Congrats to AmazinglyGraceless for 15,000 CrackBerry Forums posts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2010 12:30 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from!

amazinglygraceless hiding in the back corner - taken at a CrackBerry NYC Meetup in Sept/2008

A site like is successful for a number of reasons, but reason #1 is our community. Sure, we have a passionate and dedicated editorial team keeping the blogs full of timely and helpful BlackBerry-related content, and our e-commerce team and affiliates deliver the best smartphone stores on the net. But at the end of the day it's our members who really make the awesome site and amazing resource that it is.

We have several members who have now cracked the mystical 10,000 posts count in the CrackBerry forums, and one member who has now taken it to the next level of passing the 15,000 posts mark. Members in the forums will know the name - amazinglygraceless. Big congrats go to amazinglygraceless (AG) on the milestone. AG has been one of our forums moderators for a while now, and upon hitting the 15k mark has decided to retire from the modding life and go back to being a regular member, where he plans to keep contributing to the community. I asked him what I could get him as a 'retirement' gift but all AG wanted was for us to run a contest in recognition of how much we appreciate the CrackBerry community! Pretty graceful there amazinglygraceless.

Contest - Win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from  As a token of our appreciate for the awesome CrackBerry community that we have here, just leave a comment to this post for your chance to win! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. Good Luck! And thanks for all the posts AG!

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Congrats to AmazinglyGraceless for 15,000 CrackBerry Forums posts!



Congratulations, AG. The post are a great milestone. IMHO, your reputation has been solidified thru your diligent effort to help keep the site a positive experience for all. You are a true friend to many on here- including myself. Thank you.

We go way back and I so appreciate you. I'd have never made it
through my first OS upgrade (or the many to follow) without you.

You are this sites voice of reason brother and I am proud to call you a friend.

amazingly gracious!


1.pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous.

2.characterized by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury.


Nice work. You have a lot of time on your hands, a lot of knowledge, or both. I am sure you helped many. Here's to another 15,000! Cheers.

Congrats on the 15K post milestone AG. You have helped countless people with their BB problems and that has not gone unnoticed.

Whoa! 15,000 posts! At an average of 2 minutes' composition time per post, that makes 30,000 minutes = 500 hours = 20.83 days composing posts to

i would love to win a giftcard! i want to buy one of the cases off of here but never have a credit card to use!

Hi, Thanks for the chance to win. I figure if I enter enough of these contests on here I am bound to win one.

It looks like everyone was having a good time. Ag was probably on crackberry at the time lol. Congrats ag!

Congrats AG! Sorry to hear your hanging up the mod job, but glad to hear your going to stick around and keep posting. 20k on the way!

now if would be nice enough and organize a meet in Canada Vancouver BC... I'd like to meet some fellow crackberry addicts here in my neighborhood.

on being the first to hit the 15,0000 post mark, enjoy your retirement. And thanks for this awesome contest, please pick me....

Grats AG...i was actually reading the 9800 .337 leak thread yesterday when someone realised that you had posted your 15000th post. I didn't realise you were anyone of significance so i was surprised to see you on the front page of CB! Once again, congratulations! Hopefully we'll see the same thing after 20,000 posts xD

Congrats on all your posts Amazinglygraceless!! It's a truly "amazing" milestone!!

Sign me up for the contest!!

AmazinglyGraceless is a true crackberrian. Congrats and keep the information rolling. See you here again at the 30,000 mark. :)

Nice one AG. Always look forward to reading your well thought and informative posts. See you around the forum.

I always enjoy AG's posts - he's direct, kind and knows what he's talking about. BTW, I thought he was a she for the longest time. Sure would like to win this contest.

Thanks for this contest guys and congratz AmazinglyGraceless for the 15K mark, keep it up man! I read some your posts, really insightful info! Once again thanks, and goodluck to all who enter the contest!

Wow 15k posts...I barely have
Congrats on the feat and for making this contest. CB Rules!
Never going to leave BB\CB...ever!

