Commercial: No More Butt Dialing Thanks to the Pearl Flip!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2009 12:56 am EST

Hahahaha.. Nicely done RIM & T-Mobile. Watch the Pearl Flip commercial above! Not sure if this is new or old, but this particular vid just popped up on youtube yesterday.

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Commercial: No More Butt Dialing Thanks to the Pearl Flip!


The first Blackberry designed for the rest of us?

I dont know how I feel about that. I dont feel bad, but I dont feel good either.

Maybes its the cough medicine. =(

relax. its just for people who know nothing about blackberies, and get them thinking they are just another phone. which is good, they need to appeal to the other demographics

but blackberries come with a lock feature, so u can sit on it and you but wont dial, or just put it in its case and it should lock automatically. good call, but they should hype it more than that, and actually show off the phone, like how sleep it looks.

I find this commercial to be a riot. No more butt dialing. That was one of the things about a BB that I never liked, having to lock it constantly. Yes, they come with a lock feature, just like many handhelds, but we remember the dreaded "phone unlocking itself in pocket because just the right buttons were somehow pressed even those that defeats the purpose of locking the phone in the first place."

I think the whole "BlackBerry for the rest of us" is a bit idiotic, but it's a good play on T-Mobile's part to try and win over people who might be wary of BBs. I've found my Flip to be comparable to other BBs and better in some cases. Well, we all have to make money somehow...

Kevin, I believe this a new commerical. Haven't seen it until today, as well! I think this is a promo commercial to roll out the BB Flip @ $79.99. T-mo is probably trying to dust off the Flip's that have aquired on their shelves and make way for the 8900. Makes sense, right? IMO I'd take the 8900 ANYDAY, hands down...if I was stuck with T-mo that is...I'll proudly stick by my BOLD.

Why people put their phones in their back pockets anyway.
Everyone I know that had a Razor broke their phones either dropping them out of windows or sitting on them. I never butt dialed but have done a few pocket dials with phones in the past, mostly calling VM and leaving long voice mails while driving or on a date (now that was funny)

Another back pocket problem, is the phone sneaking out when sitting in some types of chairs and staying there when you get up. Don't know how many times I have caught someone (mostly guys), leaving a restaurant to tell them they left their phone in their booth/chair.

But then I guess berry users know better than to chance cracking their screens, or is it they can't put it down long enough to put it in their back pockets? :)

An easy solution for that is just to use a BB holster. With the special magnets in the case the BB locks itself automatically when you put it in the holster and unlock itself when you get it out.

The best part is that you can use an additionnal profile settings for in or out of holster (ex. Vibrate in holster, ring out of holster). Also if you take out your phone of the holster after receiving an email it automatically open the email (genius!).

Looks like E*trade will be back in this year's Superbowl commercials - will be interested to see if the baby has a blackberry and what model.

I was hoping to see Tmobile advertise the new 8900 during the SB - would have been a good call from a marketing standpoint to do it, but I dont see any mention of it anywhere on the innerwebber so bummerz.


that is so freaking funny!! wow, i love it! T-mobile better watch out commercials seem to be getting banned these days. If they say "butt" who knows what will happen lol!!

I Love it, it says it all.

I have gotten calls from peoples "butt" phones

I really wanted the Flip instead of the Storm, but alais
I am a Verizon person, maybe later this year.

I have always had Flip phones until my Pearl and now my storm, I prefer them and do carry them in my back pocket.

Of course when my phone would ring, I would just say "excuse me my butt is ringing"

It always got a laugh,

I like it. I think it is old though. Why would the be advertising the pearl flip now? Any who, why don't they put funny commercials like this and the one in the train station on tv? All we get is boring, lame commercials that I fast forward through on tivo.

I will never own another phone that can dial my boss or anyone else again. Boss butt dialing has happened to me twice, and he heard everything around me. While phone was in holster. I thought I was very careful to use the lock out function. Flip phone, the only way to go. Yay! Hey Butt!

I actually thought the commercial was funny. I have by the way dial 911 by accident while my phone was locked. Holster had broke so put in pocket!!

Does anyone know the name of the actor & actress in this commercial? They look really familiar!?! Please help set my mind at ease cuz it's driving me nuts! Thanks!

I'm not 100% sure, trying to confirm for myself, but I think the actor might be Daniel Pudi. He's had a couple sit-com spots and is also in one of the more recent McDonald's snack-wrap commercials.