Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Aug 2009 01:12 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win one of ten VQ CarFinder Bundles!

A few weeks back we checked out VQ CarFinder, a great application that helps you remember where you left your car. I got my hands on the Bluetooth Car Charger to use with this app and I've had a great time playing around with it. The app automatically remembers where you left your car based on the connection with the Bluetooth charger (if you have a vehicle with Bluetooth you can use that as well).

The good folks of VQ are currently running a "Where The %@&# Did I Park??!!" contest where users can submit videos or stories of parking nightmares and be entered to win a BlackBerry smartphone and a CarFinder license. Head over to for more details or check out the submissions on their YouTube page. VQ has also given us 10 CarFinder bundles to give away. The bundle includes a full VQ CarFinder software license as well as a Bluetooth Car Charger (retail value of $64.98). To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please leave only one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!



This would be great to help remind myself where I park in those big lots, and also at the airport. Now if only it could help remove the dents and dings I always find, after I uncover the car itself.

It is a little late my wife and I needed this two weeks ago. we actually went to a concert at a open theater and completely forgot where we parked. we actually walk around for about 45 min to an hour in the dark until most of the cars had left and our car was one of the only one remaining. I was in so much trouble, my wife had worn heels and I parked in the middle of a field to save a few bucks. By the time we got to the car her heels were dripping bloody and she was PO'ed(mad). please help me not be so stupid by helping find my car easier and save me a few bucks so I can pay for a little closer parking next time. Thanks!

As a new driver, this would be great to have. I've lost my car before in unfamiliar major cities and it's a PITA to have to find it again. This would be great to have. Hope I win.

I rarely comment on these, but I would like to win something in August... I am feeling Saucy!!!!!

I really need a bluetooth car charger! That would be a great addition to add to the phone collection.

About the only things I can keep track of are my car keys and phone - you see how this would add one more important thing to my list.

If I win, she won't call me every time she goes to the mall and ask me to drive there and help her find her car!!!!!!!

This bundle would be awesome...i havent won anything yet...not even a theme...lets see if i win something once in my life...and hopefully its this...this is def useful

Man, I could have used something like this this summer. We went to 3 different amusement parks this summer and it never fails, at the end of the night when everybody is dog tired, hot and all they want to do is get in that car, turn the AC on and head home, but we cain't, because nobody can remember where we parked the car. We end up spending an hour or so looking for it. LOL

I so need this app. my friends give me crap because unlike an elephant I ALWAYS forget!

I think I spend more time looking for my vehicle then I do shopping or whatever.

This would help me a lot since i always have to park and walk to my classes. Its a pain looking/remembering where you parked your car in the University parking lot.

Okay wow... This one really hits home.

I went to the movie theatre in the rain with a girl I met....

when I came out it was raining really hard and since I was concentrating on the new girl, I forgot to remember where I parked.

Needless to say we spent about 2 hours looking for my car... It was a black dodge durango which duh ... everyone has...

She didn't want to see me again after that night.

I would have loved to have this product... Coulda got a second date.

Especially for my grandparents. Sometimes they forget where they parked, and this is a great way to remind them so they are not wondering the parking lot, where someone might be looking for a victim to rob, or hi-jack their vehicle. I forget too, with my young 31 year old

Excellent program !! I wish I could have it in Greece. Probably I would use it for my boat too !!!

Wow, after watching that introduction it don't know how anyone could survive those trips to Wal-Mart without it! I should know, I've found myself wondering where my vehicle was parked on more than one occasion - especially when you leave your car and notice the cars in the parking lot one way...then when you leave there are completely different cars and you lose yourself!

VQ CarFinder to the rescue!

I've looked into carfinder before, and it seems to be an awesome product. I know that my wife has forgotten where she parked in the past, and this would be a great product to have. We went out of town to go shopping one time, and when we were leaving to come back home, it was well after dark. We couldn't remember where we parked, and it took us almost an hour to find the car. This would definitely get used if we had it. I may get it sometime, even if I don't win one. By the way, that youtube commercial rocks, it's great!

I would REALLY love to win one of these!!!!
being at an ADVANCED age I am constantly trying to find WHERE the heck I park my car!!!!

right now im using the memopad to remember my parking spot. this app will make my life easier. i hope i win..

....Keep the contests a'comin'...

This looks like an awesome product....I'm constantly putting my keyfob on my chin to look for my car!

I really hope i win! I would LOVE to have one of these things! Shoot, i'd even come up with a well written review!

Chances are if you cant find your car you probably left your phone in it as well...good luck with that.

HAHA! So could have used this when i flew out to california for my brothers graduation. Long story short... Parked in one of the 8 lots at the st louis airport... lost my ticket,(which i should have left in the car) drove in a shuttle for 3hrs to every lot hitting my alarms panic button!Remebered i typed it onto my memo pad in my storm... felt like an ass... had a good laugh with the driver Shelli.(shuttle #6 if ur ever in stl!)Dont forget to tip your shuttle drivers!!!

Wow!!! This is something many of us could use, I really hope I win this. This would be a lifesaver for me.
Thank You.

what if i posted a really random comment for these competitions.. would it be interesting enough to win the next one? ... would like to know !

Now I like the idea of this product, but how well does it actually execute? I mean will it tell me how close I am to my car and which direction to walk or do I have just a close location to my car, because if it is the latter, then I think it should be free. If it is the first, then it would be totally worth it.

Anyone else at the age when remembering you've even brought the car rather than where its parked is the difficult bit! This app is a must for me and my aged memory.

I say this a lot when I'm trying to find my car at the mall or any large parking area!

"Where The %@&# Did I Park??!!"

This would be way cool to own!!!

i could really use this. i cant even count how many times i have lost my car. it ould be awesome if i got picked for this.

few days ago at the Creed concert i lost my park, 3 people in the car and no one saw where we parked. Lesson learned. i would love one of these.

Now this is a useful application...especially for the over 60 crackberry user!! Do you remember where you parked your car after a concert with 50,000 concert goers?

This is a great app - have seen it work for the dreaded i phone. Have looked for the blackberry and havent found it.

would love a copy of this - my car has bluetooth capability built in so would be great if I finally won something!!

Dweeb :D

i hate walking around a parking lot looking like i know where i am going when i am really looking for my car!