missed calls? regardless it would be a cool feature.

I am forever missing calls and never seem to know I missed them until it is way too late. This would be a great bennefit to me.

Sounds very cool for those of us who are away from the phone alot.... always miss the little blinking light...LOL Hope to win this one....

I could see this being really useful if you're one of those people who looks at their phone every 30 seconds wondering if you've missed an important phone call.

is the feature on non-smart cell phones where they audibly beep every few minutes when you have missed a call.

if i'm working around the house in the evenings i may leave my Berry in the kitchen and i will walk by it many times but not see the red light flashing to tell me i missed a call.

i'd love to try this app out for free!

This looks like a great app! I like how it shows the person who called you on the missed call screen. Other apps don't show that until you go into the call log.

This is a very useful app, i would use this a lot considering i use my phone constantly and have to reply to clients easily. GREAT APP

id love this...i hate having to go thru y call screens just to see a missed call...please...please...please...ive never won anything on here...

I spent way too much time in meetings. As a result, I miss several calls a day. This program looks like a handy tool to help with this! I hope I win a copy!!

I'll take a free copy! Looks like a useful app. I just upgraded to the 8330 and I do find a few user-friendly features to be lacking, but all in all it's awesome!

But if I had Missed call Alert I woulda been able to ring you right back...if I get this app, you'll be the 1st to know!

This is great, the one thing that I really missed about my old cell phone (pre-blackberry era). I am constantly stepping away from my phone for two to three minutes and with no audible alerts, I miss calls for hours. This is a must have app.

Wow. Seems slick. This would actually help me out quite a bit. If I win a copy, I'll convince my dad he needs it and get him to buy it.