Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 released by Verizon!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Nov 2010 01:02 am EST
OS for the BlackBerry Storm2

It looks like Verizon decided to show BlackBerry Storm2 owners some love heading into the Thanksgiving weekend. OS version became available today from Verizon's website and you should be able to get it through Desktop Manager (hopefully) soon as well. Download links and details of what's new are below. We'll get this updated asap on our new BlackBerry OS Superpage as well. Remember, if you want to find the latest operating system available for your phone, be it official release or leaked, just point your browser to Enjoy!!

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update for your BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone. The BlackBerry 5.0.0 Release 1656 (Platform includes numerous enhancements and improvements. Verizon Wireless and BlackBerry encourage you to download this update. Download links and details of what's new are below.


  • Boot up more quickly.
  • Transition smoothly between wireless coverage areas.
  • Deliver improved audio on:
    • Voice calls.
    • Content-protected video.
  • Deliver improved video playback:
    • Through a headset.
    • With media files designated as protected content.


  • Send text messages to multiple recipients while receiving a call.
  • Enter more than 160 characters in a text message when connected to a GSM/UMTS network.
  • Browse, download, and install widgets from V CAST Apps.
  • New access to multiple widgets that provide users with quick access to Internet content of their choice.
  • Smoothly activate enterprise secure wipe/lock IT policy rule sets.

Be sure to jump over to the forums for user feedback on this one. Thanks for the update Big Red! And BIG thanks to RicanMedic78 for spotting this one!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 from Verizon
Visit the OS CrackBerry forum thread

Reader comments

Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 released by Verizon!


Too bad we couldn't get Verizon to listen based on the leak findings/fixes and get RIM to fix some of the issues it introduced with earlier releases before pushing this one out. This one's also introduced one or two new glitches in the OS as well. :rolleyes:

Will they ever listen to us?!?!

It's official...Verizon sucks! This is the same pile of crap that leaked a few weeks ago with some major bugs. I can handle a few small bugs, but when they are this big you have to wonder how the "F" they miss them! Way to go Verizon! I'm completely convinced that VZW intentionally picks the OS's with the biggest bugs...

no problem man! I'm not a hawk or anything. It was just an accident when trying to downgrade the leaked version OS back to .713. only problem was....the downgrade turned out to be a lateral grade lol

if ur happy about this im sorry but ur fuking retarded. i mean im not even a storm owner but this pisses me off. fuk u rim for pushing this garbage and fuk u verizon for approving this. maybe its jsut me but i expect more. especially because rim is on life support right now because they are getting owned by droid and apple. dont get me wrong, im a long time bb user. but fuk this

Wow, dude calm down. Calling someone retarded while throwing around words like fuk, ur, and jsut?

Wow Angorus Prime.No need to be so down brutha. :) I'm a Storm2 owner and have had this build on my phone already and I'm happy Big Red made this official. It's a kick arse build and worth the time to download.

Rim normally would have made us wait a good six months for this kind of thing.

dude. you're basing this all on a couple years if that. RIM is now transitioning to more consumer based devices full of fun and flavor with a new QNX os coming for the upcoming 2011 map of devices. You have the foresight of a child and you don't realize that RIM sells a SERVICE FIRST and DEVICES SECOND with a coming transition to a heavier influence on devices.

How about you shut up, take some ativan and keep watching Steve Job's keynotes over and over again. you're emotionality is better placed on Grey's Anatomy or Jersey Shore and given your uninhibited ability to swear and sound like a jackass, I'll say its the later.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone else!

Dude it's ONLY a phone! Relax!! There are far more important things in life than an OS update for a phone! Geesh!

sounds like someone needs to change their tampon. get a grip dude. its not that serious. if your unhappy with the os, then downgrade or switch to another phone. its that simple. now let the rest of us enjoy this. so stfu

Guys, I wouldn't waste your time. Same build as the leaked one a few weeks ago. I heard that one was bad, never tried it out.

