Complete list of country flags for BBM on BlackBerry, Android and iOS

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2013 10:23 am EDT

Years back BlackBerry introduced the use of country flags in BBM. They are simple codes that let you put any of the supported country flags to use in BBM - either in your status (tap your name in the top of the main window to edit) or any chat. The codes work across the board in BBM on BlackBerry, Android or iOS so no one has to miss out on this fun feature. It's nothing too crazy, but it does add a bit of style to your BBM.

To use the codes, you simply enter the corresponding country code followed by a space, then the text is automagically converted to a cute little BBMicized country flag that looks something like this:

Using the country flags just adds a bit of personality and fun to BBM, so if you're looking to spice things up, here's the full list of supported country flags in BBM.

Afghanistan *AF* Liechtenstein *LI*
Albania *AL* Lithuania *LT*
Algeria *DZ* Luxembourg *LU*
American Samoa *AS* Macao *MO*
Andorra *AD* Madagascar *MG*
Angola *AO* Malawi *MW*
Anguilla *AI* Malaysia *MY*
Antigua and Barbuda *AG* Maldives *MV*
Argentina *AR* Mali *ML*
Armenia *AM* Malta *MT*
Aruba *AW* Marshall Islands *MH*
Australia *AU* Mauritania *MR*
Austria *AT* Mauritius *MU*
Azerbaijan *AZ* Mexico *MX*
Bahamas *BS* Monaco *MC*
Bahrain *BH* Mongolia *MN*
Bangladesh *BD* Montenegro *ME*
Barbados *BB* Montserrat *MS*
Belarus *BY* Morocco *MA*
Belgium *BE* Mozambique *MZ*
Belize *BZ* Myanmar *MM*
Benin *BJ* Namibia *NA*
Bermuda *BM* Nauru *NR*
Bhutan *BT* Nepal *NP*
Bolivia *BO* Netherlands *NL*
Bosnia and Herzegovina *BA* Netherlands Antilles *AN*
Botswana *BW* New Caledonia *NC*
Brazil *BR* New Zealand *NZ*
British Virgin Islands *VG* Nicaragua *NI*
Brunei Darussalam *BN* Niger *NE*
Bulgaria *BG* Nigeria *NG*
Burkina Faso *BF* Niue *NU*
Burundi *BI* Northern Mariana Islands *MP*
Cambodia *KH* Norway *NO*
Cameroon *CM* Oman *OM*
Canada *CA* Pakistan *PK*
Cape Verde *CV* Palau *PW*
Cayman Islands *KY* Palestine *PS*
Central African Republic *CF* Panama *PA*
Chad *TD* Papua New Guinea *PG*
Chile *CL* Paraguay *PY*
Colombia *CO* People’s Republic of China *CN*
Comoros *KM* Peru *PE*
Congo *CG* Phillipines *PH*
Cook Islands *CK* Poland *PL*
Costa Rica *CR* Portugal *PT*
Croatia *HR* Puerto Rico *PR*
Cuba *CU* Qatar *QA*
Cyprus *CY* Taiwan *TW*
Czech Republic *CZ* Republic of Moldova *MD*
North Korea *KP* Reunion *RE*
Democratic Republic of the Congo *CD* Romania *RO*
Denmark *DK* Russian Federation *RU*
Djibouti *DJ* Rwanda *RW*
Dominica *DM* Saint Kitts and Nevis *KN*
Dominican Republic *DO* Saint Lucia *LC*
Ecuador *EC* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines *VC*
Egypt *EG* Samoa *WS*
El Salvador *SV* San Marino *SM*
England *ENG* Sao Tome and Principe *ST*
Equatorial Guinea *GQ* Saudi Arabia *SA*
Eritrea *ER* Scotland *SCT*
Estonia *EE* Senegal *SN*
Ethiopia *ET* Serbia *RS*
Falkland Islands *FK* Seychelles *SC*
Faroe Islands *FO* Sierra Leone *SL*
Federated States of Micronesia *FM* Singapore *SG*
Fiji *FJ* Slovakia *SK*
Finland *FI* Slovenia *SI*
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia *MK* Solomon Island *SB*
France *FR* Somalia *SO*
French Antilles *FR-AN* South Africa *ZA*
French Guiana *GF* South Korea *KR*
French Polynesia *PF* South Sudan *SS*
Gabon *GA* Spain *ES*
Gambia *GM* Sri Lanka *LK*
Georgia *GE* St. Pierre and Miquelon *PM*
Germany *DE* Sudan *SD*
Ghana *GH* Suriname *SR*
Gilbratar *GI* Swaziland *SZ*
Great Britain *UK* Sweden *SE*
Greece *GR* Switzerland *CH*
Greenland *GL* Switzerland *CH*
Grenada *GD* Syrian Arab Republic *SY*
Guam *GU* Tajikistan *TJ*
Guatemala *GT* Thailand *TH*
Guinea *GN* Timor-Leste *TL*
Guinea Bissau *GW* Togo *TG*
Guyana *GY* Tokelau *TK*
Haiti *HT* Tonga *TO*
Honduras *HN* Trinidad and Tobago *TT*
Hong Kong *HK* Tunisia *TN*
Hungary *HU* Turkey *TR*
Iceland *IS* Turkmenistan *TM*
India *IN* Turkmenistan *TM*
Indonesia *ID* Turks and Caicos Islands *TC*
Iraq *IQ* Tuvalu *TV*
Ireland *IE* Uganda *UG*
Islamic Republic of Iran *IR* Ukraine *UA*
Israel *IL* United Arab Emirates *AE*
Italy *IT* United Arab Emirates *AE*
Ivory Coast *CI* United Republic of Tanzania *TZ*
Jamaica *JM* United States of America *US*
Japan *JP* Uruguay *UY*
Jordan *JO* US Virgin Islands *VI*
Kazakhstan *KZ* Uzbekistan *UZ*
Kenya *KE* Vanuatu *VU*
Kiribati *KI* Vatican City State *VA*
Kosovo *KS* Venezuala *VE*
Kuwait *KW* Vietnam *VN*
Kyrgyzstan *KG* Wales *WLS*
Lao People’s Democratic Republic *LA* Wallis and Futuna *WF*
Latvia *LV* Western Sahara *EH*
Lebanon *LB* Yemen *YE*
Lesotho *LS* Zambia *ZM*
Liberia *LR* Zimbabwe *ZW*
Libya *LY*  


