Commercial in production for Verizon's new BlackBerry lineup

By Michelle Haag on 5 Aug 2011 06:26 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry 7

We've seen a lot of disappointed folks this week on Verizon that are concerned that Big Red won't be carrying any of the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones. We don't know the reason why Verizon hasn't announced officially which devices they will carry, but as one of the biggest wireless providers in the US, it seems silly to think they would drop BlackBerry all together. In any case, this tidbit of information posted in the forums today should help squash some of your worries. Christian Remde is a director, and he posted on his personal blog on Tuesday about his latest project, which happens to involve this exact subject. *Edit: Apparently between the time I wrote this and it was published, he edited out the BlackBerry portion of what you see below. Rest assured, it WAS there this morning.*

This week I'm directing for Invodo, an agency here in Austin.  One of their clients is Verizon Wireless and, in particular, I'm directing a web spot for one of Verizon's new Blackberry smart phones that are coming out in the next month or so.  Can't say too much about the actual device as I had to sign some NDA's, but it's a very cool project.
So fear not Verizon subscribers, you won't be left out of the loop when these new devices are released. As far as release dates and prices, well, those remain to be seen. Thanks for posting this in the forums xweb10!

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Commercial in production for Verizon's new BlackBerry lineup


Maybe this will stop some of the crying; but probably not, they are after all Verison customers so they'll always have something to cry about.

And before you start attacking me, I'm a Bell customer (Canada) so I know a few things about crying. I drink my tears for breakfast!

Please...its your fault for buying ***** BB. At least VZW has great svc coverages & cst care.
Ill pass all BB until they get all the features right like Android.

That, my friend, is quite possible the case. Patience has been forced apon us. I can only be happy that they are least getting it.

I know I will get some crap for this, BUT...

I spoke with our account manager (Government-Business) and was told 1 would be out this month (full touch screen) and the bold next month with Push to Talk...Not what everyone wants to hear, but our rep has been very accurate on releases. Also hinted the family data was coming soon too!!

I really hope that the 9850 is releasing this month :) my 9630 has been acting funky this past week :( I'm ready for my upgrade

Can't wait for Verizon to release, (hopefully this month). So I can leave my Storm2 for the Torch 9850!! (Can't wait to have real touch screen - with faster internet since i'm still on BB OS5).

I'm right there with you!! I get so much crap on a daily basis from android and apple users for having such an outdated phone. I'd have bought the torch1 but it's not for vzw. Can't wait for the 9850, I'll be in line day 1!!

Dude I am so with you... My Storm 2's touchpress underneath is going batty.

Here is to holding out Verzion... Hurry the *bleep* up.. My Storm 2 is on life support.

I've been with Verizon for over 10 years. After using only blackberry smartphones, I finally switched to an iphone last month. The iphone is far superior to any blackberry phone released thus far. I look forward to grabbing a QNX phone on Verizon next year. All other phones can just go back to the RIM museum or something.

I got a chuckle out of this line - "Can't say too much about the actual device as I had to sign some NDA's".

Someone obviously doesn't understand what NDA means! ;)


The whole purpose of a "Non Disclosure Agreement" is to not disclose any information... by putting this in his blog, he's kind of disclosing information about it.

Because if you sign one it covers everything from the ground to the stars. Everything is in the agreement. LOL Why do you think that they make you sign them.

Man, we're really pounding the carpet for crumbs at this point. Can only hope that Verizon does a sudden release of this thing.... and also hope that they aren't taking an extra month to load the phone with bloat-ware.

I contacted my local VZW store this past Wednesday, 3 August. I was told they would not and will not ever carry the Torch line. The date they have for new Blackberry models in the store is "at the end of the year.". She also said they still weren't sure if they would be 4G LTE phones. She strongly recommended I switch to an Android platform. I think VZW is ready to dump BB in favor of higher profit margin devices.

They're LIARS!!!!!! / they just say that to get you to upgrade & get your commission / when I was inquiring about the 9650 they said the exact same thing to me every single week at every store in town "Yeah Sprint will get it but not us, but how about getting the new Droid?" no thanks. / but Yeah, you'll be seeing the Torch & Bold soon enough ;)

vzw reps get paid to say that. They don't want you to wait for a phone, they want you to switch to an android that they have now.

I've been calling every few days to bug them, and I've had most reps tell me they don't know, and one tell me it's confirmed that they will be getting at least one of the new lineup, but she was unsure which one and when.

They are definitely coming to VZW. When who knows. I was contacted by me rep with a corporate sale for the 9650 today. I inquired about the torch 9850 and bold 9930 and he said "There is a reason for this promo". They are obviously cleaning out old stock.

I cant wait my storm 2 is on its last leg and that's with a great Hybrid build.

Yeah, even their ads in their booklets show the droid 2 & bb's all listed as "while supplies last" so the new os7 bbs will be here soon :)

Reps in stores rarely know anything about new devices. They most likely are not even aware that the new all touch screen device is now branded as a torch. They probably thought you meant the current slider torch which was an AT&T exclusive and will never come to VZW.

Thanks for sharing to crackberry nation, but I have a feeling its one more unemployed soul after that blog post! I just wished Verizon had the balls to just say "hey we got new BlackBerrys coming this year also"!

I do feel bad, to a point. If someone signs an NDA then ignores it by posting to their blog + twitter I can only feel so bad.

A Verizon VP told BGR that they would be launching three BlackBerry devices a couple months ago. You kids really need to tone down the drama.

I've been waiting for the 9850 for over a year. I have a 8330 that is literally being held together with duck tape. Only thing that the 9850 seems to be missing is a front facing camera. Come on vzw let's roll this baby out asap.

I hope the delay of an announcement by Verizon is because the Bold is getting LTE which would be especially sweet because LTE is finally due to drop in my area August 18th. I've been eligible for an upgrade since April but am willing to hang in there for a couple more months or so if it means LTE on this awesome device! I think my 9630 sees the writing on the wall, its been acting really strange lately.

haha too funny, small world... Yeah I'm very anti apple & android so I'll stick it out with my non-charging Tour.... 9850 seriously needs to be released soon and hopefully LTE / but either way I don't live within those "boundaries" that the newspaper said for 4G

I wouldn't bank on that one people (4G LTE). I believe these phones will be out within the next month. We all seen the video clips with the Verizon branding on all of them. We seen all the tech sites with the specs. I'm pretty sure we won't see those QNX/ 4G LTE phones til at least Q1 of 2012. Just going off past history.

LTE not that big a deal for me on my phone but it would be sweet to tether my PB and get LTE speeds, assuming mobile hotspot is one of those specs you mentioned.

I asked the lady at the verizon booth at bj's and she said there releasing 2 devices a bold and a touch it will probably come out the end of august or the beginning of september, but I guess well see. There rep was there the day I asked she said that means they'll be out soon.