Confirmed BlackBerry Addicts: Madonna and Guy Ritchie

By James Falconer on 3 Apr 2008 12:57 pm EDT
Madonna Loves Her BlackBerryMadonna recently revealed that she can't stand being without her BlackBerry. She even sleeps with it under her pillow (her husband Guy Ritchie does too).

They often wake up at night and take down notes on their berry's:

“We lie right next to each other with our BlackBerrys under our pillows. It’s not unromantic. It’s practical. I’m sure loads of couples have their BlackBerrys in bed with them.I have to sleep with my BlackBerry because I often wake up in the middle of the night and remember that I’ve forgotten something, so I jump up and make notes.”

Looks like Guy is a bit of a BrickBreaker addict as well. Notes Madonna: 

“Guy’s always waiting for me to come to bed, so he plays Brick on his Blackberry until I’m ready.”

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Confirmed BlackBerry Addicts: Madonna and Guy Ritchie


Ha ha ha. Of each of the many BB blogs I visited daily and read pretty much the same content, it's yours that usually pins it the best (along with terrific photos). Thanks for the good blogging work!

Yup, stellar image James! And thanks for the kind words on the blogs bb dude... we try our best (don't always succeed!) but we try :-)

Madonna is on one of my favorite artist and she and her husband are blackberry users i read the article yesterday this is so cool.

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