Have more country codes that aren't listed here? Let us know in the comments!!

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Complete list of country flags for BBM on BlackBerry, Android and iOS


That one's a secret! 

You'll have to copy it from someone who has it already - either via BBM or email. Check the forums.

I set autotext "bbb" for that symbol, since they have "bb" turn into "BlackBerry" on BB10.

That's as easy as it can get so far, and you have to do it manyally (copy the symble and pasty into the next autotext entry).

is that a black background BB symbol or is it just highlighed? I have it, but its white on my name....

It only shows up like that on an iOS or Android phone. Its like a bootleg version of the original  logo.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

i want the bb logo in black and that too with all the dots... don't want a bb logo looking like a black windows logo... :-)

It is virtually impossible to copy I had to get someone running an old BB to send it over to me - crazy! Then again I'm running BBM on Android so maybe it's harder to copy for that reason.

i want the bb logo in black and that too with all the dots... don't want a bb logo looking like a black windows logo... :-)

There's no short-code for the BB icon, it is an actual pic. Sorry.

U'd have to copy and paste it from somebody who already has it. (I can send it to ya pin:24E06C0D)

Posted via CB10

On OS 10 copy this logo  then go to System Settings-->
Language and Input-->
Prediction and Correction-->
Word Substitution -->
+Add Shortcut-->
paste  into the first text box-->
enter "bbb" in the second text box-->
click Save

Voilà, from now on, every time you type bbb you will get 

Posted via CB10

Anyone notice that on ios at least the flag dose not display in the notification pop up.

Posted via CB10

Wales is a country. It just happens to be part of the UK. Scotland an England are also both countries. Northern Ireland, however, isn't.
On a related note: I'd love to see an Ulster flag.

Posted via CB10

This is not exclusive for the BBM. I have used it since my first days with the Curve 3G in the Contacts. Each name in my Contacts List bear the flag of his/her country. A very nice little thing, indeed. Adorns your BB very "exclusively"

Quick....copy and paste that list into a broadcast message and send it to all your

Yes I know you can't. Humor.

