FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2010 09:41 am EDT

BlackBerrry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

* Update: the leaked build does have some bugs, so be sure to read through the forum threads before deciding if you want to install or wait for a newer build.  If you run into any issues, you can always downgrade - check out our BlackBerry 101 section for help! *

w00t!!!! Own a BlackBerry Bold 9700? If you don't mind trying an unofficially released operating system, it's pretty much time to stop what you're doing and step right up and download BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. The OS version is Jump into our forums for the findings on this one, and you can download at the links below. And if you're not sure what all the hype behind BlackBerry 6 is, be sure to read our BlackBerry 6 review for more info.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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    FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!



    Will this work on my 8530??...LOL...who am I kidding I'd love a NEW OS5!!! .973 SUCKETH!!! Cool for those that have 9700!!

    Really dislike the following behaviour:

    While in a folder, if I swipe too aggressively the left of right, I'm taken to one of the other 'panes', and I have to go all the way back to the start. Kind of like an old NES game where even if you died at the boss, you had to restart the entire level. I'm in a folder, just let me bounce around inside my folder.

    Trackpad seems extra sensitive than before. Already bumped down from my original 60 to 50.

    Can definitely see how a touch screen user wouldn't have to deal with such problems.

    all the 9700 ppl will stop crying whenever OS6 leak upgrades come for other devices... you finally have yours... congrats!

    Did anybody else experience a total failure when trying to load this?

    OS 6 loaded, but came up just Black and White, icons were tiny, couldn't navigate to anything. Wiped device with Crackutil, reloaded, still not working right.

    I'm reloading OS 5 again and will try it again, because I'm just "begging to made an example out of".

    Same problem here. I'm assuming its the theme I was using so I'm going to try and install again after deleting the theme. If you find a way to fix it please let me know

    I reloaded the os 5. Now I am going to try and download from a different site.... shrink the OS and reload it again.... Hope that works....

    reinstalled cleanly without backing up settings, still get the white screen. Wondering if I got a bad version. Downloading from a different site now.

    Are you use 9700 t-mobile? You can delete all net_rim_theme_......cod on the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50\Java and try again!

    This worked great! OS6 is awesome!!!!

    *Trantrungkienvt... YOU ARE THE MAN TO ME!!!!!

    If I can ever help you, PLEASE PM me. You have helped lots!

    That did it. Thanks for your help. See....these forums can be a good thing once you get past all the people who are "downloading now!".

    Chances are you probably have T-Mobile.

    this is because you need to delete the net_rim_tmobile theme cod. After deleting (either before or after installing) you do a battery pull and its fine.


    Try backing up your phone first and then loading OS6 without carrying over your data. After it is loaded, then add your restored data but only contacts, messages and calendar. I believe the issue is the OS5 settings messing with the OS6.

    I installed it after backing up and performing a device wipe but all i get is white background.i cant see my icons clearly , also i cant access the menu.please do anyone know what could be wrong ?

    What I did was
    1. Download the file and install it
    2. Delete the vendor.xml file from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion
    3. Backed up my device with a full back up
    4. Wiped the device by going in Device Manager and selecting Delete Data
    5. Updated data to 6.0!!!

    This is my work phone so I had to have IT give me a password for the Enterprise Activation but that took like 5 minutes. All of my apps got reinstalled and are working. I don't have a lot but i do use Weatherbug, BB Messenger, BB Appworld, Google Maps, Poynt, Facebook, ScoreMobile and

    The browser really is incredible especially compared to what you are used to with a BB.

    THANK YOU!!!

    ı downloaded it 2 times and got the same error when ı attempt to ınstall ıt on my pc it says ''error reading setup initilaziton file'' can you help?

    Like the majority I am at work and can't download. I hope the links still work by the time I get home. Does anyone know if this build provides east asian language pack for reading asian characters?

    this one doesnt have the east asian language but I just follow someone else advice and copy paste it from 9780 installer.

    Can you advise or point me to the thread that tells you how to do that? That's pretty clever.

    First, the Giants win the World Series and now the 9700 gets OS6 LOVE...can my week get any better?

    This was my first ever OS upgrade so was quite nervous throughout. However i just followed the instructions as per forums and all went well in around an hour and a half in total. I have 53 meg free after intall thats with all my third party apps in so very happy there.
    The whole thing runs very smoothly new browser is nice and the way it scrolls is very nice.
    Will post back if i find any problems.
    I do have a question if anyone knows. my phone was unlocked via will this still be the case?

    Im new to the leaked OS game, and to be realistic, how long will this take to get on my device? I have a really fast PC, so im gonna assume it doesnt take long, but can anyone help?

    i installed the OS after a device wipe but it only shows white background.i cant see the menu , all i see is faded icons and some have question mark on it.could anyone guess what the problem is ?

    I am having the same problem as a few other people here. I cleared everything with BBSAK and did a full wipe and install with nothing but the OS. I did it 3 times and everytime it is the same. I deleted the vendor xml file and everything. I have done this many times, I have no idea why its acting up.

    Any suggestions?

