BlackBerry Torch 2 details emerge

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2011 01:36 pm EST
Blackberry Torch 2 details emerge

Just in case the other two device leaks weren't enough for you, how about some details about the BlackBerry Torch 2? Well, alright then. The BlackBerry Torch which was released not all that long ago now looks to have a successor already in the works. Realistically, the updated specs look more along the lines of what the first BlackBerry Torch should have been considering many folks took issue with how little of an advancement the original BlackBerry Torch was. Have a look at whats been detailed for the BlackBerry Torch 2:

  • 1.2GHz processor
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • 3.2-inch VGA 640 x 480 capacitive display
  • 8GB built-in memory
  • 512MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • 5MP camera with flash
  • Magnetometer
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • BlackBerry OS 6.1
  • OpenGL ES
  • 14.6mm thin

So if you're unhappy with your current Torch maybe the BlackBerry Torch 2 is more fitting for you? These are the specs we have been wanting. Sure, there is no dual core listed there but 1.2GHz is nothing to shake a stick at. While specs and all that are great to look at the real question remains with the OS though. Does OS 6.1 make use of the new specs and hardware? Sticking a 1.2GHz processor in there doesn't really mean much if the OS is not optimized to make use of it. We'll find out soon, as noted in the source link Research In Motion is tracking Q3 for the release of the Blackberry Torch 2.

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Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Torch 2 details emerge


1 QESTION ONLY. Where are the APPLICATIONS STORED? If its on the 512 of shared RAM then why are they bothering? You can not develop Apps for this platform. Modern feature rich applications are often 200-300 megs on their own. It is hard enough to port games and applications to JAVA to begin with but having to cut a 200 meg app down to 20 and knowing that even at that size 50% of BB users will reject the application on size alone is why this platform is dying.

Wrong. Modern games may be that big. But if you're really trying to port games to BB you're wasting your time. Rule #1: know your market.

Too true. It's not just about the company knowing their market, but it's also about the market knowing the company. People should know by now that this is how RIM operates. They launch a device, wait a few months, give it a minor upgrade, and launch it again as something brand new.

I don't know why people act so shocked when this happens. This is RIM's pattern, and they just won't change. You can either get used to it, or you can jump ship... but RIM will never change.

I agree, this is how RIM behaves. It's still an growing company and there's something that they are doing right that people are still drawn to the Blackberry brand. They have a 10 year plan and have invested heavily into the in future (QNX). Whether you like it or not, it's how they operate.

Exactly! And that why I finally jumped ship after the Tour. Wifi, a trackpad and some memory could have --and should have been -- included to begin with. Maybe I'm not RIM's market, but I like a handset that that doesn't make me feel like a paying beta tester. Or a sucker after 6 months.

I jumped ship and jumped back. The fact is if your primary purpose is communication (phone, email, BBM etc.) you can't beat Blackberry. So why the carping? If you want to primarily play games on your phone don't get a blackberry.

And what's up with Blaze? "If you don't like your Torch"???? I have one and it's great, I'll probably upgrade to Torch 2 or the new Bold, but that doesn't mean I don't like the Torch.

It's one thing for iFags to come on here and bitch, but for the crackberry team to be so negative is just dumb. Concrete criticism is fine but lines like that one? Guess your getting mixed up since you get paid by android as well.

Oh yeah I forgot most of the team is made up of whinning Canadians. Inferiority complexes to the front of the line!

I'll ignore the iF**s comment and the one about Canadians and agree with everything else you said!

I, too, don't expect to be hearing phrases like "If you don't like the Torch" from the CrackBerry team. I love CB ofr news, reviews, and info, but this really takes away from my confidence in the site.

CrackBerry is supposed to be a PRO-BlackBerry site, for fans, by fans. That doesn't mean constructive comments or recommendations of additional features RIM might add are unwelcome; those are good too. But what I don't want to see are these types of blanket-negative comments about the devices.

I love my Torch, but will probably upgrade to the Torch 2 when it comes out... what I'd like to see is more about why we should buy the Torch 2, rather than comments suggesting we wouldn't like the current Torch.

