Consumer Reports Needs a CrackBerry Fix

Consumer Reports Needs a CrackBerry Fix
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Dec 2008 01:03 pm EST

Update: It seems the blogosphere let us down slightly here. The blogs we referenced on this article had some data wrong. Turns out the Pearl Flip wasn't #5 - CR didn't even rate it. That spot goes to the Pantech Duo. Which all in all just makese these ratings even more out of whack! *

I'm posting this under the CrackBerry Humor category as I'm pretty sure what I'm reading here must be a joke. Take a look at Consumer Reports' top ten device picks for their latest round of smartphone ratings:

1. BlackJack II
2. T-Mobile Wing
3. Motorola Q9c
4. T-Mobile Shadow
5. BlackBerry Pearl Flip
6. AT&T Tilt
7. Palm Centro 685
8. Palm Treo 800
9. Palm Treo 755P
10 Apple iPhone 3G (8GB) 

Over at WMExperts Dieter is jumping for joy seeing as how 4 out of the top 5 picks run Windows Mobile. Seriously?! How is this possible? Does Microsoft secretly own them or something?! I guess I shouldn't be too mad since a BlackBerry ranked 5th which puts it ahead of Apple's iPhone, but even having the 8220 as the top-ranking BlackBerry is a bit suspect. Nothing against the Pearl Flip, but as a CrackBerry Addict who has used pretty much every BlackBerry, I would have expected the Curve 8330 or Bold to rank higher (won't mention the Storm or 8900 as they're too new).

So what do you guys and gals think? I know what I think... that CrackBerry Rambo needs to make a few houses call to teach some people a thing or two about what makes a good smartphone. I know Consumer Reports picks their ranking categories and figures out the ratings from there, but for real... when the results turn out like this it's a sure sign that the way you're ranking smartphones is broken and you need to fix it. These are just out to lunch. End Rant.  

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Consumer Reports Needs a CrackBerry Fix


I stopped paying attention to Consumer Reports 20 years ago.

Are they still in business and providing very biased views?

Consumer Reports is a fine magazine that is great for rating things like blenders, washing machines, and reliability ratings of automobiles.

However, they are lousy at anything having to do with technology: home theater, PCs, phones, and so on. Their preoccupation with quantifying value distorts reality when it comes to things like ease of use or feature richness. They often put too high a weight on price instead of letting the consumer decide how much they value a particular feature.

In other words, they just don't "get" technology, and never have.

Consumer Reports is not a good source for anything. Their ratings are based on consumer experience, but the problem is that they don't represent a good cross-section of the population, so many times products that are rated poorly are the result of not enough members that use the product. For consumer electronics you are better off with sites like this, or checking the customer reviews at companies like Newegg.

yes, an automobile is "technology." That's why I specifically said that they were good for talking about automobile RELIABILITY. Anything beyond that -- performance, cool features, comfort, audio systems -- I'd look at a more substantive magazine like Car & Driver, or a site like Edmunds.

But, I don't think anybody has better reliability data than Consumer Reports. The JD Power initial quality survey isn't worth that much in my book, because it's so focused on the short term after a purchase.

yes, an automobile is "technology." That's why I specifically said that they were good for talking about automobile RELIABILITY. Anything beyond that -- performance, cool features, comfort, audio systems -- I'd look at a more substantive magazine like Car & Driver, or a site like Edmunds.

But, I don't think anybody has better reliability data than Consumer Reports. The JD Power initial quality survey isn't worth that much in my book, because it's so focused on the short term after a purchase.

I agree with Delegator.

The only things CR Magazine is good at rating are appliances and automobile reliability, and even at that some of their past ratings were out to lunch. For everything else consumers should look elsewhere. This has been the case with them for years.

They DEFINITELY put a large weight on price.

T-Mobile WING? It's alright, but nothing special.

The only advantage is has over the Sprint Mogul is a lower price tag (and a better network IMHO). The mogul is the exact same device, but with a faster processor.

Just evidence that they have NO idea what they're talking about.

Oh come on, the Blackjack II is a great phone...if you like horrible menu lag, a four second camera shutter delay, squeaky keys and the instability of WinMo.

