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Conquer that to-do list on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Conqu

Conqu Main Screen
By Kerri Neill on 6 Jun 2011 09:06 am EDT

Conqu by AsFusion, is a powerful task management tool for your BlackBerry PlayBook that allows you to clear tasks from your inbox and keep all your to-do lists in one place. With Conqu, you can organize tasks according to your own personal criteria (For example I use CB, Personal, Day Care, Air Force etc.) and then accomplish those tasks at the right time and place for you (no WiFi needed). Conqu also allows you to assign a project, energy and the time you think it will take to complete said task. There are also even more options for customization such as filtering with tags and contexts.

The main features of the app are:

  • Unlimited everything: tasks, projects, contexts, contacts or tags
  • Filtering by contexts, tags, energy or time
  • Specifically designed for touch devices and tablets like the PlayBook
  • Future view to see what lies ahead in the next few days
  • Back burner view for tasks that you have to put off to do at a later time
  • Work offline: you don't have to be connected to the internet to be able to access all your tasks
  • Stay focused with views that are intelligently organized like TODAY and NEXT

The team over at AsFusion have even set up a roadmap that allows you to see what Conqu features are coming (Cloud Sync, Desktop Version & Recuring tasks are just some of what's listed) and the percentage towards completion. The icing on the cake is that this app is totally FREE!

More information / download of Conqu 



Awesome app. This has become part of my daily routine.


I have only found a few very good, well made, smooth & useful apps so far and this is one of them


This looks pretty polished. Now all I need is the Playbook and I'll be set. I can barely wait for the 4G Playbook!


This app is awesome, started using it yesterday, if I could figure how to set alerts it would be untouchable, otherwise its still 5 stars.


This is a nice app, especially for the price of free. It's easily worth a couple bucks. I just wish I could find a Memo Pad app I liked besides the native bridged one.


Very well designed app!


i bought mine for £349 did i get a good deal?


The best app I downloaded. I use it daily at work