Contest: 10 copies of SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry up for grabs

Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry
By Alicia Erlich on 28 Dec 2010 01:33 pm EST

Pocket Controller-Pro is a device application and desktop software that together provide increased productivity for business professionals and consumers alike in their everyday tasks. It allows you to use your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to control your BlackBerry with its easy to use interface through Wi-Fi or USB. Crammed with not one, but ten features, it will give your overworked thumbs a rest:

  • Real-Time Remote Control (e.g. BBM from your Desktop)
  • Presentation Tools
  • Training Tools
  • File Synchronization
  • Service Book Support
  • Explore Tool
  • Task List
  • System Information
  • Screen/Video Capture
  • Printing

Pocket Controller-Pro is available at the CrackBerry app store for $35.99 and comes with a 4-day free trial. The device application is compatible with all devices running OS 4.6 and higher while the desktop software is compatible with all PC's running Windows 2000 - Windows 7.

Contest: The good folks at SOTI Inc. are offering us ten registration codes for the desktop software to give away to the CrackBerry readers. To enter simply leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please remember that multiple entries will not be counted. Good luck!

More information/download SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry OS 4.6 and 4.7
More information/download SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above

Reader comments

Contest: 10 copies of SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry up for grabs



WHATTTTTT!!!!!! i was just thinking about software that lets you bbm from your pc...PLEASE CRACKBERRY PICK ME and i will refer many people to and Pocket Controller-Pro!

Would love to have a copy of this great app!!
would be a great gift for new year !
thanks CB :)

My BB has increased my productivity on the road... having the SOTI Pocket Controller will definitely do wonders for my productivity when I'm at my desk.

Love him love him love him!!! Even when he freezes up on me (stupid crunch)positively amazing!! :*! I've never won anything before tho, so, :/ but :D maybe!!

Count me in on this one! This would increased my productivity 10-fold if it works as claimed. Looking forward to using my winning copy :)

Wouldn’t mind picking up another copy for the wife’s BB. If not, think I’ll make use of this promo SOTI is running direct off their site. Grabbed it off their Twitter feed that I saw posted under their CB review.

@SOTI_Inc Santa's last minute gift before going back to the North Pole: BBM from your Desktop! - 30% off (Promo Code: PCPROBB2011)

I am not embarrassed when I say this. I am deeply in love with this product! Give me a copy please!!!! I read the descriptions and that really made me deeply, madly and truly want to be one of the lucky one to own this marvelous product!

This product is definitely amazing and I really hope I can win one copy of this product!

Wow ! Whats not to like ? This has it all for productivity and ease of use.

*Control your mobile device from your desktop PC using your keyboard and mouse

*Connect through your wired/wireless TCP/IP

*Enhanced Record, playback and looping macro functionality allows you to automate tasks

*Execute DOS commands via the Remote DOS Box

*New Advanced Security:
Connection Authentication / Notification, ensures that only you or your authorized party can access your device remotely

This would be an awesome way to start 2011 with Soti Pocket Controller !

This sounds like a very useful productivity app. Would like the opp to try it out on my BB, and if it is good as it sounds, make it standard, installed app on the BB's across the entire company.

Since I got my first blackberry, first app I looked for was an app that has Soti capabilities I used it for my WM phone. Unluckily, nothing found. Happy to know that Soti is BB compatible now. Much happier if I could get the free copy :D

I would love to try this. I used to have Blurts Pro but the problem is my new laptop does not have Bluetooth built in so it's a pain in the butt to have to plug in a bluetooth key all the time.

I know I'm a little late for this thread, but please pro ide a registeration code to me too. I downloaded SOTI, however, could not use it as I was travelling and now it says I cannot use it aanymore as the trial has expired, I would like to try it first . Tried downloading it from the site it does not let me try now, straightaway asks to pay up.