I have been a Nokia smartphone user for years and they don't even rate. I have just received the new Blackberry 8900 (my first Blackberry) and it is awesome. I will never go back and I mean never.

Hate to tell ya, but the average consumer does not use a Blackberry.

And that's what Consumer Reports ratings go by, the AVERAGE Consumer...

There's NOTHING average about a BlackBerry.

These aren't average phones they're rating...they're SMART phones...if that's what they're rating, why not rate the best smart phone?

I was a previous Windows Mobile user and for as long as I can remember, a Blackberry was never considered a Smart phone, it was... Well... a Blackberry.

Most people don't understand what a Blackberry is or does or how it compares to other Smart Phones.

I never thought a Blackberry could do what it can until I bought one.

Exactly, the AVERAGE consumer has NO IDEA what a BlackBerry can do, so the buy Samsung, TMO Wing, Motorola.............

This is one reason why this rag DOESN'T come through the door of my house, or warrants a look see at the news stand by me.
It's biased as hell, and never tells the WHOLE story.
And, by the time we get to see it in print, it's old news....

I don't expect many blackberrys to be up there since they aren't very user friendly and have their quirks. They originally werent intended either for the average consumer.

That being said, the fact that windows mobile does make it, is weird! I guess microsofts windows mobile ad campaign works.

The treo makes sense, they're dated, but easy to use and understand.

If you dont understand how to use a blackberry then you probably do not understand how to use a computer.
If you do not understand how to use a computer then Geico can use some more Cavemen.

Ok and how easy is it to delete that program? How easy was it for that program to install? How easy is it to set it up to sync with a computer?

If my firm didnt have an IT group, I know at least 50% of my coworkers would have returned their blackberrys. Sometimes it took even days for IT to get it going, which seems more like the carriers problem than the user, since it's their fault the data isn't going through, but that's because of BES, a problem other phones dont have.

How easy is it to push the menu button, scroll to the program, and click the trackball? easy

How much easier is it to push the calendar button o n a treo? MUCH easier. My dad had to call me when he traded his win mo treo in for a blackberry, he didnt know to click the track ball.

I even get fustrated with my curve, when I get a call, and I just see a hourglass as I hit the answer button, and it goes to voicemail. So what good is a phone that half the time I can't answer, and yes I've updated to the latest OS from alltel.

There is a nice little user manual that comes with these 'smart phones'.
I would highly suggest using it to get by the easy stuff.

The buyer has to take some responsibility when purchasing one of these highly complicated devices and take the time to learn or go back to your samsung flip phone.

Hey bobdelt, SUCK IT. Treo? Get the fuck out of here, the OS is from BC. Adam and Eve used a Treo. Plus its the size of a Zack Morris phone. Idiot. Tracball is the greatest ever, do you know you are on not i have a treo that was used by, moron. WTF is your deal? Heres a tip, read the FUCKING manual idiot, you probably drive a 1968 dodge dart texting on your treo. Does a treo txt? I think Sloth used a treo in the movie goonies. Give me / us all a break. Oh and your dad didnt know how to click a tracball???? Really???? Does he have the IQ of a bag of stones???? FUCKING IDIOT.

Really? BlackBerrys are not user friendly?
Hmmm. You seem to be in the minority here with that one.
Moving a trackball around and pressing it in to start an application seems pretty user friendly to me.

I replaced my Blackjack II with a Bold. The Bold is absolutely a better smartphone than the BJ II. The browser, keyboard, screen, speakerphone, calendar, and email are all superior, not to mention the inclusion of WiFi.

The BJ II is definitely a good phone and is cheaper, but I would imagine that the Epix is a better phone than the BJ II as well.

I think this speaks to CU being behind the curve (pun intended). Their reviews often seem out of date to me. I think they should accept advertising so that they can better keep up. They claim to be impartial, but I don't accept advertising revenue (well, I would if it were offered) and I am extremely partial.

Consumer reports are anything BUT consumer reports. They have OS X and Windows Vista listed above ubuntu on the number 1 Operating system for a computer.. I MEAN HOW MUCH MORE CONSUMER DO YOU GET THEN FREE?
They are in it for the money just like everyone else, dont believe what you read on their website or in their "consumer guides". They are paid for their opinion by the manufacturer of the product they are reviewing.