    Im on TMO by the way. Now it doesn't even pass the security screen. What is everyone elses service that are having problems?

    Install process using desktop manager - smooth

    Interface performance - a little sluggish at first, but after all the syncing and playing around with all the apps it is smooth

    Free memory - 58MB

    BATTERY LIFE - Dropped from 60% to Red Zone in about 90 mins. Keep your charger nearby...i was playing around with it non-stop but still...


    1. First Made Backup
    2. Made a seperate backup of service books
    3. updated software but not restoring any data.
    4. took 10 mins or so to start up.
    5. worked fine so didn't have to restore service books but i did full restore and service books anyway.

    Works brilliant no problem... love the new software.. wooooh

    Nice, will load it up on my 9700 when I get home. OS6 is too nice. Now time to see how it runs on a non touch screen.

    anyone else had this?
    OS 6 loaded, but came up just Black and White, icons were tiny, could navigate. Wiped device with bbsak, jlcmder, reloaded, still not working right.

    anyone that had success in installing please post how you did it

    got thru the welcome screen with the OS6 demo and that was about it. Came up with tiny white icons.

    Wondering if the file host source has anything to do with it(maybe a corrupt version).

    I downloaded from megaupload

    How do you find leaks and all. Is it from the company itself or what and when does the official os comes out? *confused*

    I downloaded the file from Hotfile, installed on the PC and had a smooth installation on the phone. I backed up everything on my phone before I installed the OS on the phone. I had a 9000 before so I thought I would have less than 20mb in app memory but I have about 65mb leftover on the 9700. This is a big plus for me cause when I installed OS5 on the 9000, i was in the low 20mb and I had a hard time installing new apps on the phone. Hence my upgrade to the 9700 for free (recently on OCT 22).

    My findings so far with OS6 on the 9700:
    It's a bit sluggish so I upped my trackpad sensitivity to 90. Most of the apps work fine except for UberTwiiter and there is no Social Feeds. (is there a way to get Social Feeds for this build?) Webkit browser is excellent, love it. The only minor thing I had a little issue scrolling up and down. Universal Search is on point as well.

    If I find anything new with this build, i will post.
    Overall so far so good, but it needs work before it becomes official.

    But I might end up getting the Torch anyway b/c of even more memory and a better camera. Also they have updated the OS6 since it's launch, so i hope it's much better than .344 and i can choose between a different colors in NOV.

    I am on AT&T in the US. PIN: 226085A3

    just installed on my unlocked rogers, backup and restored took less than 30mins, running super smooth.

    alright folks here's my two cents...

    - if anyone uses the gmail app provided by google, it doesn't work. yes you're probably wondering why the hell i use the gmail app. long story, but it's a forwarding account.

    - facebook 1.8 doesn't work where i am currently (saudi, middle east). we haven't been able to use anything later than 1.6 due to BIS not being setup properly here. i can't seem to install 1.6 again though. will have to try the desktop manager by means of a restore. if that doesn't work i don't know what would work.

    these are the only problems i have come across. everyone else has already stated the smoothness, and hype and blah blah blah. i didn't have problems with the install. i'm not tied to a vendor, using an unlocked bold 9700. that could be why some people are experiencing problems? not sure.

    will post more feedback later.

    when using facebook mobile it says "download facebook for your torch" at the bottom instead of bold 9700. hmmmmm :)

    also, found social feeds when adding/removing apps using desktop manager. found wireless music sync in there as well. interesting.

    the battery does not drain contrary to what people are saying on here, at least not for me. i've been using and abusing it since i installed and no difference on drain.

    some ringtones and alerts have changed. there are new ones and some old ones have gone missing. i mean blackberry stock ones.

    yes it is a bit sluggish here and there but not all the time. facebook is still an issue for as i can only use 1.6 and that won't install. oh well, i'll stick to facebook mobile. i lose out on the contact pictures and other integration with facebook but i'll stick it out until the update comes out.

    consequently if anyone gets a torch here, they will run into the same problem with facebook. just a little fyi for those that live in saudi or anyone else with BIS issues with their provider.

    tested out all the instant messaging apps, work just fine.

    overall not just the browsing speed is faster but anything that uses data is faster. with or without wifi too. google maps has been tested and confirmed to work and show faster updates on the map. same applies for blackberry maps.

    social feed is kind of cool. it's not just for facebook or twitter (which i stay the hell away from). if you're signed into google talk or yahoo messenger for example, it shows you status updates and what not too. same applies for bbm.

    oh and the BIGGEST thing i've noticed and that totally kicks ass is the boot time! it's a freaking joke now. it's chopped to half if not less than what it used to take. and i'm going from the latest OS 5 build (939)...i'm serious. rebooting or resetting your device is a breeze now.

    tested out quickpull 5 beta, and it works great. there's a link for version not (which will install but will not work). dig around in the forums there and you'll find it.

    will post more updates if i find or discover anything new.

