Web Browser Shootout: BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs. the Competition (iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S)

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2011 09:42 am EDT

The last time we did a browser shoot out, we can say that the BlackBerry didn't fare all that well. In fact, it was pretty brutal. However, that said; it was at the time the best BlackBerry browsing experience available and was leaps and bounds ahead of what was previously known as the BlackBerry browser.

This time around, as seen in the video above the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser kept pace with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S we pitted it against and now, BlackBerry is enjoying the richer browsing experience it should have had all along.

The folks from RIM's acquisition of Torch Mobile have worked hard on this browser release and as mentioned, the browser is 40% faster on BlackBerry 7 vs. BlackBerry 6. Even though in our testing the BlackBerry never "won" so to speak -- it did pretty damn fine.

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Web Browser Shootout: BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs. the Competition (iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S)


Great video. This is the comparison I've been waiting for. BB did VERY well, considering how horrible BB 6 still is. Any chance the US will ever get one of these released, and more importantly, the 9850/9860!! It's still looking like fall for the full touch, which is pretty outrageous!

We'll definitely re-do this test with the Torch 9850/9860... even if the speeds don't change, the 480x800 display of the full sreen Torch will look more evenly stacked up in the video! :)

Kevin, on the second test can you reload the pages after the initial test? I have a feeling the BBOS7 browser will be much faster then the rest once the page was already loaded and stored in the cache.

Browser looks way better and faster than OS6 and that is a great upgrade for me. Who cares if it is a few secs "slower" than iOS or Android? All you need is that the PHONE is smooth and without any LAG, able to multitask and do the job.

And get a Playbook if you want a better browsing experience! If you want an iPhone or Android, just go out and buy one!! Stop complaining!!

I'm ready to get the 9850/9860 right now! I agree with what you said, but too bad I won't be able to get one for several months in the US...

Now that is an improvement. I am impressed :) (I still love my 9700 and will be getting a 9780 or 9900 once windmobile reaches me at the end of my telus term's ending, pending available stock)

I'll find a way to get my 9860 next week!

BTW, you can download the user manuals from the RIM web site :)

Very nice. A few tenths of a second isn't a big deal. The main point is that the new browser is light years ahead of where it was on OS5. After seeing the 9900 next to full screen touch phones I'm positive I'm going to wait for the Monaco now.

A brand new phone, already falling behind a year old phones. I am tired of playing catch up with my blackberry already. OS 7 is liek the lightest OS out. Also has the least impressive UI and doesnt need any power to run smoothly. So where are all the 1.2 ghz going to? Certainly not in the browser.

So..... No personal hotspot wi-fi function, 188mb of free app space, slowest browser still........
yeah I'm jumping ship, will repalce my 9700 over a year and pick this one up for cheap when all the BB drones are gonna drop this for QNX.

But First , waiting a month or 2 to jump ship to Iphone 5 , wich will blow thing thing out of the water in browsing capabilities. Sad that the Htc's sensation, or samsung galaxy s 2 were not tested, Iphone isnt the epitomy of fast browsing (never was).

The 9900 might have been a millisecond slower but it did load the last Wiki page the fastest. Also, you fail to realise that the 9900 renders HTML5 better than any of the other phones.

& javascript.. which buggs me because they didn't go to any javascript or HTML 5 heavy sites which is the future of websites. EXP CrackBerry.com.. I wish they went to this site because they use a lot of Javascript and this site is normally a few seconds to load whereas the other are instant and not really showing too much.. I cannot believe they didn't go to the CB site in their own video.. That has always been the standard for any speed comparison because it is such a heavy site & most of us will be going there anyways. Cmon guys :/

We didn't because each browser treats cb differently... in order to do that, it would have to be cached in order to main the the "non-mobile" cookie that would be set by requesting the full site on all. Then, people would be picking that apart saying "NOT FAIR, ONE WAS CACHED"


but like they do in the other mobile vids, why not go to the mobile site on all of them (m.crackberry.com) and then at the same time click the "Exit Mobile View" at the bottom :/ Cmon Bla1ze you should know this! :p haha appreciate the video though. PLEASE don't stop uploading random videos of it because I, and many others cannot get enough of this phone until its finally released. Thanks Bla1ze!

Also, we can't forget that the data also passes through RIM's servers which compress the data so you have to take that into account as well. If there's a slight delay, it may not be the phone but the whole compression process. I'd rather have a millisecond delay and know that I've got BlackBerry DataSmart rather than be wasting my data allowance with a non-BlackBerry device.

Exactly...everyone forgets that BBs used way less data than any other to do the same job. In the long run, your millisecond of time will save you more money.

I'm not jumping ship, but the parent is right. The Blackberry 9900 is brand new, and the iPhone is 15 months old. The iPhone 5 (or whatever) is right around the corner and you know it will be faster. Browsing is a key application on both devices, and something that is tightly controlled by both companies. RIM has *got* to find a way to speed up the browser to at least be on par with the iPhone in key use cases. RIM appears hamstrung by the Blackberry OS. It's a good thing they are jumping to QNX.

Each device has their strength (3rd party apps - especially games vs. productivity and connectivity) but on the basic smartphone stuff: email, browsing, personal info sync, camera - you've got to match or beat your competition when you go head to head.

Browsing speed on a Blackberry *never* was and *never* is going to be a key application. I'm pretty sure they want to compete in the area, not win it. Who gives a flying fuck that x-device loaded whatever page 1/2 a second faster than your Blackberry.