Whoo, good thing you told me that. If you hadn't, I might have continued to develop my feature rich, professional-quality app that clocks in at just a hair under 1MB and includes several custom bitmap and truetype fonts. ( - yep, that's me, shamelessly plugging again).

Seriously, if you're making games with extensive artwork then MAYBE you should be using that many resources. In almost any other case, though, I'd suggest that if you need 200MB or even 20MB you're doing something wrong.

If you still think you need to do it that way, think outside the box. Find a way to get the assets on the device's file storage instead of bundled with the app -- that actually will make your life easier in terms of releasing resource updates too.

RAM isn't where you store the applications! All the data on RAM is deleted when you drain your battery or reboot. RAM would be where you'd store such things as "where is the character on the screen?" or "what webpages are open in what tabs. You'd store applications in the 8GB of internal storage most likely, and while you probably can't store apps on the media card, you can store 32GB+ on it and use the internal memory for applications. The largest app I have personally seen is around 5MB, so you can fit around 1600 of those apps in that memory. Even with the 200MB apps you described, you could fit 40 of those.

wrong. The RAM is where the apps are stored. I have the Torch and I wish I could get apps on the 4GB of onboard memory. The 512 of RAM is where it goes no matter what. the 4GB is basically the same as a memory card. And then of course there is the memory card, mine is 16gb, it can store no apps its all media and maybe a file or two.

After this fresh round of rumored "upcoming devices", AKA RIM's Recycle/Reuse/Reduce market shares plan, I am more convinced then ever to end this love affair gone astray. OS 4.6 through the upcoming 6.1 has offered little more then an updated UI.

You have to expect it though. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. RIM's devices do exactly what they claim to do and do it well. BlackBerry's are great business smartphones, but there is a share of their users that do not use them for business and that share is getting smaller by the day.

1.2Ghz processor seems like a waste on a BB. Theres no BB apps out there that require that much power. They NEED to allow apps2sd install. Thats why I got rid of my damned 9700. Too much frustration waiting for RIM to innovate.

I agree, i have always used BB products. I tried the torch the first day of release. ALthough it's a reliable phone, i have to say for the original price it was disappointing. This phone couldn't compare to any half descent smart phone. I do not game on my phone, but I'm referring to the terrible screen resolution the relatively slow processor. The torch 2 should have been the torch 1. Torch 2 i was expecting more then this, if the rumors are true, I'm finally going to go iphone like everyone else.

2012, eh? Wow, I think you're giving them a lot of credit. I was thinking more like 2014 at the very earliest.

apart from the 1.2 GHZ speed bump i see no major change really.... call me when QNX comes around.

I get the reasoning why they pushed out Torch 1 when they did, but I think RIM would have helped itself out tremendously had this been the first generation device.

Better late than never, but I think they'd do themselves a world of favor if they were somehow able to get this thing out Q2 ahead of the iPhone refresh.

Did I just read iPhone and refresh together? NO WAY!!! God Jobs would nver refresh a phone! That would be what RIM does. God Jobs only put out new phone which advance us into the next century even year or so. He shows us the path to eternal happyness, while $%^& us up the ^&* wth product like the iPad aka big iPod touch. But we must all praise God Jobs because he tells us that we should.

Honestly, I own an Torch and love it. Does what I want and does it well.

Face the fact that if you are on this site you are a techno nerd and totally irrelevant as far as smartphone market share.

The iPhone is gaining (at the moment) because of marketing and marketing only. I'm not saying the product doesn't have some nice specs but face the fct that it is marketing that is driving apple. Android is ganing because every producer and his dog is building android phones.

My guess is that in a few years android will dominate the market (in the US) with apple occupying the high-end and blackberry the business market.But market share isn't important, what's important is getting a phone that does what you want and for me that is Blackberry.

Too True... BlowJobs simply denied that the iPhone4 antenna design was defective, because Apple marketing slime and profits have precedence over truth, customer service and product quality. 

It's a step...though is it just me or does anyone else see a front-facing camera on that render that isn't mentioned at all? Also 1300 mAh battery is weak, especially for a 1.2 GHz processor. Add QNX and then this would truly be a paradigm shift for RIM...maybe Torch 3?