    Running smooth but i got an app error 602, didnt really care it hink ill just do a full wipe then try it again with not apps installed cause it might just be app error lol , well fellow CBs its finnaly come to us and we shall prevail and save money mwahahahha =D >=]

    Running smooth but i got an app error 602, didnt really care it hink ill just do a full wipe then try it again with not apps installed cause it might just be app error lol , well fellow CBs its finnaly come to us and we shall prevail and save money mwahahahha =D >=]

    I installed it nicely, but i think i may have to do a pure wipe because i can't see anything i select. Thank god there's that universal search. When i type Display Options and try to change the settings. It disappears and closes by itself. =( I have school at 6pm i hope it works by then! Gonna try to clean it out and restore.

    Battery: is really bad on this build and it drains it easily

    Social Feeds: Well, BBM, Twitter and facebook is not integrated which is BS

    Memory: went down to 50 megs real quick--but its not lagging for me

    Overall-- I dont know if i'll stick to this operating system but it defnitely makes my bold 9700 look cool!

    the social feeds work fine. you need to install the applications so you can check them off in the checklist to show up on the social feed app.

    Oh man, can't believe there's so many OS 6 leaks for the 9700 - when will the forgotten 9800 get a patch?????

    Oh man, can't believe there's so many OS 6 leaks for the 9700 - when will the forgotten 9800 get a patch?????

    Its just after 4:50am out here in Australia, and i have sat up and hit download. i will be awake until this is loaded on my 9700.

    i get that white background where i cant see what i select. im doing a wipe.. lets see how this goes...
    i also downloaded it form megaupload.

    im trying to update the software to OS 6 but it gives me an error message saying "one or more modules could not be resolved" I deleted the vendor file any ideas?

    I guess I am a bit of an idiot. I have downloaded the new os and have ran it on my computer. connected my 9700 to my computer, now how do i get the new os on my device?

    DONT DO IT!!!!!

    of course u can downgrade. it's right there in the desktop manager. Click on update my device,View Other Versions and you can chose whichever you want to

    So far everything seems to be good, although i have noticed it can be a little bit laggy at times even when im not running that many applications. It lags the most when ive just opened bbm after doing a battery pull/restart and im scrolling down my contact list. Also the trackpad sensitivity is a little sluggish so you might have to increase it a bit. The only major downfall of this build is the battery life its already drained about 20% of my battery and I havent even had it installed on for an hour. Will post more stuff if i find anything worth mentioning.

    WoW, I have installed it about an hour ago... I don't know if I will get any work done today... going to be playing with my "new" phone and learning how to use it all over again...

    it works perfectly issue at all.. it took me only around 15-20 minutes to install and restore everything.. it works..!!! amazing..!!!

    I downloaded this on MegaUpload. and im just getting the white screen of death. Well not death, maybe just the White Screen of BullSh*t. What sites did everyone download from?

    I downloaded the 6.0 OS and when the phone booted up it appeared that it did not download properly, all the icons are tiny, you can barely see them. Is anyone else having this issue?

    Not a big deal but I tried to change the INITIAL VIEW in my calender to MONTH (Default is DAY). I saved it, closed the app and went back into my calender. Still in Day View. Maybe next release they will have it fixed. Other then that. Im loving the OS6 on my 9700 :)

    Weird I just change it to Agenda and Saved it. Re-opened Calender and it was Agenda View. Then options change it to DAY- Saved It- Re-open app - Got the DAY VIEW to show. WERE ALL GOOD.

    I had the same issue initially, however i changed the initial view from day to week, saved it and then went back and changed it to month, it then stayed.

    of course ive been waiting for this to come out forever now and i wiped and installed 4 times already...deleted the vendor file...and still get a white screen, no cursor, and small black icons....seems like this is only happening for tmobile users....SOMEONE HELP!!

    of course ive been waiting for this to come out forever now and i wiped and installed 4 times already...deleted the vendor file...and still get a white screen, no cursor, and small black icons....seems like this is only happening for tmbobile users....SOMEONE HELP!!

    delete the .cod files and then reinstall the os on ur phone. i had the same problem and now its working perfectly

    trust my bb to be gone for repair and OS6 to leak when i don't have it. should be getting it back tommorw. hopefully mine will install it fine!!!! been waiting for ages for this

    I've downloaded (about 40 mins), installed (about 45 mins), and have now been playing with my 9700 with OS 6.

    It's awesome so far. I'm loving the 'bubbles' in my text message conversations. The browser webkit is also extremely nice.

    Some advice though, if you are able to wait, I'd recommend shrinking the OS down before installing it. I have about 10 mb left after installation. I do have FB, Twitter, ScoreMobile, Docs to Go, Slacker, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and a weather app. Before the OS, I was rocking about 45 mb (I think, I should've checked before I installed).

    I've had two bugs hit me so far. The first one was when I sync'd to Outlook. For some reason it would read all 148 contacts, but get stuck on 138. So, all my business contacts were in but some of my family was out. I deleted the offending 10 contacts and re-sync'd then I added the deleted contacts.

    I'm also getting a java.lang.Nullblahblahblah error whenever it reboots. Haven't fixed it yet. I'll post that once I see it again.

