Congress is on Crack...Berry

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jun 2008 12:28 am EDT

Congress is on Crack...Berry
Senator Ted Stevens makes his rounds on
Capitol Hill with BlackBerry in hand

One of my non-BlackBerry using friends sent me the link to an article posted at yesterday that he thought the CB community might find interesting. It seems Capitol Hill is also the Capital of BlackBerry Addicts, with some seven out of ten members and staffers being BlackBerry users! In the House of Representatives alone this equates to 8,239 BlackBerry Users.  'Users' is taking the term lightly though... it seems much of Congress are full-fledged CrackBerry Addicts, including good old (literally...he's old) Senator Ted Stevens:

Sen. Ted Stevens may have deep-sixed his Slashdot street cred when he described the Internet as “a series of tubes,” but the 84-year-old Alaska Republican is hardly a technological Luddite.

Stevens calls himself a “slave” to his BlackBerry Curve, and if you have seen him shuffling through the halls of Congress, you know exactly what he means. Eschewing handrails and escalators, he makes his daily rounds, oblivious to most everything but the words displayed in jumbo type on the tiny screen before him.

Looks like Washinton DC may be a good place to first market the CrackBerry Book! Seriously though, it's an interesting article - take a read and report back with your thoughts! 

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Congress is on Crack...Berry


This topic is going to take a sharp left i might as well start! :P

God forbid the people would want more productive and efficient members of congress. I hope congress does not share former Rep. Mickey Edwards', now a Princeton professor, view about technology and politics...

"Edwards, who served in Congress from 1977 until 1993, says a little insulation can be a good thing.

“We have been moving inexorably over the years closer towards a pure democracy,” he laments."

BB's can lead to a pure democracy?! Sweet! Finally, taxpayer's money well spent!...please send more BB's to members of all branches of the government!

Before i get off my soap box, one last jab...

"Steve Frantzich, a professor of political science at the U.S. Naval Academy who has written numerous books on technology and politics, says handheld usage “reduces George Washington’s ‘cooling saucer’ by allowing members less time for deliberation and more tendency to respond without much thinking.” "

Show me a congress that thinks and i will show you a population of people that cares about the state of their government.

...hmm, maybe it is easier to find a word that rhymes with orange...