Conan O'Brien has a little fun with The "iDea"

By Michelle Haag on 21 Apr 2011 02:19 pm EDT

We saw Conan use a BlackBerry Torch to tweet during his show back in December of 2010, and last night he mentioned the BlackBerry PlayBook during his opening monologue. He didn't seem to spend much time on the new tablet from RIM, but he did have an amusing iDea for the next offering from Apple. Watch the video above to see what Conan predicts for the competition. Thanks to 2001bmw330xi for posting this in the forums

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Conan O'Brien has a little fun with The "iDea"


Whaaaaaaaaaat? PFFFF apple is like 50x worse than microsoft. Apple has the most proprietary and restricted products ever created in the history of human kind. They only slipped one with the iphone, but the rest is just more expensive, overrated and restricted regular stuff.

Yes, This sums up why some apple fanatics rub some of us the wrong way. Don't get me wrong I have lots of friends with apple stuff tand they are just great. But the fan boys that come on here (a blackberry site) and write negative stuff. It seems that the whole point is just to own an apple product that's it.

This clip really nails them.

And @ bbaleno, even worse, Apple is the new AOL (ring fencing the internet thru apps and making you pay for it.)

Great clip coco

1. What do you call a dea with no iiii's?

No idea .....

2. What do you call a dea with no iiii's and no legs?

Still no idea .....

3. What do you call a dea with no iiii's, no legs and no genitals?

Still no effin idea!