    For the technologically superior posters: I did not upgrade my DM to 6, I need redirector for my work e-mails (I think that MAY have caused one of my problems).

    Other than those two errors I'm liking OS 6. The new homescreen does take some getting used too. And of course, the theme is not changeable and you WILL have to reset all your folders and app locations. Didn't take me very long.

    The only thing I would like is a dedicated weather app slot and for the Today slider to show SMS/MMS along with the calendar and phone log.

    Hope this helps somebody decide to pull the trigger on OS6.

    Today is a happy day for us 9700 users. I am new to BlackBerry phones so if anyone could link a post on how to wipe the old os and install the new one would be great.

    all this waiting and now that its finally out. It seems i can wait for my official OS release now. haha. but woo! its a leak is out. =]

    Awesome Thanks!

    guys helpme out here
    i cant get it installed to my bb 9700
    it stucks in Uploading RAM Image
    i wiped the device delete the vendor still i waited an hour but no progress
    it just stuck in Uploading RAM Imge
    anyone else has this proble?

    where is my update for my 7250? lol
    finally the crying from 9700 users will stop! gonna celebrate this release even those i don't even own a 9700!!!

    I downloaded it from hotfile and it works perfectly.. the only drawback is now im left with 60.4 mb.. works perfectly with youtube, fb, twitter, google maps, medscape...

    Looks like us T-Mo users are not enjoying it as much as others. I successfully out it on my the white screen, small icons etc.....downgraded back to 5.0. Glad I backed everything up!

    in fact mine is so responsive on the swipes I had to downgrade the sensitivity to 60 both horizontal and vertical, as you said browser is blazing fast and I have to agree, some of the apps like IM+ seem like a trouble maker even with their latest update, don't know if it is OS 6 ready, I had to close that app but rest works excellent, I have around 50 MB left for the apps.

    nope of course tmobile for some reason doesnt work when ALL 9700 ARE THE SAME. fed up with rim and their aged phones, android keeps looking better for me.

    Finally the Gods have answered our requests and the angels of Crackberry have helped us to enjoy OS 6 :)
    I have OS 6 running on my 9700 and everything is working just fine without any trouble whatsoever. Just a couple of issues which i would like sorted out: do see change theme option and dont see one of its best new feature of Social Feed. if any one of you can see those then please let me know about the same.
    Universal search and the new browser are working really well.

    man so excited for this release but now that i have installed it i feel like kicking myself in the u know what.

    those nasty little icons are horrible will just wait for official release.

    going back to Os5.

    I noticed that, the sound is more crisper now, I used to have a static on a leaked version of 5.0.9xx but now after OS 6 that is gone, thanks RIM

    I have T-Mobile and had to do this. You will need to delete both of the T-Mobile theme .cod files in the java folder then use the App Loader. It should work fine then. It did for me. 95.5 mb free and I am loving every minute of OS6.

    I have the newest OS build on my phone and i must say i am truly happy with it! its amazing! anyways... since OS 6 leaked for the 9700 is there anyway to just get the webkit browser files and use them on OS 5 or it only runs on OS 6? I must say i have anxiously waited for this leak and was extremely happy to see it... but i am in no rush to put it on my phone.... reasons WHY:

    1. i have 20 themes on my phone... ranging from elecite to hedone designs, a couple themes i won on crackberry (super mario theme 2.0 lol) and themes for my NFL, NBA and other sports teams i like.... losing all this theme versatility for one theme and lack of development for OS 6 themes is a big big NEGATIVE! im happy with how i can change my themes to suit whatever i want... NFL game NFL theme... NBA game NBA team theme... professional themes for work environments and meetings... u get the point!!! many paid for and will be lost!!

    2. i have about 20 apps on my phone... and i understand some of them are upgradable to OS 6 and will work... but for those that done wats gonna happen to me then... have to repay for an upgrade?? berrybuzz 3.xx, beweather 2.xx, quickpull pro, quicklaunch, imgedit, remoteprint, wallpaper changer, ringsmart, currency converters,, ultimate converters, up to date documents to go and df reader, google maps, flash on, leave it on.... im forgetting some but u get the BIG POINT!!!! i have my bold 9700 running at such an amazing pace its simply Great!! along with themes losing stuff u paid for and happy with is a big downfall no matter wat i getting out the OS6 with one THEME!!

    3. This is big... its not about the money or upgrading cause im sure i can do that and have many apps working on my OS6 and then just start over with themes when they start pouring in... but now... with so many apps and themes that i am very very happy with right now... 56 mb of memory would seem very small to me.... i am at 70 mb with everything i got on my phone and that 56 mb seems like it is gonna limit me ALOT!!! if they had ways of getting all this on an sd card and still running them i wouldnt be complaining!!! this is also a BIG NEGATIVE!!

