Contest: 100 Copies of SmartBCalendar to Give Away; v2.0 On The Way & Needs Your Feedback

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2010 11:27 am EDT


We first saw SmartBCalendar pop up back in October, and it has had a great response ever since. The useful app changes your native calendar icon on your homescreen and shows the actual day. Pretty cool if you aren't good as keeping track of what the actual date is (like me). Well the team behind SmartBCalendar has had some great feedback and is prepping version 2.0 for launch with some cool updated features but still needs some help. They are looking for some final suggestions for updates and features you'd like to see included before release, and in turn have offered up 100 copies of SmartBCalendar to give away. The rules are simple; just leave a single comment on this post telling us what you'd like to see from the new version. In doing so, you will be entered to win a copy of SmartBCalendar. When version 2.0 is released you'll be eligable for a free upgrade as will all existing customers. If you don't want to wait, you can pick it up now in the CrackBerry app store for just $0.99. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Contest: 100 Copies of SmartBCalendar to Give Away; v2.0 On The Way & Needs Your Feedback



Options I'd love to see are: Color coding options for days or events, drag and drop email to quickly create an event, hover, appt. requests, separate bb calendars for professional and personal

Options I'd love to see are: Color coding options for days or events, drag and drop email to quickly create an event, hover, appt. requests, separate bb calendars for professional and personal

Maybe the calender icon could be a different color for a day with events as opposed to free. It would be nice to know at a glance if something important was scheduled for that day. Probably gonna get this one if I don't win a copy.

It would be cool to have the led synced to the color of the calendars so that if you get an alert for a calendar, you would know which calendar is alerting you.

A star to show an appointment for the day and on the bottom the appointment title or day date month year when pointed to.

would like to see an option to make all the appointments show up on the front screen that can be applied to any theme.

i'd like to see a search/filter option that lets you see all appointments with the same name or something like that. If the normal calender has that option, i have yet to find it

What I'd like to see?
- customizable icon (to fit it to other themes)
- showing number of meetings as a application name
- customizable today feature (there is an app for this, so it seems possible)

My first thoughts.

It would be nice if the icon background could be changed to match the theme installed on my Storm. Not sure how this would work... but I guess that's why I'm not a developer!

I would love to get a copy. I think it would be nice to either see the icon or the date change color and blink when you have a reminder. It would be simple and effective.

When hovering on the icon, it would be nice to show on the homescreen all the appointment of the day.

Would love to win this app.

1. Put the 3 letter month in the green bar.
2. Save me one click and add Go To Date... option on the BB button system menu!
3. Even cooler would be to have the Go To Date scroll on the icon but doubt the BB software would support that.
4. Change the icon on major holidays (xmas tree, egg, flag).
5. Give me a free copy. :)

Include a cool background/theme that correlates with each day of the week, and also shows the numbered date in a large, cool font (as part of the background)

Maybe is this the chance to win this handy application to view and check all my latest emails, check the calendar, make phone calls, appointments and engagements, and much more. To do my work with more joy and ease!

The color of the date should change depending on whether there is a calendar event that day (for example RED if there is GREEN if there isn't).

I would love if you can tell, just by looking at the app, that I have appts that day. I guess by changing color or a star, or anything that will give you the heads up. I hope I get one. Thanks.

When you roll over the icon I would like to see the Day, Month, Date (example Saturday, May 15). Like to see more color options. Instead of the black background with white numbers.....maybe a dark blue with white numbers and other colors. The ability to change the colors of the background AND the numbers would be great. This would be great for people like me that change their themes. Great app!!

I would love to try the cal. Like to see the cal on home screen when I hover above cal icon. Also would be handy to have different colors available for separating types of appointments.

ie- ability to respond to people(contacts) with messages(sms,e-mail,pin) for delayed time, changes of any kind of the original entry...

I think the new version should have something to differentiates itself from the native app. It should show the calendar events in the home screen or have some kind of reminder that is new and different!

I cant even remember what im doing in 3 hrs if I dont have it on my tasks list or calendar but what makes it worse is if something doesnt pop up telling me. This would be amazing.

I miss having the current date on the calender icon from my iPhone days, but I'm not sure if I would pay for it. My suggestion comes from when I had a Treo; use different colors for appointments based on their categories (e.g. Personal, business, etc.). I also second the suggestion to email what is in the schedule for the day. Now hook me up!! Thanks.

I would like to suggest color coding as an option, so you could have personal events one color, professional another, family obligations still another color choice. This way you could tell at a glance what your day holds in store by just the colors. Thanks!

