Congrats to AmazinglyGraceless for 15,000 CrackBerry Forums posts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2010 12:30 pm EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from!

amazinglygraceless hiding in the back corner - taken at a CrackBerry NYC Meetup in Sept/2008

A site like is successful for a number of reasons, but reason #1 is our community. Sure, we have a passionate and dedicated editorial team keeping the blogs full of timely and helpful BlackBerry-related content, and our e-commerce team and affiliates deliver the best smartphone stores on the net. But at the end of the day it's our members who really make the awesome site and amazing resource that it is.

We have several members who have now cracked the mystical 10,000 posts count in the CrackBerry forums, and one member who has now taken it to the next level of passing the 15,000 posts mark. Members in the forums will know the name - amazinglygraceless. Big congrats go to amazinglygraceless (AG) on the milestone. AG has been one of our forums moderators for a while now, and upon hitting the 15k mark has decided to retire from the modding life and go back to being a regular member, where he plans to keep contributing to the community. I asked him what I could get him as a 'retirement' gift but all AG wanted was for us to run a contest in recognition of how much we appreciate the CrackBerry community! Pretty graceful there amazinglygraceless.

Contest - Win 1 of 5 $30 gift certificates for BlackBerry accessories from  As a token of our appreciate for the awesome CrackBerry community that we have here, just leave a comment to this post for your chance to win! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. Good Luck! And thanks for all the posts AG!

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Congrats to AmazinglyGraceless for 15,000 CrackBerry Forums posts!



AG was actually the 1st person to help me when I joined CB with my very first bb...he made a ringtone for me and step by step assissted me to get it on my bb ! Congrats AG !

15k is quite the feat... Congrats to AG, one of the most helpful people on the forum. He's a no BS kinda guy tho...

AG is the coolest mod hands down...15K?! Wow!.... Thank you AG for all of your contributions to the CB comunity....

clearly a lot of your life has been spent / wasted on the forums!!

think of how much call of duty you could have played in that time! ;)

im sure you have helped thousands of people over the years!
good job

I look at that pic and say: Are you guys all f-ing're holding your berry right over a glass full of beer......

I want to know how many dropped their berries in that evening......

Oh and I would love to win too!

15,000 posts...months of free time
Celebrating and drinking with fees and tips
Balling Blackberry... $50 a month
Busting your buddy with white socks and black shoes to thousands...priceless


that's a lot of posts! Congrats on the retirement, AG! And thanks for giving us a chance to win a giftcertificate!
And, yeah, I've seen AG's name in the forums :)

Amazing amount of time and dedication to the cause! Thanks for all you've done to keep the forums flowing smooth! 15k posts! You, my friend, should seek therapy!!! Hope the withdrawls don't hurt too bad!

crackberry posts are the best. i loved the book as well. i answered yes to 23 out of the 27 questions.

wow... 15k posts?! That sir, is insane. How many keyboards do you have to go through to type that many posts out?

to see something like that is crazy i am always on the cb that's for sure but i can't even think that i would even get that high in the posts count! that's crazy... well congrats to him and gl to all

Thanks for all the kind words and good luck to all of you. I hope those who win get something good.

Also, I know this is a contest and by posting I am entered. If I am randomly selected I ask it be thrown out and go to someone else.

it's me,"the brother". all the bestest - catch u round the forums! please enter me in the contest - could really pick up a sweet torch accessory. many thanks CBK & AG!

15,000 posts. That's a lot of "what size SD card is supported by my Blackberry" responses.

Congrats on your many posts and help AG. I'd like to win something from this so thanks for another contest Crackberry.

A respectful 15k posts it has been. You haven't raped sub forums like some *cough Rootbrian* to get where you're at. For that, I thank you.

Now lets hope I win one of these things! :D

I've had a BB for a few years now and have been a member of Crackberry and avid peruser ever since. The themes are great. It's the very reason I just bought a Torch a month ago. I get all kinds of tips, reviews, and up to date info. I love the community that has been created and continues to flourish. I don't mind at all that my friends call me a Crackberry Queen. :-) Good luck in all your endeavors!!

Good job AmazinglyGraceless. And thank-you for the accomplishment, because we all know Kevin just needed to find an excuse to have a contest ahah

Since it is November, and Thanksgiving is coming up I thought I would share this... I am thankful, not only for the woman I love and my family, but for for keeping our stress from mobile devices to a bear minimum. We hardly ever have troubles, and if we do we can always find the answers on the forums.. Thanks CB!