    Now this comes to my conclusion with all this... like i said i waited patiently but now after weighing in the pros and cons... i will stick with my OS 5 as for now... this leak is too early to just jump into... rebuilding back everything i have on my phone is not worth losing... like i said i am EXTREMELY happy with everything i have going with my phone... i love everything... so all i would want from the OS6 is the WEBKIT browser to tell u the truth... yes the universal search and some other stuff entice me greatly... but its just not enuff!!! give me the WEBKIT BROWSER and i'm gonna be the happiest BOLD 9700 user... OS5 not 6 hahahahahaha

    i just really had to get that off my chest and know alot of people feel the same way... and like i said i was waiting for this soo badly and was very excited when i saw it this morning... but the wait is over and i am choosing not to go 6... JUST YET!

    but I upgraged anyway. OS 6 runs great. Its fast and I still have nearly 70 MB free. Better in every respect!

    I'm not sure where people are getting that 50mb left after installing. I guess it's possible if you chose to install all the options provided during setup, but when I installed it, I had little over 90mb free. During setup I only chose to install password keeper, all the games, and app world.

    After I installed all my apps, I am around 72mb free.

    2) I use quicklaunch and docs to go as well. Both work on 6 and I did not need to repurchase anything.

    Used App Loader, and it went pretty well!

    Can't believe how smooth the scrolling is! All we heard is that there would be lag and sluggishness, but not seeing it yet!

    I can't restore my files. It won't recognize the device anymore. It states that it's not connected. Any way to nuke it back to 507 without being connected to a computer? any series of keystrokes?

    Anyone notice that most times the blinking led can't stop blinking! when I get a notification from BBm and I check it but the LED won't stop blinking.

    I downloaded it but I can't seem to do anything withi it. My screen is white. I cant even change my backgroudn to a theme and I cant even scroll. How the heck do you use OS 6??? Any help PLEASE!!

    In bbsak, how do i save my apps? Do I use Backup Apps, which is obvious, or should i also click 'save cods'??

    Let me say, she installed beautifully, she works seamlessley and fast, fast and more fast.

    The OS has made my 9700 Nuclear powered.

    I created a backup file as you should always do, then I installed the OS to my PC using the executable file (9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel1202_PL6.6.0.50_A6.0.0.344.exe), then I opened Desktop 6, which noticed the update, I ran the update which went flawlessly, then I installed the back up file and presto. All 3rd party apps work all my previous settings worked it just went swimmingly well. Just my ringtones had to be redone.

    Enjoy, this OS is fast and silky smooth, no lag no bumps.

    Locked and Loaded, running smooth. third party apps also.
    6:15am, im gonna call it a night(morn) and play more when i re-wake up.

    Once you have installed the OS onto your PC, go to the java folder. Delete the .cod tmobile theme files (if you search tmobile in the folder then they are the first two results)
    After that, back up your files and do a security wipe on your phone. When it reboots, delete the vendor.xml file and load onto your device using apploader (I had issues with it not letting me in BBDM 6)
    It should be perfect!!! If not, let us know and we can band together to fix it. Let all 9700 owners have some love!!!

    Solved 9700 6.0 No Theme Issue
    The blackberry.alx file is located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50 directory on your PC. 64bit user its under Progam Files (x86)

    Open the blackberry.alx with notepad and hit ctrl+f and search for tmobile. Hit next until you see the information below.


    Now change the vendorID to "102" Hit file save and now reload you OS

    Im having the same issue. I cannot save after i delete the tmobile cod, any help???? I tried using BBSAK but how do you delete the cod using BBSAK.

    Thanx to a few comments on crackberry i was able to get social feeds from desktop manager, but somehow i dont see integration with twitter and also another issue i noticed was that i dont get my BBM updates on social feeds. Updates for facebook and RSS feeds are working great but not others..
    Let me know if any one of you has any update on the same

    Be sure you have the native Twitter app on your BB. It won't work with any third party apps like TweetGenius, etc. Also, BBM messages don't show up just staus updates.

    I was so excited this morning when I read about the new blackberry 6 for the 9700. I downloaded it and things were missing and did not look right. The intro was very good but when you are configuring it, things are really slow and the icons are really small and there is no arrow to show you where you are going. The option menu will not even show up at times. Many of my apps are not working and it only put about 75% of my contacts back on my phone, thank goodness i already backed up before i updated. If another leak comes out I might decide to download or just wait for the full release of the blackberry 6.

    Holly crap! I think I just sh,!? My pants! I just dropped into the bathroom at my job just to write this! I'm going to leave work early (cause I have the runs) hint hint (excuse) just so I can download and install. This is what I've, been waiting for since I gave my girl my old BB.

    Gotta love how everyone in the forums is quick to tell you ur issue has already been discuseed in another DB without actually pointing you in the right direction or sending you to another link that tells you that ur answer is in another post.

    Anyways this is what i found. You need to delete the tmobile .cod file and you can do it using BBsak. Don't ask me what that is or how to get it but that's about the help i got in the forums

    Option 2(this worked for me)
    Go to My Computer
    Local Drive (C; in my case)
    Program Files
    Common Files
    Research in Motion
    Loader Files
    then locate and delete net_rim_theme_tmobile_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod

    You should now be able to successfully install it using either App Loader found in the Research in Motion Common Files path or ur regular Desktop Manager

    Exactly, I dont use BBSAK or Desktop Mgr, I did the same as you and everything works perfectly so far! the only extra step I did was, and you probably did it too, I deleted the vendor.xml file and used the apploader after!

