Community Review: OtterBox Defender Heavy Duty Belt Clip

By Team CrackBerry on 10 Jun 2010 01:21 pm EDT
OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip

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Men and Women in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Fire and Rescue, and the military all know how brutal our line of work can be on items we use daily like sunglasses, watches, and of course our BlackBerry's! I've gone through my fair share of all of the above from nice Bullova watches, Oakley Sunglasses, and even BlackBerry Curves and Pearls alike. But then one day the clouds parted and up from the sea arose a company who's main objective was to stop me from destroying at least one thing I held dear. Enter... OtterBox.

Now I'm going to delve a little bit into why I love and cherrish my OtterBox and why so many of my colleagues have been influenced into leaving their lesser cases for this durable and rugged system. For those who do not know, the OtterBox system incorporates a plastic dust sheild (however I did cut it off around the camera and flash to keep my picture quality from degrading), a hard plastic case, and a rubberized outer skin. Then to top it all off Otterbox throws in a belt-clip holster to sweeten the deal making this one of the most cost effective ways to protect your Berry.

OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip  OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip

Wether you are squeezing between a very large trailer and a nice brick wall investigating a break in, running between an ambulance and a wreck scene, or even riding a motorcycle and worried about rocks flying up the Defender case manages to handle them all in stride. And just to clear up a few things, those are all scenarios I have personal experience with. And now, when I take my case off of my BlackBerry for whatever reason I am greeted by a BlackBerry that looks brand new.

However the one drawback to this rugged "made for action" case is the clip that only works on certain size belts and the occasional pocket. Based on this, it left me and my coworkers either leaving our phones in our vehicles which defeated the purpose of having a clip, or hanging it on our pants pockets. This was alright until we would get into a foot chase and all of a sudden our phone was laying on the side of the road or in some tall un-cut grass on the side of some run down shack. But thanks to OtterBox that will hopefully be a thing of the past.

OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip

OtterBox designed a new Heavy Duty Clip that has a 2" ... well ... clip that allows it to fit securly on a duty belt. The problem with the regular clip is that it would not seat completely over the 2" duty belt as the heavy-duty one does. As you can see in one of the pictures, the slightest upward bump and your BlackBerry is going to a little journey. I have actually almost broken a Storm but dropping it two stories to a tile floor because of a clip that did not properly fit my duty belt. I am exstatic to have a clip that fits.

I will say that the 2" claim does not leave much room for movement as it seams it is literally right at 2". However this could also be seen more as a positive as it will not be moving forward nor backward on the belt. The clip is also just as rugged as the regular clip that comes packaged with the case, and does also feature the magnet to place the phone in sleep mode.

All in all I would recommend this clip to any BlackBerry users using a Defender style case on their BlackBerry. While those of us with active and demanding jobs will realize the full potential of such a accessory, anyone with a belt fetish could also benefit from this accessory as well! So if you want to try one out, just head over to the ShopCrackberry store and search it up!

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Community Review: OtterBox Defender Heavy Duty Belt Clip


As a firefighter I love my otterbox. the only problem is that it's just so damn thick! I can't wear my phone on my pants under my bunkers as it's too big and the bunkers don't fit. so I typically shed the holster, and throw the, still well protected, berry into a pocket.

Terribly durable, well worth the money, very one.

Being a first responder i have dropped mine enough to know this case is all about the protection. I can feel safe knowing my small investment is protected even under the worse case conditions... I totally agree this is a must have.

Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for the Storm I, doesn't exist for the Storm II, and according to Otterbox, they have no plans on bringing it back.

My guess is what they have in stock for the other BlackBerry devices is all we are going to see.

I have tried for months to get them to reconsider and put these back into production, and keep up with the product line. It's really too bad that the only viable solution for LEO is now gone. I wish I had purchased one when they still existed.

My defender and commuter series cases have protected my phones on many occasions. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a top notch case to protect their device.

I used the defender for a while with my 9700 but the clips that hold the phone into place on the sides broke. Otterbox replaced but still was a pain. It does at quite a bit of bulk to the phone and I don't have a profession where I need to have my phone that protected at all times. Great product and does exactly what is advertised. 1 year warranty doesn't hurt either.

They do not make one for an extended battery on the Tour.

I had an otterbox for my Pearl a few years ago and loved it especially since I work outdoors. If they only made one for the extended battery case I would gladly go back.

For now I have a cheesy Seidio case in which the clips that hold the case together keep breaking. Piece of junk.

Well I just read this review and see that it isnt available for the 9630 Tour which is a disappointment, as I have recently started back working in asphalt plants. They have me laying on my back in drums, on belt conveyors doing everything from playing in the welding and cutting. The guys picked on me and told me I didnt want that expensive phone at the plants. I keep it on my side at all times. People think I am crazy...but I trust my case a lot. I now have to wear harnesses and was extremely excited to see the 2" clip but let down when I didnt see it for my
tour. Ol well Ill just have to wait. The case is the best out there for sure. Just wish the belt clips didnt wear out like they do.

I just ordered the Defender case itself, but cant seem to find the heavy duty 2" belt holster for it...does anyone have a link as to were I could buy one?

I have the Bold 9700....


I am a Federal LEO and I have the Otterbox Defender case for my 9700. I love the case but, the heavy duty holster is not available for it. I bought the case through Crackberry and thus far, I have broken my 2nd holster. The style the holster is made in is not tough enough to exist on my duty belt. The holders on the holster that keep the BlackBerry in place, just break off. It would also slide off as it is not made to hold on a 2" duty belt. I decided to suck it up and purchase the Seidio Innocase Rugged Holster Combo. It does have a holster that fits a 2" utility belt. It is due to arrive today (11 June 2010) so I will see if it does the trick. I did ask Otterbox if they intended to make a heavy duty holster for the 9700 and the reply was not for now. I trusted Otterbox for my previous BlackBerry and it was great. It's still a great case but until they make a heavy duty holster, it is no good to me right now. When I get the Seidio, I will take the defender case off and put it away (as a back up) until Otterbox decides to provide the heavy duty holster (hint, hint Otterbox).

Agreed, the fact that the defender case won't sit securely on a duty belt (or my thick CCW belt) defeats the purpose of the entire case in my opinion. I've had to just carry the phone in a pocket or jacket for almost a year while the belt clip sits on my night stand collecting dust. :p

As a LEO I purchased the Defender for my Storm 2. While the case is rugged and protects my phone every time I drop it, the belt clip broke 3 times in less then 2 months (the clip socket on the case itself also broke!) I gave up on replacing it and trying to attach it to my belt and I'm now searching for a different case. While I love my Otterbox I don't think I will ever buy another one, they have a poor R&D program.

I have been using the heavy-duty belt clip for some time now. I one for my 8830 WE and my 8330 Curve. I use my 8830 at work (no camera) and even bought one for a co-worker. They work just as described. If you haven't bought one yet and are on the fence, make the jump. You won't be disappointed. Just as the author tried, the regular belt clip on a duty holster just doesn't work.

I loved the heavy duty clip for my 8330, but there was one drawback. It was designed for a slimmer leather duty belt and I had a heck of a time getting it on my nylon belt. I can't wait for the heavy duty clip to come out for my new 9650, and I hope Otterbox takes the added thickness of a nylon duty belt into consideration when producing the product. Keep up the great work CrackBerry and Otterbox!

I purchased one for my bold and use it every day at the jail. my duty gear is always getting banged up on all the steel around the facility, and it hasn't failed me yet. the case paid for itself right after I put it on. I got a call and the next thing I know my phone was bouncing across the floor and smacked into one of the concrete walls.