Best of luck to everyone.

Holy crap that is a lot of posts!!!! Congrats dude, but seriously, you must not do anything but hang out on the forums ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!

All the Blackberry's that I have owned would not have been used to their fullest extent without people like amazinglygraceless and the Crackberry Forum. I thank you.

Also, Thanks for the chance to enter the contest.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. XD

It's funny that just yesterday I was wondering what your "new, awesome" title would be.

That was a very good night. Got to meet MsMari (always first :) ) Kevin (the man himself), Adam, Duvi, cutdachecke2003, AshantiBlack (who I thought was female) podcast Craig and so many other great folks.

This has been a hell of a ride. Now on to chapter 2.

Wow!!!!! I will use this for sure. thanks for letting us have a chance to win one of these great gift certificates.

15K??!??! Thats a lot of typing. I love my BB even more because of dedicated people like AG and this website. Congrats and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to AmazinglyGraceless on your 15,000 posts and your mod retirement. This is a well deserved recognition.

Way to go AG!! And what better way to celebrate than to hold a fabulous Crackberry contest!! I have many items on my list and $$ off in the CB store would certainly help! Thanks :)

I remember a couple of years ago working in tandem with Ken trying to help a member recover his BB after an upgrade gone bad. It was a blast and I learned a lot about patience from him that night. I'm sure we are all going to miss AG in his moderator hat.

I remember that too. We got the user there and I learned as
much from you as you feel you did from me. You are truly one of the people here I respect the most.

Keep riding the storm out brother. I got to get there one day.
Dying to see the horses.

With 15,000+ messages posted, I guess this HAS been your day job!!!

Good going, and thanks!

congrats ag and ty for being thoughtful to the crackberry community. with great blackberry members like you

congrats ag and ty for being thoughtful to the crackberry community. with great blackberry members like you

Thank you CB and AG!!! Everything I know about BB's are attributed to this awesome site and all the helpful people in the forums. Woooohooo!!!

Congrats again amazinglygraceles!!! It's members like this who truly make this community awesome!!! Cheers.

I've definitely benefited from AG's posts! Thanks for everything you've contributed thus far, look forward to your future posts!

Lol, if I win this I'm gonna print the certificate out and mail it to AG to sign, then frame it :D
(since it's an E-certificate I can use it too ;))

I want to win. This would be GREAT! I love Anytime I need to know anything about my BB this is the place I come. :)

AG probably has one of the highest utility ratios, too. Always with quality. 15k posts is impressive to a degree, but when most of them are of actual value, and not fluff, THAT's special. Well done, sir.

... and congrats to him for stickin with rim probably for a long time. And i'm sure even longer when qnx drop...
+note- if i somehow win, would like to donate my voucher to him, cause i know he'll put it to good use!! i got all that i need, from them accessories....
Thanks CB-

I'm "Amazingly Shameless" because i'm posting just for the contest for $30 to the ShopCrackberry store. :-) Couple apps i'm too cheap to buy outright.

Never seen them online, but that's because I spend all my time in the Storm 2 forums. Happy retirement, bud!

15k is amazing. And being a moderator means most were probably helpful not just a post increase. I hope this great community continues thriving.

Hey guys!! I really, really would like to win this, since my BB Tour isn't getting the BB 6 =( but I would love some new accessories. It would be a great asset until I upgrade to a Bold 9650

I thought he was a girl so his humor came out as rude. Lol. I didn't like 'her'.
Haha. Then I found out she was a he so he suddenly became funny. :P

Hey AG, I just wanna say thanks for always taking the time to lend a hand. yeah, it's a job and someone has to do it, but you did it well and as a member of CB it was greatly appreciated. Even more so knowing that you still aren't far (yay!)
I can't believe they didn't at least give you masking tape to hide all the holes in your walls from you banging your head against it as you got yet another post that was already answered 50 times (30 times by you! LOL)
Congrats again and happy retirement!

Congratz AG that's a lot of post's thank you for being such a great member and for being so graceful :P instead of taking something for you you are giving it to 5 lucky people :), thanks you are a role model member :)

15K is a lot!!!! contributions over the years in that abmout shows true dedication! The next Mod has big shoes to fill!!!