    So far really happy!

    I was supposed to meet up with this girl after work, but I suddenly just had a BB download emergency!and I just got sick on the job (hint hint) so I'm leaving early!

    Had it on about an hour now,not to sure if I like it or not because it is so different from previous. Ill let u know later. Anyway downloaded no problem,installed no problem using bb desktop manager,all third party apps up and running fine no problems,they also all look better,maybe its just bolder and clearer text. Still finding my way around,like I said its completley different. In my opinion can't really see any difference In speed in browser but everything does look miles better. Scrolling through menues is mega fast. Overall its looks great feels really fast,just taking me a bit longer than I thought to navigate round. Around 64 mb memory left with my 8-9 third party apps installed,so still plenty in my opinion. Hope this helps people decide. Its growing more and more on me the more I mess around with it. Maccauk.

    How is that some people with the 9700 have had no issues at all and have the operating system running fine, while others with the same phone are having lots of problems?

    Hi! My yahoo messenger is not working with error above after i installed my OS6. Where can i see the 'edit permission' option here? Thanks.

    Forgot to mention loading of web pages seems about the same time to load but once your scrolling up and down or left or right its absolutly shit hot fast. Lol. Sometimes. It seems to speedy. The trackpad feels like its been taking acid

    Reporting in.

    used BBSAK to backup and wipe but received an excpetion error when loading the new OS from it. I went straight to the loader in the common files and it installed in about 20 mins. Working fine with ATT. BES is working. Everything else is working from what I can see so far.

    How is it working so far? I have a mac so I can't DL .exe files. Someone please help. I'm in desperate need of os 6 for my BB 9700. BTW what are some of the bugs or glitches within the leaked version?

    All right everything went smoothly at first, i downloaded the update from Megaupload after it installed i opened blackberry desktop manager (version 6) and it found the update and backed up my files and then it did its thing. So far so good, the phone reboots and then i see a quick little intro video, then i get an all white screen with a terms and agreement thing i scroll down and press ok......then nothing happens for a while so i turn off the device and then i get a quick glimpse of the home screen and it looks retarded, so the phone turns off after about 5min i turn it on again and it stays stuck in the T-mobile logo, but its working cause i got an email, heard the sound and have a flashing red light......WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

    I installed it on my tmobile 9700 and it works great, it seems like most (if not all) of my apps still work great! social feeds app though :(

    ...anyone know where i can download it from?

    Got a white screen 602 App Error, which crashed the device. I was viewing a saved video, but I have no idea if that's what caused it. So long as these are relatively infrequent, isolated incidents, I'm fine with it...Kind of expected with a leaked OS.

    So glad I had our IT guy install Desktop Manager on my work comp. My phone is for personal use, but I told them I use it for my calendar...which is kind of true! :)

    Got it and it's running great! Limited on the number of default sounds for notifications, but I'm sure I'll end up adding my own soon enough

    This is a leaked version, wait for an official release if the leaked messed up with your handset.

    Trust me, the OS6 is better in every aspect to the 5.

    re Social Feeds: The only integrated app I'm seeing is BlackBerry Messenger. Anyone else? I'd like to use Facebook, Twiter, etc. Anyone find a way to add 'em?

    9700, AT&T

    Just plug your device to your PC, run Blackberry Desktop Manager and let it update all the social apps: Twitter, Facebook, WLM. I did it and Social Feeds is showing everything. Actually, I just let it update the whole phone and got now a new version of Docs to go!

    I too had the same problem of not finding twitter and fb integration in social feeds, delete and re install will work just fine

    got the tmobile deal to work, but now when i re download bbm it doesn't show up anywhere even though it downloaded. i restarted too and still nothing.

    anyone else having problems with downloading the OS onto your computer? Mine is saying estimnated time 30 hours +. any advice?

    I'm trying to update to OS6 from DM and i'll click update, then it'll ask if I want to back up and add my email so they can let me of future updates, then i'll say "one or more modules could not be found."

    Anyone know what this means? please help.

    installed smoothly thru dtm for me... hmm some bugs realized... top 3 calendar events remain in the notification bar all the time, cant see cursor when highlighting text in messages,email,bbm, etc. other than that, good so far! loving the feel of OS 6~

    I can assure you that the top three events will stay there no matter you access them, I'm running official for Torch.

    I have been trolling these forums since word that the 9700 will be getting os6 for a leak and its finally here!!

    I did a backup and installed over my os5 install and so far, everything has been flawless. Most of my previous applications (though, admittedly are not many) are working fine and I still have 74.1mb os storage remaining. Also installed social feeds, youtube etc.

    So far im liking the new os, was gonna sell my phone but I think ill hang on to it for a while longer. Very pleased!!! Thanks CB!