Agreed. The faster microprocessor and higher resolution screen will just make that tiny battery die even faster than in Torch 1.

I have my fingers crossed for the Dakota.

No front facing camera.. you see a LED and a proximity sensor.. That's it. You won't see a FF camera on a BB unless it's the PlayBook for quite some time yet.

The Torch is AT&T's baby, I don't think anyone should expect that line to go to any other carrier (in the US at least). see Storm, Style.

I agree this should have been the original torch, just like the 9780 should have been the Bold 9700. Same with the TOUR line. We will have to see on the RAM, I can't see them putting less RAM in this phone then the "Dakota" they previewed today. Glad to see they improved the resolution.

Just like Windows 7 should have been the first Windows, and the Gallardo should have been the first Lamborghini, and the G36 should have been the first rifle.

It's progress. Appreciate it for what it is....

seeing is believing, but dreaming doesnt cut it yet!!! Me wants announcement from mike himself with apologies for being late and not intouch with reality...

Jesus H RIM! Stop with all these new devices. My Torch1 is getting older and older by each CB post. lol Just kidding, I still love my 9800.

I honestly don't believe any of these rumors. Photoshop does wonders on some. And the fact that they are showing nothing but GSM type devices tells me that it's just somebody's wish list.

First I was excited bout the Dakota rumor...

But now, after that - I´m doubting all rumors...
1,2GHz? Mike said that we won´t see a GHz processor on a blackberry...

I could be mistaken and too lazy to go back to the article but I think he was referring to dual core CPU's, saying that QNX would benefit running on dual core rather than single core. Again, I could be mistaken.

I also belive he said that. Something along the lines of having QNX on dual core systems. So a 1.2Ghz phone would be possible for something of the 6.1 OS.

RIM is pathetic. All they have is refreshes. 9700>9780. Torch>Torch 2. No innovation whatsoever.

And of course when they made the original torch it was just a refresh of the bold? And when Apple switched from iPhone to 3G to 3GS to 4 that was a whole new phone, certainly not an IPhone anymore... If RIM were to make a completely different phone every time they do a refresh now, then for one thing everybody would be annoyed because when their contracts are over they would have to choose a completely new form factor (or outdated hardware) to go along with learning a slightly new OS. Also they would run out of form factors in about 3 years at the most.

See, this is why I hesitated on getting a Torch. Wait two weeks and its outdated! Good thing I only signed a 3 year contract. Oh, wait..... BALLS!

You forgot the word "fifty." FIFTY-two weeks later.
Are you surprised there's an update to the Torch coming 1 year later? 9550 one year after 9530, 9650 on year after 9630, 9780 one year after 9700… You don't see a trend here?

Virtually every consumer electronics producer brings out updated products annually. So why does everyone go crazy when it happens with a BB?!?

How dare they upgrade their devices? The BlackBerry I had was supposed to be the best one...FOREVER!!!

You should look at some cars and how they add new options or features almost every year even though its the same model.

A larger screen would tend to make a slider too bulky and heavy, if they were to do a bigger screen than 3.7" then it should be due to them doing a storm 3 and a storm 3 hd or something like that rather than on this model.

Really a new torch already! Where is the new STORM 3 been waiting since contract ran out August 2010!

RIM is years behind the competition and only have market share due to their excellent enterprise email system (BES). If there was no BES, I believe their market share would be a fraction of what it is now.

My concern is that the exterior is the same and we all know how bad the build quaility of the current one is.

Here we go again with people that don't know what they're talking about. Like the ones that confuse memory size with harddisk size.

512MB is pretty much the most you will see on any phone out there currently. Yes, even he iPhone.

Can you name one device that has more? So exactly what are you twisting your panties about?

The problem is the storage model - app installation and data storage also uses RAM and not the file system. While other platforms don't have more RAM, they also don't store code and data in the RAM when it's not in use.

The only reason I would get a replacement to that (if it gets released) is because of a better build quality than my current torch and the faster processor, the rest I don't care.

