Staples Canada Calendar Shows April 15th date for BlackBerry PlayBook District Sales Challenge

BlackBerry PlayBook Sales Challenge
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2011 10:20 am EDT

Here's an interesting photo we received on the good 'ole CrackBerry tip line this week.... coming from Staples Canada, it seems the district managers are planning to hold a challenge on April 15th for bragging rights for the District that sells the most PlayBooks that day. And it looks like they'll follow-up the challenge the following Friday, April 22nd, as well (I guess assuming they don't sell out the week before and still have inventory on the 22nd). 

I take this to mean two things.... a) that this means the BlackBerry PlayBook will be on sale in Canada on or before April 15th, and b) whatever district Winnipeg is in will probably win as I'll be there picking them up by the shopping cart load (kinda want to mount a couple into the headrests of my vehicle!).

At this point, it would be real nice if Research In Motion would just give us some official release dates and pricing, so we can quit with the unofficial rumors and move onto making plans to buy one on launch day. If it falls on a weekday, who's calling in sick for work?

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Staples Canada Calendar Shows April 15th date for BlackBerry PlayBook District Sales Challenge


I need to know if Netflix will come to Playbook. Also are we able to make Gmail calls with this?

I've read somewhere that you can watch it staight from the browser which means the browser does support silverlight and that you won't need an app.

I would call in if its on a weekday. Or at least take the morning off to grab one then come to work just to show it off.

Your comment is a joke. I've also seen your posts on the forums and they have been a waste of time as well. Don't waste people's time, please.

Take a sick day from work? MORE LIKE A SICK WEEK!

I wanna spend ALL week playing with my PlayBook!

How about just for people who have over 1000 posts? :D

I'm sure that would be alright.
If you do, i promise to leave my browser on, clicking refresh all day :D.

Well, typically RIMs stuff always seems to hit the US market a few weeks before the Canadian, so perhaps the March 27th date is correct (for US stores) - kind of strange that all the leaks seem to be Canadian based... Hhhmmm...

That has changed, Canada and US will be simultaneous now. It seems that the governments don't like the idea of giving RIM money and having their products released elsewhere first.

When did this change? Certainly not before the Torch release, or the 9780 for that matter. Also, when/where do you see the gov giving RIM money? I'm not saying your wrong, just wondering what your source is, I haven't heard such.

I read something about the prices being $499, $599, $699 depending on the hard drive. Is there an official page saying this or is it still unofficial?

It is still unofficial although I would almost guarantee that the price would be would be nice to see maybe a 32, 64, 128 maybe for a bit more money, or the same amount, just to be different...I do not think that will happen though.

Maybe RIM is going for the stealth lauch just to be different... lol. Just quitely release it and let all the stores do the advertising. it would certainly reduce the costs of advertising.

I Call Bull! The 22nd is a holiday in Canada. Why would they have a district challange when they are not even open?

Just spoke to a sensior Staples (Canada) rep and he told me April 4th as a release date. But they may bump it up.

Fingers Crossed.