Live Hands-On with the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2010 10:33 am EST

As promised, we're bringing you back some footage from today's Meet the BlackBerry PlayBook developer sessions in NYC.  Here's video number one of the BlackBerry PlayBook. As we have seen in other videos, things are looking pretty smooth on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's great to see RIM and Adobe out there working with the development community - let's hope there are a ton of apps for launch! We'll be replacing this with an HD version of the video shortly and should hopefully have another clip or two before the day is done.  Big thx to our on-site correspondent!

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Live Hands-On with the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Another PlayBook with no BlackBerry logo on the bottom front bezel.

I'm wondering if the PlayBook that was in the Black Eyed Peas video is how they will actually look or if they just added the logo to it for the music video. Either way this thing looks awesome.

Yes, the motion and response seems smooth... When it works :( has anyone else noticed that in the last few demo vids on youtube, often the pb doesn't recognize the odd gesture the user uses, he then has to try again - what's up with that? Sure hope they fix this before launch. Don't get me wrong - I'll be first in line to buy one... I'm just glad we're not veiwing finished product here, I'm sure RIM will have most the bugs worked out before launch. :)

I've noticed this as well but I don't think it's the playbook. I think it's "the odd gesture the user uses" that causes the delay.

you took the words right out of my mouth!

I too want one of these babies, but if they don't work out little kinks like unrecognized gestures/taps/etc, then they are going to have a lot of frustrated users (and press/reviewers).

I don't think this is as big of an issue as your making it out to be. Kinda like a new user picking up a blackberry smartphone and not being able to type on it very quickly. You learn how to use the device over time. The iPhone and iPad both don't respond to the odd gesture at times. Granted that's not an excuse for RIM to only be as good as apple. I would hope that the playbook could not only read any gesture but also read my mind to. But we will see in time.

Some of the stuff may just be one of awareness or how the person tends to use the device, in that bgr video that has just been posted on here, you see the Rim guy struggling slightly with that full screen'ish method of task switching and that might just be that everyone finds it more natural to minimise so you can see more apps at once when you want to switch to another one.

I'm excited to be here to see one in person. I haven't observed it being used in portrait yet. Makes be believe that its locked to that position.

What was even funnier was the way he quickly repositioned the phone so as to imply that he didn't want us to know that he was using an iphone. Not that it mattered to me but he made it seem like a "AWWW SH**" moment. Too funny.

I have a question, rather a clarification. Did any one else notice that in order to go between programs, the gestures originated from the boarder instead of the veiwable screen. Is that a construct of the UI or just exaggerated movements by the people using the tablet. In no way a deal braker but seemed to me that the boarder was incorporated in the touch screen. Not sure if this was mentioned before but would love to know either way.

I agree, using it in portrait mode is a deal-breaker for me. Portrait mode would be perfect for viewing documents in full page view and also for comfortable thumb typing. Hopefully portrait mode will be demonstrated soon.

It isn't locked. Mike L was explaining the size of it and noted that when you hold it "sideways" it's the perfect size for reading a book, so it can't be locked.

It seems the palying field is getting a little more interesting among the tablet competition...RIM is really bringing there A game to the table. I hope the UI gets a little bit better before launch. That weird setup before switching apps can be a little annoying but we will see if they improve on that..

I can't wait for this beauty to come out soon enough! I'm salivating about it as I speak! This is definitely going to be my gift to my self as a replacement laptop ! You rock RIM !!!!

When I get my hands on my very own PlayBook I'm gonna need 15 pots of coffee...its great to be retired sometimes...hold my calls...papa's gotta brand new bag!!! LOL redefining CRACKberry addiction!!!

There have been lots of posts... right now they have the device locked in landscape as they haven't yet got AIR working in both modes yet. They've told the developers how to develop so our apps run in both modes and have said it would be available for launch (with is still 2-4 months away). I want one SO bad....