    So for, its been running just fine, the only problem i've found so far is that the native browser wont work, it keeps telling me that "browsing over cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan" ... Opera Mini works just fine, so i guess i will be using the other browsers for the moment, if any one knows how to correct this, let me know

    Hey Fatrix28,

    Same thing happens to me, also the rings that were in OS 5 im not able to find them and I cant have the annoying ring that i had when i received a bbm... has this happen to you?

    Got the same error when I installed on my 9650. Don't know if it works the same on GSM as it does on CDMA, but all I had to do was go into the options and provision my phone. I found it under Networks and Connections, Mobile Network, bb key. Error hasn't come back since.

    I just love it!!!! I download it with MegaUpload and it took 10min to install into my pc and 15 min to my BB..only something weird, when I browse the facebook website not the app at the very bottom of the page where is the log out it says "to download facebook for your TORCH" I don't get it =S but otterwise amazing OS

    Everyone having the white screen issue, looks through the comments it has something to do with deleting a t-mobile theme.

    Everyone having the dissapearing cursor issue in bbm, email,'s like the OS is designed for torch where you have to hit menu, then select text. When you do that on ours the cursor reappears and stays there throughout the whole email, etc.

    For those not seeing BBM, same thing happened to me, google in your browser for an OTA download, download and replace your current BBM. MAKE SURE you backup contacts first. Then it will tell you to reboot and presto BBM will be on your home screen.

    Donations accepted.

    well for crying and couldnt wait for the 6 to come out its finally out and i have read some complaint already geeze. well i had a lil complication when i loaded it but then resolved it by removing the default theme for t-mobile worked for me and now im running os6 smoothly on my tmobile 9700 & dont forget to delete the Vendor file as well. my 9700 is looking sexier lol

    P.S. i just got word from T-mobile BB tech that they will be supporting OS6 with in this month the guy said we should expect it no later than the 17th of November. so there a lil update on for us T-Mobile people that are waiting for the supporting of OS6. i cant wait

    Steps that worked for me:
    1. Download the file and run the EXE (Windows only)(wait 1-5 mins)
    2. If you don't already have the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Software v6, install it. Otherwise, run it.
    3. Plug in your BB9700 and perform a full backup. (wait 5-10mins)
    4. Exit BB Desktop Manager
    4. Download the latest version of BBSAK (utility to wipe your OS clean) at
    5. Install it and run it. (Optional: If you wish to backup 3rd party apps, click on the "Backup Apps" button)
    6. To completely wipe the device, and to avoid any compatibility issues when upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0, click on the "Wipe Device" button. (wait 5-10min)
    7. Now, your device will reboot and it will display an 507-error. This is normal. It means the wipe was successful.
    8. Open BB Desktop Manager and it should recognize the latest version 6.0 that you're previously installed.
    9. Once it installs, in BB Desktop Manager, press the Device button, then "Restore" button. To restore all your contacts/emails/wifi/calendar/etc.
    10. Once it restores your BB data, you can use the BBSAK to also restore 3rd party apps by clicking on "Restore Apps" (I skipped this step and installed them manually to avoid any compatibility issues)
    11. OS 6.0 should work beautifully now.
    12. I noticed a few BB applications were missing, so i opened up BB Desktop Software, clicked on "Applications", then selected my favorites: Password Keeper, Social Feeds. Then press "Apply" button. (wait 1-5min)
    13. I checked the free space available (Options/Device/Storage) right after OS6.0 install. It was 98.4 MB.
    14. I installed my usual apps (BerryBuzz,BerryWeather,Twitter,BB App World,Superstore,LastPass) and the free space was now at 75.6 MB.
    15. Conclusion: OS v6.0.0.344 works beautifully on the Blackberry 9700 with lots of free space!

    I followed your instructions exactly as you wrote and I installed os6 without any proplems. The new os is great. The most notable improvments include the webkit browser,universal search and the UI in general. The UI is fast and fun to use. Overall a vast improvment over os5. In regards to memory I have 70 Mb free after istalling about 15 apps. So anyone debating on wether to update I encurage to do so. Finally I would like to acknowledge unsuspectingly for sharing his knowledge with the rest of the community.

    Been running the OS for a few hours and 96mb free after shrinking out languages and games. Its so nice to be able to surf the net at a reasonable speed. Thanks for this desperately needed leak!

    Been using for 4 hours now and it awesome! Fast, not laggy, no glitches. I'm in love with my 9700 all over again.

    I've installed the OS on my BB. I LOVE it. Everything are fine. I've carefully followed the advices given on the forum before upgrade.

    I downloaded it, installed it according to the T-Mobile directions as far as deleting the .cod files. Everything was working great and then my trackpad became unresponsive. Every once in a while I can get it to work but then it stops again. I've done probably a dozen battery pulls and it still has the same issue. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    I´ve just installed this version. Fantastic !!!
    My 9700 was with 54M free and now 26M.

    Install OS6 file and remove these files below and vendor (apploader)


    8 hours running it, works like a charm. All, and I mean ALL my apps are working just fine. Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Google Maps, Docs to go and PDF to go, even CaptureIt, which i thought it'd fail, works ok. Today it was like my out of the box moment again. Thanks to RIM for this lovely OS and thanks to Crackberry for the leak. Enjoy!!!