I'm opening Desktop Manager with my Storm2 plugged in and it's not asking me to upgrade (it usually does when there's an OS update). I can't do the web upgrade because i'm on a Mac but even when i search for new updates it gives me nothing.

I have been running the leaked OS 6 .333 on my Bold 9650 Verizion and have had no issues at all. Had it since the day it came out.Battery is decent as I have a lot of apps running and memory is plenty.WiFi is fast.Over all its a pretty good version.I may keep it when the offical one comes out if ever.Will the same operating system run on the 9650 and the 9700 Bolds?

Anybody have any idea when OS 6 is supposed to drop for the Bold on Verizion. The link I got my version on was gone in 2 days max.It is no where to be found now. Whats up with that?

First off hello to all you fellow storm 2 people.i went from .713 downgraded to the.607. (robotic voice thing) Now trying out the OS version WISH ME LUCK......... LOL

Mr. Roboto is long gone and this build is a much better build than 713. Improvements all across the board for me. Good luck and enjoy it with some turkey :)

Do any of you realize that the openGL malfunctions on this OS? (Not like anybody uses it anymore on bb) I think that's a biggy mistake on an official os... Proves again that leaks tend to be exactly the same as official os's


I agree, but for me its too late. I recently moved and the area I am in sucks monkey balls for VZW signal. After contacting them the agreed to let me out of my contract with no penalty. So I am leaving for ATT and will be getting an Iphone 4. I really liked VZW and had never dropped a call until I moved and now have dropped 15 calls in 1 month. I am going away from blackberry too, it kills me cause I have always defended them. I am just done with both of them.

Do you not read the news/internet? If you are changing due to service reasons - good luck! iPhone has the well known signal issue AND the battery is sealed, so after a year or so you will have battery drain issues.

Have you tried doing a *228 then pressing send (in an area with good cell coverage of course)? Choose option 2. Updates the wireless tower information and VZW recommends doing it monthly. I haven't ever heard of any other carrier recommending this kind of thing or even being able to do it, but I have seen it bring a phone with no coverage (AT A FREAKING AIRPORT NO LESS) to being usable in about 90 seconds. I support about 30 BlackBerry phones on our company network and all need this kind of thing frequently (9630, 9650, & 9550).

Keyboard yes, screen accuracy no. There are parts of webpages I have to scroll up and down on until I find a piece of screen that accurately clicks where I press so I can select a link. Drives me freakin nuts. Maybe this is what he is talking about but the Keyboard is slightly inaccurate because of this kind of thing. Second 9550 I have used with the same kind of problem.

Amazing some people have no idea that this is considered shouting, is rude, is aggravating, and just plain a pain in the ass to read...

My storm 2 phone keeps saying no upgrades available. Is there an ota link or something? Its not finding it through wireless update.

you have to download it from verizon's OS download page. Google verizon blackberry software. I forget the address but that should pull it up pretty quickly

I downloaded this leak a while back and it worked just find for me. I'm uncertain of these bugs certain people claim to have. I think bugs only show up on certain phones not every experiences them. I love the reboot time. I think its under 3 mins!

When I first installed the OS, my boot up time was less than 3 minutes.., but after I restored all my apps it seems to take quite a bit longer lol... I was so excited too.. haha.

Just an FYI for anyone that is using CrackMem to delete preloaded items from the OS before you install it: you can't delete the vendor.xml. At least not from within CrackMem. You might be able to do it manually (though I just left it and removed the samples and other memory hogging junk). If you do try then when you attempt to install it on the phone DM5 will give you a message that there isn't any software to install. Basically, it isn't recognized at that point.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it for those (like me) that drop the junk before installing, might save others a couple of hours.

are the widgets just for vcast? i dont see any widgets...just wondering because i dont have vcast on my phone. i dont use it.

Reboot a lot faster but can't assign sms ringtones to certain contacts. Downgrading, if anyone know how to work around this without all the gimmicks let me know. This is one reason im rushing my upgrade date. Too many gimmicks with bb

Didn't they release a new OS for the Storm1 this time of year before releasing the Storm2? Maybe Storm3 is on its way!

i will be downgrading tomorrow. i can't deal with the music tracks skipping like a broken record. not worth the download. very disappointing verizon would release such crap!

