Contest: 100 Copies of SmartBCalendar to Give Away; v2.0 On The Way & Needs Your Feedback

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2010 11:27 am EDT


We first saw SmartBCalendar pop up back in October, and it has had a great response ever since. The useful app changes your native calendar icon on your homescreen and shows the actual day. Pretty cool if you aren't good as keeping track of what the actual date is (like me). Well the team behind SmartBCalendar has had some great feedback and is prepping version 2.0 for launch with some cool updated features but still needs some help. They are looking for some final suggestions for updates and features you'd like to see included before release, and in turn have offered up 100 copies of SmartBCalendar to give away. The rules are simple; just leave a single comment on this post telling us what you'd like to see from the new version. In doing so, you will be entered to win a copy of SmartBCalendar. When version 2.0 is released you'll be eligable for a free upgrade as will all existing customers. If you don't want to wait, you can pick it up now in the CrackBerry app store for just $0.99. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.



I'd like to see everything in my calendar emailed to me at the start of the day.


Simple and effective :)


you can just use the google calendar and set it up to email you every morning. i get my daily schedule emailed to me at like 4am. very useful.


I would love to try a copy thanks!


This would be an excellent addition to help with my appts.


A much bolder font would be nice.


I'll be your guinea Would love a copy.


i'd LOVE to win this
and the free up-grade too!
thanks crackberry!


I want try this app, it woul be great to comment in my blog of Blackberry apps

Thank you :)


Great app! I'd love to win this!


I think that it would be cool if the calendar was some how tied into the LED and vibrate modes. This way when a reminder pops up the LED would illuminate a specific color(s) and the phone would also vibrate.


Rolling over the app for the default Calendar app just says 'Calendar'. It would be nice if it said the month and day (ie. 'May 14').
I'm going to give 2 suggestions because I would really love this app. 2nd suggestion: change icon's top bar's colour for month (ie. spring=green, winter=blue, fall=orange, etc.) instead of always just being green.


This app all ready does what you suggested. It gives you the option to to choose to show MM/DD/YYYY (any of the 3 configurations of that) simply the day, astrological sign for that day/Month or just the year.
I Like the idea to allow a color change though. That would be a welcome addition.


A feature could be to show the next scheduled appointment when you scroll over the icon. Kind of like how berryweather displays the temp when you scroll over it.


I was wondering if adding a Today feature that can be turned on or off would be possible. If so that would be pretty cool. Specially if it gave you options similar to Berry Weather giving you the choice of where it would populate on the home screen. As well as how long and how many entries.
I use the berry weather wall paper feature. If I could tell a hidden today to show up in the perfect place on the homescreen with out covering the Berry weather info, that would be great.


This would be great for me and hopefully I can win it and give great input


i would really enjoy this app. i think a different font may be in order.


I'm counting down the days to my vacation, what would be really cool is to have the ability to toggle between the actual date and a countdown calendar!
oh, and pick me..that'd be sweet!


A feature could be to show the next scheduled appointment when you scroll over the icon. Kind of like how berryweather displays the temp when you scroll over it.


would love to try out a copy


Just what this phone needs a calendar that goes with your phone day by day. Good deal


Make it a neon red or blue. I would stand out more


Apart fr displaying the actual date, is it possible that if on that particular day one doesn't have appointments/eventd/etc that the colour (maybe green) of the date is different fr when one has a full day of appointments and all day events (red) or when there are no appointments but there are all day events like a birthday (blue)?

Would love to win a copy!


I think this is a great app and useful one as well.


Having the option to have the 'icon' as your wallpaper on the homescreen.


Very useful app! I needs!


Another super give-away. I'm all in.


+1 to the "hover" to show next appt. idea and the LED suggestion. Hope I get a free copy, free stuff is win.


rollover to show next appointment


This is a great little addition!


Am in for this cool App.


Put a star on the icon if a reminder is set for an appointment.


It would be cool if I could get my calendar entries emailed to me every morning based on importance that I select for the items!