I had the T-Mobile Dash prior to my Curve. I have to say, the WinMobile software isn't all that bad. It's definately more buggy than the BB OS, but it can do a lot of the same things, if not more. One thing I like better is the amount of upgrading/hacking that can be done to the phone. Of course, this is good and bad. Overall, it's not bad. I do admit I like my Curve better, but basically because it's more stable and is more battery friendly (I still can't believe how long my battery lasts compared to the Dash).

You're right though, more Blackberry phones should be on the list

i think i'm speachless.
this definately has to be some kind of a joke.

i almost spit my coffee out & all over my moniter while reading the ratings.


I'm in a local VW Auto club and i know alot of people like the Palm Series phone. good great grand wonderful. Nice phone "somewhat" easy to use. My father had the Tmobile Shadow, but after the third one he chuck'd it to the wind and got another phone. but the Q9c and Wing?!?!? ok enough is enough... i'll leave it there..... but only ONE BlackBerry..... but you know what... the BB rated higher than the Apple iPhone...

further proof that consumer reports isn't worth the paper it's printed on or the bandwidth that reading the site takes up.

What do those guys know at Constipated Reports!!?!? They say McDonald's coffee is the best and they praise Toyota and Honda cars. I love when I read crap from them...bunch of narrow minded old farts!!! Their writings are just for entertainment and most of the time a good laugh.

LOL at blackjack being number 1.

And there should be a different BB then the flip on that list.

This is just an example of what a joke CR is. I just have to get a hold of the whole report just to see how bad they botched this one. Their analysts must have been fired from Taco Bell. What was their criteria? Most included games? I had little respect for CR because of previous reports, now I'm totally done.

are you kidding me? i've used most, if not all of the phones on the list, and i have to say my 8330 is most defiantly number 1. by a mile or two at least. who are they talking to?!

I am sure the writer of this list called the editor (by landline) and the editor told him sure fax it over and it went to print. They are obviously a little behind over there at CR.

Are they kidding? They are totally out of touch with the smartphone market. Blackjack #1? Really? I rely on Consumer Reports for their ratings and recommendations on other stuff, but for this, no way!

I stopped reading Consumer Reports years ago when their top rated car audio speakers were from Radio Shack. I can honestly say that I have never found anything useful in that magazine and I feel sorry for people who believe in it and follow their advice.

Well, If you are talking about early to mid nineties, radioshack did have the best speakers in the low and middle price range, for home and car. Without a doubt the most bang for your buck. RS is worthless now, but they were more imporatant to consumer electronic than anyone else until best buy came along. Then the discount retailers came along and crushed them. Use, they are the newegg of entertainment.

If I were to take a stab... I would say the top pics would have been...

1. Apple iPhone 2G / 3G
2. BlackBerry 8300
3. Blackjack
4. Tilt
5. BlackBerry Bold

Who let this iPhoner on the site! Give Blackberry 3 years to "perfect" the Storm and Bold and iPhone won't even be a topic for discussion. It is a pretty toy not a smart phone:)

The iPhone is one of the better of the "smart phone" but by far not the best. I use a 8100. But don't be a BB Nazi and claim that only RIM makes Smart so called "good" smart phones...and FYI in three years Apple will come out with a New iPhone.... so the new Storm will still have a fight ahead of it....

I agree! When I saw this article I almost wanted to get rid of my subscription to Consumer Reports! I like what they do on cars and most home appliances, but I think they should stay out of phones...THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT:)

Hey Kevin,
This must be a BAD joke!! I have used the Blackjack II the BB 8220 Flip and the Apple iphone!! In my personal opinion windows mobile smartphones are crap!! They are slow and are forever locking up!! The iphone is also another data hungry piece of crap....I mean who wants a smartphone with a sealed battery door it forvever locked up and there is no way of getting the battery out!! The 8220 is a nice device but it wasn't rugged enough for me so I sold it and purchased the 9000 bold which is by far the best blackberry to date!!

Keep on Crackin....
Darrell Gwood

this = one, singular
people = more that one person.....

"This People" - - - who is this refering to?

Someone needs to let these guys know whats really going on.
The average reader who doesnt know any better is probably heading to Best Buy right now to get the BlackJack 2.


