BlackBerry Bold 9780 Video Unboxing and First Impressions!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Nov 2010 04:02 pm EST

Officially announced by Research In Motion (see press release) on Oct. 27th that it would be rolling out worldwide in the month of November, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is beginning to hit carriers around the world. My local Rogers store go them in stock today, so I rushed out to grab one and immediately put it down on the good 'ole green CrackBerry review table for a closer look. You can check out the video above for the ritual unboxing as well as some quick hardware comparisons to other BlackBerry device models and a look at BlackBerry 6.

As a one year refresh device compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the BlackBerry 9780 isn't *that* much different. Visually, the black color version is more blacked-out around the edges. Inside, the memory is doubled up to 512MB of flash memory and the camera moves up from 3.2 to 5 megapixels. The chipset is updated to the same that is used in the Torch and Pearl 3G, which means it gets Wi-Fi N and has slightly better video recording resolution than the 9700. Last but not least, the Bold 9780 ships with BlackBerry 6 preloaded. 

So while it may not be all that different from the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the 9700 was and still is a pretty awesome device and the 9780 simply improves upon.  Some initial thoughts:

  • Look/Feel - I like the dark look, and like the Bold 9700 it's a great feeling phone in hand.
  • Performance - It's FAST. BlackBerry 6 feels pretty darn snappy on the 9780. It's the fastest BB6 experience I've felt to date. From scrolling through the OS to snapping photos, it's quick.
  • Battery Life - I haven't tested it yet obviously, but I'm assuming it's going to rock :)
I think I called the BlackBerry Bold 9700 the "pinnacle of the traditional" BlackBerry experience, so really, I guess the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is the "NEW Pinnacle of the traditional BlackBerry experience." I'd really like to RIM add a touchscreen to this form factor and somehow make the screen just a little bit bigger, but all in all if you're a heavy communicator and get stuff done quick kind of person, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is likely the BlackBerry for you. Stay tuned for the full the review!

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 Video Unboxing and First Impressions!


Yeah, glad I waited out on this one since I still have the Bold 9000. Loved it but didn't like the trackball and the amount of memory so this should be absolutely perfect. And $560 is a pretty cheap price for a high end phone like this one.

Yep, that's weird.  the English book says BlackBerry Style on the cover, the it's all Bold 9780 inside. The french book says Bold 9780 on the cover. 

TYPO on RIM's part. funny stuff!



Which Bold would you do it with..
I would Absolutely love a chance to win the special Canadian edition. But i highly doubt you'd give that up aha

yeah, i guess so. i just tossed the battery in for this video.. no sim card even (where it would pull the date from the network)

I'm happy for all those who will be getting this phone, it's definitely going the be the flagship phone to represent the "traditional" BlackBerry. I wish I could get it, but for now, I'll be content with my 9700.

I really like the black trim. Im running OS6 on my 9700, and have 0 issues so I dont see myself going out to grab this 9780 just yet. Good review as always though!

First I appreciate the fact you guys so quickly get this stuff on your Web Site.

I can't wait to get the 9780. I will be moving from the 8900 and really need AT&T to get this phone. But if I have to I will buy from another carrier for the $499.

Please post more videos of the camera. I was shocked on how fast it took photos. Was the auto focus and image stabilization turned off?

And you're right the phone would be perfect if the screen was a bit larger.

anyone else find it weird that my torch with apps on it has 298mb remaining and the 9780 with 6.0 without the touch screen has 255mb left?

BB, since Torch not coming to Tmo. Well, I did put BB6 leak on my 9700 put had memory leak. Didn't matter how many apps I del - not enough Ram.

Having a phone that was supposed to be the top of line a year ago (Storm 2) and not even a comparison. No side by side. And worst no OS 6 for us. Depressing. All the neat new stuff and still OS 5 on the Storm 2. No love.
Good video though.

I was in the same boat two months ago and my Storm 2 kept freezing/overheating, even when I removed apps that I thought my be causing the issue. I sold the one Verizon sent me to replace the messed up one & got a Bold. I now have the Bold 9650. I'm happy with it & I know it will hold me over until 2012 when my contract is over.

I like the look but they need to remake the 9000 with all the new goodies, trackpad, better camera/memory, BB6 and all.... I also like the all black. Why RIM isn't listening to us 9000 users, I don't know. The keys on the 9780/9700 keyboard are smaller and is a bit of a pain. Hopefully they do it some day.

i cant wait for this phone for att or whoever. i switched to the dark side and got the iphone 4 and i am missing all the instant stuff!!! and i want it in white :)

Hi Kevin,

Does the 9780 really have 'n' standard wifi because RIM's web site states it has the same wifi as the 9700 (b and g).