Why don't you time how fast it takes you to make a call from a contact list then type an email reply longer than 3 words -- without the phone misspelling what you're typing! Those are *key* applications for all cell phones, no?

Very happy with the browsing speed in this video, if you're not... then I'm sorry, but you don't want, or need a Blackberry.

Exactly! Since I switched to Android (Atrix), being productive is downright painful. It takes many more taps to do the same thing that can be done with a keystroke on a BB, and the virtual keyboard has convinced me that anything more than a few words makes it easier to boot the laptop.

If the Bold 9900 can do multimedia virtually as well as iPhone and Android, but also do productivity far better, then it is the clear winner for me. But that's based on my priorities as a heavy business user. Others have different priorities.

That's such an apologist mindset.

There's no reason why RIM cannot improve the browser speed. And I'm assuming that the 1/2 a second difference can get bigger and bigger once you load content-heavy webpages. I also don't understand you can dismiss web-browsing as a non-key application on any smartphone these days.

And I don't understand why you're bringing up the other features. It's great that a Blackberry can get those done quickly. (Although, I can type out e-mails just as fast on my iPhone as I did on my Bold. It just depends on the person). But that has nothing to do with the browsing speed. Once again, there's no reason why RIM cannot improve browsing speeds while keeping its advantages in productivity.

Finally, RIM is not in a position to say "if you don't like our browsing speed, just go get something else." That's not the attitude that will allow them to attract more users.

Ignorance doesn't hurt now does it..
As I understand it, data to the BB browser first has to pass through RIM servers to get compressed (for your benefit) & sent securely..
If that doesn't shine a different light onto the results I don't know what will..
I realise of course that a man (or woman) of your importance truely frowns upon every tenth of a second lost.

It's hardly a benefit. A good percentage of users have unlimited data, or more than enough for what most consumers would require.

Probably less than 1% of people use more than a GB of data, data compression isn't as big of a deal as most people make it out to be.

Just to clarify, I think it was a year old phone with the latest official OS, and it was jailbroken. While I'm sure the jailbreaking doesn't matter, the fact that the OS is probably a few months old rather than a year is a significant difference. I'm not denying that the bold lost, but I think that with the original OS on the iPhone versus the bold with its original OS, the bold would probably win. Also, look closely at the video. the bold is the last to load, but it has the smoothest zooming and scrolling, among other things.

Oh wow... What a spoiled brat you are!

Don't forget that this is initial OS 7 with updates imminent. Kevin had mentioned that there might be an update available already.

You should jump bridge instead of jump ship.

The total amount of time you saved with the other browser rendering a page 2ms faster won't make up for the time you wasted posting your idiotic rant.

what you fail to comprehend is that its not about how much slower the bold was. the point is there is no excuse for a phone that hasn't been released yet to be lagging behind one year old phones whether that lag is 1 hour or 0.00001 ms...its just inexcusable

Dude the only people who **should** be concerned about you jumping ship! are your few BBM contacts, no one else cares BYE BYE....

Did they remove the browser keyboard shortcuts on the new Bold? I noticed Blaze didn't use them to get to his bookmarks

I noticed this too... Someone forgot his vitamin "K". Would had been nice to see Bla1ze press K instead of going through the menu, just to keep the trolls at bay... I can hear them now, you have to take to many steps on a BB just to find your bookmarks... blah blah blah!

Bla1ze can you find out if this new 9900 can receive Interac Money Transfers with the new OS 7
its a big deal to me. It needs the Browser to put the money in the bank websites

How low are your expectations guys. This is Waterloo thinking. The iPhone 5 hasn't even come out yet and you're coming over all warm and fluffy about coming second or third behind the old model. Reality check needed. Now the only things going for a BlackBerry are a keyboard and frugal data consumption. I've been a user for 10 years and unless QNX does something spectacular, I won't be for much longer. Its high time somebody bought RIM and cleared out the woolly-thinking management.

It's a consumer device, not a girlfriend. You don't have to be a drama queen if you find a phone you like better.

I think a buyout is a bad thing for RIM. What do you think Microsoft is going to do to Blackberry OS? Certainly not make it better.

Keep in mind, this is a comparison of the strongest features of iOS and Android against BB's weakest features. I'm happy that BB is improving the multimedia experience, but this is not the most important thing to me.

BB is primarily a reliable, effective, and efficient productivity and communications device. Some of us place a very high value on that. And after owning an Android, I realize just how much I had taken for granted (e.g., stability, security, battery life, efficient GUI, etc.) with my BBs.

If the only advantages of a BB to you are the keyboard and data consumption, then I agree that you should switch to another brand.

All this talk about how "advanced" iOS and Android are reminds me of how professional athletes and musicians get so much money and fame because of their glitz and glitter, but the factory worker who shows up every day and consistently produces the products that keep the economy going gets very little recognition.

Will- Seriously? A company with no debt needs to liquidate? What kind of sense does that make? I think haters just want RIM to be bought out so they can enjoy BlackBerry services on devices that are not BlackBerry's. Grow up then read up.

& that is 40% faster than the torch and 9780.. This is closer to 100% faster than my Bold 9650 too and that is on OS6 [:

In the real world, you'll wait a whole lot longer than that. The other devices connect directly to the web, over 3g or WIFI, the BB only over WIFI. Over 3G the blackberry first must go through the NOC. And if you're an enterprise customer, it must also run through your BES server. In the real world, all this encryption, compression and expansion of data takes time. More than miliseconds.

