FaceFlow coming to BlackBerry 10 in Q1

By James Richardson on 24 Nov 2012 10:18 am EST

I will admit I haven't used FaceFlow on any other platform before, but if you head on over to their website it clearly says on the homepage that FaceFlow will be coming to BlackBerry 10 in early 2013.

FaceFlow would appear to be not too dissimilar to Skype in the fact that you can instant message, voice chat, video chat and group video chat -- all for free. Already available for Android and iPhone, the application also supports a selection of browsers meaning you can use it at home on your PC/Mac as well as when mobile.

To spice things up I have just tested it from the browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it does sort of work but I had some pretty bad feedback and audio issues. That may just have been me and DJ testing it from an non official supported browser but at least with a proper native application that is built for BlackBerry those issues will be fixed.

It's yet another great sign that developers are talking the launch of BlackBerry 10 seriously and as I have stated before I think by the time Q1 comes around the app selection for BB10 will be quite surprising.

If you fancy signing up for FaceFlow now you can do so here.

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FaceFlow coming to BlackBerry 10 in Q1


I cant wait to use this app with my BB10 L-series phone :)


Just checked the Google Play store, as well as the FaceFlow website. It is NOT currently available for Android (it's "coming soon") as an app. It appears the same is true for iPhone. I assume it works via browser, but I wanted to see if the apps were available. Perhaps its available in the US but not Canada?

I too would rather use Skype just because of how universal it is but if FaceFlow is first to market on BlackBerry 10, then I will switch people over to it.

I'm happy to boycott Skype and Microsoft completely if they don't come on board with BB10. I will not re-join Netflix until they join the RIMpire either. Lots of alternatives.

Good question. Skype had the idea that they would make money off of SkypeOut, which didn't really work for them, as most people used the free service. They did better as an acquisition target, having been bought and sold a couple of times before going public, then sold again...

I hope RIM isn't banking on FaceFlow to be the sole video chat for BB10. They still need to have their own system, like BBM that everyone can rely upon as always being there.

I am very interested in this app once it is released as a true cross-platform messenger/VOIP option. I have Skype, but competition is good.

As an editor's note, you want "taking" versus "talking" in the fourth paragraph.

We all want Skype to be available for BB10 but if Skype isn't going to make their app available, so be it. I'm not begging for it; Skype should be begging for us to use their app, not pushing us to other applications. FeceFlow will be a good alternative, thank you to the developer.

FaceFlow is interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this product from now on. As much as I would like to see Skype on BB10, I'm not optimistic about Microsoft porting it. BlackBerry seems to be their competition for 3rd place, and Skype could be a strong selling point for them.

I personally don't like the name "faceflow", it sounds stupid to me. Idk, maybe once I I try it it'll resound to me why they called it that, but we'll see.

I'm not a video chat kind of guy but it makes complete sense to have a cross platform option.

A while back I said I'd like rim to include such a feature natively but I'd be happy with this option if it performed well.

I noticed at the bottom of the page when you log in on a web browser it says "(Note: If you are using a Playbook - headphones are strongly suggested at the moment)"

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for the news post and the comments. I'm the founder of FaceFlow and I have a couple of points to make.

Sorry about the audio issues you had with your Playbook using the FaceFlow's web application - we didn't have the Playbook in mind when first creating our website, so it may not be optimal yet, but we're working (right now) on a BB10 app that will be available for BB10 devices (Playbook included). The quality will be much better on those apps.

We will be releasing our mobile apps on Blackberry, iOS and Android all in Q1. We will also release our downloadable desktop application in Q1. Right now, FaceFlow is only available on the Web. We want our users to have a lot of options to decide where they want to use FaceFlow from. No limitation.

As for how we'll make money to survive - it will most likely be eventual premium membership, targeted mostly to our web and desktop users (paid features such as more than 4 people in the video conference, landline calling etc.) We also have some ads on our website.

Thanks a lot guys. Our team's working very hard on this to make sure we release something you will really like on your brand new BB10 phone :)


Signed up about a month ago with Faceflow and I have been quite satisfied with the service even on the playbook (earphones do help but bearable without). I think you have hit a sweet spot as to providing competition to Skype. Microsoft's attitude has been grating and it is nice to see a startup give them a real kick in the ass. If they don't get there act together, the competition will blow on by. Keep it up.

Thanks for jumping in to the discussion and for bringing this to BlackBerry. I'm looking forward to trying Faceflow out on my new BlackBerry Bold Touch in Feb!
From my BB10 ready BlackBerry Playbook :)

Thanks for making your app for BB 10. It sounds as though it will be native, which is even better!
I hope you make lots of money on BB!

Hello Dany,

Just wanted to take this time to thank you for coming over to the forms and posting. It really does say a lot about a company and it's people. Also wanted to thank you for supporting BlackBerry 10. I have just singed up for an account, and I have used all the social media outlets to get the word out.

Thank you again!

BB10 FTW!!!

Thanks for posting here on CB Dany. I've been checking out the faceflow info and it looks like a great setup across different platforms so I'll definitely be signing up. I'll also help to get the word out to my friends. Looking forward to giving it a test on my new BB10..

Say that to Microsoft, not RIM or CrackBerry! I can't hear it anymore. Everywhere on the web people are crying for Skype and act like if this lies in RIMs hands. I'm absolutely confident that Microsoft is forbidding BlackBerry support of Skype.

Question for all who keep asking about Skype--why? You can't do group chat with Skype. Is it just because it has a name? Isn't it more important that it do what you need it to do? Check out all the video chat apps, then ask for what you think is the best one.

