Bring your favorite FM stations to your BlackBerry with TuneIn Radio

By Jared DiPane on 20 Oct 2010 02:54 pm EDT
Tune In Radio

If you have dabbled around with any other operating systems and enjoy listening to music on your device, odds are that you have already had an experience with TuneIn Radio. This application is near the top in its respective category on both iOS and Android, and today it is available for all via a free download on your BlackBerry device. With over 50,000 radio stations, music streams and podcasts from around the world there is sure to be choices that will appeal to everyone. By default the application will use your devices WiFi and / or GPS signal to determine which stations would be considered local AM/FM to your position and display those as well as give an option to search for different stations if wanted.

If you enjoy music, and want an application that will deliver you a huge variety of music at any time while on the go, this is a must have. TuneIn Radio will launch with a $0.00 price tag and a few ads throughout the application, and can be downloaded directly to your BlackBerry device running OS 4.5 and higher here. Go check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think of it!

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Bring your favorite FM stations to your BlackBerry with TuneIn Radio


I have been wanting a way to get K-Love on my phone and this will do it! Now just if I hadn't downgraded to that new $15/month AT&T data plan. lol

I'm jealous, the cheapest data plan I've found in Canada on Telus is $50... You get 500MB... I bet in the US you'd have unlimited data for that price!

$15 gets you 200MB and $25 gets you 2GB unless you were grandfathered in to the $30/month "unlimited" plan which was actually 5GB cap. I never use more than 150MB on my torch so I dropped to save that $15/month. Now I will have to stay near wifi to keep streaming this!

Other carriers (cellular south, a verizon sister company) have unlimited data, calling, etc for about $70 for the entire plan, but only have neutered blackberries.

most canadians carriers have it at 500mb/25$, you can get it cheater inside a voice/data plan combo

like someone under also said, 30$/6gig is available on rogers/bell/virgin on a limited time offer (although 3yeras contract) everyyear

Rogers and Fido have the 6GB $30 data plan which I currently have xD but available for a limited time tho.

Very nice. Having access to radio station from abroad is a great feature. I am affraid to say "Bye Bye Nobex Radio Companion, you have been a good friend ..."
Also, at 226940 bytes, it is smaller than Nobex (325904 )
On my 9530, it helps a little

IHeart radio has only Clear Channel Broadcasting radio stations. Not all radio stations are owned by them. This tunes in the other radio stations owned by other companies.

TuneIn has 50k stations from all over the world but it doesn't include Clear Channel stations which are available through iHeart exclusively

Unless you have to create an account, I did not see a download link anywhere.

Edit: I mean that I couldn't find a download link @ RadioTime.Com/bb

...Have Bold WIll Travel~

The link should say "Click here to install the app". If it doesn't show up or doesn't work you may need to enable Javascript in your browser settings.

It works great in the UK. Must be over a hundred stations - all the BBC national and local, all of the mainstream commercial ones, loads of local stations and quite a few internet/digital only ones as well.

This is the best radio app I've seen in a while next to Slacker and Pandora. I've missed WPLJ - FM radio (95.5) in New York, and WPLJ's app is not for OS 6. Now I have it through Tune In Radio, as well as my other New York stations. This app couldn't be easier to install, and it installs in literally seconds. Simple to use, clean interface, and just about everything you need to find your stations, with multiple states in the United States listed, as well as other countries. This app is surely a winner, and it's free! High five to Tune In Radio.

I was one of the original beta testers of this app, and i was so excited about this. I almost could not contain myself. I wanted this to be available to you all so badly so you could enjoy it as much as I do. It truly is THE greatest music streaming app available. Yea yea I still love Pandora, but this is different. This is actual radio stations. I love how it know where I am and shows me stations in my local area. It also has a GREAT search engine and can search it's extensive database of stations and podcasts. Besides all the great FM & AM, (including HD radio), there are also many internet only broadcast stations TuneIN has it ALL! And the best part is the simple clean interface, it just works, and it looks good!

Glowing review. My one question would be is it better at STREAMING than Nobex. I'm 100% fine with the channel availability and interface of Nobex, but find that it struggles to stream over 3G at times. Of all the music players that stream, Pandora probably does the best this better than Nobex?

Works in UK, answered my own question. Without GPS, and on Wifi and Network right now, the local stuff doesn't seem to work for me. I just get all of the UK's stations.

I have been looking for something like this forever, most of the apps i find have alot of unknown stations to me and alot from the Uk...this has all my favorite local stations on it a great app, but still love my pandora

How come when I go the site on my phone theres no download link? It just says theres the app available, but wheres the link?

Hopefully this is just an isolated problem, but anybody else having trouble getting this thing to stream over 3G? I fired it up and found stations, but never got past like 15% buffering, even though I have a "5-star 3G" connection in an area I don't normally have problems.

Can Someone Post The Direct Link To The Download Page!! Because when i go to it on my blackberry browser i see no link..