For many years, I subscribed to Consumer Report and used their recommendations for many of may decision. Something I learn since the beginning, don't use it for electronics or technology. Well, for TV it was OK. For VCR (yes, it was that long ago!) they never had good reviews. For computers, I used PC World and PC Magazine, never CR. They never agreed.

It looks like times had not changed. CR is still behind in technology... They just proved it with the review on smart phones.

OF Course You Won't Mention the Storm.

You Play Favorites. You Won't Acknowledge that the Storm Stinks. Hands Down.

Thats why you won't mention it.

Admit it.

Blackjack II in #1? LMFAO!! That phone is TERRIBLE!

Wow, and the CENTRO is on there?! That has got to be one of the worst phones I've ever laid hands on, not to mention Palm's OS is so outdated it isn't even funny.

Last I checked Palm just gave up trying to code crappy software and started sticking windows mobile on their phones.

I usually use CR as a reference as well, and quite obviously they tend to rate certain items a bit higher if it performs the same and costs less than the more expensive equivalent.

That being said, CR has been terrible to rate anything related to technology - just horrid.

The list provided seems to have been done up by the editor's grade-school children, no other logical/plausible explanation!

iphone dead last? Pearl-flip as the flagship device for blackberry.. rofl!!

The very fact that the Pearl Flip is the highest rated RIM phone on the list PROVES it is fake as a three dollar bill - and THREE Palm POS units no less...geez...what are they smokin'

I previously used the Moto Q, and the windows based OS was really nice and easy to use. I switched to the BB curve about a year ago, and can say that I am never going back.

At first I hated the BB, and thought I had made a huge mistake by swithing. However, I learned the features of the BB, and for now I'm very happy and would not consider a non-BB phone.

I personally think the BB Curve is one the best tools for the business professional on the market today.

Consumer Reports is the worst magazine in the world. I started getting it, and after reading month after month, I never agreed with any of the reports they had in the magazine. They are really full of crap. I have a painting business and they always rated the worst paints on the planet as the top ten. Some of the premium products I use never even made the list. That tells me someone is getting paid to put there products on there, and they also go by sales, not quality. Home Depot sells a lot more paint to consumers, so contractors take a hit because their products don't show up on such lists. I canceled my subscription because their opinions suck. Not one Blackberry on the list??? Get real.

It is impossible for Consumer reports to complete a Smartphone report for they would have to test every device on every carrier (where applicable, i.e. the BB Curve). The listings for the BlackBerry Curve (8330) were completed using Spint/Nextel. They can't possibly believe that the call quality ect are the same on Verizon, Tmobile or ATT?

How the crap does stuff like the tmobile wing/q9c/bj2 top the list and how is the 755p even on there...

Not even just from a WM biased perspective, but that list is really terrible in general.

Wow, I haven't seen such a biased, bullshit list ever. Windows MObile is such a piece of crap, I'd take Blackberry and iPhone over the WM trash any day. THe bias in this report is unbelievable.

I am a CELL PHONE ADDICT!!! Which means that I have used some of the biggest phones out there for personal, professional, and fun. I currently use the 8120.

I have to say that I am very happy with my iPhone 3G (16GB) purchased in Europe for 480E. Before that I have used the BOLD, Curve, Pearl, 8700, and just got the Storm. (That's just the Blackberry models).

Aside from that I have used the Treo 650, Dash, SX65, Wing, Tilt, N95, N73, 6100, 7210, SGH-D600, SGH-D800.

All of these in the past 6 years alone. I don't remember models prior to that.

All in all, I have to say that I am very satisfied with my Blackberry 8120 and Bold. In my adventures, I have found that Blackberry's platform, which lacks the ability to natively edit MS office files, is much more stable than the Windows Mobile OS. Also, Blackberry lacks support rich text and HTML composing of e-mails. Adding these two features would drastically improve Blackberry's (otherwise dominant) position in the enterprise.

For many enterprise features, the iPhone does not come close to the Blackberry line

Reminds me of a shoot 'm up where the guy takes a bullet thru the heart, doesn't know how bad he is and just drops to the ground....Dead!

I too subscribed to CR for many years, experienced a number of bad reports (including cars). The myriads of blogs, such as Crackberry, have sealed CR's (and others like them, both paper and web) doom. Today, if you aren't really good, in the reviewing business, you are history!