WiFi or 3G makes no difference... it all goes through the NOC. BES wouldn't make a difference either, since if you're not an enterprise customer, your BB uses the BIS server in place of the BES server. So what's your point?

which is why blackberries aren't suitable for intensive web browsing. yeah, I really need my google search for the nearest taco shop to be encrypted and compressed...

unless you're a corporate bes user with highly sensitive data coming through your phone, passing all the data thru rim's servers is just an extra hurdle and time waster.

This. RIM is really good at making technology that consumers don't care about. Like making sure that your data connection is super-secure as you're trying to load the ESPN mobile site. Or bragging about how much more "efficient" RIM devices are than iPhones in terms of data usage, while said efficiency does nothing to generate better SPEED or PERFORMANCE.

I have a 9700. Thanks to QuickLaunch and a lot of customization, I can get information off of it quicker than your average iPhone or Android user, but that's no thanks to the capabilities of the device. Plus, there's so much I can't do in web browsing, that it's of little consolation. I'll probably be switching to Android in January.

With the recent changes in data plans for carriers and no longer having unlimited I would think the data compression would be a bigger thing. Security may not be needed for espn and what not but people often click links from emails/text/bbm/twitter that lead to places they don't know and with how quickly smartphone browsing is expanding it will just be a matter of time before Android and iOS get hacked and your information gets out. People are also starting to store a lot more personal information on there phones just because it is so easy to access so security is a huge thing I think.

At the end of the day if browsing the web is what you do 90% of the time on your phone yeah go get an Android or iOS but everyone needs to look at the whole picture when looking at a smartphone. Pick the phone that best fits your needs not just because 1 feature is better on it then another device.

No offense, but what's your logic here? I mean, yeah, I'll wait a small amount if the experience is better, but speed is the number one thing a browser can do. The next is comparability with standards. Waiting an extra beat for the web to load is not worth anything.

From a browsing perspective only - this test proves that the Blackberry 9900 is inferior to the iPhone. Don't get me wrong, it's a great upgrade, but it's basically just getting to the stadium, not winning the race.

Everyones belly-aching on about it being a millisecond slower than the iphone... Who really cares. All were fast, all will give a good web experience - and that's something we couldn't include bb in not to long ago. So which desktop browser DOES everyone use? Probably most use ms-ie.... And they're happy, because although maybe milliseconds slower.. Its still fast.

That's how idiotic people are -- go anal on a few ms.

In this world, there are lots of morons. These people are lucky they were born in a developed country where they can afford to be anal about insignificant stuff. If they were born in a place where wits and hard work are required to survive, they wouldn't last long.

True, mind-ya... The atmosphere/environment/circumstances we were born/live in play a big part of how we all turn out as "adults"... Unfortunately developed countries and the easy life doesn't always produce top quality individuals... Time to go back to watching some more reality tv ;) lol

I use Firefox 6.0 for most things because of the extensions. I use Chrome intermittently.

I recognize that Chrome is a bit faster rendering some things - say what you want, but I can definitely tell. Maybe it's perception but it feels snappier.

What's the point of your question? Going to point me in some direction that says that Safari or Opera is a few milliseconds faster? It doesn't matter. I'll show you a video where Firefox Chrome and Safari all load imperceptibly fast. Crackberry just showed that Blackberry is noticeably slower with against last years iPhone.

I'm not attacking the Blackberry. I love my 9650, I can't wait to get my 9930 in a few weeks (I hope!) but let's not confuse coming to the game with winning anything. Blackberry finally got a competitor in terms of browsing speed. Now if they can fix the developer issue, they'll be just as good as iPhone or Android.

Better hurry up and go read all the benchmarks so you can give the fastest one as your answer. Otherwise you're guaranteed to waste more time browsing from your laptop/desktop then you would from a smartphone.

the single core 1.2ghz is limiting the phone. It should have been a dual core phone. And I don't think blackberries will be ever ahead of iphone browser speeds...

You should do a 3-person test where each person has to actually type the url rather than picking from the bookmarks. Keying in the URL faster because of the physical keyboard is a legitimate advantage you'd see in the real world.

Bla1ze - Without fully echoing the valid critcisms of the pots above, I'm curious why no one tries these tests over a 3G network?

That is the true test. And why just coming in behind the competition over WIFI actually IS an issuee for some.

Over WIFI the internet connection is running direct ly through the ISP, but let it run over the wireless network and the BB browser will run through the NOC. I imagine that load times will be considerably longer. Not to mention upload and throughput.

It has been said before, and bears repeating again; to be competitive in the wireless space, a manufacturer must continually push the limits, not try to get by on good enough for now.

A Blackberry connected via WiFi is still sending its traffic through the NOC. WiFI or 3G connection doesn't matter, they're just different paths to the same location.

While I don't know whether or not WiFi goes threw the NOC, I do know that it would be possible for it to do so without a SIM card. It's really not a hard concept, instead of the browser making direct requests to the links it opens it instead sends a message to the NOC for it to retrieve the content. NOC will have a reachable address even if you're not on a 3g/4g or whatever connection. So it's fully possible and not far fetched.

Sure, it's possible, but I don't even have a BIS plan any more, so I cannot imagine the NOC accepting my requests.

The BB native apps (browser, e-mail, FB, AppWorld, etc.), won't communicate, but third party apps (Bolt browser, news reader, weather, etc.) will.

If I understand that correctly it would indicate to me that the browser goes threw the NOC even on WiFi.