Was able to download it here in Canada but the first screen that opens up says "Timeout" in the top right corner. Clicking on "reload the screen" does nothing.
Anybody experiencing the same........

Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP
For Canada Rogers I believe it should be:

user: wapuser1
password: wap

i checked off the APN settings, set it to w/out a username and password and now i'm rockin to toronto's finest radio stations on my BlackBerry Torch 9800! THANK YOU!!!!!! great app, alex!!!!!!

I have enabled java everything in my bb browser and still see no dl link. There must be some setting or url I'm missing???

I have Support JavaScript and Allow JavaScripts popups both checked.

I navigated to from my Bold 9700 running OS 5. I saw the same page that the link you provided goes to.

The app didn't download automatically and there is no link from there to download the Blackberry App.

CORRECTION: I forgot I had disabled JAVA for something else I was working on. Once enabled I got a completely different page. Thanks.

This is one smokin' app! Loads, fast,..scrolls through pages fast! ...and has opened up a whole new world of music for me!

It,..the sound is sweet on my 9700 at 100% FULL VOLUME!

"Thanks Crackberry",...and RadioTime!

...Have Bold Will Travel~

This radio app worked quickly and immediately. I tried IHeartRadio a couple of times and my BB (first 8330 then 9650) always froze up and had to do a battery pull. No such problems with this app. And it has the stations I was hoping for!

I couldn't get a download page either at first with Java enabled. But I forgot to switch my browser emulation to BB mode. Maybe that could be an issue for some others as well. Cant wait to run it. I run pandora, slacker, and stitcher about 10hrs a day! Thank you Vzw unlimited data! lol

I am so happy that this can stream channels from DI.FM!!!! I have been looking for something that would stream the Trance channel without having to use YourMuze until DI.FM releases their own app. Great find!

Nice app. Fast and easy download with a clean interface. Good supplement to iheartradio. Tunein + iheartradio + pandora is a winning combination and they all are free. Works very well. Thanks CB!

This is a GREAT app and it is only 221k. It doesn't get any better than that for my poor memory starved 8330. Thanks.

Works great on my Bold in greater Boston/eastern MA. Only one station I listen to is CC and unavailable, KISS 108.

Only change necessary is allowing you to sort your presets.

This is the first music app that I have tried. Very easy to install, not a large file, worked instantly on my Torch.

Got all of my tab channels here in Toronto. Also got some channels in Italy that I used to listen to when I was visiting.

Simply amazing. Have used this only on wi-fi so far so I have to see if the streaming problems occur on 3G like others have been reporting.

Whenever I open the app I get either a Timeout or a Critical tunneling error.

Edit: Seems to work on wifi but not over 3G. Any ideas anyone?

Edit2: Fixing my APN settings gets rid of the two errors above, now I'm able to search for stations but get an "Empty or invalid playlist" error

I've never used a Radio app before but this one seemed to appeal to me so I've just downloaded it and I think it's gonna be a keeper. Found the radio station I normally listen to so definitely not leaving my BB anytime soon.

Thanks for this

Nobex and all other streaming "local-radio" apps are now officially in trouble. This is the first app I have found that has ANY of the radio stations in my city. All of the other apps (including IheartRadio) just have the stations from the 3 largest cities in my state. TuneIn has EVERY station in my area except the 2 ClearChannel stations (which IheartRadio doesn't have either so no biggie), as well as stations in other nearby (even smaller) cities. Sound quality on most stations meets or exceeds the quality over FM/AM with an antenna on my receiver (depends on the stream the station has), so I am now playing the radio over its AUX input from my BlackBerry. Better sound quality, more stations, podcasts, simple interface: TuneIn is an absolute winner!

One more comment I wanted to make.....this app, in conjunction with Yourmuze, and I get everything I listen to, except for the one CC station on neither.....

Keeper for me.

I downloaded it to compare to Nobex radio companion and it's WAY better. I used the search box and typed in my favorite band and I got radio stations streaming them at REAL TIME plus a bunch of old radio interviews. Even when I was searching for local stations for preset, I found a police scanner channel for a local city. I found all of this within 20 min. of playing with this app. *Thumbs up*

This is a GREAT app! It's small and doesn't bog down my 9700 like Nobex did, and does higher quality streams! I believe Nobex was doing 24K MP3 (or less), but this one does 34K AAC on every station I tried. The streams don't pause/stop like Nobex either, which is very nice!

I have noticed one problem though - sometimes the streams don't play and you have to restart the app to fix it.

This is an awesome app. I cant believe its free. This is all u could want and more in a radio app, including podcasts (which is my new found love) The only thing that's keeping me from deleting Nobex is that I won it in a CB contest. LOL. I'm sentimental.

This app is tunes in FM as well a AM stations in different qualities.....i was able to tune in FM stations in Miami, LA, Philadelphia, etc as well as Spain, Italy, Venezuela wow.....tried Cuba but nothing happened there, I guess the embargo is to blame.....using WIFi works perfectly.