Consumer report is retarded!!!
I've been selling wireless phones and other electronics oh and a big camera guy... Every time I see their review they are always way off so I tell every one of my friends not to read it.

Granted I'm a bit bias with the brands and toys that I like but they are always way off. The biggest issues we have at my store are always... again always always always, you guessed it WINDOWS, and clueless customers. lol.

This is just my 2 cents is all.
Blackberry's are the best!!

Consumer reports needs to stop, set down the pipe, take a step back and take a look at the real world. The Blackjack2 and the Motot Q9c are two of the worst devices i have ever used. Obviously the rating standards are terribly flawed. so much for the reliability of consumer reports. crackheads...not the good kind.

In the past when I have read some of the CR rankings on various products that I was intimately familiar I often wondered if they lived on the same planet that I do and now I am sure that they don't!!! To even suggest that Windows Mobile-based products even belong in the same class as Blackberry products is absurd. I switched from WM products to BBs a couple of years ago and have never considered going back. BBs are much more reliable, have features such as push email that Windows Mobile can't seem to emulate properly and are overall a much better device for serious users. The one area that WM excels is the availability of many more varied third-party apps but even that is not an advantage since some of these apps have memory leaks down to a science. I would disagree to some extent that the IPhone belongs that far below the WM phones as I found it to be a great device - just a lousy phone - which may be attributed to some extent to AT&T. IMHO I would suggest that either CR change their data collection techniques or ask the right people!

I dropped my CR subscription years ago. They rate trucks based on fuel economy and ride comfort, without regard for payload and towing ability! With so many products, they just don't understand how people use them. Obviously Smartphones fall into that category too.

And coming from a long time Treo owner (converted to BB Curve), the Treo really *is* easier to use. It has the "Zen of Palm," that allows you to rapidly switch between applications (dedicated buttons for PDA applications, a "Home" button, no Save-Discard-Cancel before exit, etc.), and the extremely intuitive touch screen interface.

With that said, I still like the curve better, because it does so much more (e-mail, GPS, stereo bluetooth, etc.) in a smaller package and price.

Well I don't agree with those at all, but whatever, people know what they like and that's all that matters. List were ment to be questioned, and I question that one. On an unrelated note, if anybody is gonna make a fallout 3 theme (xbox 360 game) I will be overjoyed as well as overwhelmed.

consumer reports just blows, i signed up for them once and i totally regret it. man, i would choose cnet over consumer reports any day.

Consumer Reports is completely biased. I have been reading it for years and now tend to go in the opposite direction of what they recommend. A friend of mine purchased all new Kenmore appliances on the review and support of Consumer Reports only to have most of the equipment fail him within two years.
They consistently bash brands like Mercedes-Benz, of which I have and love.
As for the phone, I have ATT and a Blackberry Curve, neither of which were on the receiving end of a decent review and yet I have not had an issue with either. In fact, I love both. I had Verizon and wasn't all that impressed. Not bad, but hardly far and away better than ATT.
As for the Blackberry, its hard to imagine all of the listed phones being so far superior to my Curve, unless they had listed a Bold or Storm...but they didn't.

I really am shocked at the Consumer Reports findings. How is the new pearl on there but the Bold and Storm are not! And come on we all know how much people love their Curves. I have a few friends who had Pearls and they quickly switched to Curves. I was one of them!!! You can't beat it. Well unless you have the Bold or the Storm.I would have put the Curve as #1! Thats just my opnion!

I had a motorola Q9 was awful. I recently traded it in for a blackberry storm. The blackberry os completely outshines the windows mobile os and I won't even
get started on the motorola brand. I hated, no, DESPISED, the windows os and that phone.

I understand the storm being too new to be included but where are the other much loved BlackBerry phones?

I had a Wing (ranked #2) and now have a BB Curve 8320. NO WAY is the Wing a better phone. I suspect they are the ones on crack....

Wing with T-MOB Native ROM was utterly unstable and slow. I hacked new rom at XDA-Dev and it was better, but still not reliable.

My 8320 Rocked right out of the box- not a single hangup or reboot needed. I have 1002 contacts and a FULL Outlook calendar and to dos synching.

