BlackBerry Bold Touch montana gets caught on video

By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2011 12:31 pm EDT

Been waiting to see more of the BlackBerry Bold Touch? Check out the video above that has now popped up. Seems as though all of these upcoming devices are just a little further along in production then intially thought, although -- with BlackBerry World coming up that doesn't really surprise us much since we're expecting to get some sort of official announcement there. Although the video is just a brief walkthrough it certainly shows off how nice and responsive the touch screen is and needless to say -- we can't wait to get up close and personal with a Bold Touch of our own. Drop your thoughts in the comments folks, and remember this is the CDMA version not GSM.

Source: N4_BB

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BlackBerry Bold Touch montana gets caught on video


These videos are too short, even for leaked videos. I can accidentally sneeze and miss the whole clip. sheesh!

For those saying the screen may be too small... It looks as if the screen is still big enough to leverage the touch capabilities with ease. Looks like RIM has a winner with this phone!

Since you won't need an on-screen keyboard to type with the 9900/9930's screen size is large enough to do most other touchscreen functions.

Had to clean my desk from drooling when I watched this. Looks like the ultimate BB and can't wait to get my hands on it!

Did anyone else notice that the Twitter icon doesn't have the bubble around it anymore? Is this a newer version of Twitter or the leaked version prior to the version in BZ?

I know that the videos leaked are short, but what are all your thoughts on os 6.1 from the clips we are seeing?
BTW, Bold touch is my next phone!!

I believe the GSM version is suppposed the release a couple months sooner than the CDMA version.So say June for the 9900 and August for the 9930? Nothing official from RIM though.

Yes this is all of our next phones, but I wish they would show us more. Like the playbook for example, they showed you can can seamlessly transition from gaming to whatever and it still plays in the background.

For anyone who has 6.0 already this is basically a fresher version of it, but like all berries, I really want to see how this feels when you type on it. I love how the keyboard is stiff then melts to your fingers whims over time just right. And I love the ribbon, how it displays WHAT icon has the notification on it, its a more seamless transition than the android pull down menu, and much better than the iphones of course.

I know these phones are releasing in June most likely, because BB sends me that link to trade in my old phone by May 31st to upgrade....but upgrade to what, from the top of the line to top of the line?

At the end it shows the 3G Bands, 1 and something else...I know this is a CDMA/GSM "world" phone. Band 1 is 2100MHz right, what was the number that follows it? It looks like an 8 ??

Looks very smooth. Wish I could get some pics/video that would focus on the new Bold Touch's speakers.Hoping for the same sound system the 9000 had.

Its nice. But I am waiting for a Bold or Touch with 2 cameras on it. Rim needs to make 2 phones with dual cameras. I need to use this for my business. The Iphone has it I don't see why rim can't make one. Any ides?

i'll wait for the 2012 OS7 devices, i dont want to buy this then get disappointed that it wont run os7 :( like what happened with the torch i own :O

Well, I was going to get the Torch 2 for the bigger screen, but this does look good.

Looks extremely quick and smooth as well, hopefully the entire OS is so, especially the browser.

I want my GSM, CDMA sucks because it is not world wide compatible nor can you surf the web and talk at the same time.

I'm done waiting for the 9780 for AT&T, this will definitely be my new phone!
What's the difference between 9900 and 9930 ??

i really want this phone to be successful , i have being an iphone user for about 2 years and although i like the iphone i also like rim. soo my summer phone purchase will be either be this or the iphone 4s or 5 w/e it will be. if i decide to get this phone im planning on keeping it until 4g is officially rolled out a qnx dual core phones are up and running. COME ON RIM DONT DROP THE BALL!!

This phone looks great but sadly its about 2-3 years to late. there has been talks of this phone for years. seriously there shouldnt have been a torch or a storm 1 or 2 or 3. this phone should have been the one. I was a crackberry for years still check this site all the time. the original bold was the best phone this phone is too little too late. i wish rim the best but come on your competing with android (dont like it myself) microsoft (never had one but from what i have seen pretty good) and the iphone. Do you really think people will remember this phone after the next iphone is announced? I may buy one anyway for old times. Its like buying a record instead of a cd

Yes,the 9900/9930 Bold Touches are 2yrs later than they should have been. But that was because RIM was too busy telling us we all wanted a smaller BB like the 97xx & 96xx devices.Also RIM decided that it's customers couldn't work a touchscreen with out "click" feedback so we were forced to deal with the horror which is SurePress on the forgettable,"iPhone-killers" Storm and Storm II.

I despise touchscreens as a rule. On anything. That said, this has been looking like my next BB (have the 9780 now), but it appears the screen is too small. I think I would go batty trying to click with accuracy on menu items as is shown in the Options section in the video.

I have to agree, unfortunately, and "2-3 yrs too late" is not an exaggeration. RIM was the industry leader, they needed be out in front of this trend (touchscreen) instead of just waiting to react to Apple. Had a phone like my 9700 been out with a touchscreen in early 2008, they might have had a realistic shot at convincing people that a QWERTY was still a major advantage. As it is now, people have gotten used to touchscreen typing (even if they still suck at it), and RIM's phones are otherwise so outdated that it's too late for this.

Plus, as stated above, that touchscreen isn't BIG enough to really be useful. Even in the menus, trying to pick a specific option is much harder than it would be on an iPhone or Thunderbolt. And trying click on browser links with that thing? How do you do that when your finger covers up about 1/4 of the whole screen?

CDMA BlackBerries are kinda(very) rare around my country so I'm sure waiting for the GSM version cause this phone, it ROCKS!! (If it's affordable, I'm getting this. Either way, I'll get the Curve Touch-the one with physical keyboard not the storm like one)

i honestly like the idea of the bold touch having a touchscreen and a keyboard right below it... good idea rim but honestly i dont like how its a touchscreen and the screen is so small itself... maybe for others they would like but for me i would rather get a bold and have the best of both worlds forreal with a big screen for nice viewing

I've had a Sprint upgrade since last June 2010 and have been waiting for a BlackBerry like this, so hopefully the CDMA Sprint Bold Touch 9930 will be availible 1st couple of weeks this June 2011...and I will bet $1000.00 THIS will BE the flagship BlackBerry device for 2011...about friggin' time RIM! :)

Dear RIM please please please but the the leather battery cover on the final model, it would be the sexiest thing ever!