Sent from my newly made awesome White Z10

There's an isle of woman only. Sorry. Island of man is so sexist. Yes yes. I do know it exists. Still sexist hah!

Only a fool thinks they know me.

It's great that they have a bunch of flags but how about adding more emoticons. They only have 2 pages, which to me isn't enough.

Posted via CB10

You'll find a lot more if you search hard enough for the emoticon codes. I miss the days of being able to add as needed into auto text.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I guess I am slow. How and where does one add this? Do you do it for each message or if entered how does it show up? Sorry but this is typical, half the info is posted necessary to understand this. Anyone new or not familiar with BlackBerry stuff is sort of left in the dark. I am sure it is very obvious once you know but I have no clue how this works based upon the article or follow up Posts. Don't want to come across grumpy but merely want to point out sometimes the obvious isn't to everyone.

Posted via CB10

Generally tend to add it to where your bbm status message would be. It then shows up for all the time

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I put it next to my name so on my BBM it is: Matt *US*

Just click on your name/picture from any screen where it's at the very top and you can edit picture, name, status, and "what's on your mind".

My BlackBerry symbol shows up as this  but on iOS I looks like what Adams got. I want it to look like Adams

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Got the BB symbol on my Z30!!! My phone is now complete! lol :) For anyone who want it, just copy/paste this: [  ] . I know it looks like square brackets with white in between, but as soon as this shows up on a BB device, it changes to the Blackberry symbol (you'll have to remove the brackets though). :)

Your list is incomplete. South Africa and Nigeria aren't listed. And those are just the once I noticed.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

The flag code seems to be following the ICANN TLD codes, that is.. (australia), (china)

Posted via CB10

These need to be integrated into the user interface and not buried as a secret capability / trick. I hope the days of 'tricks' are long gone. The OS should be straight forward and easy to use with no tricks or workarounds necessary.

Posted via CB10

To be honest, it kinda looks like a black and white windows logo. The amount of dots is incorrect. Not in a rush to add it. But that's my opinion.

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Would it not be more useful to show the OS symbol and then the country flag. You would then know the device OS and where from? Example if the above pictured device is android, then android symbol with country and as well the OS symbol should be auto embedded based on device OS. Maybe someone has already mentioned this.

*AD* *AE* *AF* *AG* *AI* *AL* *AM* *AN* *AO* *AR* *AT* *AU* *AW* *AZ* *BA* *BB* *BD* *BE* *BF* *BG* *BH* *BI* *BJ* *BM* *BN* *BO* *BR* *BS* *BT* *BW* *BY* *BZ* *CA* *CD* *CF* *CG* *CH* *CI* *CK* *CL* *CM* *CN* *CO* *CR* *CS* *CU* *CV* *CY* *CZ* *DE* *DJ* *DK* *DM* *DO* *DZ* *EC* *EE* *EG* *ES* *ET* *FI* *FJ* *FK* *FM* *FO* *FR* *GA* *GD* *GE* *GH* *GI* *GL* *GM* *GN* *GQ* *GR* *GT* *GW* *GY* *HK* *HN* *HR* *HT* *HU* *ID* *IE* *IL* *IN* *IQ* *IR* *IS* *IT* *JM* *JO* *JP* *KE* *KG* *KH* *KI* *KM* *KN* *KP* *KR* *KW* *KY* *KZ* *LA* *LB* *LC* *LI* *LK* *LR* *LS* *LT* *LU* *LV* *LY* *MA* *MC* *MD* *MG* *MK* *ML* *MM* *MN* *MO* *MR* *MS* *MT* *MU* *MV* *MW* *MX* *MY* *MZ* *NA* *NC* *NE* *NG* *NI* *NL* *NO* *NZ* *OM* *PA* *PE* *PF* *PG* *PH* *PK* *PL* *PM* *PR* *PT* *PW* *PY* *QA* *RE* *RO* *RU* *RW* *SA* *SB* *SC* *SD* *SE* *SG* *SI* *SK* *SL* *SM* *SN* *SO* *SR* *ST* *SV* *SY* *SZ* *TC* *TD* *TG* *TH* *TJ* *TL* *TM* *TN* *TO* *TR* *TT* *TW* *TZ* *UA* *UG* *UK* *US* *UY* *UZ* *VC* *VE* *VG* *VN* *VU* *WS* *YE* *ZA* *ZM* *ZW*

When pasting them into BBM, you’ll be able to see them all. Hit the jump to copy and past them all today.