If it does, that's great! It would help justify the upgrade!

you say the 9700 or 9780 is the best form factor other than the bold 9000. But then you say the bold 9650 is to big. The 9000 is bigger than the 9650. Wouldn't the 9650 be a perfect compromise? I don't know, I just laugh everytime the crackberry guys talk about it.

Have you tried all three devices?!  I'm totally right on this one.

First thing first is feel.  The 9650 simply has never felt good in my hands.  It's an inbetween size. The 9700/9780 is small and fits real nice.  You're right, the 9000 is bigger, but it's sort of pancake bigger and feels ok to hold too.  The 9650/Tour just doesn't sit well in my hands. Never has. I think a lot of people feel that way. It's just a width/thickness that misses the magic spot.  Your hands may feel otherwise.

Second is what you get.  The 9700/9780 packs the same size display as the 9650 into a smaller device.  The extra size of the 9650 doesnt give you anything extra.  At least with the 9000's extra size, you're getting a physically wider display and a roomier keyboard.  The 9650's extra size doesn't add anything to the experience other than bulk.

Get it? You're laughing at us talk about this... we're laughing at you for not getting it. :)  

I had a few 9700's but couldn't deal with GSM in the USA and I've also had the 9630 and now the 9650 Tour and Tour 2 (Bold yada) after using them so long I kinda of enjoy the bulk albeit in a two hands on device sort of way. Two hands on the 9700 feels crapped but I can type with on hand on it. Where as two hands on the 9650 feels perfect and I can type much faster with two :)

Oh man that black trim really makes me want to trade in my 9700 for a 9780. Where can I buy a black chrome trim and pop that onto my 9700?

Oh man that black trim really makes me want to trade in my 9700 for a 9780. Where can I buy a black chrome trim and pop that onto my 9700?

the 'rim' is called a bezel and check out ebay I have seen lots on there! well maybe not black chrome but its worth checking out.

Can't wait to get this phone when it comes to AT&T hopefully soon! and can't wait to see the full review, great unboxing, thanks!

This looks pretty impressive and really, really fast. I'd sure like to hear more about the Scarface BB (aka the (Tony) Montana) in the near future though.

Can you make a quick vid showing off the HQ vid quality of the 9780... or can you let us know the resolution it records in? THANKS!

Hello Kevin, I'm from Vancouver B.C. I called Rogers, they also said the phone isn't available for purchase yet. The technical support agent did state that they would be available in the upcoming days though and are available for "online" orders only. How & where did you get this!? lol.

Rogers Plus at Polo Park in Winnipeg. Apparently they got them yesterday! I was mad I didn't know.. would have had this video up 24 hours ago.

LOVE the blacked out BB. Very nice. Have a Torch now but if it ever breaks or gets lost, I would gladly get this phone.

great vid and CRAZY fast camera load.
but you said that youre going to use this as your main phone, might I ask why this over the torch? or have you always stuck with the 9700 and will upgrade to this instead of the torch?
im asking because im getting sick of my 8330 and need a new phone...

it's really a matter of personal preference for how you're using your device.

if you're doing a bit more "killing time"... ie, bus/train commutes, student killing some time before class, etc. then I think the Torch is maybe better... having a bigger display and touchscreeen is nice.

for me though, the way i work/live these days, when i'm out of the home/office the BB is my communication tool/critical apps device.. very much about speed of use.  so while driving, while walking and typing, etc. etc. i just find i like the form factor of the 9780 better than the torch's slide.  though i do wish there was a touchscreen on this 9780.

appreciate the insight.
and is it bad that I'm a grown (university) man yet I'm still giddy by the fact that crackberry Kevin replied to my question?


always thought you lived in Waterloo...

What do you feel the touchscreen on this device really would add? I think touchscreens on these qwerty-bar phones cause a bit of OS identity crisis. Some things will be done using trackpad/keyboard, others will be done on the touchscreen. Plus, at that size, touchscreen use can feel cramped.

*GASP. Kevin, you know Winnipeg bans the use of handheld devices while behind the wheel. :P

I'm a little torn now too. I was so ready to get the Torch from my 8900 because of OS 6. I was pretty jealous that my wife was able to get it.

I then heard that the 9700 was able to get OS 6 so I bought my friend's. I must say, the form factor of the 9700 is PERFECT and it really is about getting things done. Come April, I'm going to need to think what I want more out of my phone.

Great phone, since I live in Venezuela (it isn't the easyest place to get a Blackberry :s) I've been wating for this one to come out! Eager to get my hands on one of this babies.

verizon? i want it but that is the only blackberry ill stay for....other than that here i come droid.