This app works really well and besides bluetooth A2DP support is the best of all the media apps I have tried for the Blackberry, which is most if not all. 5 stars for this one.

Great app. Nice interface. All stations play. Lot and lots of stations to choose from. Will play with it more tomorrow

I am having major problems on my Storm 1.

- Local Radio lists stations in Atlanta, GA....I'm in Birmingham, AL.

- Almost all stations buffer and then say Stream error.

- The few stations which work play for less than 10 seconds then buffer for another 10, rinse and repeat.

Wow app works great using it right now and loving it about time something like this comes out especially if its free!!! its a must download

Holy crap this is great. Just installed it and I can listen to KNBR. Screw you, MLB app. Station search and streaming are quick, audio quality is great. I now have a reason to carry headphones around with my phone.

Can't get this to work. It only works on wifi, I keep getting a error message saying timeout, when not using wifi.
I dnt no how to configure I apn settings hope someone can help. I'm on a 9700 in the uk and network is orange.
If someone can explain what APN that would be great, and does it affect my data or will my carrier have any charge against me?
Ty in advance!

Options>adv options>tcp/ip tick apn enabled. The apn name is orangeinternet. No need for username/password. This makes it work but not sure if orange are charging for it!

I am using this on my BB Tour on VZW and I have to say I'm absolutely loving this. My biggest problem with Nobex was that headphone audio was too low. No more with TuneIn. My transit commuting just got majorly improved.

TuneIn Radio is great! However, I am not able to listen to stations that broadcast in Windows Media stream format (ex. BBC Radio 4). Am I missing a setting that will enable these to work on my BB Storm 2? Or, does BB have another media player that can play ALL types of broadcast streams? Help!!

Storm2 support for Windows Media steams is quite unreliable. I've got BBC working most of the time on 9550 when I enable Storm2 compatibility mode and set buffering to Automatic. It takes long time to start the stream but then typically works. A few times after playing with Windows Media I received "Media processor error" which only clear after battery pull. I don't get any of these issues on Bold 9000.

I've been waiting for this for a long time. I live in Buffalo, and the stations here are not that great. I enjoy different styles of music (and in other languages, too). Thank you so, so much. I am no longer limited to the top-40 radio playlists..... on repeat.

This app actually works! Lol. All the station in my local area work. Tried listening to stations from other states and they work then tried from other countries and it worked!!! Great app. And the best thing about it is that its free! 5 stars lol

I think TuneIn Radio is amazing!!! Finally, local radio stations that I can recognize. Was listening to WBLS last night and was happy to see how well it matched the actual radio when I turned it on.

I installed this today on my Torch, and I'm able to listen to the stations through my connected Jawbone Icon. :)

This is a fantastic and AMAZING app!

I downloaded this application yesterday. Went to the theatre at night, set my BB9700 Bold to silent mode but at a very inconvenient moment the radio started playing spontaneously (I was in the front row). Surely you can imagine my embarrasment. What default setting do I need to change to stop this from happening?

Sorry about that. This could happen in one of theses cases:

- You pushed "mute" button accidentally. It works as Play/Stop even if the app is in the background
- It was stopped due to connection loss rather than manually and accidentally it detected connection again in the theater making, which triggered playback resume. I'll a add timeout in the next version so that if it was stopped for more than half an hour it won't resume automatically.

Really looking forward to using this app, but will not go beyond "Reload the screen -Timeout" message. I had no problem downloading/installing. Tested every connection option (automatic/wifi only/cellular only. Nothing works.

Don't know what APN settings are, can't find anything about Verizon APN or why I need this.

Very frustrating.

I am trying to make this work for me on my 8330 ( Verizon ). It plays about 3 seconds and then stops, buffers for 60 seconds, and then plays 3 seconds, buffers again, etc. I have lots of free memory space and am up at the latest OS 4.5 level available. But still does not work smoothly.

You can open the log.txt at the bottom of the screen (settings).

At mine it is saying "apn not specified".
That is in my case unfortunately correct cause tmobile won't accept an apn with the bb dataplan.

Does anyone has a workaround besides wifi?

Using a VZW Tour 9630 here...

As far as the app's interface & features, this is great for a free app. I was able to find all of my local stations with about 2 seconds worth of searching - and the only station I couldn't find listed in with my local stations, I found with another 2 second search using their callsign. Usability is awesome

However, I can unfortunately only get 2 of my local radio stations to play. I've got the buffer time set to "Automatic," don't know anything about if I'm supposed to have the APN settings a certain way or not. On the stations that won't play, I keep getting "Stream Error" and/or "Connection too slow or streaming server overloaded." Not sure why I'm able to get some stations to play and not others...any advice?

Upgraded to BB OS 7.1 and now, TuneIn 2.3 wreaking havoc on my "device media processor is busy". It seems theis version of TuneIn isn't compatible with BB device OS 7.1. Help!