The only reason I can think that the Wing and others were ranked well is that they are nice to type on with full sized keys and sliding open keyboards, Suspect the touch screens also garner favor.

All glitz, not really a reliable tool for busines or personal use if you are a power user in any way.

I hate to say this because I love my BB but, I am currently looking at the Jan. 2009 issue of Consumer Reports and the report that Kevin listed is wrong (not his fault ZDNet had it wrong).
The error is that the BB Pearl Flip was not even evaluated. The #5 phone in the list is the Pantech Duo.
The top rated BB is the Pearl 8120 at 13. Followed by the 8330 @ 16, 8130 @ 20, and the 8830 @21 (the end of the list).
So in reality, in their ratings the Blackjack II, Wing, Moto Q, Shadow, Duo, Tilt, Centro, Treo 800w, Treo 755p, iphone, G1, and Sidekick are better phones.
Looking through the article their problems with the BB's seem to be: size of keyboard, lack of touch screen, and small screens.
They did not review the Bold, Flip, or Storm.

Consumer Reports blows! They are constantly getting the reviews for many different products screwed up. They are obviously "behind" the times when it comes to electronics. They do the same stupid stuff with home electronics. Maybe everyone that works there is over 60? This is the main reason that I do NOT subscribe to them anymore.

consumer reports used to (i totally gave up on reading anything they write years ago) continually rate products that are CHEAP above far superior products that are more expensive (especially vehicles). So I would venture to guess that might have played a heavy hand in the rating (best selling phone dead last? suspect).

Yeah, I read that this month in their magazine. I couldn't believe it either. Not sure where they get their data, but that's gotta be wrong. Windows Mobile sucks so bad.

Are they kidding??? I had a q9c and although it was a nice phone, my 8330 kicks it's a$$ all around the block!And seriously, the blackjack 2? Who in god's green earth bought these people out??? These guys need to learn what to look for in a true smartphone, and realize that RIM makes the best ones around. And yes, the pearl flip is nice, but it's basically a big freakin pearl! The Bold should have been at least number 2 on the list imo.....

Yeah, well....

Consumer reports really has no idea whats going on. Last I saw the top VZW phones were all over the place too. They had they Glyde ranked high, and the enV2 ranked down low somewhere.

Not even close to accurate, which I think backs up this post

Wow I just read though the comments and there are some STUPID people in the world! How can you say that a BB is not user friendly? I think the people that have problems with BB aren't as smart as the devices they use. I'm 24, and have yet to have problems learning ANY phone within 10 minutes of picking it up. I have a couple friends that LAUGHED when I mentioned syncing my Curve 8330 to my pc! They are the type of people that buy a badass Blackberry and use it to make phone calls and text, but don't even care to learn about the email services and many other things this device can do! I thought they were dumb for buying their bb's, but judging by CR and people that commented so far, this type of customer is many and widespread. Seriously guys, if your IT department can't figure out how to setup your phone for you, your company is freaking doomed. If you don't know how to use your device and all the things it can do, give it to a smart friend and buy a prepaid pos.
Oh yeah, Blackberry has been making amazing smartphones for a long time and continue to improve every year. Palm has stuck with the same damn ugly OS for how long???

It was probably done by someone who has used WM and doesn't know how good blackberry is. I was once that person, so silly.

Considering the events overseas and the reports that the terrorists in Mumbai used Blackberry's to aide in their recon and following news reports to gain an edge, I don't find the picture associated with this article to be very pleasing.

Just a thought.

Whatever dipstick that just posted that is somehow insinuating that the picture associated with this article (Posted on a blackberry fan site, by blackberry fans, about the lack of blackberrys in a smartphone roundup) is somehow related to some jackasses in Mumbai is a moron. Oh, excuse me... MORON...there.. You need THERAPY BRO! Everyone is saddened by the events overseas, but lighten up. No one associated with this thread has intended, intentionally or otherwise, to associate it with the Mumbai terrorists. If a generic picture of a Blackberry with a headband and an assault rifle somehow translates to "Mumbai Terrorist" then you need to get your head out of your a@#, and quit stereotyping. As a matter of fact, the picture is specifically referred to as the "Blackberry Rambo". Wasn't Rambo a good guy? Go away idiot....