Would like it if it could show week no, day, year, etc. When pointer is on it


Would lovE to have this app and the upgrade


I would like to try one!


This is a better calendar than the standard calendar. Let me get a copy.


Looks like a great app!


I could sure use this program.


this seems pretty useful


Looks like a great little app to try.


Please give me a copy. I am using SmartBCalendar the version 1.x

Pls mail to:


Would be so useful for me for personal and work scheduling and reminding me of schedule


I’d like to have one. Count me in :)


Great Idea, love to have a copy


A popup window with the quotes of the week


A feature I would like to see is to show the next scheduled appt when you scroll over the SmartBCalendar icon. Kind of like how weather apps displays the temp when you scroll over it.


love this app, thanks crackberry ~


i would like to try the new app


Maybe link it up to whatever weather app you are using so you can see the date & the weather at the same time.


would be great if my calendar had shortcut or hot buttons to go directly to either month view, week view or day view. it happens often that i need to see dates in different views and hate going through the menu all the time.


I'd like it to change days while using themes other than the native BB ones.


It would be cool if the app actually said the month and day without having to scroll over it


I would like for it to show the next appt when you touch the icon. Thanks.


i would def use it....come on RANDOM drawing...the winner is.......


I love being able to personalize what I see & what alarms there are. Always being able to tie into native alarms is great!


I like to view on that particular day, one doesn't have appointments that the colour of the date is different for when one has a full day of appointments and all day events or when there are no appointments but there are all day events like a meeting


I don't currently have this but I'd like to give it a shot.


For what it is, it already seems to be feature complete... but if there were a way for it to maybe display a color for upcoming events (like red = less than 2 hours, yellow = less than 6 hours, or otherwise configurable) that would truly be awesome.


I never won.. need to win once.. at least



It would be nice if the icon said Day, number day, month and number of calendar entries for that particular day. It doesnt have to say what they are on the icon just how many you have


I would love to try it :)


this must be a standart option for BB


Looks like a useful app would like to win one.


Wow. Nice app. I realy need one copy ;)


i love this program!! I hate that it isnt a built in feature with RIM!!


In your Face with the Calendar, what a great idea. I need this app..


Hope its better than the native


i would like to win, who doesnt want to be a winner. so, i would like it if there was a notification on the icon if you have an appt that day.


I know the clock is displayed in almost every theme out there, but it would be cool for the hover to show the time, either in the current time zone, or another time zone! Would be awesome for travellers who want to keep in touch with home!


would work great for me!


I would like to see the calendar give the ability to color code appointments for different types of meetings, or business vs. personal without having to use different calendars.


Looks useful. Wouldn't mind a copy of this.


I have tried this app before as a trial, it works great. The only complaint was the "L" hot key no longer works so I always had to actually go to the Icon to get into my appt.
I would like a copy of the new version.


Wohoo, now the calendar apps could get smarter!

Mr. Orange 645

1. The ability to change the appearance of the icon to better match different themes (like an iPhone style icon for example). Simple Calendar does this but it does not activate the hidden today features.

2. Someone suggested changing the appearance of the icon for days you have appointments set. I think this is a brilliant idea (like the new message notification or change the color of the icon itself.


I need this app, it would be great for work and personal life.

I would like to see if they can change the today area when you focus in on the calendar to only show 2 columns (date and title) hopefully it would be even better if they could give the user the ability to chose what they want to see in the today area.


Count me in.. if i happen to win a copy i will be more then happy to offer all the feedback they can handle.. Thanks CB and always..


i would like to see like an abbreviated Day like Thur. or Wen. with a full 00/00/00 next too it or under it. i would also like too see different choices for the color of the calender like a be able to make that green on it yellow or purple or any other color as well. i mean some people may hate green.


Google Syn? Wirelesly, possible or no? :D


would love a copy, great contest, thanks CB!


Seems cool. Hopefully it integrates well with other themes. Maybe just having multiple icon choices so you can choose one that resembles the active theme would work well.

