Contest: Ten 1-Year Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus!

Slacker Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jun 2009 02:18 pm EDT

Leave a comment for your chance to win a one-year subscription to Slacker Radio Plus. Leave multiple comments for more chances to win!

Contests galore. We've been giving away tons of accessories and apps lately, so how about a full year subscription to Slacker Radio Plus? Slacker Radio Plus adds awesome features to the basic Slacker service like no audio or banner ads, unlimited skips, complete song lyrics and more. If you don't have Slacker yet, you can now grab it from App World, the CrackBerry App Store or from

We have 10 subscriptions in total to give away - that's nearly $500 in streaming radio goodness!  Just make sure you are logged in and leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. We'll even throw in more cowbell and make it a "Go Nuts" contest - enter as many times as you want (although you can only win once). Contest entry ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Contest: Ten 1-Year Subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus!



Howdie good folks at crack... I really need some radio in this part of the country- am tired of 'ol rants... crack to the rescue

That would be great to have this. I really enjoy slacker and would love to have full features for free. :-)

This is by far the best music app for Blackberry's or any other smartphone. If you don't have it installed yet do yourself a favor and install it TODAY! I ditched XM to use Slacker in my car.

local radio stations are so full of commercials and songs that i hate!

slacker has been a godsend for use in my car, and my home instead of the radio!

I must say slacker radio is a very strong and stable platform. I have not had to many issues with it since i have updated to 2.0. Great program and i will keep using it till i get rid of my blackberry. Thank you slacker for providing a cheap but very good product.

One of the first 100 comments? I am surprised. I caught this that early. Hopin' for a win on this one. slacker is pretty kickin.

Slacker radio is awesome! I'm new too the blackberry world and I wish I knew about slacker radio sooner. I would have gotten one a long time ago just for this app.

it's been a life saver with me since i have the 8350i on nextel - it's about the only radio ap that actually works pretty decent on it. Love to win the Plus.

I love Slacker Radio!!! They have a great selection of music and there is not too many re-plays!!! Awesome Free Radio= happy people!!!

Ok this is my 10th time entering a I feel like I'm a win this time! Slacker is a GREAT app. I'd love to have this one.


that's it for now.

I've always wanted to get unlimited slacker radio, but what's different besides the unlimited skips and no ads?

I love Slacker...lots of music choices and a free subscription would be great!! Thanks Guys and Gals!!

Please pretty please i love slacker radio when I'm doing chemo in the hospital i always listen to slacker on my blackberry. my doctor said i only got 9months to a year to live so if i win it will be awesome

Whos great idea was it to allow multiple posts in a competition?

"Leave a comment for your chance to win a one-year subscription to Slacker Radio Plus. Leave multiple comments for more chances to win!"

This would be awesome seeing as I get annoyed by some of the songs they recommend for you and always run out of skips. I'll take one!!