Yeah, seriously. Every other competitor is ramping up their resolution or RAM on almost every single model they have so they could compete with the next guy. RIM is content dishing out the same sh!t device after device.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Why aren't we seeing 960 x 640 and 1GB of RAM? There should be a front facing camera. Why not Bluetooth 3 or 4? BT 4 improves power consumption while giving you the high speed of BT 3. I would really like to see these specs added to the BB Torch 2!!!!

These rumors seem a little "blah" to me. They don't really seem real...

Anyways, if we can use history as a benchmark, RIM has always released the sequel to a device that should have been the original. (Or least had specs that should have been in the original)

Storm 2, 9650, 9780, etc..... this is no different.

The only thing the Torch 1 needed was a faster processor and maybe a better screen. Why not save themselves the headache and just go all out from the jump?

The answer: profit. RIM doesn't care that we want the latest & greatest. They want to buy the most hardware at the cheapest price. This is why they keep releasing refreshes with slight upgrades. This is why you won't see Tegra or dual core processors for a long time.

With the all emerging markets they are penetrating, they will always have a place to unload on old model phone. So they will constantly have people buying their phones and raking in the money. If you're a BB lover, then you have to suck it up and wait for 2yrs for the device you really want now to come out. When you learn to accept this, then you will be much happier. So if you really want a 4.7in device with dual core processors & a front facing 8mp camera that plays Angry Birds, please buy something else and save yourself the heartache that is BlackBerry.

So I guess that is why they are useing that super cheap dual core proc in the PB. Oh and where is there another phone with a 1.2ghz in it. Oh I guess that is widely used as well and super cheap. You guys with all of your bs. Same for these rumors it's all BS.

To be honest I will wait for the Dakota. I currently have a Torch that I replaced my original Bold with. I soooooo badly miss the sound quality and overall feel of that good 'ol phone.

I don't have any problems with my Torch and currently don't see the need for such minor upgrades. Alittle more memory here, some storage there, speed it up...big freak'in deal.

If you're going to upgrade get a better battery, make the camera 10MP and become Netflix compatitible. It's all about the apps now.

Not that any of these stories are relevant, but how is it that BGR scoops CB 3 times in a single day?

Look, RIM is doing a good job of providing a reliable device to be productive with. They're in the trap of needing to do a refresh constantly because they're way behind the curve on their product line.

I like my Bold, but the 9650 came out because the timing of the Tour release was too soon (due to a number of issues) and they put it out there to try to placate people for rushing out a half-baked product.

This is no different. This device will come out because the Torch wasn't what RIM wanted but ultimately needed to release due to competitive pressure. RIM may deny it, but they have to be concerned about the VZW iPhone4 stealing customers. I realize they're really for different purposes, but the fact remains that many VZW customers will leave for the iPhone because there really has not been a great BlackBerry device on VZW.

The Playbook will keep a few people around, but the iPad2 will come and do everything the Playbook will do (sans Flash- which does suck) but the advantages the Playbook now holds will likely be stripped away. QNX is promising, but may take too long to soothe a tech hungry consumer.

I know it's cold in Canada, but frozen molasses moves quicker than RIM innovation. Please RIM, prove me wrong...quickly

I wonder if they thought to include app storage from something other than RAM in 6.1. It says that it has 8GB "internal storage". Should we assume that's a microSD card or something built onto the board so that they could securely run apps from a much bigger space. If that was the case (which I have no idea how realistic it is to be) then that would solve the issue with RAM making 512 plenty for just OS6.1 (and perhaps even QNX).

I guess time will tell if all of these rumors are true and more so what we actually see from production units and end-user OSs.

Though I'm sure that not all of these rumors will come true, it makes me hopeful that RIM is working on something other than the Playbook and looking into the right direction.

"Realistically, the updated specs look more along the lines of what the first BlackBerry Torch should have been"

Exactly this should have been the Torch introduced months ago, now RIM has shown use QNX and talked about the scalability and the power..yadda yadda yadda...WELL now that is all we want. So please RIM, lets stop the tip toeing into the pool, time for a nice cannon ball in the deep end.

