Contest: 50 free copies of Kino by Pootermobile up for grabs, and 3 t-shirts!

Kino by Pootermobile
By Michelle Haag on 5 Apr 2011 01:56 pm EDT

If you're looking for a fun and colorful theme, built with quality and packed full of function, then you need to check out Kino by Pootermobile! I really don't know where they get all these fun ideas for themes, but they never fail to impress me. The moment I installed Kino on my Torch I was immediately transported to the beach… well ok, not literally, but the sand-like background and blue dock full of whimsical icons made me feel like I was there. The unobtrusive clock at the bottom rests on a puffy white cloud that's just peeking up onto the screen. As you scroll along the vertical dock, a blue bubble with a little bounce lets you know what icon you're on. By far my favorite part of Kino is the little helper, Poots. He's a little red-faced BlackBerry Bold that shows you how to use each of Pootermobile's themes. In Kino, Poots appears on your screen, riding a unicorn!! And if that's not your thing, no worries because you can hide them in one motion.

Kino is available for $3.99 and compatible with BlackBerry 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9800. Keep reading after the break for contest details! You could win a free copy of Kino, or a TWP t-shirt!

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Contest: Pootermobile is celebrating their first anniversary this month!! How do you celebrate such an achievement? With gifts, of course. Not only do we have 50 copies of Kino to give away on Pootermobile's behalf, he has also sent us coupon codes for 3 free TWP t-shirts! You can check out the designs here.

To enter the contest, leave a comment below giving Pootermobile some love. Let us know your favorite Pootermobile theme or feature. If you haven't used one of these awesome themes yet, let us know why you want to try Kino, or why you think you deserve a t-shirt! The contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. One entry per person please as multiple entries won't count. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: 50 free copies of Kino by Pootermobile up for grabs, and 3 t-shirts!



I'd like to improve the look and functionality of my BB. I just have the most basic setup. I'm still a novice user but I'd sure like to give Kino a try.

Happy Birthday Pootermobile !!
Why I want to win? Summer's coming = summer theme for my Bold + summer shirt for me :)

Never used a Kino theme... yet!
They look unique and colourful, alot like my personality!
And it would look awesome on my Torch!!

I've never tried a custom theme for fear of clutter, but this design looks clean and simple just the way I like it!

Always wondered when the day would come that owning a blackberry could literally put clothes on my back ;)

I havent tried any of their themes but they look very interesting and unique. Would love to get some more unique themes to switch between.

*plus some love to Pootermobile for aiding with this contest props to you guys.

Showing some love.
Never used it but am looking now and I deserve a shirt b/c my girlfriend is asking me to post to win. If I do maybe I will get some special treatment ;). Got to keep the ginger crackberry girl happy.

I want to try Kino! Because when I see it, it is very unique, different from other themes and also very cute.

Congratulations Pootermobile on a great first year. I would love to try Kino out on my 9800 I love the look of the icons and the background is soo funny. I dunno if i deserve a shirt. But i will definitely take one to rep your company. I would wear it loud and proud. Pootermobile and Crackberry Rock

Still haven't seen a theme on the Torch that I like, but this one looks a lot different and worthy of trying out. T-shirts, well, we all need t shirts and black is perfect since I can wear underneath my uniform (military). Thanks CB!

If I win the Kino app and the shirt I will wear the shirt on four consecutive Saturday's, thereby showcasing Pootermobile to potentially thousands of prospective buyers which could lead to a substantial increase in revenue. All for a free app and a shirt.

Not that their themes arent cool, but for me, by far, the best aspect of their themes is Poots!


Riding his unicorn makes me think of Ron Burgundy riding to pleasur land!

I would love to try Kino....and I deserve the shirt because I recently lost a lot of weight and I want to rock the Pootermobile shirt...represent! :) Thank you.

Never tried anything by Pootermobile, but I've got mad newbie love for logo t-shirts and colorful themes because let's face it, the stock BB colors are boring.

I don't have any Pootermobile themes and always wanted to try one of their premium themes without paying first. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

Always up for one of Poots' themes! And Poots, I'll send the shirt to Reese to let him know he's not forgotten. :P Thanks Poots and CB!

I deserve to be happy. In order for me to be a little happy i hope i win a copy of the theme. If CB really wants me to be happy they will give me a free t-shirt.


me sportin my pootermobile T-shirt while walking down the street...
cat calls from many beautiful women exclaiming.."hey, pootermobile me your theme!"