Call it what you will, but I am entitled to my opinion, as are you. I was simply stating my feelings toward the picture, no insults are necessary. If you notice, my post was ended with "Just a thought", which is all it is. I just personally don't believe dressing it up like that was completely necessary.

Regardless of what you might name your character, it still looks the same. I just didn't think it was in good taste considering the proximity to events that happened overseas. I doubt you even are fully aware of what happened over there.

I find nothing referring to "Blackberry Rambo"

Just a thought. If you choose to reply, try and be a little more intelligent about it, just throwing around insults and accusing me of needing "therapy" isn't very constructive. And what's the problem with "therapy"? A lot of completely healthy individuals use it as a means to help sort out life's problems. You sir (or ma'am) are just one big ball of political incorrectness.

I'm a WinMo user, and I was SHOCKED.
NONE of those phones are really all that great.
No Diamond? No T-Pro?
Really!?!? THE WING!?!?! HOW???

My wife's Curve is one of the coolest phones I've ever played with. No Bold?
I don't love the iPhone, but it does deserve better than tenth.

CR tech reviews have ceased being relevant...

Ya, well they also said this about the Samsung Glyde: "The Glyde cell phone from Samsung with its large screen looks like Apple's iPhone." HAHAHA It's the biggest piece of sh!t ever, and I should know I work for Verizon WIreless as a Customer Care Rep. CR is garbage and they know nothing about phones.

if microsoft has them on payroll, so does verizon....................................................................................

They're notorious for being extremely biased and easy to buy off. Look at the fact that Suzuki sued them over their old Sidekick because Consumer Reports claimed it was more prone to rollover than other SUV's, but the Ford Bronco II was worse and they didn't mention anything. I never believe a word they say, to me they're easy to buy off.


The first 3 phones friends of mine have, I have owned the iPhone myself. And for them not even to mention the CURVE is an insult! I have used all of my friends phones for a day just to see what its like, I HATED IT. I stopped using my iPhone when I got the crackberry addict. But to sum this up, I think that report is bs.

Just my $0.02

Kevin, I totally agree with you on this. I think it's more than a joke, I think the guys over at have all lost their minds and they are all in dire need of psychological evaluations! Seriously???!!! a BlackJack II rated at #1? I have a friend just begging someone to take his BlackJack II off his hands and he's willing to take a Pearl in any condition as even trade. And the iPhone at #10? You gotta be kidding ConsumerReports!!! Now I definetely know who NOT to trust when I want to read reveiws! Way to go ConsumerReports... NOT.

First off it's a consumer report and RIM is still fairly new to the consumer stream.

That been said it does seem very bias.

But you can get statistics to say whatever you want them to say, it all depends on the questions asked.

Consumer report just lost some major credibility with this one.

The only phone I have used there has been the Motorola Q9C and the Palm Centro and I own an 8330 and by far I would rank it above those phones. This is the only blackberry I have ever owned but still, the 8330 is a remarkable device. I couldn't imagine going to WinMo device.

This report wasn't done using consumers who surf CB. In a way, I believe the numbers, but I feel those users are main stream consumers who probably have not even touched BBs. The BB Pearl Flip isn't a Crackhead's eye candy either, but a consumer who was in love with a razr and wanted email capabilities.

you have to be kidding - the q9c is such a piece of junk it's rediculous- EVERYONE who ever gets one calls and says it freezes up, wont answer calls, etc etc etc.....srsly

Consumer Reports. I used to respect them a great deal--until I realized that, as a source of consumer information, they are less than adequate. Why? Because they can be bought. Actually, that's inaccurate. I don't know if they can be bribed to print a good review of a product, but they can easily be bullied by threat of lawsuit into never printing a bad review.

Some years ago, they reviewed a bunch of relatively expensive stereo speakers. Their conclusion on a pair of Bose speakers was that they were cheaply made, overpriced, and didn't sound as good as competing speakers for half the price. Bose sued. Consumer Reports never again wrote anything bad about Bose.

I pay about as much attention to Consumer Reports as I do to the daily astrology predictions in the newspaper.

I've had the Blackjack II. It was awful. My husband has the Tilt. It's over complicated, and just.. not a Blackberry! I'd definitely stay w/ my BB.

