Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Aug 2009 01:12 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win one of ten VQ CarFinder Bundles!

A few weeks back we checked out VQ CarFinder, a great application that helps you remember where you left your car. I got my hands on the Bluetooth Car Charger to use with this app and I've had a great time playing around with it. The app automatically remembers where you left your car based on the connection with the Bluetooth charger (if you have a vehicle with Bluetooth you can use that as well).

The good folks of VQ are currently running a "Where The %@&# Did I Park??!!" contest where users can submit videos or stories of parking nightmares and be entered to win a BlackBerry smartphone and a CarFinder license. Head over to for more details or check out the submissions on their YouTube page. VQ has also given us 10 CarFinder bundles to give away. The bundle includes a full VQ CarFinder software license as well as a Bluetooth Car Charger (retail value of $64.98). To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please leave only one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!



I run a courier service. This means I'm in and out of my car many, many times per day. Time is money; therefore, this app can save me both time and money!

Help, I lost a rusty 1998 Ford Taurus with almost 300,000km. If (and I do mean if) I wanted to find it this would be a help!

As a guy in good many times have I lost my car and refused to admit that it is lost..This would solve the issue quickly!

I think I need this, I just moved to Phoenix and now whenever I go somewhere and park, I don't know where the heck my car is when I am headed home!

living in california and looking for your car in large venues can be frustrating....CarFinder is something that i would definitely love to have..

It is so sad and kind of embarrassing but it sure would be nice to "know" just where I parked my car when I come out of Wallyworld! Nothing more embarrassing than wandering the parking lot like an i-d-i-o-t!

Please, please pick me!!!

I "misplaced" my car in Las Vegas. It was a rental and I couldn't remember what kind of car or what level in the parking lot I parked.

Well and truly sucked....I figured out what kind and color when I remembered to look on the tag that was on the car key.

And finally remembered what was in a trash can on the third floor.

And found my rental. But it took 90 minutes!

I am tired of having inconsiderate people door dinging me or leaving their shopping carts on my car so I now park as far away as possible and this would be a great application to help me locate at least which aisle my car is in! Then of course if it works I'll spread the word of your app!

haha its like they know me. i always forget where i park my car. it takes me forever to find it. most of u guys probably have the same problem. lol

how sweet it is! I went to get in my car one day and two spaces from me was a car exactly like mine. You probably guessed already but I was vey ticked when I could not unlock my car. A few seconds later realized it wasn't my car and was very embarrassed as the true owners were watching me. So pick me

Met an old girlfriend at a mall where I was shopping. She wanted to "get together" ... time was limited! We went out to the parking lot ... and ... I couldn't find my car!
Flagged down a Mall Security Guard, and paid him to drive us around till we found my car! Could sure have used a VQ car finder!

This could come in handy, as a single dad i wouldn't have to count on my 3 year old daughter to help me remember where we parked..

This could come in handy, as a single dad i wouldn't have to count on my 3 year old daughter to help me remember where we parked..

I parked my rental in a garage in Cincinnati, and I couldn't find it to save my life. I didn't remember what level it was on, and couldn't remember what color it was either! Geesh...this would be a useful tool for a fool like me!

My wife rocks the 8320 and well with no GPS she gets lost A LOT lol. This would really save a bunch of OMG wheres my car... its ben stolen... Im lost come help... OK honey I be right there. After I get into the car ring ring ring I found it go home. ahhhhhhhhhh.

Please pick me!

Sweet lord - if I could get my hands on this app, it would spare me another "roll of the eyes" from my teenage daughter, everytime I say those magic words! "Where did I park the car??" We both have Blackberry Bolds - this would be a great app for me, then she can get one when she starts driving in a few years time! ha

I could so use this. I travel all the time and you just simply have no idea how many times I've lost plenty of time bacause I wouldn't find my car. This would be especially useful in large mall parking lots. Please let me be one of the winners. Thank you very much.

As a college student myself I have had this happen to me. I know its right there but after begin in classes for the whole day makes me forget where my car is. And I remember those times that I park at a big parking lot and can't remember which row or number it is in. haha. and this is a plus the dongle included has a charger with it. :)

My mundane and drab 1999 Nissan Altima is actually an autobot transformer! The sedate sedan makes for a fantastic disguise, the only problem is that when I have to run errands I will sometimes emerge from a store to find that my altima walked away on some decepticon fighting errands himself! If I owned this product I could locate him with ease on my BB which is also a transformer. . .! Please help me crackberry! Many thanks!

I knew that the iphone could do this but for BB's! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I would love to have one of these because most of my family cant remember where they parked their car (especially at grocery stores @.@)