Friday Fun: What does your *dream* BlackBerry look like? Is it anything like this BlackBerry Titan Concept?!

BlackBerry Titan
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2010 09:46 am EDT

It blows my mind how much the topic of smartphones comes up in regular conversation these days. At restaurants, airports, schools, work... you name the place, it seems to me people are talking about phones and gadgets like never before. Multiple times per week I find myself unintentionally eavesdropping on people out in public because I catch the word BlackBerry or iPhone or iPad or Android and hone in on the conversation. The conversation is often surrounding what phone a person wants to buy next, which phone they think is best, and sometimes it's even about what they *wish* a company would put into their next phone.

Enter the BlackBerry TK1 Titan Concept. While I'm sure a lot of CrackBerry Readers have given some thought as to what they'd like to see RIM do with their next device model, I don't think many of us have given it as much effort as Guy Bridges (DigitalHomeBoy). Guy has put three months of thought and effort into his BlackBerry device concept, complete with the rendered images and spec sheet you'd normally find from RIM itself. You'll want to jump over to Guy's blog post to view the entire specs, but all in all it's a pretty compelling device and hopefully we'll see some BlackBerry Devices from RIM in the near future that live up to this dream. In addition to the standard BIG specs you'd expect on a dream device (1GB ram, 8.1 megapixel camera on the back, 3.5 megapixel on the front, etc.), Guy has included some other innovative features, such as dual LED notification lights, double speaker ports, and two left side convenience buttons. Cool stuff.

So that leads us to the final question of the week... what does your dream BlackBerry Smartphone look like? No doubt it's running the new QNX-based OS that the BlackBerry PlayBook will feature. But what else do you want to see in the hardware and form factor? Sound off in the comments!

BlackBerry Titan Hardware Features

BlackBerry Titan

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Friday Fun: What does your *dream* BlackBerry look like? Is it anything like this BlackBerry Titan Concept?!


Hey! With two left spkrs, can hear your call in your "left ear" when holding the phone to your right ear.


...Have Bold Will Travel~

Best Blackberry would be the Bold 9000 form factor with a touchscreen, trackpad, 1gz processor, 1gb ram, front & rear camera (8mp). Build that and the masses will follow.

i was thinking the same exact thing. i still cant understand why rim would abandon that design so quickly.

The design was weak many of the models could not stand the trials of time as the fell apart with there shit plastic and crappy screens(the platic Cover) as my heart is in the place of the form factor but any thing away from the bold 9000 design is great i just hate the 9000 parts

I'm with you on this one. I would love the 9000 remake, maybe even a tiny bit bigger for screen size, minus the trackpad and send/end keys put them on the touchscreen. That will be my next phone if made.

The one he is "moking" up has too small a keyboard for me. Looks like the palm.

Bold 9000 with a black chrome bezel, touchscreen top full keyboard bottom. No slide flip or backflip for the key board. Maybe a trick pad but it would have to have a select button for us fat fingered users and ditch the leather back.

YES! Exactly! The Bold 9000 with the specs you stated! It already has the best built-in speakers and keyboard. I have held/tried the new Bold's and the Tourch and I wouldn't switch to them even if they were free.

This is the phone that needs to come out, it has the 9000 form factor with all the new features that all of us want. BB this is your message build this or something like this please!

It is hard to compete with touch screen phones on screen size. This screen looks significantly bigger than the previous BBs this would replace, but with all the media features this phone has to offer - the screen is still somewhat small compared to other devices on the market.

i'm sorry but having the headphone port on the side is a huge design flaw. needs to be on top, i'm constantly having to replace head phones because they kink in my pocket. Also the charging port should be at the bottom of the phone to avoid an awkward feel while using during charging. You definitely still need the answer/end key. bad idea to take away since it is the best way on any phone to access your call log or home screen. i'm not a big fan of the left side convenience keys, probably can do without since it's touchscreen. leaving the volume keys and camera key/right convenience key on the right the same is a must. just feels natural. nice work. cool concept

Sounds like you need an iPhone. Within that, you need to go easy on the designer. You spend that much time trying to make a prototype BB. Why complain about the headphone jack? Get a Bluetooth headset like the Motorola S9 which I have if you're worried about convenience, no wires. The convenience keys are one of the things my friends who have iPhone or android wish they had. I use the left side key for Facebook and the right for Pandora. Perfect for me. I agree good concept....will the canucks agree?

i was just throwing up some concerns. i definitely don't need an i phone, i have a nexus and i still use a bold. That being said, motorola s9 headset suck unless you're sitting still. the connection breaks when i'm ripping shit on my bike.

convenience keys are meant for non touchscreen phones. the touchscreen is the convenience key.

sorry i can't go easy on the designer as there are already too many other lame devices currently available.

I think things like headphone jacks and USB ports can pretty much be placed anywhere (as long as they don't block keyboard access while typing).

I have to say the convenience keys are something I definitely need. I still have the right one set for the camera. When holding my Tour like a camera, having the shutter button on top does help. Moving the shoot button to a touch screen means more possibility of movement while trying to take the photo.