A better test would be going to links in a site which allows the caching mechanisms of each browser to come into play. Users don't just go to the main site and leave. Users click links and navigate pages. BB won the final test where a link was actually traversed, so who knows what real world benefits any offer over the others. The times are so close it's negligible. Id argue that the user themselves cause more slow downs than the browsers.

And finally, I'd really love to see how many webpages the average user visits on their smartphones on a daily basis. I know I would average less than 1.

My theory is that we don't browse that much because of the excruciating pain it causes us to do so on a BB with a keyboard and the small screen real estate.

Until now, it was the above plus the long load times. Now this has been taken out of the equation (for those lucky to get the phone, that is).
But the scrolling, panning and zooming in and out will remain.

I am a BB fan, but I've always thought that a satisfactory browsing experience will never be had from a BB phone with a small screen. I'm only now starting to change my mind with the new torches.

What I think would be the best experience for browsing is having a basic 3G curve + Playbook... and for the prices these new phones are going (without a plan, that is), I wonder if this alternative would just be cheaper.

Really? "Excruciating"?

Are you curled up in the fetal position convulsing and drowning in your vomit right before losing consciousness from the pain of...internet browsing?

Grow a pair.

Not true. The BB7 phones are by far the best RIM has ever put out and certainly the closest to the stanard they have been in many years. Further for anyone on Enterprise and locked into BB I would reccomend the Toech 2 or the Monaco/Monza. I just hate to hear apologists and fans make excuses and accept less from a leader and powerhouse like RIM. These guys put e-mail in our hands. They wrote the book. They have the resources and ability to do great things. And great things should be expected of them. In August 2011, in my very humble opinion, a great smart phone launches with LTE, dual core, minimum 4 gigs application storage space, FFC, native turn by turn mapping, wifi hotspot and Flash - either natively or through a an available secondary browser or plugin. These are great devices for being BBs.

Further - to the silly person who posted about some people being spoiled or lazy. This has nothing to do with being spoiled, or having too much. As a general statement that is true of any of us that can take 5 minutes and browse on line and not have to look for food, water or watch our children die from disease and starvation. But those discussions are for another forum. Truth is, we all have chosen to live in this world, and ignore the plight of the rest of the world, otherwise we simply could not function in this world and have a discussion of the merits of the newest smartphones that cost more than half the world's popualation makes in a single year.

So basically, by your standards, there are zero "great smart phones" on the market or coming out in the near future? (I'm assuming by "FFC" you meant "NFC")

I hate when people take all the best features of every other phone on the market and then compare a mythological idea of what a smartphone should be against blackberries when no other single device has all of those features. Idiotic.

Great comparison. Nice to see the speeds are rockin on all devices. As others have noted iPhone 5 is coming, but who is to say that it will be that much better at browsing? Looking forward to getting my new Torch 9810 when my upgrade hits in October!

seeing this video review, my conclusion is the only reason I stick to a blackberry device for my next mobile phone is because of the BBM.

Where is the Adobe Flash support? There is enough cpu power now so why is it not included in the browser?

The 9900 has a smaller screen. Shouldn't the 9900 load twice as fast because of that? Just saying...

The whole page is still rendered, including the portion off screen. If you only rendered what's visible, it'd make for some seriously laggy/choppy browsing.

Bla1ze, have you tested the browser on any of the benchmark sites? if so, what score did the bold 9900 receive?



Great test and video. Kudos to Bla1ze.

Given the split second differences, I'm wondering if carrier speeds will even this all out.

Great video Bla1ze. I appreciate the honesty and the depth you go into, I guess some people will never be happy :(

even tho i am a fan of berrys but come on to compare a berry that just came out to an iphone 4 thats been out around same time the first torch is release, i have a feeling when the iphone 5 come out its gonna be way faster then the iphone 4 and the bold 9900

Way faster? Not a chance. The majority of that time is taken up downloading images and content. The actual rendering is very fast on all browsers. Unless you up your bandwidth you're not going to see future devices blow these away. You're at the mercy of your down stream not the speed of your browser.

Really now..? "Much faster"? That's interesting because the current speeds are close to that of my computer, oh and I have a quad core, 8GB of RAM and am plugged into the wall with Verizon FIOS.. There is only so much you can do with "Browser Speed" and that is only one factor of the browser. One is how nicely it caches the site (ig. reloading speed) Browser usability in terms of zooming and scrolling where BlackBerry is the clear cut winner, Javascript support and HTML 5 support, all where BlackBerry has already proven to be the winner. As shocking as it may be to you guys, the iPhone 5 will not be THAT noticeably faster as a webpage can only be loaded SO fast... God, people will find something to complain about no matter what, its just how you guys are! Get over it.. The BlackBerry is actually the best browser out of them all by far, initial page load speed is not the entire browser experience.. jesus christ...

I mean what, do you load up a webpage to simply leave afterwords? or spend quite some time on it? Because the "spending quite some time on it" part is where the BlackBerry is superb..

