T-Mobile will push out for the Classic on June 17

T-Mobile will begin rolling out BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Classic to users starting on June 17. According to T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith, the update has received approval and is set to start pushing out for the Classic. BlackBerry already announced that OS 10.3.2 would make its way to all BlackBerry 10 devices, so it is great to see T-Mobile pushing it out sooner than...

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Rogers aims to have its BlackBerry devices updated to 10.3.2 by end of July

Rogers posts plans for OS 10.3.2 rollout

Rogers has posted its OS Upgrade plans for the upcoming BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 release in its Community Forums. While they don't give exact dates, it gives a basic understanding of when users can begin to see the update landing on their devices. Here's when each device will see the update. BlackBerry Passport - July BlackBerry Classic - June / July BlackBerry Q10 - June BlackBerry Q5 - July...

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Father's Day Sale: 20% off BlackBerry accessories through June 21

Father's Day Sale: 20% off BlackBerry accessories through June 21

Looking for a great way to show the old man some love this year? Or, maybe Dad wants to do some shopping of his own for a brand new case, charging dock, or Bluetooth headset. Either way you're in luck, because we're celebrating Dad's big day this entire week by offering 20% off all BlackBerry accessories here at ShopCrackBerry. We've got a wide variety of accessories for the latest and...

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BlackBerry Passport, Leap and Classic bundles all on sale through ShopBlackBerry

UPDATE - As expected, some devices (mostly Passport) have now gone to 'out of stock' status. At the time of this update, 4:39AM ET, there's still some Classics and Leaps left. No telling how long they'll last. If you've been holding off on purchasing a BlackBerry Passport, Leap or Classic for any reason, it might be time to make the jump. Right now, ShopBlackBerry has a pretty awesome sale...

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CrackBerry Asks: Would you buy an Android-based BlackBerry?

CrackBerry Asks: Would you buy an Android based BlackBerry?

Before we rolled into the weekend, as I'm sure most CrackBerry readers already know, Reuters dropped a new report that BlackBerry may be considering putting Android as the operating system on an upcoming smartphone. Since then, the rumors and speculation presented in that report have been spun several different ways. The information has been passed around so much now that one would almost be...

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LastPass warns customers to change master passwords following suspicious activity

LastPass is warning customers to change their master passwords as a result of recent suspicious activity on its network. Though LastPass claims that the vault storing user passwords was not accessed, the company is warning users to change their master passwords. Last week the company detected some suspicious activity on the network, and was able to quickly block it. While they claim that no...

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Book-zy adds Passport and Classic support

Each year I make a list of all the books I want to read over the summer. Whether or not I get to them is a different story. The fact is my tastes are eclectic and the volume of paperbacks and hardcovers that grace my shelves are difficult to organize and keep track of. Book-zy was my application of choice when it came to organizing, sorting, and viewing the all of the titles I own or read over...

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BBM beta for BlackBerry 10 update brings 'Private Chat' and Quote Message features

Right before the weekend, we saw the BBM for iOS beta get updated with some new features and now, it's time for the BlackBerry 10 BBM beta to get updated. Just as with the iOS release, the latest BBM beta appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 brings the new private chat feature plus, the ability to reorder your sticker packs without having to use a flaky workaround method and...

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Black and Color Photos updated with more effects

As someone who loves photography and taking all sorts of images with my device, there are no shortage of camera and photograph apps available in BlackBerry World to spice things up. Being able to edit and modify photos while on the go to create new memories is always exciting. One such application is Black and Color Pictures. We took a closer look at how it makes subtle changes to your images...

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The Amzer Hybrid Case is a durable dual-layer case for the BlackBerry Classic

Amzer Hybrid Case Front

Before venturing out into the world, be it for travel or work, the first accessory that is always a must for me is a case. While I would rather marvel at the design of the Classic, my better judgment always warns me that protection is best. This time I decided to try the Amzer Hybrid Case with Kickstand. I have always preferred heavy duty cases so this was a no brainer. The design is...

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BBM for iOS Beta

If you have an iOS device and have been testing out BBM through the Beta Zone, you'll want to ensure you get yourself updated the latest release through TestFlight as BlackBerry has sent out invites for v290.100.0.14. The biggest addition this time around is the introduction of 'Private Chat', which BlackBerry has bundled with the Timed Message and Retraction subscription to create a new...

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BlackBerry App Roundup for June 12, 2015

BlackBerry App Roundup 6/12/15

Howdy CrackBerry nation! I hope you are all excited for not only the upcoming weekend but for the news and happenings in the world of BlackBerry this week. Not to mention our selection of apps and games, but we'll get to that later. From app updates including QuickPost, BlackBerry Blend and BlackBerry Beta Zone to BlackBerry announcing their fiscal results on June 23 it has been quite a week....

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Grab Carlulu for free with this unlimited promo code

Try Carlulu Pro for free!

Now that the summer is approaching, I'm sure many of you will be hitting the road for vacation, business travel, or just an escape to the beach. A while back we gave you an in-depth look at Carlulu. Available in both a pro and lite version, this all-in-one car application provides several useful features for recording mileage and gas fill-ups, maintaining complete service records on your...

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Tired of UK signal 'not-spots'? There's a national roaming SIM for that

Anywhere SIM

Many are growing tired of UK signal not-spots dotted across country. If you happen to be struggling with major mobile operators, the new Anywhere SIM may well be the answer you need. The new Lancashire startup connects consumers to whichever UK mobile network currently has the strongest signal in that given location. The new Mobile Virtual Network Operator will essentially allow you to hop...

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Vodafone now offers free Pay Monthly upgrades for SIM-only plan holders


Vodafone has announced new flexible upgrades for those rocking RIM-only plans. Those who sign-up to Vodafone's 12-month SIM-only plans can upgrade to pay monthly contracts after three months. Waiting for the next flagship smartphone to launch can prove to be a pain for many consumers, especially if they're looking to save a penny by taking out SIM-only plans. Vodafone is looking at ways to...

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BlackBerry reportedly considering Android for an upcoming smartphone

BlackBerry reportedly considering using Android on upcoming smartphone

According to a new report, BlackBerry may be considering putting Android as the operating system on an upcoming smartphone. The move is said to be part of a shift to a more software-centric strategy. From Reuters BlackBerry (BB.TO) is considering equipping an upcoming smartphone with Google Inc.'s (GOOGL.O) Android software for the first time, an acknowledgement that its revamped line of...

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Browse the internet with ease - 250 free copies of Browsie Browser up for grabs

250 copies of Browsie Browser up for grabs

When it comes to browsing the internet, I spend more time than I care to admit on the web. As such, I not only use the native browser but a third-party one as well. Browsie Browser frequently pops up on the blogs and in the forums and presents users with a smooth and solid browsing experience. The developer provides top notch support and the application has grown since I first downloaded it...

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere gets fired up about the future of the mobile internet

John Legere gets fired up about future of mobile internet

John Legere is looking to rally together smartphone users to make sure that the future of the mobile internet is not left in the hands of the wrong people. In a new blog post and vlog, Legere states "if you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention." This type of behavior is what we have come to expect from the outspoken CEO, but when he is passionate about something he wants to make sure...

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Fixes, fixes, fixes - Inst10 updates to version 2.1.300.1


You Instagram users out there that use the third party native BlackBerry 10 app Inst10 will want to head over to BlackBerry World today as an update is now available. As the title of this post suggests, this one is all about ironing out a few bugs. In terms of Instagram alternatives as we don't have an official app, we're quite lucky with the current small line up available to us and I for...

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