Thank for taking the time to post awesome blogs for people like me. You've done a wonderful job, hope to hear more from you in future. Th crackberry team needs more blackberry lovers like you.

15K??? That's crazy to even ponder in my position. I believe I have under 10 posts to my name. You are a god among men sipping on that crackberry nectar.

Wow! That's a lot of posts. It took me a while to just get to 200 posts. I'm still working at it though.

Congrats on your astronomical number of posts!

Hope I win some stuff for my new Torch, too!


I joined CrackBerry recently and I have to say I frequent the site at least a few times a day to keep up-to-date on the latest BB related news! Besides, the RSS is great in the BerryReader along with a million other feeds I get pushed.

Congratz!!! I Hope I win the contest to buy some Tour case cause it's not offered in our country (Philippines). Thanks!

Keep it up CB!

If he averaged taking 2 minutes to post each thread/reply, he'd have spent almost a full month of his life posting on CrackBerry.

Thank you for the contest and congratulation on your forum posts mark, I'm sure all those posts helped a lot of people =]

I can't imagine how much time that would have taken to achieve.. Congrats on the milestone and thank you for the contest!

I wish you best of luck mate!
Thanks for your great contributions to the community, which has helped me a lot while I was in panic :p

Congrats on the 15k mark. Weren't for people such as yourself, CB wouldn't be what it is right now. Thanks for the advices and contests.

Thats one heck of some dedication right there, very nice indeed, congratulations. Thanks for the contest as well. I love CB, I may be new, but I'm definitely here to stay.

And to think I "wasted" all MY time playing D&D and magic:the gathering when I could have been leaving posts. Congrats!?

All your posts put me to shame.

I really need to start making more posts in the forums hehe

Congratulations AmazinglyGraceless and long may it continue.

what a guy, we need more people like this.. and i don't mean just here, I mean in the world - selfless

Wow. That's awesome.Congrats on that milstone. It sure takes a lot of time and dedication to do this. Thanks for contrinuting so much to CB!

I wont go into detail,But I was thrust into the cyber world of on-line dating this year. I thought I was collecting Match-Box cars out there, seeking every make and model.
Im sure Santa has just hung his head in disgust if he had checked up on me at certain moments. Or Mrs Clause got it good that nite if Santa took home a few bad ideas that he may have witnessed.
So Im not even expecting coal this year. Maybe a link to a sex therapist to remind me of whats normal behavior under the covers.
A little shopping spree at Shop Crackberry would take the sting off a bare floor under my tree this Xmas morning. Not that it would remind me to change my behavior, but reward me for my kindness of bringing some holiday joy to some lonely not so innocent, single ladies.

to say thank you for being a part of my world each day. It's funny, I've thought about getting an iphone and then thought about how I would miss CB so much which actually keep me true to my BB. thanks for all of your awesomeness.

Hey that is awesome man. Congrats on being part of the biggest and BEST! crackberry support forums. I know I am a crackberry user, I love that I am a crackberry user, but dude hats are off to you on your love for all that is CB!

That's quite an accomplishment. I've seen a number of your posts. Thank you for sharing your retirement gift with all of us

Def congrats !! I have found amazing 'based on posts/comments' to be a real BB fan but never quite falling in to the 'fanboy' category, especially after the what makes a smart phone a smart phone thread...

Thanks AmazingGraceless for your contributions and this contest. I don't want to win for any selfish reasons but to only make my Crackberry faster or a possible case for mine, since I can't find one!


The easy thing for me to say is that given our professions, no matter what happens and no matter the miles between us we will always be brothers. And that is true. We are linked by that.

The reality is, my respect for you and my appreciation of your friendship is why we are brothers. You are an awesome young man. Somewhere down the line I fully expect to address you as CHIEF.

I just don't have that much to talk about. I think I have very few posts myself, but I do point everyone w/ a BB to this site.

Congrats from a long time board lurker and a new time poster. It definitely takes members to build a community full of help. I look forward to using your posts of advice in the future with all my Blackberries.