Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Aug 2009 01:12 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win one of ten VQ CarFinder Bundles!

A few weeks back we checked out VQ CarFinder, a great application that helps you remember where you left your car. I got my hands on the Bluetooth Car Charger to use with this app and I've had a great time playing around with it. The app automatically remembers where you left your car based on the connection with the Bluetooth charger (if you have a vehicle with Bluetooth you can use that as well).

The good folks of VQ are currently running a "Where The %@&# Did I Park??!!" contest where users can submit videos or stories of parking nightmares and be entered to win a BlackBerry smartphone and a CarFinder license. Head over to for more details or check out the submissions on their YouTube page. VQ has also given us 10 CarFinder bundles to give away. The bundle includes a full VQ CarFinder software license as well as a Bluetooth Car Charger (retail value of $64.98). To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please leave only one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 10 VQ CarFinder Bundles to Give Away!



It can be a pain not knowing where you park especially after a long day at work or at a busy mall. Knowing exactly where you park helps out especially when you have kids with you its hard keeping them in check and not running into busy traffic.

Wow this would be great, since I'm about to purchase a car and I am a little absentminded...and I have never owned a bluetooth...great combo

Totally! Why? It safe to say everyone at one point in time has thought their car was stolen because they forgot where they parked, or think they parked somewhere else for some strange reason. I'm glad this tool exists and I'll tell my buds about this one for sure.


This would be the coolest thing to have for my blackberry tour!! I would love to have this. Blackberry's are the best phones in the world!!!!!!!

By the minute. Went to sprawlmart the other day with the kid back to school shopping and forgot where I parked. Our sprawlmart isn't that big and only has 2 entrances. To make it work my car remote is dead (don't EVEN get me started on the $75 the car dealership wants to fix that), so I couldn't even press panic or unlock to find it. We wandered for a few minutes and finally found the car, but this bundle would have been very nice to have. And even better to go with my new 8900!

I have lost my car 3 times this year in huge car parks, and was seriously considering buying an app for this. But free sounds better on a student budget!!

I'll admit I lose my place in larger parking lots, especially the RBC center after a 'Canes game. This app would be a blessing.

Daddy needs a new bluetooth car charger and car finder app! Now all I need is a new car and we'll be good to go!

So, this past spring I was attending a large county fair and bbq cook-off. As many of you might know; at these events there are usually large amounts of alcohol consumed. Fast forward 13 hours and you would have found me wondering around what appeared to be this MASSIVE field, drunker than cooter brown, hunting down my truck... It evetually got SO bad, and one particular cop passed by me SO many times on his four-wheeler, he offered to ride me around the field while I pushed my panic button on my kep fob to make the horn and lights go off. This device would have be WONDERFUL! And not to mention would have saved me about 2 hours and not have caused me to talk a cops ear off telling him to "GO FASTER, POP A WHEELIE"!

You can't imagine how often I forget where I park. I'm not sure if it is from drinking to much pop and getting to much aluminum from the can or what, but this application would give me an additional month of my life back that searching for my car has taken away from me each year.

Have you ever gone to a concert and remember where you park only to find that there were rows added in front of you, behind you and on the sides? Do you remember seeing some dork walking around looking for his car, well you should have waved because that was me.

I really could use this application.

I cannot tell you how many times my wife and i lose our car in the busy shopping parking lots! This sounds like a great remedy for that.


Well, my car is electric blue, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have a lot of difficulty with finding it. But whetevs, can't hurt.

Come on how much of a "Tard" do you have to be that you actually have to a "Pay" to buy a piece of software for your phone to find it in a parking lot? I you lost it in a parking lot and are that lame or retarded that you can not find it you deserver to wonder aimlessly for hours. Unbelievable that individuals actually buy something as stupid as this..

If I were to see someone using this type of thing and unless they were 90 years old and that case should not be driving in the first place let alone be operating a smart phone I would be smack them on the back of the head. Are you guys that lame that you have to depend on such a gimmicky thing. ?

I need carfinder to locate where I park, I am constantly losing my car in large parking lots. As a senior this is a program developed especially for my age group. Thanks for allowing me to enter


Love the idea of the app but the video makes it so much more desirable. What madness insues when no one can find their car!!

I don't forget where I park. (At least I don't think I do). But anyway, it's free. So why not???


This would have been perfect for me last weekend! I went to the fair and of course once we were in, I asked the age-old question: where did I park my car?!? Needless to say, the feet were tired after walking down lanes and lanes of cars. What a great idea!

A few years ago, I agreed to drive some elderly family members to a ball game. Well 9 innings later, no one remembered where the car was parked. I walked them end to end row after row trying to find that car. A device like this would come in handy!

It was a delayed flight, lost luggage, and tired passengers....none could remember where the car was parked in the airport parking ramp...

The only thing remembered was the color of the section, blue, and with the temp out, thats the color all of us were turning.

Finally after searching several floors we found the right one, the right car , and all ended well if anyone needs one of these, it is a person like ME.

This app. would be sweet for me, since my wife leaves me responsible for remembering were we parked our van. Please consider me.

A blessing in disguise. I went to a mall awhile back, and totally forgot where I left my car, after a half hour of wandering around, I ran for help to a security guide with a small mobile car, that had to drive me around just about the entire parkling lot. About 45 minutes later, we found my car. I was so embarassed that I gave the guy a $20 tip and got into my car. I couldn't even drive for another 30 minutes until I calmed down. This would be a lifesaver to me as I'm not getting younger, and one day there won't be anyone around to help me find my car, lol. I'm 57 now. :)

Once, I lost my car with my mother-in-law in it.

I slept on the couch for a month.

I swore it was not intentional (but I did have my fingers crossed).

Please, my couch is OLD !!! The springs are shot.

Help me never to work the dark path AGAIN !!!

I would love to have this! Count me in!

hopefully I win... all this entering and watching others win is disheartening... :-)

And maybe I wouldn't get nagged so much about losing the truck!

Sorry honey, you know I was just kidding right? Right???

I wore out my car alarm(panic button)on my key fob, because I can never remember where I park. It is horrible though in a large parking ramp when you hear it going off 2 floors below.....I could really use the help.

Anyone that can't keep track of a a two ton car is most likely:

1) Not capable of using a Blackberry to begin with, and

2) thinks Bluetooth is something you get after eating blueberries.

Sheesh....right up there with the "farty noise" app.


contest! winning is like hitting the state lottery fat chance but hey if it finds where i parked the Ferrari what the heck try as i might.

You guys are pathetic. If you cant find you car in a parking lot you should not even be driving a car in the first place and belong on a bus.... What a looser that you can not even find you car in a parking lot.

Unless your a senior your a freakin idiot if you cant find you car in a parking lot.. Shows how dumb down society is or how "LAZY" you people are... I would laugh my ass off at some dumb ass looking for their car in parking lot. How hard is it to remember were you put a 12 ft by 5.5 ft 2,000 lb object... If thats a case get a app to find you A** so you can wipe it....

It's free so why not put in a comment to try to get one. Do you honestly believe EVERYONE here can't find there car. We just put in some silly comment to try to win.

BTW a "loser" may not be able to find their car in a parking lot but I am not sure what a "looser" has to do with all this.

Ya, I want this. It could be really useful for those chargers and padres games, or when I hit up E3 at the LA Convention Center.

Well as you can see my memory is shot.....It is so shot I would probably use this app to find my car in MY OWN driveway......Saweeeeeet!!!!!

I actually couldn't find my car parked in Toronto at the Convention Centre. I had no idea what level I was parked on. Does this app do parking lot levels too?