I'd like to see a color coding option where you could differentiate between personal/family/business appointments using assigned colors so that when you call up a day you could know in advance what's in store by color. Thanks!

Color changing per day of week
2 icon types color and black
Red notification icon on events like the message app has

This app would be perfect if it operated like my Yahoo or Google calendar and sent me same day email notices of appointments.

i'd like to see home screen calendar theme. also like to see icon change brightness when scrolled on (like oem icons)

when opening up the calendar would it be possible for it to flash up any due [even overdue] items in your calendar such as birthdays etc..

someone posted about a countdown of days to an event

for my family we count down the number of sleeps till a big event - like a family holiday etc..

so maybe that feature would be excellent as in it is now 328 days till 21 of us head to Cuba for a family wedding / holiday

All ready a user of this app. Since the last 2 updates it's received I really can't think of anything that's needed. There where some minor issues at first but right after I got it (day 1 it was available) there must have been an update every week for a while. Like I said though, seems to work flawlessly since the last 2 updates.
Aside from showing the date and the fact you have your choice of what shows up on screen when the icon is highlighted it is exactly like the native calendar app. It also nicely replaces the native app which it was supposed to do upon release but didn't. Also works with themes, just remains the stock calendar icon.
Anyway, definitely suggest using this app if having the calendar icon reflect the actual date is what your looking for.
Not sure what they could be adding, maybe options to skin the calendar icon different ways to make it match some themes better or maybe some added functionality to the calendar app itself. Don't know but looking forward to it.

I would also like to see color coding in some way. Perhaps the ability to tag appointments according to importance.

coming up, and you could set how long before, like one day or 15 minutes before..maybe it could led or turn yellow or something ...thanks cb

When viewing the monthly calendar....I would love to be able to change the numbers of the days to different colors...or assign an icon next to it according to what type of appointment it is... at a glance. I hope this App will do this.

Color changes, based on appointments and season would be great, and to show appt's in a today like feature as you hover over the icon.

I'm trying to see the usefulness of this program, and these features will obviously create more usefulness and, likely, more interest in the program.

I'm up for getting one, if for no other reason, to see just what this thing actually can do for me....

Include me in your "freebie"....Thx, Buckken

Sync capabilities with Google Calendar so that I can access my schedule from anywhere I am if I don't have my crackberry (which is rarely ever).

I know that if you have the today screen you can see all of your appointments. What about on the apps screen there could be a pop up after a two to three second delay that shows your appointments.

It would be cool if they had the icon change to like Red or something when you have an appoint upcoming or a reminder.

I would like to see the desktop icon for the calendar change color on days when there are appointments or events. Something to remind me to look at the calendar with out multiple popups. Something along that would be subtle enough yet get my attention.

does it function just the same as the native calendar? and if u download/install this, can u just delete the calendar program that comes with the bb?

Very frequently, when I'm checking my Blackberry its to see how busy my next few days are, which is directly related to how many appointments/meetings I have set up. If the calendar icon could have little tabs coming out the side that indicated how many appointments are set up for the next three days (however many fit) that would be perfect.

I'm envisioning the calendar icon with the current date (as it is) and three red flags sticking out the right side with a little number in them that say appointments tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. If no appointments, no flag. Optionally the number of appointments left today IN the date icon. I say optionally because I rarely need to know what's going on the rest of the day.

It would be cool if you could have more control of the app's display name. It is already user-defined with selecting day of week or name of month. It would be cool if you could decide for that display and fade in the default timeframe of all app names, remain static. And maybe the option to display more than one option and have the display switch back & forth or even scroll.
It would also be cool to have the entire date in various numeric formats as options. At work we use YYYY-MM-DD, so it would be cool to scroll onto the icon and just automatically see that.


I think a day of the week abbreviation on the icon itself would be good instead of just having it at the bottom of the screen...

I am game for a better calendar tool anytime!

I have calendar confusion on my berry. The way calendars are cobbled together quuckly goes from wow! to weeping.

I need help!

I would love to see the home screen icon change from default color to red when an appointment is coming up. of course some additional options would have to come with this feature... like the ability to set when the icon would change color (30min before, 15min before, etc. etc.) and for the busy body who has appointments scheduled every 30 minutes, the ability to turn this feature off. just a cool idea to get your attention for appointments in the near future.

My suggestion would be to have the icon text change to the day, date and month eg "Monday 17 May", or at least to be able to configure what it says so you can change the format.


If possible to get the calendar icon to blink red when certain events that you elect to be urgent are close to being due. Kind of like the weather bug app does when there are storm alerts. Hope to get a copy I use my calendar for everything.