Exclusive: New BlackBerry Curve Touch Image and Specs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2011 06:37 pm EST

BlackBerry Curve Touch

While the BlackBerry apollo and sedona are looking to be the next update to the entry level BlackBerry Curve line in a non-touchscreen format, following those devices a touchscreen variant is on the way. Pictured above is the BlackBerry codenamed malibu, the CDMA flavor of what will likely go to market as the BlackBerry Curve Touch, which is slated to be released in late 2011/early 2012 as the first Curve to lack a keyboard. Proposed Specs include:

  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM 8655 800MHz CPU
  • Radio: CDMA - EvDo Rev A
  • Display: 3.25" 480x360 HVGA
  • Navigation: Trackpad & Nav Keys
  • Keypad: Virtual QWERTY
  • Camera: 5 MP (with HD Video recording)
  • Memory: 1GB Flash + 512MB RAM, Hot Swap MicroSD slot
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPS: Autonomous & A-GPS
  • Connectivity: NFC, Micro USB, Bluetooth 2.1
  • Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, accelerometer

While the malibu is the CDMA Curve Touch, it only makes sense that a GSM version is in the works too. Looking like a sweet entry level BlackBerry!

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Exclusive: New BlackBerry Curve Touch Image and Specs!


Very nice! If the Curve being a low end model has specs like this, I'm excited to see the specs of successors for lines such as the Bold or Torch

This would truly be the S3. A CURVE???? Yeah, this is what we all wanted, a dumbed down touchscreen. Save your upgrade and keep your S2, people

That was my thought after looking at the specs. This will be for the kids while daddy get the Monaco! It really does seem like a Storm amped up to take BB6.

Wait, an 800mhz processor in late 2011/early 2012? What are they thinking? This has got to be wrong.

This is understandable with the curve being an entry level series. Expect much better with the Storm 3 and the Torch 2.

I honestly don't think there will be a Storm 3. After cancelling their initial development of the Storm 3, this is their answer to the Storm.

I am sure that the G2 has a newer snapdragon proc that is 800mhz. So when Rim does it they must be smoking something, or there has to be something wrong? Every phone does not need a damn 1ghz proc. It has to stay entry level as to make a bit of a difference between each bb or they will all be the same and then you would have something else to say. And I don't see any one saying that there G2 is slow in the least bit.

Yes, but the G2 came out in 2010. If this thing comes out in 2012 with an 800mhz processor, it'll be outdated the day it is released.

Newsflash: you're on crackberry the average person doesn't even know this website exists and couldn't care less about processor speed. They want to do facebook and have the screen look good and if they already own a blackberry they want bbm.

It'sa 3.2" HVGA Screen probably completely with RIM's terrible virtual keyboard. If they want to Facebook and haev the screen look good, this is not the phone for them. No one around here cares about BBM. Not everyone lives in Canada, the UK, or an emergent market where data caps are low and/or 3G infrastructures are just getting off the ground.

A month after release most Android Mid-Range handsets and even some higher end handsets are almost on par with a Curve as far as price is concerned. RIM needs to make better phones. Using the "it's entry level" excuse may work in some places, but it won't work here.

You can get last-gen iPhones for pennies on contract here, nevermind Android, WebOS, and WP7 devices out there.

So they finally released a phone that can compete with an HTC Aria. Oh wait, it's not even released yet. They coming out with an Aria-level curve... in mid-2011 when that phone came out almost a year ago... That's pretty sad.

the processor seems reasonable and I can only expect the battery life to be pretty good to. will this have a gpu of some kind in there?

otherwise an entry level device looks pretty good especially if the price is right.

if you want something faster, then the storm (whatever its called) is where its at.

They really seem to be muddying up the water with their device lines.

It was pretty clear for a while.

Pearl was the Blackberry Jr. line if you will. Candybar and flip.

Curve was entry-level with lower specs and chicklet QWERTY

Storm was touchscreen

Bold was high-end specs and compressed keyboard

Generations were defined by the series number.

Now you have touchscreens everywhere. A flip phone is its own line. A slider is its own line. The numbering system is arbitrary, with the Curve 8900 being better than both the 8500 and the 9300...

It's like they have a team of monkeys throwing darts at a chart to determine what line any given device will be in...

who cares? Pick which one you want and be happy there are so many choices. You people that look for things to b**ch about make me sick.

I think it's still clear enough. They're just splitting out entry-level and high-end touch screen devices.

Pearl-Curve line are all entry-level with a form-factor to suit whatever type you want, from flip to full-touch. I honestly wonder if we'll see any more pearl devices.

Style/Torch come next in the mid-level.

Bold still defines the High-end, with the forthcoming Monaco being its touchscreen partner

I think they are losing their way with so many models. It is confusing for the customer and a buyer could end up disappointed with a model that looks just like a better spec'd model. Manufacturers like Apple don't have that issue.

Losing their way? I think not. This is a better idea than the "one size fit all" iPhone form factor. Have some personality, get a BlackBerry :)

I guess the confusion factor is kinda what I was getting at.

Not everybody knows as much about BBs as those on this site.

Someone may go into a store asking for the "touchscreen blackberry" and they'll be confused by four different devices, two of which will look virtually identical, Storm 3 and Curve touch. Then there's the Dakota and Torch.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that we're getting so many choices. It's no longer limited to the exact same hardware in a half-dozen different shells. But I think a little more foresight could've gone into planning the device lines.