 ] BlackBerry Logo[ ¡ ] inverted exclamation mark[ ¢ ] cent[ £ ] pound[ ¤ ] currency[ ¥ ] yen[ € ] euro sign[ ¦ ] broken vertical bar[ § ] section[ ¨ ] spacing diaeresis[ © ] copyright[ ª ] feminine ordinal indicator[ « ] left angle quotation mark[ ¬ ] negation[ ] soft hyphen[ ® ] registered trademark[ ™ ] trademark[ ¯ ] spacing macron[ ° ] degree - e.g. 45°[ ± ] plus-or-minus[ ² ] superscript 2[ ³ ] superscript 3[ ´ ] spacing acute[ µ ] micro[ ¶ ] paragraph[ · ] middle dot[ ¸ ] spacing cedilla[ ¹ ] superscript 1[ º ] masculine ordinal indicator[ » ] right angle quotation mark[ ¼ ] fraction 1/4[ ½ ] fraction 1/2[ ¾ ] fraction 3/4[ ¿ ] inverted question mark[ × ] multiplication[ ÷ ] divisionMore Miscellaneous Symbols[ ℠ ] Service Mark[ ℃ ] Celsius[ ℅ ] care of[ ℉ ] Farenheit[ № ] numero symbol - number sign[ ℗ ] Sound Recording Copyright[ ℞ ] Prescription Take pharmaceutical symbol[ Ω ] Ohm[ ℧ ] Inverted Ohm[ ☀ ] sunshine - sun[ ☁ ] cloudy - cloud[ ☂ ] raining - rain[ ☃ ] snow - snowman[ ☄ ] comet[ ★ ] star solid[ ☆ ] star outline[ ☇ ] lightning[ ☈ ] thunderstorm[ ☉ ] sun[ ☊ ] ascending node[ ☋ ] descending node[ ☌ ] conjunction[ ☍ ] opposition[ ☎ ] phone number - phone service[ ☏ ] phone symbol outline[ ☐ ] check box - ballot box[ ☑ ] ballot box check mark[ ☒ ] ballot box with X[ ☓ ] Saltire - St. Andrew's Cross[ ☚ ] left-pointing index finger[ ☛ ] right-pointing index finger[ ☜ ] left-pointing index finger[ ☝ ] upwards pointing index finger[ ☞ ] right pointing index finger[ ☟ ] downwards pointing index finger[ ☠ ] skull & crossbones[ ☡ ] caution sign[ ☢ ] radioactive sign[ ☤ ] Caduceus or "Kerykeion"[ ☥ ] Ankh[ ☦ ] Eastern Christian Cross[ ☧ ] Chi Rho Cross[ ☨ ] Patriarchal Cross[ ☩ ] Greek Cross[ ☪ ] Crescent Moon & Star

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Are there symbols for different states on Indian Union? (eg: Punjab, bengal, Kashmir, Goa, karnataka, maharastra, tamil nadu.) etc?

