Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 updated

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2014 11:12 am EDT

For those is business, being able to access the data they need when they need it is extremely important and for because of that, many people turn to BlackBerry and the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform. A new version of the Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 has now been released both through a native app and on the web. Released as v2.0, the app brings several changes aimed at improving the app and offering a robust Salesforce1 native application experience.

  • Create, edit and remove your files
  • View archived groups
  • Create, edit and view your cached files and records offline
  • Unified Search within all files and records
  • Support for Visualforce pages -
  • Support for Salesforce Events and Custom Objects
  • Sign in using custom URLs

"Connect to Salesforce for BlackBerry 10 provides an excellent user experience while ensuring a seamless, secure connection to the Salesforce1 CRM platform. This application demonstrates BlackBerry's concerted efforts to deliver technology that enables a more productive workforce and ultimately adds value to a business.", said Peter Ng, Senior Director of Global Alliances & Business Development, BlackBerry.

The Connect to Salesforce app is just one of many enterprise apps for BlackBerry 10 that promote productivity and drive business, and highlights how BlackBerry continues to deliver leading enterprise mobility solutions and tools. You can grab both the native and web versions through BlackBerry World right now.

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Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry 10 updated


Best part is, you don't have to wait til the Fall to get it! Sidenote:It's really too bad that Cognos didn't stay an independent Canadian company. That is the organization that brought the Business Intelligence Analytics to IBM when they bought it which they are now partnering with Apple to provide it with the grown up smarts it needs to compete in Enterprise. Gaaaahhh!!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I think we need a post to address the partnership between apple and IBM. Investors seem to be bailing.

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This is awesome, used to have this on BB7 but Ben awaiting this...

Great work and it looks superb!

Good times!

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

The first line has a grammar error, should it be "for those is business" or "for those IN business"?

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This new version is really nice. UX is much improved and lots of bug fixes. Excellent

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Can anyone help me with the app, I am trying to use it, have logged in with my salesforce password etc. but for contacts it only shows their name and title, not phone numbers addresses etc., for events it shows the wrong meeting times, opportunities and other tabs are blank. I really need to get this working for business but can't find any forums to help me out.