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Connect your BlackBerry to your Pebble smartwatch with pBBl

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2013 11:14 am EDT

After months of waiting, Pebble owners can finally pair up to their BlackBerry 10 devices with their Pebble smartwatch. The pBBl app is now available as a free download from BlackBerry World, and while it's not the app we saw shown off during BlackBerry Live (this one's from a different developer) it does give BlackBerry owners some basic Pebble notifications and is welcome with open arms.

To use the app just pair your Pebble via Bluetooth with your BlackBerry Z10, Q10 or Q5 then open the app and connect. You'll see a few quick settings for alerts from SMS, phone calls and emails and you can toggle them on or off as you see fit. Just leave the app open in an Active Frame and it will drop your notifications to your Pebble as they arrive. There are a few catches for now in that pBBl can't send BBM notifications or the names of callers and you can't control music, but it's a great start.

I'm already loving this app now that I can use my Pebble with my BlackBerry and hopefully it will bring more functionality down the line. If you're a Pebble owner you can grab the app free from the link below.

More information/Download pBBl
Buy a Pebble smartwatch from Amazon



Yikes $250 at amazon! I saw it at best buy for $150.00. Typically best buy is more expensive, not this time I guess.

Posted via CB10


They are $150 on the Pebble website

Posted via CB10


Yeah. Those guys never actually send anything though. I've been in cue for the last 3 weeks.

Long enough to lose interest.

Posted via CB from my LE


Why is pebble so ugly?

Posted via CB10

R Field

All smartwatches are ugly. Samsung Galaxy gear anyone?


Same here 150 for plastic watch! I rather get designer watch for that kind of money


Do you live in the absolute buildings?


Just like the stream for pebble app...does the same thing but still in beta

Posted via CB10


At a time when everyone wants a bigger screen, I don't really understand the purpose of this watch. I always have my phone on me so it's just easier to use that instead.

Adam Zeis

Won't argue with you there, but I find it comes in handy when working around the house or out to dinner etc. Don't have to interrupt anything to look at your phone and I can just check on my watch to see if it's something I need to address. But agreed - not for everyone. 


Most new Bluetooth headsets tell you who's calling by speaking out their name in the first place, also if you're in a subway or a crowded place, you don't want to pull out your phone at all.
The only argument I will lose over not having a watch more expensive than the phone itself is the ability to read incoming text messages.

Posted via CB10


You don't wear a bt headset when you're out in a social situation, and it's rude to keep looking at your phone.

A smartwatch can give a quick vibration and you can discreetly look to see what's incoming.


I struggled to see the point of one of these but as a motorcycle rider I think it's a great idea but a bit pricey. Covering on call shifts means I currently have to check for calls every so often. I could get one of these and place it near the clocks so I see incoming calls for work. There are other alternatives like a bluetooth type headset fitted inside a helmet however I'd be concerned about the long term effects of wind noise on my hearing as you couldn't wear earplugs with one of these.


What long-term wind noise effects do you mean? Are you saying that when wearing a full-face helmet, wind noise is greater than when lidless? I haven't worn a full-face helmet in years, so I don't remember myself. I'm wondering, however, whether you aren't manufacturing a health concern to rationalize your preference to ride without a helmet?


I would just like to connect/bridge my Z10 to my Playbook like I did when I had a Torch !!! Can you give me that BB?



ZED-10 for the person on the move. OS


+ a sale ! The limited bridge is one reason I haven't jumped on an OS10 device just yet. (But don't worry, I will likely make the move when the Z30 / A10 comes out.)


such a simple wish that we share.... why will it never be a reality?


BlackBerry smart watch would be cool :)

Posted via CB10


wearable tech... its going to be Michael Knight and Dick Tracy all over again!


Checking your watch is just as disruptive and rude as checking your phone. Especially when you will start play with your watch, pressing buttons or scrolling. I'm not sure why people want the information over load.

Posted via CB10


I'd love it. Less work when I'm busy.

Digging phone out of pocket. Swipe, Ok something is there. Swipe. Unlock via pwd. Swipe swipe. Hub Ok. BBM - oh its just a chat group.