"The BlackBerry is actually the best browser out of them all by far"
If you actually watched this video you would see that clearly the iPhone was superior in web experience due to overall smoothness, screen size and browser, while the Bold was in second due to the smoothness and the Nexus last due to the lagg and choppiness. In terms of speed the Bold was last just by a second though. Also in my opinion after trying both devices the iPhone just has the best browser of all of them, don't get me wrong the BB browser with OS7 is great but it just isn't on par just yet. I think we can agree that they are both quite better then the Android browser :/

I said "best browser out of them all" and uh... The screen size has nothing to do with my comment. You can't say "the BlackBerry browser is worse because it has a smaller screen" no, because the experience may not be as good with a smaller screen, that does not affect how the browser is as a whole though. The Javascript score and HTML 5 ranks MUCH higher than the iPhone 4 and that is one of the reasons it is a superior browser. The iPhone browser is nice, I have played with it multiple times, but the scrolling and zooming is on par with the Bold 9900, you are just basing most of that off the "bigger screen" and a beta release of the OS whereas the iPhone 4 has been on a stable release for months... And again, the fact that it loaded a second later, well its getting compressed thus saving us the heartache when web surfing seeing as there are tiered data plans whereas the iPhone can blow through 100's of megabytes just like that. So all of this being said, I still believe that the BlackBerry OS7 Browser is the superior browser.. It's a given.

As an owner of a 9550 that doesn't plan to jump until the next gen of BB's, I really wish they would at least give us OS5 folks the OS6 browser. In trying to keep up with competition, RIM seems to have gotten to a place where if a model is more than 10 months old you get no more updates... :(

Until then, it's opera mini...

While I certainly understand the point of this excersice to show the consumer how the different OS browsers operating systems act; I would also be interested in seeing a comparison with Opera Browser loaded to each device.

I have personally loaded Opera to my OS5 Storm & Droid X and I saw a world of a difference. Again, I know its not the point of the video, but I think the results would be interesting to see.

p.s. I have to say even the milliseconds of a time lap may seem exponential I would have to say now in days on most carriers where there are data caps of some sort the compression technology BB created is a vital necessity to your monthly bill!

What everyone here fails to realize is that this is a BLACKBERRY. It was built to fulfill a certain purpose and it has and entirely different target market than those of Android and iOS. This Blackberry in particular does everything its suppose to do based on it being a blackberry. Yes it doesnt have the best browser but its now extremely usable. Let's face it, if u want apps that scratch ur bottom then get another phone. I use BB because I like to use BBM, the camera and I because my emails arrive the second the sender presses send. I don't care for cooking apps or losing milliseconds on the browser. We're comparing two completely different handsets. If you seem to think other phones are superior, u have no life and should jump ship immediately instead of sitting in ur basements crying about how the iphone or other phones are better. This blackberry does everything it was built to do. It is very fluid, and does not lag. If you are a true fan of these phones than this phone will be a dream come true. If ur more interested in apps and multimedia get another phone plane and simple instead of wasting ur time complaining!

See the problem lies in what you said..."it has a different target market". Yes what you said about it being great at email, and bbm, and basically communication is dead on. Its main purpose is communication, because its main target audience is business. But the issue some take up with these devices is that RIM is trying to sell them to us as more than just 'email, bbm, and security' (beyond the scope of enterprise). So if they are trying to lure Android and iOS users to it, then they are in essence trying to gain ground in that "target market" as well. If that is the case, and it clearly is, then things like browsing, and multimedia, and apps need to be on par with its competitors. If not, the harping and complaining is in order.

Consumers don't care how fast browsers are. Look at the most recent desktop browser usage statistics and you'll see very clearly that people aren't using the fastest possible browser. Secondly I don't think I've ever seen an advertisement for any platform mentioning browser rendering speed, because companies understand this. There are more important things to enhance and market to consumers.

And I'd say that browser is on par with the other 2 speed wise.

The trick is to match the mix of features with the priorities of the target market. I agree that BB is targeting beyond enterprise, but I don't think they are targeting the hard-core entertainment users (who see productivity, messaging, security, etc. as less important).

In any product, trade-offs must be made, so it is OK to be below par with competitors on features that are lower priorities to your customers, as long as you excel at the things that *are* important to them.

Why doesn't everyone realize that BB will always be a tad slower than the rest simply due to the data compression technology on a blackberry? I'll take a slightly slower browser with a much friendlier monthly bill any day.

You my friend don't understand sarcasm or how to JOKE.. Jesus christ, lighten up ppl

But cmon now, I mean if Windows is lightyears away from the current standard on the desktop.. How are they going to be in the smartphone community.. I mean I'm sorry, but especially being a web designer over here, it is annoying as hell at the pace the IE is moving at. Makes designing websites a pain in the rear end to make sure everything is 100% compatible. If they are going to make such a "great" browser on WP7 then how about they upgrade IE to catch up or at least come close..


I opened the page on my netbook with Chrome and got 315 + 13 bonus points out of 450.
Then I opened the page on my netbook with MS IE9 and got 62 + 5 bonus points out of 86.

THEN I opened the page on the OS5 BB browser in my 8520 and got "1 AND NO BONUS POINTS out of a total of 1 points"... what the hell?
Opera mini opens with 35 points out of 450 on the phone.

I don't know what the bonus and out of XX means, but just looking at the big numbers made me LOL.

Couldn't find the phones's browsers comparison, though.

Here are my results with what I have at hand:

OS5 Browser: 1 point
Opera Mini 6.1: 35 points
Bolt 2.51: 267 points

IE8: 41 points
Firefox 3.6: 183 points
Chrome 13: 328 points

I have to hand it to Bolt. It's not super fast, but it sure does have some darned good HTML rendering.

Will- I'm Sorry..what was that?
iPhone does not and will never support flash?
Welcome to the age of limitations.
With sympathy,

Hey, I heard you got copy and paste.

Welcome to 2001! Palm PDAs were doing that when you were (presumably, based on your attitude) in diapers.

