JeeoSuite enters private beta testing - Want in? We've got 100 invites for our readers

By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2011 05:52 pm EST
While you may not have heard of JeeoSuite as of yet, we're pretty positive that once you get your hands on it you'll pretty much love it. The WiFi web portal designed for BlackBerry smartphones opens up quite a few options for BlackBerry owners. While some of the features have been around for a while, no one app has been able to bring them all together in as nice of a package as JeeoSuite. So what does JeeoSuite do exactly? Glad you asked. Check out the features listed below:
  • File Browser: Access your SD Card and Device Memory. Upload, Download, even stream media over Wifi to your computer web-browser.
  • Security: Upload / Download permissions can be quickly toggled right in the app for added security.
  • Optimize Memory: Never pay for a Memory Cleaning app again! Free up memory with the click of a button in JeeoSuite.
  • Screenshot: Take a snapshot of the current screen on your phone. Screenshots appear in your computer web-browser allowing you instant access.
  • Locate Phone: Nothings more frustrating than trying to find where you left your phone. JeeoSuite will send out an audible alert so you can track it down.
  • Bookmarks: Create and Edit Bookmarks. Take them with you where-ever you go and browse them on any computer.
  • Dashboard: View your phones vital stats like Memory Usage, OS Version, Battery Life, IP Address, GPS Location, and more in the System Dashboard.

The set up process is pretty darn easy as well. Download, install and enable WiFi. Once enabled, you'll be given an internal IP address to which you visit via your computer web browser. From there, you are presented with the JeeoSuite dashboard that allows you to control all the features available. The option to screen cap from your device to your computer is fast and easy and I won't admit to how many times I've had to use the locate phone feature to find my BlackBerry. A premium version is scheduled for later release but for now, we've got 100 invites to give away thanks to MBLWare. Drop some comments on the post, we'll pick some winners for next week.

*Also, please note: Jeeosuite makes use of the WiFi on your device. If your device does not have WiFi, please do not enter. It's rather pointless.*

Click here to learn more about JeeoSuite

Reader comments

JeeoSuite enters private beta testing - Want in? We've got 100 invites for our readers



This would be the ultimate app for me, it would be very useful, a must have app indeed.

Thanks CrackBerry for this chance.

Would be great to give it a test on my Storm 2! Looks like a must have indeed! Count me in!

Greetings from Azores Is., Portugal

Seems like an interesting app. Would love to be part of the Beta testing, I live in the Caribbean so we don't really get to test new apps..

Just put OS6 on my 9650 last night. I'm all for doing some beta testing! :-) Thanks for giving us so many goodies.

Hey CB people! I am always looking for new apps for my Torch. This looks to be a fantastic addition to my phone and will be very helpful when doing just about anything! Looks great and I would really appreciate a copy- please and thanks!

This will be great! for customers lazy about backing up thier equipment. They usually come in angry about the wait time for repairs and it's the need to complete "Backups" that ofter create the wait.

Would love to try this on my new Torch! Sign me up if there are still invites to give away - hot ticket item I see!!!

I have never commented on an app before! This one sounds like a must have for Blackberry owners! Would love to try it out!