This just confirms that RIM is out to lunch. They are just sitting back watching all of these smartphones come out with 1Ghz+ processors with hi-res screens and putting out phones with 2008's technology. If they even want to stand a chance in the smartphone world, they need to get with the program, and get with it NOW. I used to be a die hard BlackBerry fan, but when it took 3 mins to load a web page vs. 8 seconds on a Droid, I made the switch. I have never been happier....that is until I get my iPhone. But RIM lost me as a customer a few months back and I see the same happening with more and more people in the very near future. They are killing themselves.

You are such an idiot its unbelievable. Please do not go to RIMs entry level phone message boards and say it sucks because it is not par with the top android phones. Do everyone a favour and take a long walk off a short pier.

I think you are the one that is out to lunch. What part of ENTRY LEVEL DEVICE do you not understand? They are putting 1.2ghz plus processors in their higher end models starting in q2 of 2011 and again a lot of us have been there and done that with the droids. They load a webpage faster blah blah blah. They arent reliable the battery life sucks and they are to big. Lets check how RIM is doing one year from now. They have several devices coming out that are all great in different ways, they CAN compete with the crap that is out now that people like you eat up like candy. Droid is good for teens and people who just want cool entertainment devices. But they lack quite a bit when it comes to being a complete device. People who love Blackberry for their best offerings are thrilled with what 2011 has in store. So if you arent interested dont feel the need to come on here and run your mouth like a punk. If droid works for you then great, but its clear you just want the latest gadget with your iphone comment. So play with your gadgets and the "my processor is better than yours" to make yourself feel better. We should be able to make positive comments on products we know are going to be great without reading your b*ll S**T comments.

You don't need a GHz+ dual core battery sucking, testicle burning hot as hell processor if you're not running a OS that is more about being flashy and looking pretty than being functional.

If OS's were women, android would be a crazy-fun drunken weekend bender with a stripper who I'd never give my home address or real phone number to. Like a "what stays in Vegas" commercial.

Blackberry would be the smart, intelligent and still pretty damn cute women I'd marry, who will have a successful career, live a happy life and grow old with.
... Oh yea, and her battery will last more than half a day and the heat from it won't scorch my scrotum!


lls....man that has to be the quote/post/analogy of the year, wait maybe century......so on point......

Good analogy.....but too bad you'd throw away the smart, cute woman after a year to get a newer smarter, cuter woman! LOL

OMG!! I am getting excited again with RIM!! This phone is beautiful..I have a bold and looking at this I will be more than happy to downgrade..
Ok I won't take it that far, but I hope they have a touchscreen on CDMA like this..

I was just going to post up the same thing. The specs of this device almost look exactly like the Storm 3 9570 that was rumored a few month ago but then canceled. Same screen, same amount of RAM, same camera and the same WiFi standards support. All they did was upgrade the processor, add a trackpad and add NFC.

Looks cool and probably my 2 year contract ended already at that time (2012). Better start saving to catch up on this (still a student here so better be saving up)

I'm just skeptical that RIM needs an entry level full touchscreen device. Just seems, silly, if you will. There are already a handful of "entry level" full touchscreen devices and they're cheaper than the smartphones RIM puts out. Therefore I'm just not sure anyone willing to pay the premium for a BB device is willing to go for an "entry level" all touch screen phone. I'm not sure there is a market for this particular phone, but time will tell.

I'm in agreement with you here. The way I see it, there is NO market for this in the UK. If someone wants an entry-level BlackBerry, they'll want one with a keypad. If they want touch-screen, then they'll happily pay top-dollar for something they can trust to work. I think this will use the Proprietary Of Shit (POS) that is SurePress. Obviously, SurePress being a POS is my personal opinion, but one I see running across the board.

After reading some comments my question is why does every phone RIM release have to be at the top of the market. All the tal about this phone will be outdated is dumb cause as I see it so will all of the dual core phones when they come out. With companines all ready saying tri core and quad core procs being released this year than all this shit is outdated. The fact remains the same this is an entry level phone which will be priced well for that market segment. This is a great way for RIM to not only play ball but allows them to interduce other options for those who do not want the best of the best from one brand.

slated to be released in late 2011/early 2012

Ok, yeah, I'll bite. NOT!

But this device will be successful, and I can think of two reasons why.....

1) The curve line has been a road warrior for it's level of specs. A great way to get into Berry for the first time

2) Kids, or teens, of whomever, will like this

3) Will be a hit for RIM overseas

There is definitely a market for this device. Everyone slammed RIM for the Style but yet it is Sprints best selling smartphone. RIM's market research team KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!

I was gonna bite on the Apollo, but if my carrier picks up the Curve Touch... I just might leap into the world of touchscreen! I just need it to work reliably, and be able to stuff it in my pocket... not carrry a larger "better" Android device in a large holster, and have to carry a charger along too!

This is kind of cool, but I agree with some of the posters that it's a bit confusing that there's now a touchscreen device in the Curve line. I'm not impressed by the screen resolution--really, couldn't they bump it up a bit? I know it's a Curve, but still...and until I see something new with the BlackBerry OS I'm content with the switch I made. I might come back to RIM, but not anytime soon.