Get it now for FREE: The 2010 CrackBerry Holiday Theme for your BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Dec 2010 03:37 pm EST

CrackBerry Holiday Theme CrackBerry Holiday Theme

That's right folks, we're back in 2010 with a new FREE CrackBerry Holiday theme for your BlackBerry! With December here our holiday theme will get you and your BlackBerry into the festive spirit!!

Theme Credits: This year our friends at WJD Designs volunteered to put together the official CB holiday theme. WJD Designs was the runner up in this year's CrackBerry Awards Theme Developer of the Year category, and they're gunning to win it next year. So BIG THANKS again go to WJD Designs (store | twitter) who also had help from JP Designs (store | twitter) and Chris Bogart (twitter) in bringing the 2010 CrackBerry holiday theme together. 

Compatible Devices:  Storm 2/Storm1, Bold 9700, Tour, Pearl 3G, Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Curve 85xx. Note, the crew did work on a version for the Torch but with the theme builder being in beta it was very buggy (hurry up RIM!) and we don't want to release anything that's not stable. Visit the download page at the link below for more info.

That's it. Click the link below to head to the download page and enjoy the holiday season!! 

Download the FREE CrackBerry Holiday BlackBerry Theme



OS6 version pleasee ((= this would be nice for my torch


UGH my eyes lit up, but then I read the note about the Torch.



what about bold 9650?


The 9650 will work with the 9700 version!


I got excited....then saw no Torch support. Get your asses in gear RIM!


Looks good guys! I'm in the process of downloading to my BlackBerry Tour!


Was really excited,then dissapointed that theres no torch.sob pls hurry


Wow! The 8330 is officially obsolete! We were snubbed! I can't help it my contract doesn't expire til the beginning of next year!


Yeah it sucks we can't get this theme-looks pretty but you don't support the curve 8330. :*( it r a sad day when you find out ur obsolete.


I'm pretty sure my Bold 9000 is on its way into obsolete land as well. I use a sim card so I'm not stuck with it for that reason. Being broke, that is the reason. Then I look at all the torch users on here complaining that they can't have this theme, just be glad you are not stuck with an older model like us.


Torch users are going BAH HUMBUGGG


Awesome on my 8520. Thank you guys Thanks a ton.

Though has one bug. With sound icon on home screen but rest i am loving it.


Does this have the screwed up dial pad with the bottom keys cut off like all the other Storm themes do?


Yeah, you have to scroll to the left instead of up to get to the sound icon. Your crackberry logo is a little to conspicuous for a Christmas theme as well ;p

Last, the camera icon is the same as the web browser icon - could be a bit confusing.

In general though, good job. I especially like how messages pop up on the screen without opening the folder.


Nice theme. Only con is the sound profile Icon on the home screen.


looks great, it'll stay on my berry this month :D


Nice. Finally a theme worth downloading! Nice work. The bottom quarter of the bottom row of the number pad is cut off in the phone on my storm2. They still work though


Meh, last year's was a lot nicer. Make CB2 for Torch pls :)

Pilot Prop

Dang! I was about to download this theme too.


Noooooo!!! I was actually going to download a theme for once until I read the line about the Torch. This looks really cool.
=( Well enjoy to all that can use it, it looks like a fun theme :)


That's really nice of u its hard to see anything given away as a gift now a days


Looks great on my Storm 2...any chance of posting the background wallpaper for those that want to use Berryweather with the background?


make one for the pearl 8100 series? please? lol


nice, tho how did it take 3 people to make such a simple theme?

and pretty sure the torch version would work fine it isnt that buggy unless add crazy svg


can't wait to have for the torch!!!! thanks!


as none of the themers have said it i will
Icons are from BBThemeLab, so credit to them for hosting them :)


Awesome free theme. Thanks crackberry.


How can CB not offer a free Holiday theme for RIM's flagship device (9800)? I have used many themes offered here for sale and for free. Some were buggy and some were not.

What is taking RIM so long to release an update to their theme builder? I guess they are too busy buying up other companies :-)



Oh well... Got me two themes tho very pricey. 1st is 7 Orch Holiday Red for Torch by RPM & the 2nd is Family Guy Xmas by Airborne Studios. Like I said they cost a bit much but I love these themes on my Torch and they're wallpaper friendly if you have other Christmas wallpapers to show off. It's my Birthday month so I splurged on myself! LOL


Is it compatible with the New BB Style?


Cute and simple. Just what I needed for the holidays.


RIM needs to give us the good, good on the theme-builder!! I wanna Rock the Holiday spirit out on my Torch as well. Thanks for trying, guys- and for sharing with the BB community! Have a very Merry Crackberry Christmas, everyone!! :)


Thanks team enjoying the theme,the message feature is cool, I will have to build something like that for one of my own themes. Happy holidays and thanks to BBTheme Labs as well.


if my 9700 was still rocking OS5, i would download this in a heartbeat for usage and collection. Thanks for the theme and the hard work put into it.


very dissapointed. it is ugly, uncomplete, with lot of bugs.
why sharing some half done job? can't understand.


Very nice and smooth, loving it for my 9700, thank you CrackBerry


Very nice, If you move some Icons and hide others clean it up. Put the Merry Christmas wallpaper Free download from Crackberry with it. Bold 9000, Thank you Crackberry


loving the theme!!!! thanks CB

Midnight Barbecue

It looks nice except the gaudy Crackberry logo is a bit large.
I did not like the way it reset all my folders to factory defaults, I spent hours getting everything back where I liked it. I did like the preview feature when hovering over the message folders but the font is a bit hard to read, looks blurry.
Can't have more than one row of icons on the main screen and no clicking the screen to show them all, have to use the BB button.
Here's the deal breaker though: The browser won't open. All I get is an uncaught exception error that won't clear without a hard reset.
Had to uninstall, now my Storm works again.
Thanks though, would probably be nice on a device a littly less obsolete than mine...


Perfect for the 9700. Uses the new icons without adding the 6.0 scroll bar which is NOT suited for the non-touch devices. Would love to see this exact theme with different colours after the holidays. Nice and clean. Love it!


I agree I like this theme better than any other theme I have tried. I would love a non-holiday theme just like this to use after christmas.


Thanks for the OS 6 icons!


Love it!!! Finally some love for us Storm2 people who can't seem to get anything at all anymore. Theme really looks great with free Christmas wallpapers downloaded from and loaded into a free wallpaper changing app. THANKS!!!


The home screen is a bit fuzzy and the text is very hard to read, as well as scrolling left for the sound selection. For free it's not too bad, if I had paid for it I would be complaining!


I don't know if anyone else downloaded this for their Storm, but I thought I would try it. I liked the look and functionality of the app, especially the way that it displayed email and calendar items without going opening them, didn't think it looked too bad either, so nice job on that, especially for a free theme. On the down side, it drained every bit of memory that I had within 2 hours, killed my battery within 4 hours, and ran insanely hot, which I got to find out through my case attached to my belt clip. I thought maybe it was a bad install so I deleted it and reinstalled with no better result, so I had to delete it so I could keep using my phone. Anyone else have different results using a Storm? I am stuck with this phone for 3 more weeks, but due to an upcoming deployment, it is going to turn into about 4 months, so I am stuck with the memory leaks for a while longer here, and would enjoy a little something extra on this phone.