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JeeoSuite enters private beta testing - Want in? We've got 100 invites for our readers

By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2011 05:52 pm EST
While you may not have heard of JeeoSuite as of yet, we're pretty positive that once you get your hands on it you'll pretty much love it. The WiFi web portal designed for BlackBerry smartphones opens up quite a few options for BlackBerry owners. While some of the features have been around for a while, no one app has been able to bring them all together in as nice of a package as JeeoSuite. So what does JeeoSuite do exactly? Glad you asked. Check out the features listed below:
  • File Browser: Access your SD Card and Device Memory. Upload, Download, even stream media over Wifi to your computer web-browser.
  • Security: Upload / Download permissions can be quickly toggled right in the app for added security.
  • Optimize Memory: Never pay for a Memory Cleaning app again! Free up memory with the click of a button in JeeoSuite.
  • Screenshot: Take a snapshot of the current screen on your phone. Screenshots appear in your computer web-browser allowing you instant access.
  • Locate Phone: Nothings more frustrating than trying to find where you left your phone. JeeoSuite will send out an audible alert so you can track it down.
  • Bookmarks: Create and Edit Bookmarks. Take them with you where-ever you go and browse them on any computer.
  • Dashboard: View your phones vital stats like Memory Usage, OS Version, Battery Life, IP Address, GPS Location, and more in the System Dashboard.

The set up process is pretty darn easy as well. Download, install and enable WiFi. Once enabled, you'll be given an internal IP address to which you visit via your computer web browser. From there, you are presented with the JeeoSuite dashboard that allows you to control all the features available. The option to screen cap from your device to your computer is fast and easy and I won't admit to how many times I've had to use the locate phone feature to find my BlackBerry. A premium version is scheduled for later release but for now, we've got 100 invites to give away thanks to MBLWare. Drop some comments on the post, we'll pick some winners for next week.

*Also, please note: Jeeosuite makes use of the WiFi on your device. If your device does not have WiFi, please do not enter. It's rather pointless.*

Click here to learn more about JeeoSuite


Count me in.

count me in, it looks awesome

DEFINITELY wanna try this out!!!!

@WesBerry :)

Yes please. Thanks CB and Thanks MBLWare. Looks like something that would be incredibly useful.

Would love to try this on my Torch! Looks quite awesome.

I'm in! Hope I win.

I would love a copy

Sounds awesome. I'd love to try it.

Am I first? Pick me!

I am in - I never win anything, my time.

Thank you, I would try it myself.

It look nice the App

Count on me!

Would be an honour to try it out.

count me in, looks like a great suite of software.....

I'd love to try JeeoSuite

This is cool, I would try it.

It sound great!!!! I'd like to try JeeoSuite!!!! ;) Thanks CrackBerry!


I am in it, to win it!

sounds nicee! i would love to try this out on my 8530!

I'll try one! Thanks Crackberry!

I'd love to test this out

Beta tester number 1

Would love to try this on my Torch! Looks quite awesome. Thanks a lot Crackberry, You guys rock

WOW... i love the UI... very impressive list of features.... looking forward to it


Wow that sounds like a "must have" application! Count me in!!!

Ooooh! Countith me inith! This program seems rather incredibly attractive.

This would be the ultimate app for me, it would be very useful, a must have app indeed.

Thanks CrackBerry for this chance.

I'd like to test it out !

Yes please! Would love this for my 9650

Me me me I love what this could do for my phone

Please count me in


count me in

please delte

please delete

As I see from BlackBook and mbivault they do great job wanna try this one. Pick me!

Count me in please!!

Would be great to give it a test on my Storm 2! Looks like a must have indeed! Count me in!

Greetings from Azores Is., Portugal

Would love to try this on my 9670.

I want it!!


Just the app I've been looking for, and it is in beta! I have also been looking for something to beta test.

I would love to be a beta tester...pick me!

I want it!!


That looks amazing. :D

pick me!! :D here in Italy we never get beta BlackBerry apps

Would love to give this a try, thank you!

Sign me up for this one! Wanna try it!

I want an invite

I want it!!

Would love to give this a try!

LMAO. Band of Skulls in the screen shot. "You're just like the rest of those girls..."

I'm in!!

Yes please!

Alright, Crackberry. I'm game for this app. Let's give it a shot! :D

I would love to take part, thanks. Nick

Sign me up. This is brilliant, and shows that everything should be web apps instead of native apps.

Wanna try it. Sign me up.

Can I win, please?

Can I get some??

Oooooo pick meee!!

If you need feedback from a 9520 user count me in :)

Yes please!

I definitely want in on this!
Sign me up :)

I want in

Please sign me up..bjodell1978

Count me in!!! Hope I get an Invite! :D

Let me know if a Torch beta tester is needed.

double post :/

Thanks :)

Would love to give this a whirl :-)

would like to try this please :)

Count me in!!!

Sign me up! It looks amazing! Thanks CB!!

Would love to have this!

I will...
cry if i win.

Make it rain, boys.

Looks like a great app.Lets try it.

Ooooh yes please!!

I wanna be a testa!

I would love to give this a go! Love the all-in-one apps, so much easier!

I would definitely like to give this app a try.

Sign me up please

I'd enjoy this app!

si por favor, I wanna try :)

yesss sign me up :)

and one more^^

Sign me up! I have a blackberry style! This app sounds awesome!

Seems like an interesting app. Would love to be part of the Beta testing, I live in the Caribbean so we don't really get to test new apps..

Sign me up please

Sounds nice to try!

