BlackBerry PlayBook headed to Verizon?!

BlackBerry PlayBook headed to Verizon?!
By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2011 02:31 pm EST

As many folks already know the BlackBerry PlayBook is headed to Sprint and adopting their WiMax 4G services. What many folks never noticed was an obscure Verizon website had been put up advertising an early access program for Verizon users. The problem with the site is that it's never really been fully verified by Verizon, at least not yet anyway. Kevin noticed this site had gone up back on January 28th but still no official word was passed around. One could easily assume that if Sprint is getting a 4G version then Verizon is bound to as well at some point, despite using different 4G services as an all out LTE version has already been rumored. Or it could be that Verizon is going to sell the Wi-Fi only version for now too (an upsell to corporate BlackBerry Smartphone customers?). But you know what happens when people start to assume things. In any event, we sure do wish we had a code at the time when they were offering the early access.

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BlackBerry PlayBook headed to Verizon?!


Please RIM I have been waiting since September 27th to have the PlayBook in my hands, let's hope that they cans tick to their Q1 release date! This was supposed to be my Christmas present, now I may as well call it my early birthday present! Please RIM put the PlayBook on the shelves soon!

This also follows along the same lines for the leaked Staples employee preparation date for the PlayBook which is March 16. 5 more weeks hopefully! How can you agree to participate in the pilot program, and can you participate if you are in Canada

I don't understand why everyone is cutting down the PlayBook because of Blackberry Bridge. This is an added bonus over other devices like the iPad and Motorola XOOM. First of all you don't need to pay for extra data plans, you can connect it to your current Blackberry smartphone, and recieve all of the data from it, these are things that you are unable to do with iPad/iPhone or XOOM/Android.

Not to be a downer, but I looked at the WHOIS for's registered through GoDaddy. is registered through Corporate Domains, Inc. Same with
Verizon is through Mark Monitor Brand protection.

How was this website found? Because someone may just be playing. Or I could be wrong and RIM or Verizon would turn to GoDaddy for a domain :/

We'll see I guess.

Though if you check on GoDaddy, PLAYBOOKWITHOUTLIMITS.COM is registered by Marketing Werks. Which is a marketing agency that's used by Verizon, Sony, GM, RIM, and Shell just to name a few. So, most likely legit...

I hope AT&T gets the playbook as well at is where my Blackberry Torch is with. I am using Verizon 4G and I am not impressed. Why dont Rim sell the Playbook and let you pick what service you want to put it with.

If Rogers wireless is getting it, then AT&T is def getting. Just need to be patient and wait till it drops. And you do have to choice of what carrier to go with, just buy it from the carrier you wamt it should all be priced equally.

The Playbook needs to be on ATT my bb is with them. I have not heard anything about it coming to ATT at all

If the Playbook comes to Verizon I would be in line to get it the first day of release. Hopefully a Verizon playbook will mean that VZW is going to release a new BlackBerry phone soon too!

I can confirm that Verizon will be getting the RIM Playbook. Certain meetings & kickoffs were thrown & some future devices were confirmed (including the Playbook).

Verizon offered free Playbooks to some corporate customers (they offered my company 5, and of course we claimed all 5). You had to claim them with unique codes distributed through the reps by February 4th at this website. The Playbooks are NOT demo units and you get to keep them. They did not specify whether they were WiFi or cellular (LTE or EVDO). Word is whoever signed up should be getting them before the end of the month.

Wow! $500-Buck$ That's a lot if you asked me,...and that's for the 16GB version! Nah! The Playbook isn't in my book at that price....

...I'm now rethinking an iPad!

Um, I might be wrong, but accroding to people responding in the Office depot post the $499 price is the same as for the iPad so why would you go to the iPad at the same price?? If you are going to say apps then you shouldn't have been thinking about the Playbook at all.

I really think all of this phone carrier stuff is driven by blog posters despearate to find something negative about the Playbook. According to many people on here most iPads sold are wifi only, and this makes perfect sense to me since I don't want to pay for an additional data plan on top of the one I already pay for my smartphone.

thats true, i never thought about it that way. I'll proly stick with the wifi one personally since I'll still be able to pair it with my 9700.

Weeeeeell, not ONLY do i want this I want a NEW BB on Verizon so I can switch! I dont want an Android fone!!! RIM gimme Torch on Verizon! OR the NEW Storm!

I h8t ATT!!