Conference Calling on Your BlackBerry

By Kevin Hill on 27 Mar 2007 05:03 pm EDT

threewayGeek Sugar brought this up and there is something about this site we just love. Is it all that girly pink or is it that wicked graphic we like so much? Whatever, it seems the girls at Geek Sugar know a bit about their BlackBerries.

Today, they described their joy at finding out you can do threeway conference calling with a BlackBerry. It is quite simple, although not quite as simple as they describe it.

To make a three way or conference call, click on the Phone icon.

  • Click the trackwheel and select ‘New Call.’
  • Highlight the desired contact, click the trackwheel, and select ‘Call.’
  • While the first contact is highlighted, click the trackwheel and select ‘Hold.’
  • Click the trackwheel and select New Call.
  • Select a second contact, click the trackwheel, and select ‘Call’ again.
  • After you are connected to the second call, click the trackwheel and select ‘Join.’ The screen should now show that you are on a conference call with the two recipients.

You can even add additional recipients to the conference by repeating the last three steps.

And while you on a call you can click the space bar which will bring up your recently called numbers and you can either click between the two calls or get them to join. Paris can now yak to Lindsay and Nikki at the same time and say absolutely nothing of consequence to both of them.


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