Looks sweet, I'm running the 9700 with AT&Ts latest 5.0 update & loving everything about it, if I had the extra cash to go out & get the 9780 when it hit AT&T I just might but I think I'm just gonna have to be content with admiring it from a distance at this point, unless I'm lucky enough to win one, lol. Looks great & I have to agree with Kevin that the form factor of the 9700/9780 is tip-top, I'm not a big "touch screen" guy & while I like the idea of the Pearl line, I think it would be just be too small for me for everyday use, my 9700 keeps me connected to everything perfectly.

'I'd really like to RIM add a touchscreen to this form factor and somehow make the screen just a little bit bigger.'

X 10239014842.3

I'm new here and I have some questions to ask you! I like how you write and everything so yeah just have a few things I'm wondering about! Is their anyway I can email you or do you not take emails??

I think chrome bezel is more attractive than all Black. Overall looks good. Camera is fast.

I always wish & believe that someday they'd put all latest goodies in bold 9000 form factor (non-touch screen). Leave touch-screen things to Iphone & android. BB touch screen is joke anyway.

Kevin i'm so jealous how do i get a job like yours lol... i know we don't see all the other stuff involved but even with that i think you have the best job and i want in!!!

I picked up a 9780 today for my girlfriend and now of course she wants a pink case...
Does anyone know if the dimensions, ports, and buttons are all located the same as the 9700?

I saw you had the Style along with the new 9780. Can you pls confirm for me if the Style has the 9700 keyboard, or the Torch keyboard, or some other variation? That will be the deciding factor for me, as to whether I get 9780 or wait for Style.Thanks for any info.

i think ive read that the keyboard on the style is different from the 9700 just as the torch is different. the keyboard on the style is more flat than the 9700.. not the same exact contour.

Today I got to play with this phone for about 15 minutes before my girlfriend snatched it back and my first impressions are very good! We bought a telus one at future shop for $99.99 and it even came with a powermat for free and the powermat battery door. Hell of a deal!
I'm using the torch 9800 and holding this phone almost made we want it but, nothing against the torch, I love it too.
OS6 is very nice on it and it has a real nice feel in my hands.

I thought (hoped) this bug was only on the 9700 OS6, but i guess its a general software issue. Notice at 4:46 Kevin losses the cursor off the screen when scrolling through the drop-down menu.

I envy you guys at

You get to play with the newest toys!!!!!!!!!!!
(ahhhhh i turning into Hulk..... pulling my hair... ahhhhhhh)

I envy you!

I want this phone to come out on Verizon so bad! Big Red needs a phone with at least 5MP camera on the roster.

I noticed that the 9780 comes with a case in the box however if you go to the rogers web site and click on whats included there is no case listed any thoughts on this ???

I love the all blacked out bezel on the Bold 9780. I hope RIM does that for the Torch like they have the fire red and snow white Torch out. Love BB6!!!

Hey Kevin, can you tell us where it's made ? Don't tell me it's from Mexico! Just had a 9700 Made in Canada by returning it 4 times for loose bezel, wobbly trackpad. Now it feels way better than it use to be. Hope the 9780 is Made in Canada just like our Bold 9000... Simply the best, this is why I can't get rid of and I'm using it for heavy usage! Hahaha.

Best regards!

It seems to be a lot faster/snappier then the Torch, this makes the choice of which one to pick alot harder:P

Really!? hold on let me ask u again Really!? that aint fast 1ghz snapdragon, 1.2ghz is fast u never see fast cause you never seen DROID *Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Droid X, and Droid Incredible* don't say fast unless you check those out.

Wow $499.99 off contract... 0_0 i guess you got money, anyways Blackout BB looks nice, still holding on my s2 my only hope for RIM is the s3. *depress mood* come on RIM =/

Ok so i'm getting the phone when it comes out on tmobile but are you kidding me?

Fastest os6 experience to date?? There was no sim card in the darn thing so how can you tell that it's the fastest os6 experience just by scrolling from left to right?

All u gotta do is adjust d trackpad sensitivity and you get the same experience lol!!!

This has to be the most misleading write up ever.

"As a one year refresh device compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the BlackBerry 9780 isn't *that* much different."

Dont waste an upgrade, offical 6.0 on the 9700 or not. Wait it out cause maybe RIM will dish out something worth the swtich. This anit it.