Sam K

I don't know the features in this app to make a suggestion but here's something I wish the regular Blackberry calendar would do. If you have an event like an all day event or an event without a time such as a birthday or anniversary, it would be nice if you could set up SmartBCalendar to remind you throughout the day instead of just once at the beginning of the day like the regular Blackberry calendar.


please let me try this..


i would like to win this app!


I hope that I win!!!!!!!


In the corner of the icon, have a very small number in a circle that shows how many appointments you have for that day.

This will help by knowing how many you have when your cursor is over another icon and you wont need to hover over to see the number, but hover over to view them.


would love this app to be more user friendlier>


make the led flash different colors depending on the type of scheduled event.


But really hope to win.


This is worth trying for.


Periodically cycling the current date and a countdown to certain date that we can be set manually should be a nice touch.


would love to use it on my bold 9700 :D thx CB :)


I would love to win a copy of this!


hope i win a free copy!!1 :)


1) I love to be able to change the background so it's got a better chance of matching my themes.

2) I love to be able to change the font so it's got a better chance of matching my themes.

3) Option to either open calendar or do a popup.

4) Hover to show what's up next.


Would love to get this app on my Tour!


So it can be done! I want this app!


it looks really nice! one suggestion i have would be to have different icon styles available. i don't use a theme with that type of icon, and it would really be nice if it were customizable. either way, i'd love a copy!


Would love to have this app on my Tour!


This is a great app and I've been looking for something like this for a while. It's an annoyance that the native calendar app always shows '31.' What I would like to see in addition to the day updates would be Day of the week in the application icon sort of how they do it on iphone/ipod touch calendar. Also a slight face lift would be cool: color changes, bolder fonts, thicker 'green' bar.


for my 9550 please...


looks like a cool app to have!


yeah i could use that. thanks.


It would be a SmartBCalendar if it showed your actual appts/events for the days when you hovered over top of it.

Enter me in this contest for a chance to win their current version.


I would like an itinerary emailed to me in the morning.


i want to have the possibility to set the notifications for birthdays when i wish to.
that would really rock.


Could this be better than the default calendar? Give me a copy and I will let you know.


Looks to be quite a useful app!


I would like to give it a try.


I'd sure like to try this one.


How about a small m,t,w,th,f in the image to, just incase you forget what day of the week it is. This could be an option that can be turned on or off.


This would be a great addition to my bb!!


An option to show the time of the next appointment on a single click of the storm screen on the icon.


Maybe have color and font options for the icon!


Love the email the days events, icon notifier of events would be good too.


Smart calendar so I don't need to think, would love a copy.


I would love to win thgis, I've been looking for a new calender App


Some of the best apps over-do it by adding features. I have Show Me The Time - which is great because no matter what app I'm in, I can always see the current time by pressing the BB button.

If this only shows the current date, why add features and take up more memory?


Heck yeah, hook me up!!


I don't currently use smartBcalendar so I honestly can't give any feedback on what I'd like to see in a newer version, but I do know this...I would love to win a copy!


What a great idea! How come nobody did this sooner? Thanks guys (and gals) for this chance... and gl to u!


i would like to see the day and date on the home screen with the month showing up when you touch the icon


i'd like the icon to show the current date


I'd love this calendar app I hope I win


similar to ical. I love it


I'd like to see a today screen version included with this app - instead of having to download a new theme with the feature!


What day is it today? The calendar icon on the Tour says it is the 21st, but I just don't know . . .

Lord Vaine

Much better than the calander blackberry has to offer!


I never do, same people win all the damn time. But it would be nice


I thought I was the only one that found that useful!

Would love to give it a whirl...


I thought I was the only one that found this useful!

Would love to give it a whirl...


This shows how useful a simple idea can be. This would work great for me!

michael steel

no whammy no whammy ... no whammy no whammy .... STOP!

Did I win?


Seems pretty simple and effective as is. What if the date FLASHED as you approach an appointment on the day?


I would give this a go...........

New fonts, mayber options for the day, month and some different skins for the app would be nice.


Reminders. Easier to set up


This app would make my life a little bit easier to keep up with my business. Believe me it gets hectic at times!!!!!!


