BlackBerry PlayBook Unboxing!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Apr 2011 10:03 pm EDT

Unboxing of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet!

Following up on Kevin's BlackBerry PlayBook Review, we have an unboxing of a BlackBerry PlayBook with retail packaging. This is the 16GB version, and aside from the markings on the box itself, it's safe to assume all versions will sport the same package design. Inside the box is obviously the PlayBook itself tucked in a neoprene sleeve (which I'm sure will get plenty of use). Included is a microUSB cable for connecting to a PC as well as the travel charger. Mixed in are a few booklets with warranty and safety info. Unfortunately no included microHDMI cable, but you can snag one at One thing to note is the power button on this unit does seem to be raised a bit (unlike Kevin's review unit) so no problems powering on or off from what I can tell - definitely a good thing. Now get to watching!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Unboxing!



Is Crackberry gonna do an updated review of the retail version? Obviously the power button is raised and the software will be more up-to-date.

Don't need a huge review like the pre-release unit (thanks again for that), but a quick list of stuff that's changed.

I am a little concerned about buying one right off the hop, perhaps I should wait to buy till some of the cons are figured out by RIM? How many improvements does the retail model have Kevin?

thats what im going to do, history has told me not to buy Rim products at release date, so i will wait a few months

We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

What's the difference from your pre-ordered version and the retail version? Other than you are guaranteed the a unit from the pre-order.

There is no difference. But I do not want to wait a couple of days for my playbook to arrive. I would rather have it in my hands when it is released.

Perhaps we should discuss the other device RIM is releasing... oh yeah, thats right, there isn't any yet!

we'lll keep up with all the phone stuff too.. don't worry. there'll just be a lot of playbook stuff mixed in with all the normal stuff. just skip past it if you're not into the playbook.

but dont worry.. bb world coming up so we should see some new phones to go hands on with.


u guys are effin killing me ive been reading everything about this playbook and will def buy HOWEVER i use my blackberry, email and bbm excessively on this out dated TOUR................i need some more specific posts on blackberry bridge (i know the app isnt out on app world or "the final version isnt available yet" as u love to say) but please dont undermine what is probably one of the most important feature the playbook has over its competition i need to see details on notifications in bridge footage of typing on the playbook in portrait mode in bbm group chat sms email (ive seen CES need more) etc....also will i be able to access apps on my berry on the playbook??? it always says email sms bbm and more.........what tha heck is more????????'
Deperatly seeking bridge details!!!
p.s. kevin i will RT this post till u notice me!!!!!

C'mon no stereo headset either? They show them on the Playbook website... Anyway..You can also pick up the microHDMI at ENUINC(dot)com for only $15. They are a local store for me but great customer service and the cables are great.

I got my micro HDMI on amazon a week ago for less than $2 USD. Prices vary, but I have had pretty good luck with the cheap cables i have received.

I'm curious much charge was on the battery when first opened it up? I'm going on a 5hr drive with 3 kids. Was seriously thinking of going to Best Buy first before going on the road but would need a decent amount of charge on it.

I'm so sorry, but I have to say this. Now I'm excited about the Playbook release, just as I'm sure every BlackBerry fan is. But isn't there a limit as to how much it can be unboxed/reviewed/compared to iPad/dissected for flaws in the OS/etc. Surely part of that BlackBerry magic is just a little bit of surprise? When I got my first BlackBerry 4 years ago, I got it for one reason - blind chance. I just heard the name, and thought 'well I need a new phone, might as well give it a go'. And I was BLOWN AWAY. Considering it was the original Storm, most of you will disagree, but with it being my first BB, I had nothing to compare it to right? So anyway, my point is that if you already know EVERYTHING about a product before you get it, there's no chance for any of that little BlackBerry surprise magic that made us all fall in love with our crackberries in the first place.

But there is also less chance of disappointment. When I'm spending $640 on a 32GB PlayBook, I better know everything about it before I drop that dough.

I love the fact that it brings a neoprene cover unlike the other "Pads". I would have liked to see some more out of the packaging though like a better manual, some heaphones with integrated microphones like the phones have, MicroHDMI and USB adapters at least. Sounds like a lot but remember we want to stand out from the rest.

One thing I will NEVER understand:

Why do companies just not copy Apple's way of packaging? I'm serious - it's part of brand experience and whoever has ever bought an Apple product knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Even those stupid plastic-bags for cables don't feel cheap with Apple.

Thank you for confirming that I don't have to buy an overpriced case or cover to protect my PB. I'm gonna rock that neoprene!

see the big countdown clock at the top of this page? well when it turns "00:00" (or less), then RUN, don't walk, to that favourite retailer of yours. make sure you are carrying at least $500 (+HST), okay friend?

I want to see a lot of accessories for the PB. I really want to see a Dock/stand that let's you charge it, output HDMI and connect a USB thing such as a hard drive or digital camera to it at the same time. I also wanna see a lot more wallet types that let you use it as a stand so you can watch movies on it or whatever while on a flight. A couple things I'd them to add is a turn-by-turn voice guided GPS, universal search- ala OS6 and BBM video calls. I really hope they add these features via updates.

How does the GPS work on the PB? Will it necessarily have to be on wifi/tether/3G to be able to work? Also, are any native map apps on the PB? I guess Google maps will eventually be available.

Read the reviews etc... GPS works standalone. Some MS maps junk is included, though I'm sure we'll see others. There's nothing about it that can't be fixed with future updates and apps, so don't worry.

Anyone know if the sleeve is reversible? Specifically, does it have the blackberry wording and logo inside and out? The pictures of the sleeve on have a blue sleeve and just wondering if these are indicators if it will be available in other colors sometime soon.

Would have been so nice if they made a package including a dock for say like 30-50 eur/usd added :D as its a MUST have

Great video Adam, thanks a lot. I haven't preordered mine but will definitely pick one once they're released. I really like what I see & for those complaining about the lack of earbuds, why not just use the ones that came with your Berry?? That's what I planned on doing or pick up a better pair. I also like the fact that it comes with that neoprene case too, that's a definite plus, I won't have to drop some more dough on a case right out of the gate, I can put it towards a charging dock instead.

After reading the reviews, I am hearing the same 2 things over and over. 1) People with FAT FINGERS have a hard time turning it on. 2) The email is not up to snuff as of yet.
And everyone is talking like this is the death of the company. Are they out of their minds or what? Our company bought a Nissan Cube, and after 3 months, it had 4 recall notices! Does that mean that it is over for Nissan? No.

We need to look at all the great things that this tablet can do ... and yes, I do love the size. It's portable, and I can take it everywhere without it being in the way.

In short .... there's got to be something good about it. It's a BlackBerry, and they are not going to put out just any junk !