Congrats to AmazinglyGraceless for 15,000 CrackBerry Forums posts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2010 12:30 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from!

amazinglygraceless hiding in the back corner - taken at a CrackBerry NYC Meetup in Sept/2008

A site like is successful for a number of reasons, but reason #1 is our community. Sure, we have a passionate and dedicated editorial team keeping the blogs full of timely and helpful BlackBerry-related content, and our e-commerce team and affiliates deliver the best smartphone stores on the net. But at the end of the day it's our members who really make the awesome site and amazing resource that it is.

We have several members who have now cracked the mystical 10,000 posts count in the CrackBerry forums, and one member who has now taken it to the next level of passing the 15,000 posts mark. Members in the forums will know the name - amazinglygraceless. Big congrats go to amazinglygraceless (AG) on the milestone. AG has been one of our forums moderators for a while now, and upon hitting the 15k mark has decided to retire from the modding life and go back to being a regular member, where he plans to keep contributing to the community. I asked him what I could get him as a 'retirement' gift but all AG wanted was for us to run a contest in recognition of how much we appreciate the CrackBerry community! Pretty graceful there amazinglygraceless.

Contest - Win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from  As a token of our appreciate for the awesome CrackBerry community that we have here, just leave a comment to this post for your chance to win! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. Good Luck! And thanks for all the posts AG!



Just goes to show how much we love Crackberry :)


Is that Bill Gates on the right?!?!?


Who couldn't find a good way to spend $30 at ?? : )


This is crazy. I don't think I have even spoken 15,000 times.


I hope to win! I can't even imagine posting that much :)


Congrats AG, Thanks for the contest!


I could use some free blackberry crap. Need to feed the adiction


Congrats CB Team!



Thanks AG for a job well done :)


Congrats on all the posts!


Holy jesus 15,000. Congrats though. Oh and PICK ME!


Not that I plan on winning anything, but proud to be loyal crackberry addict.


Awesome job bro! A true Crackberry Addict!


15,000 posts. I've been on forums for over a decade (back when they were newsgroups and BB's [bulletin boards]) and i don't think i've ever posted 15,000 times, ever!


Thats "putting in work" plain and simple. Good job!


Congrats and 15,000 posts and thanks for asking for a contest! Sign me up please. :-)


The CB community has been extremely fortunate to have u as a mod.You have been an "Amazing" friend to me and to soo many others.Congrats on ur 15,000+ posts and I'm glad ur still #teamblackberry :)

X0 Rox


Thank you. I am humbled and honored to be your friend. You truly are why they say "the girls are prettier in Whittier"

Thing is, your beauty outside is no match for the beauty within you. You rock on every level lady.


Congrats Buddy! You are full of knowledge and the community thanks you for your years of service!


Thx for all your service.


Congrats on an amazing achievements! I hope I win this contest too :)


I need a gift certificate. Enter me into this contest.


congratz on all ur posts


AG shall be remembered as a Man.. a fighter if you will.. an advocate of truth and devotion.. and just a plain ol' CB geek.

Congratulations mate!!

p.s. Contest FTW.


Sure I can find something to spend it on. Congrats on the milestone.

KA_RIM_BB is the best website that have ever been created <3
Not only you guys are celebrating 15000 forum posts, but you're also providing us a chance to celebrate too :D
Crackberry is changing the value of my weeks...!!
Before I discovered's existence, my week used to be boring, but now its getting very exciting since each week is full of wonderful contests XD
Crackberry, thank you for giving us all the chance to participate in such priceless contests.
You guys are AMAzing <3
Make me win, and I'll be ur bff for ever XP XD

AmazinglyGraceless, thank U for this contest :D :*


Thanks for every bit of amazement this forum has enjoyed, have a wonderful time like I'm having as a regular user, it's an amazing experience. WAHOO!!!!! :)


And it would be an honour to win this contest as a tribute to a key contributor to Crackberry!


that's a crazy amount of posts


the best informational site around. I spent part of today searching through an ipod site and it couldn't begin to touch the professionalism found on this site. Keep up the good work Crackberry and amazinglygraceless


that is monumental and well, AMAZING! congrats! Keep on Blackberrying!


I've probably read a few hundred posts, but I can't imagine posting 15,000 times!


Congratttzz!!! :D <=-P \=D/ :P
Its such an amazing feeling when you experience a milestone of ones favorite website (Mine in this case: I <3 Crackberry :D)
And no doupt that this will never be the last time !!
You guys have given us more than we can ever give U :D
and for this reason, I wanna tell U, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You :)


congrats... nice 15k


Man if I won one of the gift certificates, I would definitely use it to get a hard case for my storm, to cover up the scratches and a clip to hold it in lol.


Hides in the back - out of sight...yet posts 15,000 comments on CB Forums! ha ha - Gotta like the quiet leaders ;-)


15000 that's crazy! congrats man and thanks for the generosity!


15K posts is just crazy.


on reaching 15k posts... amazing


thanks for being such a great site for the savvy yet non technical crowd i help people get the most out of their BB all the time. 99% of that knowledge comes from the site. Ain't it great! Now the problem is I have too many apps and my poor BB Tour 9630 is looking pitiful. It's over a year old and has been dropped in the toilet and kicked, but she's still holding on. Can't wait to get that upgrade!
I hope I can be one of the lucky winners!


thats alot of comments!! Good to see ppl like him helping CB to grow better and help all BB addicts get attached to their phones more n more!! Would love to be 1 of the 5 winenrs :D thx CB :)


It would be great to win.



and very helpful as well ! I do post but not as much HA!


what I could do with even $30!!!
Don't worry...I'll use it wisely!!!
Oh hurry & let me win before I leave on business!!!
I need stuff!!!