Complete list of gamepad compatible games for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2014 03:53 pm EDT

Back in January BlackBerry started listing which games included gamepad support on BlackBerry World but when it launched, that list was a little bit sparse as they were still orgnaizing it all. Now though, the list has been updated quite a bit and includes over 30 games across the various BlackBerry 10 devices available. If you're looking for the full list, you can check it out below.

Now that any Unity developer can port their 2D and 3D games to BlackBerry 10 for free, there’s certainly going to be more games added to the list as time goes on. If you're looking for a list of supported controllers for BlackBerry 10, we got you covered there as well.

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Complete list of gamepad compatible games for BlackBerry 10


How many people did you email with the link to this post that shows you posting first.

Your friends in kindergarten class just be impressed with you.

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Man these grumps are getting annoying. Leave the firsters alone! Leave 'em ALONE!!! (Chris crocker voice)

I hated the first comments but when they incorporate the "firsts" in a witty line. Is hilarious a la Reddit

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Modern Combat 4 does not support gamepads, it says it does but it doesn't, I've tried with both my Moga Pro controller and my Steel Series controller.

+1 to this. I even emailed Gameloft support and they claimed I had to 'hold tight', that supposedly an update was coming soon. That ended up being an update for Minion Rush, however.

Still awaiting some manner of update for MC4 to implement gamepad support...

This and the Namco releases (Pacman and R-type) are all I would want controllers for. I regularly enjoy playing video from my Z10 onto my TV, gaming on the TV would be the next step.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Any HID controller *would* work however BlackBerry recommends the Moga Pro controller, the SteelSeries controller and the wii-mote.

Kinda makes me wanna buy full touch screen blackberry. Q10 prolly isn't the best gaming.

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But you cannot even buy all these game on a Q10 to play on the big screen. That's so terrible, to be honest!

With game pads in the mix, it would be cool if games went on wide-screen mode when connected through Hdmi on Q10 (much like the native video, picture, BlackBerry Express and PPT presentations do).
That would really be awesome.

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I just made the statement, but have no idea if it's even technically possible.

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Not any of the games I've downloaded on my Q10SQN100-1/
Which ones are you referring to that actually do this?

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I've tested the gamepad with the PlayBook. Never worked for me. Just bb10 devices so far work.


I can not imagine why would anyone buy a controler for a phone... shoot me yet i still fail to imagine this :)

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you can plug your phone into a TV via HDMI & it becomes a video gaming system. Try it.

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For those still playing Flippy 3D (for those sick of the clones - I apologize), I do have a neat surprise coming. :)

Not only does it have Gamepad support (above). But I've been working tirelessly on a Scoreloop + ranked version with lots of help from blackberry and Unity.

One last bug before it goes out for release. So hold tight - its about to get even better on Service Pack 7. Ooo yeah

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Reaper would be nice with a controller like this.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Alpha Zero is missing on the list somehow but it fully supports dual stick controllers for an awesome shoot-em up game.

FYI... The game listed on "Gamepad Compatible" seccion on blackberry world "Modern Combat" does NOT work with the MOGA Gamepad

I'm currently updating (as we speak) my latest game 'Animal Battle' to support the game controllers. It's going to be awesome on TV with 2 controllers, it will be like a console game :)

I think BlackBerry 10 can't support 2 bluetooth game controllers at the same time, isn't it? Or do you mean a bluetooth one and a USB one?

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No, it does support 2 Bluetooth controllers at the same time. I am using a SteelSeries Free and a MogaPad for my 2 players mode. I guess, you must confuse with keyboards...

Please add Animal Battle: to the list. It does even support 2 game controllers. Connect it to your TV and you have a BB10 console :)
It also work on Playbook with a SteelSeries Free (put it in arcade mode).