The Comparison Continues... BlackBerry vs. iPhone

iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2008 10:11 am EDT

I saw this one coming... Soon after last week's announcement of the iPhone 3G, I posted an updated version of our popular Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is No BlackBerry article called the Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is STILL No BlackBerry. This post got a ton of comments - mainly in agreement, with a few disagreements sprinkled in here and there (it seems gets some non-BB loving visitors these days too).

Now it seems our unimaginative friends over at The iPhone Blog have copied us responded with their list of the Top 10 Reasons Why the BlackBerry Compares Worse Than Ever to the iPhone 3G. In the name of all things smartphone, it is only fair to link to their response. BlackBerry Addicts won't be deterred, and those new to the smartphone world deserve to see both sides of the fanboy story. We've always been pretty fair to our BlackBerry competition (think Smartphone Round Robin), giving props where due and being vocal about things we'd like to see come to BlackBerry. There's just something so fun about putting it into a Top 10 List and giving a Smartphone a Gun. :-)

[ just razzing you boys!

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The Comparison Continues... BlackBerry vs. iPhone


Fun to read both sides. I work with technology everyday, it's my life I guess :(
Yes, Apple have created a great device in the iPhone, it really is very nice. Most of it's 'niceness' is to do with its great touch screen, however that's where it ends for me.
For day to day, “get-things-done” business use (and to some extent personal stuff) I think you are hard pushed to beat Blackberry devices. Looking forward to the Bold, and of course 4.5 OS for Curve 8320 :)

I see the iPhone as a fashion statement. If you want to me seen Startbucks with your iMac writing your (cough) script, by all means get the iPhone. If you want to get things done and increase productivity, get a BB. As someone commented on that post at The iPhone Blog:

"The iPhone is great for youngsters. Its the new Sidekick-looks cool."


(wirelessly posted from my Curve 8320)

It comes down to choice. You can choose which one fits your daily needs. I will reserve my final judgment until iPhone2 comes out in July and the Bold comes out. I plan to get the BB Bold but for personal comparison I will play with the iPhone2 to get my hands on experience.

But as the Apple side keeps defending the fact that there is no cut and paste. I know its not a big deal right, but it's a basic function of every smartphone, computer etc. I'm not saying if it had Cut/Paste that I would rush out and get one, but how does a business user work without it?

Hi Kevin,

I don't yet own a Blackberry (my current phone is the Nokia N95), and I love seeing these two phones compared and contrasted. My father recently got the Curve on Verizon and will not stop raving about it.

I was all about getting an iPhone as the hype for the 2.0 built up over the last month. I was hoping for more MP in the camera since I'm used to 5MP in my N95. That said, I am disappointed in the input options of my current phone.

I had a Treo 700p for previous cell duties, and I loved having the full-QWERTY. I miss having the ability to quickly type messages or easily browsing the web with a tap.

Needless to say, I'm now registered on Crackberry and I'm salivating over the release of the Bold. :-)

That's hilarious...clearly that 'top 10 list' was struggling to even see the number 10...let alone get to number 3 at the most.

At&t limits all their 3G devices to 1.4mbps, not just the iPhone. They do it to maintain network integrity and to prevent users from destroying their battery life. Most manufacturers like to brag about the "capabilities" of their 3G devices; there is a great difference between capabilities and actual performance however. Apple and At&t decided to just be honest about the iPhone and actually advertise the fact that it does a true 1.4mpbs, instead of advertising the capabilities it has.

If you read into this a bit more, you would have seen all of this information.

Ok, Just so the Iphone users that visit this site know that bashing the blackberry for all the downfalls the blackberry has that the Iphone doesnt...........I just got done having a 5 way blackberry messenger chat, looked up some news on my viigo program (project tango, here we come!) copied everything over to my new 8 gig card (can someone say REMOVABLE and EXPANDABLE indefinately as the os progresses), checked out some funny mobile youtube movies on my HIGH SPEED 3rd GENERATION CDMA EVDO REV A (holy crap, batman..its fast) Then ripped a Cheech and Chong movie through my computer and moved it for optomization to view on my beautiful display that is my curve.......THEN I ripped the most glorious As I Lay Dying's new album and hooked up my motorola s9 A2DP (thats right, cry your heart out iPhone) wireless headphones to listen to it OUTSIDE MY HOUSE (because it was raining, didn't want to get my baby wet.......) and opened up this site only to see the Terminator trying to kill my curve......For shame......However, as we all know in the Terminator movies......Arnold gets reprogrammed from the darkside (i.e. Apple) and fights for the good of mankind (BB!!!!!!) I carry 2 blackberries: 8330 Curve, 8830 World Edition and wouldnt trade them for the world in a phone.......LONG LIVE BLACKBERRY