Of course you are able to group chat with skype.

I have hundreds of profissional contacts on my skype account. Use skype every day.

Good stuff here I really like how the developer is focused on BlackBerry10. Too many times BlackBerry is last in line but not this time. BlackBerry10 looks amazing and it seems like the tides are turning as we speak!!

I also like how the developer is active with the end user. Its nice to know that there will be support there if need be.This isnt true for other Developers.

Love it, I've said all along that someone needs to produce a skype alternative. I use skype and like it for what it is but its not like its feature rich. to me its simply a video chat that LOTS of people use. Remember BBM used to be the one and only, Now Whats app is far larger. If MS wants to withhold skype becaues they fear BB10, the same can happen to them.

PS, Nobody has ever been able to provide me with a good reason that skype was worth 9 Billion dollars. Seriously poor deployment of cash. Smacks of MS long standing desperation to follow everyone into other markets. I cant support that.

The only reason I have is because of their Lync application. They want to tie the 2 together and make it both for Enterprise (In house) and for Mainstream. That way they can offer FULL IP phone service for the enterprise, small business or home user through 1 application/or server setup. I believe 9 billion was a bit much for it, but it is what it is, and Microsoft has money to burn LOL! I believe long term this is what they are looking for. Who know there could be way more uses for it.

However this is about Faceflow now:) I actually really like the web interface for now!

Fresh new apps are always welcome and it's even better if someone from the dev team / company actually takes their time to reply on items like this. Hoaah, will definitely check it out when it lands.

I just dont understand why BB doesnt go to the next step with BBM and make it a Skype type of app. I understand that BBM is only used among BB users and a Skype type of app will allow owners of different phones to be in contact. But I would think a video type of BBM would be nice.

This is were FaceFlow comes in. Cross Platform and no not an Android port. From what I understand it will have the clean bbm look. The developers plan to showcase a video of current development soon. They seem excited so I'm expecting something pretty sweet.

I honestly see no reason for BB10 to NOT have videochat natively baked in. I doubt they would have spent effort to develop a videochat into the Playbook and then throw it away. Secondly, if the new BBM voice chat is any indication, video is in the works.
Rooting for FaceFlow though, loving the developer support for BB10.

Luckily, I'm not dependent on the Skype (I only use it with my family and some friends, so they can skip to other program on my demand). I can say I'm very glad about this new service, I like that the system is very open. I'll be looking forward for the improvement of the service and it's quality. Besides, guys seem to be clever : they take the clients where they can have them a lot and at once, so that it can give them a real acceleration....


Thanks for chiming in here on CB. I am glad your team are actively working on a BB10 native app.

Let's embrace this software package. I like the name Faceflow, this is sounding like it will be BBM integrated, cross-platform and BBM integration? What skype what :D

I'm glad to finally see a cross-platform video chat app 'coming soon'. It's been a long embarrassing wait since launch data..
Finally bb10 will be universal across all platforms so in theory killerapps like skype that were already on your/my bb will also be on ur/my pb

Great stuff! I use Skype less than 5 times a year, I've had credit on there for close to 8 years unused, if I had it on my PlayBook I would definitely use it a lot more. This already has plans to go cross platform, so most definitely it will be a hit! All the best Dany, we look forward to it!

Why, why, why can't BlackBerry use an already popular, already tried and tested app like Skype?!!!! Why do us BB users always have to settle for something that is LIKE a successful application? If RIM would start answering these kind of questions and more importantly, start doing something about this short fall, then BB would not find itself so far behind.

BlackBerry doesn't make the skype app and microsoft bought skype out. Now we have a brand new bb10 application. Forget skyep. Microsoft won't make it, BlackBerry can't develop it because they didn't make it in the first place.

I just signed up and tried FaceFlow on my laptop, i do not like the fact when i'm on it anybody can contact me, I could not find setting for friends or contacts only, I liked what i saw except i cant control who can contact me

You may want to reword your post about the availability of FaceFlow to BB10, iPhones, and Android, James. My understanding is that FaceFlow app is being developed for BB10 first, then it will be ported over to iPhone and Android after its initial release on BB10.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

People switch devices and use various platforms (BB, iPad, PC) simultaneously.

A BB-centric system like FaceFlow will never be successful, even if it can be used on Android or IPhone. People want to be reached and want to be able to call from wifi to land lines, mobile devices, computers etc. independent of the device they and the others use. For the time being, Skype is the most widely cross-platform system used and this is unlikely to change any time soon.

All of the BB users I know have switched to iPhones or Androids - and no one is regretting it. When my bb 9900 broke down, I got fed up with the complicated and lengthy procedures (activation passwords etc.) that I bought an iPhone 5, entered my Outlook Passwords and was operative within 2 minutes.

The days of proprietary, complicated systems are over. If I were to ever go back to a bb, then only if it offers a seamless integration with other platforms in all areas, including skype,

I just try the service between my PB and my PC, it's works nice, is good to know we gonna have alternatives to Skype if Microsoft never release the app for BB-Platform

How about instead on relying on Skype or Face-Flow at all, rim makes BBM Live or BBM Face, or BBM Video, or whatever... Anyways my point is theres BBM almost like texting, theres BBM talk i think thats the name but its basically calling over wi-fi(AMAZING!!), so I'm guessing in a couple months there will be a BBM video chat feature, let us all proceed to cross our fingers toes ears hair legs arms and what ever part of your body can be crossed