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Common freestyles at the BlackBerry booth during CES 2011

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2011 01:32 pm EST

One of the cooler things the BlackBerry booth at CES 2011 had to offer (aside from the Playbook obviously) was the celebrity interviews they conducted. We sat in on both Adrian Grenier and Olivia Wilde, but I must say the best came from Common as he dropped this great freestyle on BlackBerry. He certainly worked in some love for a variety of devices and wowed us with skills. See it all on the video above - so good you may want to watch it twice :-)

Video Credit



Yeeaahhh I Love Common. Nice Rap.


haha i kno I'm lame but I actually did watch the video twice. :)


Haha, Common is one of my favorite rapper.


Favorite artist reppin my favorite phone! :) Seen him in concert 8 times and he never disappoints.


I know I am smeeking myself from another thread, but that Lara Spencer......mmmmm...she's a cutie....


I have no idea who Common is, but that was pretty cool.


*sigh* Common just wins from start to finish.


Damn he killed it nice, blackberry all dai baby


He was one of my favorite rappers of all time with classics like I Used to Lover Her, but now, rapping with blackberry... he's the GOAT!!! Nice freestyle Com'. Dudes a legend and actually a good actor too!


Common, too dope see he still refers himself as Common Sense... He should have never changed it.


You serious? They had Common freeestyle at the booth!??


They should of got Drake to do that since he needs his blackberry to freestyle....Zing!!



goodness gracious ..he has a big bulge in those jeans :-p


K this Lara chick is a downright smokeshow. Fake guns, rockin legs, etc etc....and she's at the berry booth to boot....she could convert any apple fan-queer.

I'm gonna start watchin ET

the brother

ummm Lara is the Insider, not ET lol...or is it both? anyways, Common is dope. sooo underrated. imma make a ringtone outta this. anyone interested? if so, flip me a PM or PIN me! ciao