Posted via CB10

[ ☫ ] Farsi symbol[ ☬ ] Adi Shakti[ ☭ ] hammer & sickle[ ☮ ] peace sign[ ☯ ] yin & yang[ ☰ ] trigram Heaven[ ☱ ] trigram Lake[ ☲ ] trigram Fire[ ☳ ] trigram Thunder[ ☴ ] trigram Wind[ ☵ ] trigram Water[ ☶ ] trigram Mountain[ ☷ ] trigram Heaven[ ☸ ] Dharma Wheel[ ☹ ] frowning face[ ☺ ] smiley face[ ☻ ] black smiley face[ ◊ ] lozengeLetterlike Symbols[ ℘ ] script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p[ ℑ ] blackletter capital I = imaginary part[ ℜ ] blackletter capital R = real part symbol[ ℵ ] alef symbol = first transfinite cardinal[ ← ] leftwards arrow[ ↑ ] upwards arrow[ → ] rightwards arrow[ ↓ ] downwards arrow[ ↔ ] left right arrow[ ↵ ] downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage return[ ⇐ ] leftwards double arrow[ ⇑ ] upwards double arrow[ ⇒ ] rightwards double arrow[ ⇓ ] downwards double arrow[ ⇔ ] left right double arrowCelestial and Astrological Symbols[ ☽ ] waxing crescent moon[ ☾ ] waning crescent moon[ ☿ ] Mercury[ ♀ ] Venus - Female symbol[ ♁ ] Earth symbol[ ♂ ] Mars - Male symbol[ ♃ ] Jupiter[ ♄ ] Saturn[ ♅ ] Uranus[ ♆ ] Neptune[ ♇ ] Pluto[ ♈ ] Aries[ ♉ ] Taurus[ ♊ ] Gemini[ ♋ ] Cancer[ ♌ ] Leo[ ♍ ] Virgo[ ♎ ] Libra[ ♏ ] Scorpio[ ♐ ] Sagitarius[ ♑ ] Capricorn[ ♒ ] Aquarius[ ♓ ] PiscesCards[ ♔ ] White King[ ♕ ] White Queen[ ♖ ] White Rook[ ♗ ] White Bishop[ ♘ ] White Knight[ ♙ ] White Pawn[ ♚ ] Black King[ ♛ ] Black Queen[ ♜ ] Black Rook[ ♝ ] Black Bishop[ ♞ ] Black Knight[ ♟ ] Black Pawn[ ♠ ] black spade suit[ ♡ ] red heart suit[ ♢ ] red diamond suit[ ♣ ] black club suit = shamrock[ ♤ ] red spade suit[ ♥ ] black heart suit = valentine[ ♦ ] black diamond suit[ ♧ ] red club suitMusical Symbols[ ♩ ] musicalquarter note[ ♪ ] musical eighth note[ ♫ ] musical single bar note[ ♬ ] musical double bar note[ ♭ ] flat note[ ♮ ] natural note[ ♯ ] sharp note]Miscellaneous[ ♨ ] hot springs[ ✁ ] cut above[ ✂ ] cut here[ ✃ ] cut below[ ✄ ] scissors][ ✆ ] public pay phone[ ✇ ] film reel - tape spool[ ✈ ] airport jet airplane[ ✉ ] envelope mail email[ ✌ ] victory sign[ ✍ ] signature - sign here[ ✎ ] pencil diagonal down[ ✏ ] pencil[ ✐ ] pencil diagonal up[ ✓ ] check mark[ ✔ ] heavy check mark[ ✕ ] multiplication sign X[ ✖ ] heavy multiplication sign X[ ✗ ] ballot X[ ✘ ] heavy ballot X[ ✝ ] Latin Roman Cross[ ✞ ] Latin Cross 3D shadow[ ✟ ] Latin Cross outline[ ✠ ] Maltese Cross[ ✡ ] Star of David[ ❛ ] quotation mark single turned comma[ ❜ ] quotation mark single comma[ ❝ ] quotation mark double turned comma[ ❞ ] quotation mark double commaCelestial and Astrological Symbols[ ☽ ] waxing crescent moon[ ☾ ] waning crescent moon[ ☿ ] Mercury[ ♀ ] Venus - Female symbol[ ♁ ] Earth symbol[ ♂ ] Mars - Male symbol[ ♃ ] Jupiter[ ♄ ] Saturn[ ♅ ] Uranus[ ♆ ] Neptune[ ♇ ] Pluto[ ♈ ] Aries[ ♉ ] Taurus[ ♊ ] Gemini[ ♋ ] Cancer[ ♌ ] Leo[ ♍ ] Virgo[ ♎ ] Libra[ ♏ ] Scorpio[ ♐ ] Sagitarius[ ♑ ] Capricorn[ ♒ ] Aquarius[ ♓ ] Pisces

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Uh, so I feel like a dummy. I open my profile in bbm, typ "US", put a space, and no flag appears.

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KOSOVO IS SERBIA, there is no kosovo as a country... if you add "kosovo" than you have to put asterix next to it

*part of serbia illegally stolen by albanian illegal immigrant terrorists

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