And on that note: "Oh my gawd! Some things do certain things better than other things! It's madness!"

Go troll elsewhere.

Bla1ze, Nice to see a short and to the point head to head of the browsers. I'd be interested to see how common apps perform from platform to platform.

This is the best browser offered by RIM in a smartphone to date. It's quick and smooth and looks great. Its slightly slower speed compared to the other two phones is negligible. If it's this good now and QNX is reportedly better, I think Apple better be prepared to give up top ranking in the smartphone market soon.

Thank you for posting Blackberry last years' teachnology web loading. If not for the physical keyboard, I am gone for an iPhone for sure.

Yep, as expected- still the slowest and worst looking browser of the three. And the thing isn't even released everywhere! What a disappointment. This post was just telling everyone what they wanted to hear, but it doesn't get up to par. Yes, it's improvement and a hell of a lot better than OS 6, but RIM's most associated words are branded all over this device, "too little, too late". That should be their new slogan.

There's a recession going on, and if there's better competition out there- they get my hard earned dough. I'll probably jump ship to iPhone 5 and if it looks good, I'll jump back when qnx phones hit. Not paying and signing a 2 year contract for a brand new outdated phone.

Great video Bla1ze!! Please post a video showing the browser of the 9900 against an OS6 and OS5 device so people here realize how far RIM has come. A device that is as productive and secure as this and just a few miliseconds behind the iPhone and Androids browser (which is the main feature of these devices) is a better smartphone overall. RIM is back on track again, lets just hope developers jump in also quickly.

This doesn't seem like a fair comparison at all. I can understand comparing it to the iPhone 4 since it's the latest model even though it's over a year old. But Samsung Nexus S? Really? That's is not the latest or the highest performing phone with an Android OS. In fact, it's got the internals of the original SGS, which is pretty old.

If you're going to compare the latest BB to other platforms, you should've gotten the lastest/most advanced Android phone.

Fast enough, and much better than current. Who cares about a second or two slower than IPhone.

You should have compared an OS6 device as well as a comparison. I still have OS5 and won't even go there. The browser on OS5 is absolutely unusable if it's not a mobile site.

wow i can't believe how many people are once again pissed off about the bold 9900 first it was ohh it's too much money on a 3yrs term compared to the iphone 4G3Gs , IT'S NOT AN IPHONE SO STOP COMPARING IT! then it was the application storage is too small (188MB) if you can really use all of the memory on you blackberry then you obviously are using your blackberry for a lot more then it was intended for now it's the browser speed quick question is it faster then OS5/OS6 if it is to you or will be on you service provider 3G speed then who the hell gives a shit for a 2m sec difference

Seriously, if you've dumping RIM over a few ms of web loading or this ridiculous quibble "it does smoke the iPhone4?!?!?!" then please go and be happy with whatever platform you choose. And don't feel it necessary to comment anymore on the boards/forum as your comments will likely be of a trolling nature/context.

Notice all the complainers are to be iPhone adopters?
Just goes to show that Android users/adopters have more class.

Was the Samsung Nexus S connected to an AC power source, perhaps giving it an unfair advantage?
(I suspect the smartphones' CPU runs faster when connected to power mains, just like a notebook computer's CPU).

There was a black cable plugged into the Samsung Nexus S at the bottom, pls recheck the videos?

I think the elephant in the room from that video is that you're comparing two devices designed with browsing in mind with a form factor (the 9900, similar to the 9700, Tour, Curve, or basically 90% of all BB's ever made) very much rooted in 2005. In other words, dinky little screen, front facing QWERTY, basically designed to make it as easy as possible to text and send emails.

Does anyone actually WANT to browse the web on a 9900? Remember, this is a device that isn't even out yet, and you're trotting it out against something like the iPhone 4, which could be a month or two from being superseded by newer technology. It's very possible that an "iPhone 5" ends up hitting market around the same time as the 9900. And while RIM finally caved and started working on giving users real touch screens, I just understand why anyone interested in touch-based web browsing would ask for a half-sized screen where your finger is going to block about 1/3 of the viewable area. People want big beautiful screens and tons of horsepower, and RIM still can't offer either.


There are a lot of people that want big beautiful screens when they play games and watch movies. However, millions of BB owners would disagree with you that front-facing QWERTY has been rendered obsolete by touch screens.

On top of many things, RIM offers a two-punch feature combo that nobody has come close to matching:

1. shortcut keys
2. multi-tasking

When you put those two features together. An average BB owner can kick any competing "smart"-phone user's butt when it comes to getting things done (communicating, managing tasks, retrieving information, scheduling, etc). Yes, other platforms offer more fun, but I can still be more productive on a five-year-old BB than on any other phone you offer me today.

I have an htc evo 4g and I can tell you, the form factor sucks for almost everything except pinching and zooming a webpage. When you hold a blackberry, the main navigation buttons fall right where your thumb sits naturally. One handed use is much easier on a blackberry. I don't even have to go into how much easier typing is.

Big touch screens are WAY overrated. When you actually use gtalk or write a text message, more than half the screen is filled with the keyboard. You actually get more screen real estate on a bold 9900 while messaging than a high end android or iphone.

I have always and will always love the BlackBerry but if anything this video shows a very disappointing conclusion that the new BlackBerry Bold (still unreleased in the U.S.) is inferior to a device that was released a year ago and due for a refresh (iPhone) and an android device for which there is now a refresh as well (Samsung Nexus S 4G).