I'm speachless, honestly I can't imagine having any of those phones on there over my current Bold. Those ratings honesly bring a smile to my face beacuse they are such BS.

It's fun to read all the outrage from product fans whenever Consumer Reports gives their favorite device a low rating. Very predictable but still entertaining. Of course, they didn't test the Bold so we don't know how it would have fared but the one new phone, the Pearl Flip, did well. The areas where the BlackBerrys generally didn't score well included talk time, voice quality and PDA ease of use. Face it, Blackberrys fit a niche nicely but until recently have not compared well to more consumer oriented smart phones.

I think this list is really bias. I work for a major wireless company and even mentioning the Motorola Q9c on a list such as this screams pay off. That phone was terrible (again imho). I also agree with you that the curve should have been on this list.

The Q9c is by far the worst device ever created in the history of mobile phones.
I am forced to order them where I work, and I'd say 90% of them are replaced after 1 month of use. The BlackJack II is marginally better.

ROFLMAO said, "Palm has stuck with the same damn ugly OS for how long???"

I keep hearing this, but anyone who has actually used both a BlackBerry and a Palm knows better. Yes, the Palm OS is dated, but by comparison the BB OS is prehistoric! The BB has only the most rudimentary GUI elements, no consistent color or behavioral theme between applications, and no touch screen (Storm excepted).

Let's be realistic: People prefer BlackBerries over Palm because of the smaller price and size, as well as the greater dependability and functionality. I love my Curve, but ease of use and a slick GUI are not BlackBerry's strong points.

I know for a fact that Palm is working on a major overhaul of their operating system, and I sure hope RIM is doing the same.

If Consumer Report ranked the Storm right now I am quite positive it would rank extremely low. The slams on the phone keep pouring in over the Internet and elsewhere. Looks like RIM is pulling the Verizon trick of denial. Verizon is learning that trick is not working for them, perhaps RIM should take a lesson from them. Do not make angry customers out of your first time customers. Just perhaps not a good way to do business, especially when there's multiple accounts involved. Word spreads fast nowadays. Though I question the intergity of everybody, because everybody lies in business (even the reviewers getting sponsored by the companies making the devices). Gee... think we're dumb Consumer Reports??? Yeah we are definitely on to your biases!! Anyway, I just needed to vent. RIM needs to get off their butts and do something.
No, sponsoring Consumer Reports, etc. should not be an option. LOL.

Ya. I'm in total agreement here Kevin! I have had my curve for almost a year now and although I really like the bold, which is basically the curve on steroids, I couldn't ask for a better device! My os 4.5 curve, which blows my former berry (8700g) away, is just the total package in my opinion! :)

Umm yeah the top 4 on that list are JUNK! CR's are a bunch of morons! They're good for appliances and that's about it. Seriously?! The Pearl Flip as the highest ranking Berry? LOL
We all know the Bold is far superior!

Remember that they Bold hasn't been on the market long enough for the CR knuckle heads to rate it yet. . . .

I bought that magazine solely to see where my current crack berry ranks against the competition. Needless to say I was disappointed when the Bold nor the Curve were on the list. The ranking guys need to wake up!

If you lock up a thousand monkeys in a rooom with a thousand smartphones, they could come up with a better list than this garbage. Os one who works in restaraunt, I see lots of smartphones on the table. It's 60% BB, 35%iPhone and 5% other.

Well, I think Windows Mobile is such a great OS, very stable and very know? I cant even get through this without snickering obsessively.

There has to be some sort of kickback from Microsoft?

I too was amazed and disgusted that more Crackberrys were not on this list. I was a Pearl user (my first crackberry) until I stood in line to get my BOLD and I ahve to say there can not be a better phone on earth than my BOLD. The Consumer Reports folks have lost their mind!!

CR really fails in reviewing computers and gadgets. Putting the BB Storm above the iPhone is a joke and giving the Samsung Blackjack II top ratings is beyond belief.

This shows that Comsumer Reports is smoking drugs.
Most of these phones that have listed are archaic and lame.
I own a 755p and its push e-mail and internet is a decade behind the Black Berry Bold or Storm.
As a business phone the Bold rules. The iPhone 3G and Storm make the best toys.

Consumer reports should retract their review, repent and tell the truth and get real!