The storm 2 was what the storm 1 should have been. The bold 9650 was what the tour should have been. Come on RIM.....break the cycle.

Hahaha I like your cannon ball reference, that's pure genius!

RIM should focus on enterprise which they dominate AND consumers! Don't forget there are many more consumers than enterprise people.

FUQQQQQQQQQQQCK you RIM!!!! WTF??? I spent $200 on my 9630 18 months ago, then $150 on my 9650, and then $200 on my $9800....seriously!! Seriously FUQQQQQCCCCKKKK you!!! Never again!!! crappy-azzz specs....slow-azzz processor....flippity-fuqqqqqck, I'm fuqqqqcccking mad!!

So you're telling us you keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results? Isn't that the classic definition of insanity? Don't blame RIM for your purchasing errors. I learned my lesson after purchasing the 9630. I don't run out and buy any RIM product right away, especially their first generation devices. RIM has been very consistent with their timetable for refreshes on them.

what!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no hd camera ? no duo core ?no 1 gig mem? no front facing camera ?come on rim surley you could do better that that .Is this a joke for you ?shape up we are waiting for something worth bragging about ..

RIM lets us down again. Why would we want to stay BLACKBERRY if we're spending money on 1 device and a better version of the same device comes out 2 months later? That's stupid and low of such a big company and it's getting on my nerves.

Getting mad at RIM for weak specs is one thing but 1 year refreshes is an industry standard as someone already mentioned. If you decide to wait 10 months to purchase the latest device it's your own fault because you should know the refresh is coming - Apple does it with the iPhone, Motorola with the Droid etc. If anything, this would be a reason to stay away from Android, as every manufacturer has to keep pumping out new models year round in addition to refreshes to stay competitive, and they generally all have the same form-factor. At least BlackBerry gives you a wider range of options in that area.
Also, this is just a leak, the device isn't coming out for a few more months so keep your panties on.

You must be joking. How is competitive pressure a bad thing with Android? The technology is advancing so quickly BECAUSE of competition. And they are all the same form factor?Let's see. 4.3 HD displays in candy bar full touch style on Android? Check. Want a smaller screen? Everything from 3 to 4.3 is available. Check. Droid and Droid 2, Epic 4G, Evo Shift, slider keyboards, check. Droid Pro - full BB style qwerty keyboard plus touchscreen, check. Dell streak has same portrait slider ff as the Torch. So, that's 4 form factors. Same as BB.

" Android, as every manufacturer has to keep pumping out new models year round in addition to refreshes to stay competitive, and they generally all have the same form-factor"

Are you high on drugs? Android phones have wide range of form factors!

I think I am done with BlackBerry.

Should be at least a billion pixels wide by whatever pixels it needs to be long to , on a resolution of 1'000'000ppi btw ;) and 42389842398259 GB RAM, 4239593459369045690 year battery life, and 39324923590235094359034 TB memory... Seriously, won't you guys ever be happy. Be glad it's getting the updated specs, although the OS is optimized to make use of the lesser resources.

I'll be either getting this for the greatest BlackBerry, or the Torch 1 for a budget device. This is actually useful for me. As it will give me a tad extra edge over the BlackBerry Curve I have currently (which is still working despite me trying to eat the screen o.O

This is good (decent) news for die hard BlackBerry fans. But it's not nearly enough to make me stay with RIM right now. I'll check out the BlackBerry selection in 2013. Still going Android for now.

Why put a +1 GHz processor in a BB when the software and apps will never use its full potential. It may look good on the spec sheet, but I suspect it is way overkill for BBOS 6.1.

Looks cool but I will stick with my 9800. If this will be on AT&T and i think it will there is no way i am diging my contract grave deeper for a refresh. Someone call me when QNX gets here...

C'mon RIM! This thing should have a quad core, 8 gigs of ram, QNX 2.0, five front facing cameras, the ability to shave my taint, and a super-amoled-retina display on front AND back because like some of these people I am satisfied with NOTHING.

wow i have never seen so many haters.. you give them an inch they want all 8. you get the power people been asking for and now its no good cuz it doesn't have QNX. ever though maybe they up the power to support it in a future update?