I haven't tried any themes of Pootermobile yet, but since this one is pretty cool, i'd love to try it out.

Why i like a shirt? Well, everyone likes awesome stuff. ;)

Is This theme Inspired by Kino Bay In Sonora Mexico? i used to live in that Beach sooooo great!!!!! ohh i want this theme BTW

count me in for that KINO-theme... Nice stuff from pootermobile... I like them BLUE-POPUPs icons, they sure come handy for reminding 1 of "messages of life"... :p

I own a few of Pooter's themes and he's definitely one of the best out there!

I'd love to be able to rock a fresh new TWP shirt on my cross-country roadtrip my cousin and I are about to take! Vermont to California! Should be awesome!

So count me in for the contest :)

#Pootermobilerocks ;)

I want to meet Poots!

I tried one of their themes a while ago and liked it. Pootermobile makes owning a Blackberry fun!

i want tie theme because it reminds me of this old video game,that i used to play on the original Nintendo called Digdug...memories,memories,memories

Thats a Cool lookin theme....Am new to BB and really need a theme I am happy with.....But would be way cool to win a you some braggin rights....!!!

I've NEVER heard of Kino before so it'd be very cool to try one of the themes. I mean, this one looks very clean and simple and im all about simplicity :D

Free hugs to pootermobile! :D
I'd love to give Pootermobile a try (never heard of them before this!) because I just got a Torch and I'm looking for nice themes that will take full advantage of its awesomeness. :D

I don't have any "cool" looking t-shirts anymore. Its a long and boring story why so I'll just save you the trouble by saying that I would really appreciate one.
Txs in advance...

Anything with the word Pooter in it. I think with my hot looks and great body your companies sales would increase with me wearing your shirt.

I'd love to win this to give to the old lady. she just upgraded to OS6 on her 9700 and is still trying to figure things out.

I have quite a bit of Pootermobile Themes.. like iFail, Motus, Blink, Liege including the free ones such as Meridian..

I love the creativity that Pootermobile has put in its themes.. My fave one would be Motus. Too bad Pooty has not ported that one to OS 6.0 yet..
I also love the cute pooty icon in its themes..

KIno is probably one of my most anticipated Pootermobile Themes..Great Icon Sets!!!
Hopefully I can grab this one.

And oh.. Happy Birthday, Pootermobile!!!

I have my first theme of poots when its was free but after that i continue to take his theme because it's was wonderful

Poots always makes the BESTEST themes, quality work with a smile!!! I always buy his themes cus I know they will rock and have used them for years. Happy anniversary Pooter!! \o/

I want BlackBerry... BlackBerry want Kino... Kino want me! :) Kino really can bring back childhood sweet memories!

summertime is here and I need a Kino t shirt to bring it all in...or the Kino theme wooohooo thanks Pootermobile and CrackBerry!

This would be a cool summer theme - definitely different than other themes I've seen.

If I had the matching T-shirt, would that make me Pooterman instead of Mountainman? Hmmm - Pooterman.... Enough said.


hay i just got the BB curve 8900 from my brother and i am just 14 yrs old. i relly love game so pls cam i win this and try it cus i am really excited that i have a BB now

Wow.. This theme looks fantastic.. Another great theme by Pootermobile. Wish to have one copy please.. :)

Thanks Crackberry..

Hope the judges are still reading by the time the get to my post. This looks like a version of the corky corkboard theme I have had on other BB's. It would be nice to add to my library of themes. Thank you Crackberry team.

My favorite theme of pootermobile is shooter, because I really love war based themes :D
And I deserve a t-shirt, because I'm a big fan of pootermobile and also following him on twitter :D

i love the blackberry girl theme, but i would love to try kino. so pootermobile, theme me please, and happy anniversary Pootermobile, i love your t-shirts, the colors are unique and awesome. thank you for the great give away, you have the best themes that are more compatible with my phone.

Although I have never tried any of their apps, they do look cool. And so does the t-shirt. I love trying new apps on the phone.

I have not use any of PooterMobile's theme but hey, this theme is a new 'wake-up' call for the rest of the developers. SImple themes actually attract more users! I really like this theme!

with a tshirt design like that, I'll sure to wear it with pride! Even more with your theme on my phone!