    1. Connect your BB to PC
    2. Open BBSAK
    3. Select the Modify CODs tab
    4. Select Read System tab
    5. Scroll and select the 'net_rim_theme' that has T-Mobile included
    6. Select Remove CODs
    7. Reboot BB

    Your instructions MADE MY DAY!! I was having the issue with the white screen and tiny icons and your instructions have me in LOVE with my 9700 all over again with its BEAUTIFUL OS 6!!

    Thanks so much!!


    you guys are so vague with how to delete the t-mobile themese, I'm glad I'm smart and I figured it out. Anyone with this problem can google BBSAK(blackberry swiss army knife) and go thru the steps to download the app, read the system and delete the cod then save the read.

    6.0 is great, I only have 52MB free tho (but I have about 20+ apps).

    This leak is a little sluggish
    love the universal search and the new fonts.

    Has anyone else noticed if you have a chargin pod for ur blackberry, all of a sudden it don't work with OS6 hmmm.. Anyone else had this?

    I have the same problem, so it's not just you. I have 3 OEM charging pods/cradles/docks that no longer work. Not the end of the world though :) Thats the only problem I have so far

    I did notice when using the cradle or charging pod, the battery does not change to reflect that is charging. However, it does charge, so i believe is a visual thing. If you turn on events notifications, you will hear a tone when you sit it on the cradle, meaning is charging.

    HELP I wanna load it on2 my fone havin a hard time. This will b my 1st time & I really don't wanna mess it up, do I have to use DM6? But can sum1 just give me a step by step on wat to do?? It would really help a lot

    I downloaded os6 loving it, the only issue is that when i used the web browser it says that I dont have access to it cuz my provider hasnt given me access to this, i dont know what to do cuz i used to be able to use the browser in os 5, and yes it lets me use it on wifi... if your asking im using BIS.

    at 12:00pm today
    I downloaded the file from Hotfile, installed on the PC and had a smooth installation on the phone. I backed up everything on my phone before I installed the OS on the phone. I had a 9000 before so I thought I would have less than 20mb in app memory but I have about 65mb leftover on the 9700. This is a big plus for me cause when I installed OS5 on the 9000, i was in the low 20mb and I had a hard time installing new apps on the phone. Hence my upgrade to the 9700 for free (recently on OCT 22).

    My findings so far with OS6 on the 9700:
    It's a bit sluggish so I upped my trackpad sensitivity to 90. Most of the apps work fine except for UberTwiiter and there is no Social Feeds. (is there a way to get Social Feeds for this build?) Webkit browser is excellent, love it. The only minor thing I had a little issue scrolling up and down. Universal Search is on point as well.

    If I find anything new with this build, i will post.
    Overall so far so good, but it needs work before it becomes official.

    But I might end up getting the Torch anyway b/c of even more memory and a better camera. Also they have updated the OS6 since it's launch, so i hope it's much better than .344 and i can choose between a different colors in NOV.

    (phone was synced via PC USB till 4:30)

    Update at 7:30
    I had to install Social Feeds from Desktop Manager, then uninstall and reinstall Twitter for Blackberry so Twitter could work with Social Feeds. Works fine. Battery life is pretty good so far. App World works good as well. 3G and WIFI are on. Right now Batt life is at 70%. I will be posting more updates on Twitter as well.

    Overall excited, RIM is heading the right direction (slowly but surely), cant wait for the official release but still needs tweaking.


    installed OS6 a few hours ago, liking the new interface, feels like a new phone, no issues so far, updated OS just like i would have a normal 5.XX update, backup, remove vendor.xml problems to declare although i have lost my cursor when scrolling up over bbm's and i couldnt paste a number into Contacts when editing, will try a rebot and see if the cursor comes back.

    Downloaded and deleted the vendor file and it would not let me load it. Then restored the vendor file and on it went no problems.The bold is on vodafone uk and it works brilliantly.
    Its on my girlfriends phone so she is getting used to it but have not noticed any bugs as of yet and still had 74.1 mb of memory left. Runs pretty snappy and feels good all round.
    Thanks for the leak Crackberry

    Anyone know if the files from this release can be copied into the java folder and installed on the 9650?
    The Bold only got OS
    would like to try to get .344 for the 9650

    can't seem to find the "social feeds" app anywhr....Do I have to manually set it up? Sum one please help.

    I get a notification and the led starts to blink, when I check all the notifications the led just won't stop blinking! what do you think of that?

    Buzz online has it at november 17 but I will believe it when I see it. I have tmo and couldn't get it to load either (I'm pretty good at bb navigation but suck at the "outlaw" stuff) so I'm just gonna sit tight and wait for an official release (unless someone can do it locally for some compensation of some sort)

    this is my first leaked os I've downloaded. downloaded to my pc and I deleted the vendor file and DM recognizes it but when I click upgrade now I get an error saying "one or more moodules could not be resolved". what am I doing wrong??? please help!

    try turning off your internet when pressing upgrade. This usually works, and going forward this will be the least of your problems when loading this OS.