Exactly, people get something more in line with the competitors and they cry foul that it doesn't surpass them in every way.

I suspect a lot of people don't utilize the full potential of their phone anyhow so higher specs would be lost on them anyhow.

I totally agree. Most are looking at specs and want something they can brag to their friends about in regards to having the latest and greatest. There seems to be a lot of bashing every time RIM comes out with a new device. People threatening to go Android. If you want out, then go. Oh, I forgot... those that want out don't have the cash to buy a new device full retail or can't do it under their mom's plan.
BlackBerry is a very powerful tool. There are quite a few things that it can do that most people don't even use or never knew about. There are still some settings and shortcuts that are not in the manual of what you can do with a BlackBerry that I'm still learning about.
Just a few months ago people were complaining about not having 6.0 Now that they've heard a rumor in regards to QNX coming to BlackBerry one day, now BlackBerry 6 is not good enough. Can't keep some people happy it seems. BlackBerry 6 will be OK for a while. I have OS 6 and I'm still learning all of the bells and whistles it has to offer. Most people I know that have BlackBerry phones are still rocking OS 4.5 & OS 5.0 Many of them haven't even heard about OS 6.0, let alone QNX They tend to get more joy out of their phone based on the people they talk to on the phone with it, communicate via Text, Email, Facebook Twitter, & BBM. Most of them still enjoy their phone because of the people they communicate with using their device. Many fail to realize that you can have the fastest and most powerful phone in the world. It still won't do you much good if you don't have anyone to communicate to with it. Keep in mind that a phone is a way of communication, not a mine is better than yours device.

Only a delusional idiot would continue to patronize a company whose latest offerings are consistently three years behind the competition. When my contract is up I'll be going Android. Or iPhone. Hell it may be way sooner if I have to replace another trackball.

The only advantage RIM's phones have over everyone else is the flashing LED when you have mail.

As silly as it sounds though, that flashing LED is one of the main reasons I'm hesitant to move away from the BB platform. That and the keyboards on my 9800 and 9000, I'm not sure I can go all-touchscreen, all the time.

That would be the only phone I leave blackberry for. But I gotta have me a nice Blackberry full qwerty keyboard.

what do you guys think are the chances that there will be an application at launch which will allow an individual with a playbook to view and respond to SMS & MMS messages directly from the playbook (albeit obviously with a blackberry smartphone nearby bridged with the playbook).

so in other words the sms & mms messages get pushed to the playbook for viewing and the individual can reply from the playbook (similar to blackberry bridge with email, bbm, etc).

any thoughts?

I'm sure someone will come out with it for the PlayBook. Shao has already gotten started on an app that will allow you to read and respond to SMS messages from your PC when you pair your phone and PC together via WiFi.

I think BGR is making this stuff up. RIM could have had demos of these at CES. Motorola was not afraid to have non working devises at CES. I would like to see a new Storm or better yet a Torch come to Verizon.

wow, so many cry-babies around here... not as bad as BGR but still. If Blackberries don't have what you need, then go jump ships and get an Android or iPhone. I personally love my 9800, even if it doesn't have the fastest CPU, sharpest screen or most memory compared to iPhone's and Android. Big effin deal, I use my BB all day without charging it, it plays my music (and Slacker radio), gets my emails and texts, makes calls, gets me my weather and social/rss updates, does GPS really well with BB Maps. Really anything more than that I just go on my PC. I don't watch HD movies on my phones because it is so pointless anyways.
If BB doesn't do what you need it to do, then go get something else, its a great time for being in the smartphone market, so you have lots of choice.

Hey I love my torch 1! Its funny to hear how people react to rumors. With ATT I can get an upgrade after one year into my contract. Bring on torch 2! Rim is in business to make money and that will piss some people off. Remember people you have tons of choices when it comes to smart phones, if RIM does not float your boat then jump ship!

It's time that Blackberry comes with something like this on Sprint or Verizon first, instead of giving all the latest devices to ATT. I love my 9650 on Sprint. But if I have to keep waiting a year to get the latest phone, then an EVO may be in the works for me when it's time to upgrade.
I had an Iphone for a year on ATT and will never go back to ATT.