Or glance at watch. You cant say that's as obtrusive as a phone ;)

Posted via CB from my LE


Don't be too eager to buy this watch. I was an early tester for the inpulse watch. That watch was unsuccessful, so they abandoned it, moved from waterloo to california, and changed their name to pebble.
The inpulse was never actually completed, and the quality was questionable at best. To be fair, it worked, but they abandoned it, and have never provided updated software for the watch to continue to function on newer devices.
You will receive no support from this company if you attempt to use this watch with your BlackBerry.
As of now, pre-orders have not been fully shipped, there are people still waiting.
Order this watch with caution, as there are cheaper big name alternatives that provide the same core functions, just not third party apps, which btw, are very limited in usefulness.
Based on my experience with inpulse, I could not endorse the pebble.


ditto, I too was a beta tester left high and dry.... not to anxious to do that

Gregory Ryan

Talk to me when it can show me BBMs! Where is the app from BlackBerry Live? Seemed like his was further along then!

Posted via CB10

Michael Chiasson1

Any luck updating the watch face from the app?

Posted via CB10


OMG OMG finally some progress!



Posted via my BlackBerry Z10


I do not get it why I need this type of watch if i have mu phone with me anyway. I do not see need for tablet let alone watch like that. I would rather get z30 with bigger screen.


Yep Bitek...I agree with ya. It just doesn't make any sense. But hey...what do I know.


I think this is for the incredibly lazy rich types who refuses to take their phones out of their pockets or purses. Maybe that's why it's so expensive?

Posted via CB10


Hey guys, Ritesh here, the guy who demoed at BlackBerry Jam. Great to see others pursuing this!

Stream is the name of my app, and it's currently in beta. It's been a long time coming for sure, so it's no surprise that I got beaten to the punch. Great to see another dev doing a great job with it too!

However, the Pebble is quite complex, and it takes time to take care of all it's nuances. But once you do, paired with BlackBerry 10, it opens up some powerful possibilities. This is even more true in the upcoming updates to Pebble, which I've already begun planning for.

So stay tuned and join the Stream BBM Channel. C00120840


Thanks for the update, Ill stay tuned to your channel.


To bad you need to have a app always running on your phone too make it work

Posted via CB10


That'll change quick with headless around the corner.

Posted via CB from my LE


Finally. Seems to work well, however my exchange mail doesn't sync.

Posted via CB10

Sanjay Majithia

Can someone develop an app for z10 to work with inpulse.

Posted via CB10

Bacon Munchers

Good job dev!

Funny shot of how it displays time. Is it geared towards trendy uneducated hipsters(!?)

Berry Clubs Black

#Pebble x #BlackBerryHub x #BlackBerryDAC x 黑莓會


I don't suppose that this will work with my InPulse watch I bought 2 years ago????

Posted via CB10

Emmanuel Ezeani

Really? Is this a joke?? It's a smart watch age not pebble. Wake up and smell the coffee #ugly

Posted via CB10


It's about the only one you can get working on BB10 unfortunately

Posted via CB from my LE


But it says it doesn't work with blackberry

Posted via CB10 using Z10


It'll be more useful when the Z30 launches.


I have Kreyos Meteor coming...I hope someone designs an app for that as well.
As of now, it won't sync with BB, and Kreyos will not add BB to their list of supported devices.

Leecarl Liwanag

I will buy one if they will maximized the use of the watch.

Posted via CB10


I saw this and bought it in Best Buy for $150. Easy to set up. I love it. It is far more respectful to glance at your watch, when in meetings or at dinner, than it is to dig in your pocket and pull out your phone. You don't have to push buttons, you can see whom the message is from and the message...or if it's a long message, you can still see the first part of it without having to do anything but glance at your watch.

It will be a lot better, when they can get an update out so that caller ID works. This companion app has a lot of potential to make this watch get better and better.


I downloaded the app and its not working. I can connect it (so it says) and it will send pings but nothing else. So far very very unhappy. Is there a place to call for tech support?

John Jacobs4

I am very much a fan of the Pebble as it is one of the better made smartwatches thus far. I have done a lot of research on smartwatches and gathered some useful information for people to make use of .


Ordered my pebble watch Monday from Belfast. Had it delivered yesterday from Hong Kong by DHL!! thats after it passed through Germany and unto the East midlands before its final journey to Belfast and delivery at 12.30 am yesterday. For those ordering directly at $150 there is a customs duty of £22.50 which DHL will notify you by TXT or Email while your package is on its way thereby letting you pay in advance of delivery on line. As for the watch I had already down loaded the Talk2watch app and as soon as the watch arrived I put it on charge for 1 hr and paired my Z10 with out a hitch and next thing the whole thing was working without a hitch, no problems at all, infact I have had more problems working out how to put the ScreenKnight screen protector on as it has the barest of instructions and I am not sure if its the side you peel the paper off is the side which goes to the watch???. Other wee point is the temp of the battery is up slightly at 29c-30c while there is a continous bluetooth link on?? anybody else noticed this?? apart from that its working with this app just fine. Gerry