For some people, the 9780 is a joke and not really worth an upgrade. But for some of us, who still have our old 8900's or even 83xx this phone is exactly what we've been looking for.. Even though, I am a little hesitant to get it, because RIM does like to shell out new devices, one right after the other.. But this will be perfect for me. Only if it'll be available in white, by the time I can get one. I'm getting tired of the same black phones, over and over again @_@

The 9700 itself "rocks" with the new 6.0 leaked upgrade. I don't really see how the 9780 could be any faster (although I take your word for it). I suppose the camera is better and there will be a lot more room for applications - but, again, I have had 6.0 on my 9700 now for a week and it could not be snappier! Everything is just instant and even the camera snaps faster. Changing among applications is instant and the web is MUCH improved with the new browser. If you have a 9700, I suggest either putting the leaked 6.0 on it or waiting for an approved release BEFORE you go out and upgrade to a 9780. Your 9700 will have a completely new life with the new OS!

Hopefully around the time I plan to buy this phone it will drop from $499 to $399. Until then i'll be fine with my 9700(Running OS6) but i'm so loving this phone and my brother is getting this when it release on t-mobile.

I am currently running os6 on my 9700 and LOVE it.
EXCEPT that running os6 on the 97xx size screen makes the home page look tiny when u have 1 row of icons showing.
your background has only a tinyyyyyyyyyy area of unobstructed view.

i've set my homescreen to have no icons showing so that it doesnt look so cramped, but its just not the same.

Does anyone know when and if this will be coming to at&t? ive had the 9000 for almost 2 years now and was thinking about the torch but if this is coming to at&t soon i would like to compare the 2 before i make a purchase

I think it's a stretch, even for RIM, to call this "new". Aside from more internal memory, a 2MP improvement in the camera and WiFi "N", it's identical to the 9700, right? I am sure I left some things out, but I am running OS 6 on my 9700 and it's actually running BETTER than the OS 5- Tough for me to justify going out and spending $499 for those features when my 9700 is less than a year old.

I shot round to my local ATT shop last night to have a look at this bad boy. Sadly I was told that it looks like its coming to Tmo :(

I did find out thought that they dropped the Torch to $99 with a contract... Nice!

I hate it. Why the hell did they choose to loose the chrome ?! It's ugly !

All black, like going to a funeral. I know it's called a BlackBerry but come on...

The Bold 9000 it's SEXY. I love every bit of it, I love the full leather back (I mean just having a patch of leather like the 9780 is pure ugliness. Just decided leather or no leather).

The Bold 9000 has that sexy chrome bezel and the leather back and the chrome around the camera... oh man it's so sexy. I refuse to buy another BlackBerry because of the Bold 9000 being too beautiful. Keep the damn Bold 9000 format and just upgrade the hardware.

BTW: Does anyone know if I could, in some way, any way, upgrade my hardware of my Bold 9000 ? I just don't want another phone except the Bold and the Bold 9780 is just plain ugly and I refuse to buy it. I would rather buy an iPhone instead of the Bold 9780 which I repeat: IS UGLY. IT NEEDS THE CRHOME (or better yet, a stainless steel or titanium bezel).

I honestly was going to watch this video until i realized it's just a 9700 with 6.0 you can watch the Torch review and figure it out, nothing really spectacular here. But i do have a question do you you think the corporate world will love this modernized so to say Blackberry? OR will they jump ship to that new Android Blackberry form factored device.

kevin~i noticed when you said that this is the phone your gonna start using and i'm just wondering how many Blackberries do you have and if i could get one =D?

Hey Kev... one of your points is. You wish they will have a phone like this one day with a touchscreen with a much bigger screen. at this size, it wouldn't work but at with the bold 9000 it could unless they made the 9780 longer.

Secondly, who needs a bigger screen or touch screen now that the PlayBook will solve all those problems ;)

smaller phone and nice 7" companion tablet for all your screen size needs..

the 9780 looks great though, I don't find the chrome look that great and so this dark bezel does enough to make it "fresh"

Have you checked to see if your colorware parts from your 9700 will fit on your 9780? They don't have anything available yet for the 9780 so I was wondering if I could just order 9700 parts instead

We looked into this in the forums and it seems the new 9780's do not have an upgraded chipset for faster wifi. It's the same as the 9700 (b/g only). We have confirmation for Rogers and Telus sets so far.

However, some with pre-release devices have 'n' wifi.

I hope this is in fact true and that Kevin didn't buy one that had 'n' wifi because that would result in a return and trying to find one that had it.

Hopefully this will get looked at in the full review.


When is AT&T going to shake the 9780 loose and make it available to all of us Loyalists, If they keep this up, your going to have to offer a "Lamazz Class" before it finally gives birth on AT&T

GSM Networks get all the good looking Blackberrys... I'd like to see the 9780 come to Verizon in white cause the 9650 is not cutting it and i'm trying to upgrade from my 9530 asap

i currently have the 9700... i'm not a fan... i miss my Bold 9000... do u know if OS 6 will be available for the Bold 9000?? if so i'm going to go purchase a new 9000 within the next few weeks