I love BlackBerry as a brand and device but in my eyes this doesn't cause for a celebration. They are still not as fast as the last year model devices which is sad. Comparing their speeds now to OS 6 is flawed because their browsing experience was horrible at best and it still doesn't address the issue of BlackBerry devices being outdated which seems like the case here. It's hard for me to justify getting a device that runs OS 6.1 (lets call it what it really is). The interface is still the same and the core OS is still the same in terms of power and performance but with beefed up specs that should have been released on last year devices.

The design is great but this is the BlackBerry we expected and wanted 1 year ago. Since then much has changed in terms of technology. Dual Core processors are now a practical standard with high end phones. Phone's coming out today will run at least a dual core processor with a qHD 540 x 960 display and more powerful batteries for extended usage.

RIM will have to face steep competition in today's smartphone market especially with the soon to be announced iPhone.

The Bold 9900 is an BlackBerry fan's dream device but that was last year. Now rim will have to play catch-up all over again.

But the real question is will they survive this time around?

I hope so but only time will tell.

To me how well the page is rendered is more important than the speed. The old BB browser sucks at rendering anything modern and i am hoping this browser will correct that. I believe all the 3 phones compared use the WebKit based browser.
Browser can always be improved upon with time.

With all the rumours floating around a new QNX phone I just hope folks at BB will continue to develop the BB7 OS further and not dump it like they did with version 5.

I just wonder why he compares bold 9900 to iphone4 and nexus which appeared long time ago. Of course, bold 9900 must way faster than those because it appears just now...
Please show me some video which compares with bb9900 and galaxy 4g or htc sensation.

Well in order to better understand the test we need to understand how each device does browsing.

BB tend to load and compress the data sent to the device which of course causes some latency compared to other devices.

Of course everything was designed for people who are mobile. Meaning you are moving around and probably connected to your 3G network and not WIFI which means BB will kick ass over a 3G connection just like a post earlier mentions with a link:


And comparing a device to an existing device (iPhone 4, ...) is normal since the iPhone 5 is just a rumor and can not be compared. New devices even with faster CPU does not mean a much faster browsing experience automatically since it all depends on what is being rendered and how the browser renders things.

So all those complaining, I would prefer to be a few milliseconds slower on WIFI but a lot faster over 3G and lower data usage (WOW faster and less).

If you are always over WIFI then it is a different story but then again BB are designed for people on the run and will always be.

Bla1ze...the best test for me would be to try each phone as you're hustling through an airport with a carry-on bag in one hand while one-handing an email reply with the other. That's a real-world test for me. Oh sure, I guess I could lean up against a wall somewhere or stop in my tracks. I could even tell people as they went around me that I bet I had a faster browser than they did. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Shoulda said what the specs are for these devices. Folks say the new BBs aren't competitive. They certainly are competitive in specs and performance. The Nexus S is only 7.2 Mbps HSPA, while the new BBs are 14.4 Mbps (HSPA+ -- better!). Nexus S is a 1 GHz Cortex-A8, the new BBs are 1.2 GHz. Screen res is also quite compatible: same as BB 9860/9850.

BB OS7 is DOA! I'm sticking with my Focus until December 2012 to see what BlackBerry QNX will bring to the table. Hopefully RIM can get its act together by then.

I don't care what people say, its at least 500% faster than the Storm's browser, I swear that thing is painful. It's like it doesn't even want me to use the browser.

Why can't we agree that all the phones shown are nice and quick??
Easy, its cause android and iOS SUCK!! HAHA, jk jk....they're all awesome. I'm just glad BB is now approaching awesome status too.

But the Nexus lagged like a Storm1, just saying, I don't care about checkerboarding and stuff, I care about smooth zooming, decent load times and smooth scrolling and NO LAG. The 9900 was suuuuper smooth, like Clay Aiken's face smooth.

I dont think the nexus S lagged. I think it was just zoomed all the way out already and Blaze was making a gesture to zoom it out and scroll it down. Gotta watch it again to make sure. But yup all browsers look good. I like the browser on the 9900. Not flaming it at all.

looks good to me
the time differential in pages loading is neglible to me
if anything i look at it in a positive light. i will gladly take that slightly slower page load while having lower data usage.

fact of the matter is, ive always wanted an above average functional browser, and the browser on the os7/9900 exceeds that, quite handily too.

still super excited :D

Bla1ze I know it's nice to have a touch screen and all. But why bring up the bookmarks the hard way? Shortcut key is "K" that's why we got the full keyboard. So in a real senario a person would not have to go thru menus to get to a bookmark they could just hit K thanks to the wonderful qwerty keyboard. And that my fireds would make up and then some, for the bit slower browser. Secondly I would think it be fun to not clear a phone first.besides the above mentioned real world aspect, people don't have there phones "out-of-the-box" clean and ready. So I think it would help if the phone was bogged down with text, apps, cookies, pics, etc. Then we'll be able to see what phone slows down after too. But still a good video. And I can't wait to get my 9900. Hurry up AT&T

if only we can meter the data transmit within those devices, i believe BB will win hands down with its compressed data sent and received unlike those 2 other dvices i believe it doesnt do any compressing of data, which translate to more browsing with the allocated data plan compares to the other!!

what use of speed faster in miliseconds than the bb but once reach the data plan limit, u have to pay more? haha

Given how close they tended to be, trying to do three phones at once was probably an unwise setup and you should have just done 9900 vs ip4 and 9900 vs nexus s and also with a wider range of sites because given past history the real tests are on sites that push a device hard and not simpler ones where it is just a race to finish.