I'd relish the opportunity to give it a try, what a great CB giveaway! Fingers crossed!


Would love the opportunity to use this app!


Count me in!

count me in!!

Wow just for the screen capture alone this would be one of my favourite apps.

Sounds great. I'll beta test

I would love to have a copy of this application

i want this baby!

Just put OS6 on my 9650 last night. I'm all for doing some beta testing! :-) Thanks for giving us so many goodies.

count me in!!

count me in!!

count me in!!!!

this looks to be intresting?

Count me in & thanks to MBL Ware and Crackberry for the invites.

Show me the Jeeo...

I would love to take this app for a spin. Please hook me up. Thank you!

Cool; count me in

Sounds like a useful app, i wouldn't mind giving it a run

this looks awesome, i'd love to get an invite

It's been quite a while since this kind of app appeared. We need more alternatives!


Looks like a cool idea. Count me in

Go ahead pick ME! I know you want too! Please and thanks in advance :-).

I would love to test it!

Wouldn't mind giving this a shot.

Me! Me! Me!

this looks pretty cool!

I'll test it out on my Torch!! Count me in.

I'd love to give this a try...looks like awesome handy software:)

Let me try it, please.

Longtime BB user & beta tester... would definitely love the opportunity to get a crack at this app!

Count me in, i wanna test it!

I'd love to try this out. Sounds like it's something I can get used to.

Please I want one :)

Please and THANK YOU haha. I would love this app on my phone!

This looks like a great app, count me in.

I consider myself a power user and think this would be awesome, love to give it a try on my 9780!

Looks Great!

I'm down.... im a pro qa tester too

This looks sweet. I would like one.

I'd love this!

Cool sounding app... I'd be curious as to how they basically have a web server on the phone$

Looks awesome!

Oh Yes Please!!!

Would love the chance to try it out :) Good Luck everyone!

Looks awesome!

Yes please. Thanks CB and Thanks MBLWare.

Fosho!!!! Yes!

Looks like a nice APP, I would love to try it.

Holy efficiency bat man . This would really be nice to try.good luck all

Yeah!! count me in too!!!

I would love to try it out!

Would really like to try this, thanks.

Pick me! Pick me!


definitely interested in doing this especially the media transfer :)))))

toss an invite my way please. This sounds awesome.


Please do count me in!


This sounds awesome! I want in!






Please allow me to beta test this

I'm a crackberry loser! Let me win, this sounds neat! Love u CB

Would love to win one!!!! Hope I get one

I am in!!!

Hey CB people! I am always looking for new apps for my Torch. This looks to be a fantastic addition to my phone and will be very helpful when doing just about anything! Looks great and I would really appreciate a copy- please and thanks!

will try

Pick me! I am a professional software tester!

This app looks to be one of the best apps that has come out in a while.

I need something like this so if I can be one of your testers you would have one happy tester

i'd like to try this out!

love to try

Would luv to try this one..

pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be great! for customers lazy about backing up thier equipment. They usually come in angry about the wait time for repairs and it's the need to complete "Backups" that ofter create the wait.

Sign me up please! Always willing to try a new app!

Pick me!

Pick me!

Definitly an awesome thing to test ! I'm in !

Now that's a suite of tools a Geek could use... I'm ready for it... Plz

Looks awesome, Would love to test out the beta!

this would be perfect and is exactly what Ive been looking for! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

I'd love to be a part of this beta. the app seems pretty great! sign me up!

WOW. What a great idea for an app! I'd DIE for this beta :)

This sounds great!

Pick me I would love to test this app I am super excited :D

I got me a WiFi BB, so I'd love to have this, please! :)

Count me in. Looks awesome

This sounds interesting, I'd appreciate an invite. Thank you!

Comment....I just went back to a Blackberry Bold from an EVO. I <3 BB!

Yes, i'd like to compete as well! Thanks!!

probably too late, but I'd like to try it

Count me in. Looks awesome

Hi, I would like to try and contribute as well. Thanks!

Sounds interesting. I want in!

This is right up my alley. i definitely want to give this a try. Please pick me.

Would love to try this on my new Torch! Sign me up if there are still invites to give away - hot ticket item I see!!!

First hundred or random? *crosses fingers*

looks good

pick me!!!

I'm in

Would love to try it! Thanks in advance.

Sounds awesome I want in

I would SOOOO love to test this!!

I would LOVE to win this soooo much!!!!

I'm in

Enter me please!

looks very innovative

That looks like a great app. I would love to win that.

sounds great, thanks!

I'm in

I'm in

i'd love to try this out

can i get one please

pretty please?

Woho! put me on the ballot ;-)

Awesome! I would love to win this.

I want in on this as well!

Pick me! I'm a software developer, and can definitely help with testing!

!Golly Jeeo!

Power Users Of The World Unite!


I have never commented on an app before! This one sounds like a must have for Blackberry owners! Would love to try it out!

I'm down with thiS app

I hope I can get an invite

Would like to try, thanks again

Looks cool! Would love to test this out.

I would love to use this software!

I am in.

this is what ive been looking for

I am in.

Would love to test this out!

Count me in that looks great

Please sign me up! Thanks

Great program. Thanks for the opportunity.

i'm in

getting my 1st blackberry this week. Would love to try this. THANKS

I would like to try this.

i'm in

i'm in

i'm in

i'm in

i'm in

i'm in

i'm in

Sounds sweet

Ohh yea! I want in.

Thanks CB

I am so down!

I would love to win, thanks!

count me in

Awesome another great contest!

One please

Count me in,looks sweet !!!

I would love to get my mits on this!