I think a notifier should come up like that on the sms application. A little asterisk in a red bubble to alert me of calender alerts. Also the LED lighting up would be fantastic.

kilted thrower

I would love to see the ability for this calendar to show up on themes that normally don't show a calendar when the calendar is not on the homescreen icons as well as complete calendar integration from all calendars (facebook, gmail, outlook, etc)


perhaps the icon could flash at specified reminder intervals?


How about a day of the week indicator in the bottom right corner (or some other place). Just a small M, T, W, Th, F, S, Su. Then we will know the day of the month and the day of the week. Yay!


This is something RIM needs to make standard, but it'd be nice to have now.


I would totally use this!


Would love to see custom backgrounds and font style added!


Nice! - Another one of those type of apps that should be a standard feature on the BB.


How about the ability to sync with multiple calendars.

Or an easy way to enter a new calendar item in a pop up or something.


I need all the help I can get.


would like a feature wherein i can set multiple alarms to a calander event.... like one before the efent occours and may be another one after the event occours.


oh yea I could use a win that works


Would love to try it!!!!:)


It's useful for me!Can you give me a copy? Thanks!


I would like a free copy! :)


I'd like to see syncing with google calendar, and to be able to add people from my contacts to calendar events


I 2nd the idea to have your next app show when you highlight the icon


This app would be more useful tham a weatherslot :-D


Can I get one please?


This looks like an app right up my alley. I am on BB for the productivity. This would only add to my addiction of productivity. If I don't win one I just might have to break down and buy it.


grazie, pls pick me.........................


I wish there were a search option within my calendar. Sometimes I know I have something scheduled, but I can't remember when. I have to scroll through each day to find my apt.


I am always losing track of the day of the week. This would be a useful tool to have. Thanks for the opportunity.


i loved this app plese i want one copy


Please Count me in. Thanks


I would like to try this.


I will be happy to test it!!!


Making it skinnable or allowing font or color customization would make this app a really functional and cool opportunity for theme builders and users alike! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


Would love to be able to see all my appointments for the whole month in a list on one screen (by date of course). Without having to look at the calendar and pick days to see what I have.


able to set different reminder alerts for different calendars


30 days come September April June and November all the rest, oh damn can I win? !!!

cool blackberry always misses this feature i dont know why


Would like to see the ability to track workouts


I agree with the other posters; it would be nice if scrolling over the icon showed some useful information.


Would love to toss my hat in for one!


Of course I want it to be Storm compatible but I'd also like options for the icon - different shapes, etc.


never used it before, but would love to give her a test run


I would love to try a copy


Definitely will give it a try.


I would love to give this a try. Simple yet very useful.


another +1 to the next appt/event when hovering over the icon, or at least the option to choose what appears there, just like berryweather.


you guys should have it change a certain color for each day of the week... monday- blue red- tuesday wed- green thurs- purple... and a nice bold font!


The month, but anything is better then what we have


And thank you for the copy if I win it.


I would like to see it have a feature to make my life easier!


to have a choice of icons so that smart b calendar stands out, maybe a new color on top? Just make the icon POP


Hard to improve on perfection but adding month name and date only as an option would be nice


Nice app that I would love to have.


Nice giveaway.. could really use this. Well, they can probably implement notifications for appointments or agendas with a star on the calendar icon just as if you got a new email, bbm or whatever.. that draws my attention! hope i win a copy!


I would love a new calendar!


Always looking for a way to get more organized...


This kind of app must be simple and light.


planner on my desktop rocks!


I would like to see the calendar give the ability to color code appointments for different types of meetings, or business vs. personal without having to use different calendars.


Could really use a copy of this to try out.


Able to change the color would be nice!


Options I'd love to see are: Color coding options for days or events, drag and drop email to quickly create an event, hover, appt. requests, separate bb calendars for professional and personal


Options I'd love to see are: Color coding options for days or events, drag and drop email to quickly create an event, hover, appt. requests, separate bb calendars for professional and personal