Very impressive, especially considering that all web browsing goes through the RIM data centers before going out the Internet. RIM does data compression as well to reduce data charges, which should add to the latency.

Frankly, I'm flat out surprised that the other guys weren't a whole lot faster! The BB 9900 kept pace!

so sad to see we have lowered our standards to the point that we are impressed and amazed by the results even though the bold came last in all 3 tests ....what are we impressed about? that the bold didn't freeze while trying to load a simple webpage? last i checked, you get rank lower than 3rd among 3 products.

We bash iphone fan boys for following blindly whatever Apple markets and yet we are amazed by a phone that even tho its not even released yet , it is already lagging behind the released competition ...I have been a blackberry user for years and always been always following crackberry but the bias and blind praise of a behind-its-era phone made me to finally make an account and express my dissatisfaction in a company that I have tried to stay loyal to so hard....

Nice improvement on the browser, for sure. I just hope that these new devices don't become the new "obsolete" (like the phones out now... cough, Torch 9800), once QNX hits. That would be too bad, considering how nice the 9900 seems to be... Almost, RIM's saving grace.

I am pretty impressed how much improved blackberry improved their browser. It has caught up to the competition. I dont think it can get much faster than that unless your in 4g lte speeds. Good job blackberry 7 you still have some kick left in you. Too bad apps is going to be scarce compared to android and ios. Again I think they will be left out on the must have apps everybody is so used to getting.

Very impressed! Good job RIM!! I've been a blackberry user for 2yrs now and I've tested out droids and the iphone 4 they're great phones but blackberry just suits me and it keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to get my hands on either the 9900 or the 9810 in white :)

I still want to test the new OS with 25 apps loaded. Then we will see if that OS 7 is the real deal.
What's the excuse when you reboot time is 5 minutes? It's interesting they didn't reboot the phones simultaneously. I have a hard time believing OS7 is that much better than previous versions when it comes to loading a ton of apps. I would LOVE to see how Google maps works on either device. My biggest complaint is the lag time when looking for road conditions. The iPhone humiliates my Storm 2. The iPhone comparisons is unfair, but the iPhone certainly has been able to mimic what BlackBerry does way better than BlackBerry mimics them.

And I'm tired of hearing about "security" when it comes to emails and things of that nature. Nobody cares about security and nobody can guarantee it in this era of hacking. The common Joe doesn't give two craps if my emails are "secure" and what not. And here's reality. Who emails any longer? If it's not work related (and most smartphone don't use the phone for business), then we communicate via text/social networks. Facebook and MySpace eliminated email usage for the most part. BBM and all these other messaging sites take care of the rest and fall under the umbrellas of texting. Judging by sales of Android and iPhones, we can easily surmise people don't care.

Removing this from the equation, the difference to me is comfort levels when it comes to texting. I think BlackBerry users are hooked on the keypad and are ashamed to say they can't type on the touchscreens. I can't type on the BlackBerry pads, which is why I own a Storm 2. I don't like the Droid/iPhone touch screens. It all depends on what phone you were weened on and how quickly one adapts. Some people can and some people can't. This is the #1 reason why people defend their favorite phones IMO. Defending a BlackBerry to the current Droids and iPhone out there is stupid. Their phones are vastly superior. The problem with the iPhone is they don't group text (needed) and their battery life is weak. The Droids have even WORSE battery life. Both phones kill me when it comes to their screens. Would I "adapt" in a few weeks or a month of usage? Probably, but unfortunately, my phone isn't simply a social media toy It's required for work.

There is no such thing as a perfect phone. Too many advancements are made to make these phones better by the half year. I surely wish BlackBerry fans would simply stop acting as if our phones "aren't really that bad" because it's acquiescing to inferiority. I hope the QNX brings a better format along with a more competitive product.

Tests can be funny because if you change the conditions or reflect on the way the data is handled it makes a difference. In this test the BB was half a second behind the iPhone and Droid. However, for people that already know they love BB for other reasons this is a huge step forward. Honestly, I really would say that for the vast majority of users this difference is insignificant. To me the browsing experience is the same and this is a big leap forward for BB.

The other phones have been out for a year and I still chose to my favorite phone and it was a BB. This only makes the deal sweeter. I still get all the advantages of BB and essentially the same browser capability. Great improvement.

No need to defend BB or get defensive. I love BB and there is no way in hell I'm going to switch out to type on glass for less than 1 second when the most awesome keyboard that has EVER been created is about to be released on a phone that does a bunch of stuff better than any other.

ok forget apple people....iphone 1 should have had 3g and gps...why not???? its because 1 yr later that would come out and all that had purchased iphone 1 will b bac for iphone3g...very sneeky...again with the ipad 1 with no camera...again why?...because all that got ipad 1 will b back for ipad2...again very sneeky...wait wait they did it again with iphone 4... why not 4g???...same reason so u will b back for the iphone4g...not iphone5 but i phone 4g....apple is ridicilious screwing its customers like that...playbook 1 has better features then ipad2... maybe u guys will buythe ipad 3 and it will be up to par with the playbook...the main diffrence is i paid a one time price of 500 and apple users paid 500 for ipad 1 another 500 for ipad2 and will have to pay another 500 for ipad3 and will probly still not compare to Blackberry.....ill stick to my blackberry and not get screwed like these apple loving americans

Jonathan Kopycinski