Is there anyway to upgrade to this newest OS on a mac? There is no OTA download available, and BB Desktop Manager for mac doesn't have this upgrade available yet. I can download the file from Verizon but it's a .exe file that works on Windows. Anyone with a mac find a way to download and upgrade?

Dont waste your time. This OS shouldn't have even been released. My phone froze three times in a row and when it wasn't frozen bbm wouldn't work. What a joke. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time.

Still isn't showing up on my mac either. No point in downloading the .exe because it wont open with anything on the mac anyway. Are only us mac users having download issues?

I installed this OS Thanksgiving night without problems.
Pros: improved boot time, not as sluggish, speaker phone sound appears louder as well as headphone (hard wired type)
Cons: Bluetooth issues not found in previous OS. I use a Dell BH200 Wireless headset. I have to do a song & dance each and everytime I use Slacker, Flycast, and Tunein (pairing device). The sound volume and quality suck as well. I am not able to get Bluetooth to work at all with my phone's built in media music player.
Overall opinion: I like this build better. I just hope I can overcome my Bluetooth issues before mowing season starts back up again.
My 2 cents worth,


This update is completly useless. Faster reboot. No. smoother No. Unable to login to google. Yes. Need to reregister your apps. Yes. app world not showing all your apps even the ones you paid for. Yes. BAD !

Works fine no issues haven't seen any speed changes when you reboot. I use quickpull and it wasn't loaded but it was on my app world so that was an easy fix. AP wasn't working had to uninstall it then reinstall it. Another easy fix . My internet wasn't working somehow switched to hotspot anther fix.. Other then that haven't seen any real changes or noticed any major improvements. I'll keep playing

I recommend you guys try this release with the Driphter hybrid posted by logitec. You won't be disappointed.

Just Updated.... Boot up time went from 5 minutes to 4:59... Thanks RIM! NOT! Can't wait for Apple to come to VZW, and even if they don't I will go to Droid or back to the big car phone bags from back in the day.... you know the ones I am talking about, ones bigger than the house phone. Only if RIM was as great as Crackberry itself...

This update bricked my phone. Had to have Verizon do a wipe and reinstall. Even then, it goobered up my BBM and AppWorld to the point of not being able to use them. I finally downgraded back to .713.

What a mess. I was hoping I'd be one of the few that didn't have any problems with this one but it was not to be.

Guess I'll wait til the bugs are fixed, and even then I'll proceed with great trepidation. :(

Been running this updated OS for a couple days now. Haven't really experienced all the issues that everyone is complaining about. On a bad note, my Need for Speed (open GL) game did crash after about 30 seconds of play. That was about it for now. Overall, my wife and I are happier with the quicker and smoother response we noticed from the update.

I had an issue where my device drained overnight (I think spotty VZW signal caused the phone to search and re-link with the network too much) but when I plugged it in and charged it for a bit the cell phone antenna (Mobile Network) would not turn back on. Had to do a battery pull to get it working. Anybody see this yet? This is my 4th OS version and this is the first time I have seen this.

Interesting. The executable for this is almost 8mb larger than the previous .713 version. Wonder what could have changed so much...

This upgrade made the bedside mode functionality non-existent for me unless I plugged the phone into a computer to charge. Sound quality was massively degraded, particular for music and video having a lot of random skipping, but phone audio actually improved slightly.

End result: I'm downgrading back to .713. That did everything I want without bugs getting in my way.

1.Does anyone have a link to download the Update on a Mac OS?

2.Anyone have any Issues Updating the software from a PC?

I have had nothing but problems with the new OS, which updated itself OTA without asking.

Most importantly, I haven't been able to sync since installing it and lost all 2,500 contacts on BB when I tried.

Not a happy camper - am trying to downgrade now