Does anyone know if someone from RIM actually reads these forums? Maybe with all the rants and complaints, RIM will make some changes before its too late.

I've had the 9700 for a year now with one more left so I'm kinda hoping this new Torch will be available to Rogers by December '12.

Let's hope they read it. If they don't that's crazy. They did have pulled up on the demo playbook during CES. So let's hope keep reading.

Jeezus. So many whiny little crybabies.

Just this morning, everybody was crying.
"Waaah! We want a 1ghz processor!" Okay, here's 1.2. "Waaah! It's not dual-core!"
"Waaah! We want a better camera!" Okay, here's 5MP. "Waaah! We want 8!

Grow up and stop being such spoiled brats!

If you don't like it, buy a freaking Droid or iPhone and shut up and leave us to enjoy our BBs!


RIM, get this straight, we need a 1500mAh or more battery in the Torch 2. Other than that, the specs are good.

This is the only gripe I agree with.

It doesn't make sense to me to up the power consumption, but use a lower capacity than previous devices in counter-intuitive. The Bold 900 had 1200mAh, the 8900, 1300.

I'm kind of surprised how so many people are buying into QNX. Being a game develper for BlackBerry, I dread the coming of QNX unless it has a JVM with it. I'm totally fine with the current OS. Perhaps the OS needs more shiny things but other than that I'm not sure why the baby is being thrown out with the bath water.

BlackBerry has suffered on the hardware end and these specs for the Torch 2 aren't that bad. I admit it's what the original Torch should have been but then that isn't a shocker (see Storm 2).

Considering that Android and BlackBerry (currently) are both using Java, it makes for a pretty easy port from Android to BlackBerry. Add on top of it OpenGL support and the port isn't bad at all. About 80% of the code for Tank Recon 3D is shared between Android and BlackBerry.

I can tell you right now that I used to write for BB and port to Android. It's the other way around now after RIM didn't support OpenGL on the Torch. Then recently RIM broke OpenGL on the Storm 2. With this treatment it will be interesting if anyone will be willing to write specificly for their new OS instead of porting say 20% of an app.

QNX. Enjoy all your Flash apps written by hobbyists.

All these GSM devices are awesome, but where's the CDMA/LTE love? Come on RIM, bring us something amazing...and soon!

Sorry RIM i will wait for the Blackberry 4G whenever that comes out lol. In the meantime my Blackberry Bold 2 will suffice

I've had enough with all these fail "refresh devices" that RIM have come out with. Once we've moved to exchange I will personally throw my torch in to the sea and hopefully the little clown fish can play with it.

No Front Facing Camera/Video Chat? ....and not to much new technology. Failure Torch 2...I had 7 of these phones and ended up switching back to my 9700 (amillion times better faster and more reliable than the torch) than adding on an iphone to my plan...berrys my phone, iphones my toy, couldnt be more satisfied. The torch was a failure

whats the deal here? Where's the storm 3 specs, let a lone a storm 3 release. Quite surprising to hear something about the torch 2...

In saying that, the torch should have had open gl whatever crap before. I'm quite happy with a lower than average cpu as long as it can take advantage of the gpu. I highly doubt a lot of apps out there take advantage of 1ghz on any platform

This is how I felt when the VZW Bold was announced. It's not enough of an upgrade from the Tour to pay $200 and sign a two year contract. Seems like another refresh.

on the details of the storm3 it shows the on board memory as eMMC and app storage capable with opengl ES 2.0 hope the sames for this phone that would be the bees knees

What I would like is for RIM to improve on problems that people have. Me I would like to delete my call logs one time. I would like to see more apps and for the apps to be up to date. I would like to see a QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode. Better quality material for their phone. There are a lot more but these are my problems. I mean I love my torch but sometimes the keyboard is so small that using it most of the time can really irritate my hands. I would like better quality material cause I drop my torch for the first time and the paint came off. Yes I know that there are cases but I still ahven't found one I like yet and now I wish I had. Other than that I would like the Torch to have a new look. If they did, then I would totally spend what ever the price is on one. Still love my torch.