Contest: 100 FREE Copies of Forward with Edit!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2009 01:13 pm EDT

Login to and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a free copy of Forward with Edit. 100 Copies to be Won!

Some of the most useful and best selling BlackBerry apps of the past few years have been ones that simply improve what could/should be native functionality in the BlackBerry operating system.... think BBSmart HTML Viewer, PeeKaWho, QuickLaunch, VibandRing, etc.

Now there's a new simple and useful utility app that does exactly what it's called - Forward with Edit! Forward with Edit allows you to forward emails and actually edit the message you're forwarding. Simple and effective. Be sure to check out the video above for a good overview. Forward with Edit sells for $2.99 at

Contest: The folks at Mobile Imagination have given us 100 free copies of Forward with Edit to give away to CrackBerry readers. Simply login and drop a comment to this post. Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST.  Good luck! 

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Contest: 100 FREE Copies of Forward with Edit!



for this application forward with edit!
I hope it get it for my Blackberry
it will be cool and I get credit!


I don't know why we don't have this functionality right out of the box! I would love to get a copy of this!

Thanks CrackBerry!

Great app. Hope I win this! This is definetly one of the things that should have come stock on the OS.

It's funny we love these software, if RIM would of made then people wouldn't be making any $ lol

Life with my BOLD just gets better with these types of applications.

Thank You "Forward with Edit" for developing this app and thanks for the chance to win one.

I almost never forward an email without editing something in the message. I always need to leave my mark!

This is truly a great feature. Don't know why Rim didn't already include it in their OS, but thank-you for creating such a great app to pick up where rim left off.
I would appreciate getting a copy of this.

Please provide me with the developer's address so that I can send a life size thank you card to them!!!! I'm glad this function has finally seen the light of day! :)

I would greatly appreciate a copy of Forward and edit.. This is a must have since I am on the go emailing all the time for my company... Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy....
Crackberry for life!

Rimm cant expect to last in such a competitive market unless they step up the os game. I have a storm and despite all the complaints it is a solid piece of hardware, but the OS seems primitive at best, so maybe this will help ease the anxiety of waiting for my official update.

Wow, I agree - this should already be a function in the phone! I know it's definitely something I would use!

I would love to have this application. I receive and forward emails constantly and it would be great to be able to edit them first.

This really is a portion of the functionality that should have been included automatically. Put me down please!

Thank you CB!!

Looks like a great app. Come on RIM, you should have been on this?

Would love to have this app. I hate when people send you and email, you want to forward, but just that one misspelling drives you insane! You have to select everything, copy, paste, then edit. Its such a pain. Great idea for an app!

Could really use this program to help simplify my message sending for my job. Would save me time being able to edit forwarded messages.

just tried to forward and edit last night, man that totally sucks, can't believe i hadn't found out the BB can't do that natively... i needed this softare!

i love adding my bosses addresses in the cc area when a coworker sends me an email about our boss, then i foward it back to them asking why they cc'd our boss in an email that says how evil he is:-) really freaks them out!! when they scroll down they see his name and think they accidently sent it to him. haha

I had just had the need for this yesterday. It should be a default setting. Please pick me I really need this one.

Finally the ability to edit forwarded emails!! I would love to win this since my broke a$$ can't afford it right now

Thank you crackberry for all these contests and give aways

i would love to have this app free ^^

Now Awesome would that be?!?!?!?!?!?

This would make my BlackBerry Bold more like a mini Laptop for all thoes emails I send back and forth to my class mates!

Thanks CB Nation & Mobile Imagination

Just the other day no one could find how to download this, and now CrackBerry is giving 100 of them away free. I want one!

I would like to win this. This SHOULD be something that we shouldn't need an outside program for though.

I would like to win this. This SHOULD be something that we shouldn't need an outside program for though.

While not a HUGE forwarder, there are times I'd like to pass stuff on to others, and trim out all the irrelevant fluff. Right now, this means waiting until I get to a computer and remembering that I wanted to do so, instead of the immediacy of doing it from my BB.

I'm totally the demographic for this one. I'm the crazy guy who actually tries to go in & out of select mode and copy and paste things from one email to another, since I can't edit the forwarded one!

Would love to win this application... get email all the time and now I don't have to delete this or that, I can just forward.

I wouldn't mind something like this.....I've always wondered why we couldn't do this in the first place.

Hey, this seems like an awesome app to have. I would love to win a copy of this. Please crackberry choose me!

Yes please enter me in this contest . This should have absolutely already been built into BlackBerry

This looks like a nice piece of software. I'll probably end up picking it up even if I don't win it.

The number times I have wanted to forward an email and makes some edits before...very frustrating...definitely something cool to have.

I would love to have this on my Storm.
This is a good APP.
Thanks and put me in the drawing.
Good Luck to everyone.

I have been waiting for a long time for an app. like this. I know a lot of people that get very annoyed with all of the extra info on forwarded messages. Can't wait to try this program out.

that should be on the phone in the first place!!

at at last an app that is useful and doesnt cost £10!!

well worth the money

I constantly find myself having to wait until I get back to my laptop to forward an email simply because some of the content needs to be edited first. This is a must-have app!

A good idea, especially for those who post to email lists who don't want all the "past readings" clogging up memory...

That is great....I just got my Blackberry Storm last far this is my favorite site....I would love the Forward and Edit app.....there is so much to learn ...this is a great phone....I loved it so much I got my daughter one....she loves it also.

That's something I didn't notice I couldn't do on my 8320 until this past week. This would be a great tool when my boss can't spell or find the correct directions or time :-p
I would love to have one a copy :-)

Forward with Edit solves an issue that has annoyed for a long time. When I read about it yesterday morning, it impressed me as much as App World.

Your above statement is so accurate: Some of the most useful and best selling BlackBerry apps of the past few years have been ones that simply improve what could/should be native functionality in the BlackBerry operating system....
Has RIM ever advised why thsi is the case?
This app is awesome!

I cannot believe this is not standard on blackberry phones, i cant see the reason for not having it!!