I have the left side convenience key set for Vlingo. With just a push of the button, I can dictate, send messages, initiate phone calls. All of that without having to look at the phone (or searching for the button for Vlingo on the screen). I think it was a mistake to remove the left-side convenience key off of the Torch for this very reason.

I agree with you on all points!.. the answer and end keys NEED to be there. the 3.5mm jack needs to be at the top or bottom. i don't understand the other poster thinking you need an iphone LOL.

I'm with you on the headphone output being on the top and the charge port being on the bottom. It's so awkward when charging in the car to have a plug go all the way around the to the other side of the phone.

Great concept. My dream? I want to be wowed with the next blackberry decice. This titan concept seems pretty cool, but odly enough, I like my BB to be a little bulky. In all essence, I want something I've never seen before. An out of this world, outrageous concept. For example a watch-based blackberry packed with so much info and capabilities that it has no space left for a clock. Just a thought...

I agree! it needs the bulk or at least a better feel when holding it. I can't stand the iphone4 and its thin feeling. Some people may like it but I particularly don't, the ergonomics feels all wrong and a little too lite.

That keyboard looks like a cheap and cheesy HTC Ozone key board. Verizon does/did sell them for a while, not sure if they still do.

Give the Titan a BB looking keypad so it looks like and feels like a true BlackBerry, and so it's not so ugly. Everything else in his specs would be a great upgrade for RIM.

Agreed, squeeze the Bold 9000 keyboard in there and you have a phone. That keyboard looks like a palm pre keyboard.

Does it have a bigger battery than 1700maH? Where are the charging connections and the IR port so I can use it as a TV/DVR remote?

I think RIM would be very smart to take a few ideas from Guy's Titan concept. While I'm sure we won't see a device with so many innovations soon, this is really what a BlackBerry should be if they want total competition with other smartphones. Amazing job!

Isn't this just the Motorola DROID Pro with BB6?
My dream BB would be close, but have better resolution, use the QNX OS, full LTE (data and VoLTE), and at least 16GB of onboard memory for apps and media.

Humm like it but I'm a storm2 junkie like to see it without a keyboard all touch not necessarily surepress but need a big touch screen:)

An 8mpx camera, I noticed the concept had the front camera for video conferencing, nice btw, but what about the Torch concept without the slider?!. Touch option or the physical keyboard all in one.

I would like to see my Bold 9650 about 25 percent bigger in screen size, along with Wireless N Support, 8-10 MP, HD Movie support, along with the ability to run flash flast, along with a 50-100 percent more Mah in the battery. lol.

Exactly !!! I have said numerous times that I love my Tour form-factor with a tad bit more screen as I can type one handed.. It would be awesome to have that with like the Epic's specs.. Kinda like Motorola did with the Droid Pro but make the screen a tad shorter so less top-heavy..

I want this phone! After a failure attempt in trying to upgrade my Storm 2 to a Storm 3, I know have hope that there will be an awesome Blackberry to come out, hopefully soon. RIM needs to hire this guy onto their development team.
So my next question is: When does it come out?!?!?

UPDATE: Make a CDMA version!!!!!!!!!

This is a dream that may not come true...but to have this with a key board like our beloved 9000. I would buy in a heart beat. You wouldn't even have to have a touch screen. it would be a '9000 BRUTE. Please let it happen in my working life time.

Biggest problem with the blackberry is the crappy ass processors. Through a 1Ghz in it and I would get another without question. As it stands if I buy a new one (when my contract is up in a few months) it would only upgrade the OS, the hardware would not change much -- that's a #FAIL!

That sound you just heard? Was RIM, as they ball up this design (which is AWESOME BTW) and throw it away saying, WE are the professionals here... they don't know hat they want... COME ON....if you build it... oh heck, everyone knows the rest...LOL

I'd love to see this in a Storm form factor with full touch screen and vertical slide out qwerty keyboard.


I actually like the idea of two notifications lights. There are some neat things that you could do with that...

Admit it,..the specs of this concept is what sets it a part from any current phone. Although I like the layout,'s still to much yesterday, we already had this form factor in the BB 9000. I'd like to see DigitalHomeoy design a concept like this around the form factor of an EVO - inch for inch! Also, since BB has "mastered" the "Touch Screen",...I'd like to see RIM release a competitor that will walk right up to the EVO's face and do a STARE down,...C'mon, I dare you.

Don't get me wrong, I like the 9800,...but I'd like to see a "wider" screen,..that keeps the same screen height.

By having a keyboardless BB,...that is way better than the Storm,...RIM would increase everything about it,...for instant, they could boost the battery capacity by at least 500mAh if not more. This could lead to a minimum of 3 days without hitting the charger.

They could also increase the processor speed,...and get this, how about user defined RAM,..such as, one can install their own micro SD card,...similar to increasing RAM in a PC!

This is what we want/need,...more control!

Now! I do know that my next phone will have a larger screen than my current 9700,...and I'd rather it be a BB.

...Have Bold Will Travel

Edit: For user defined RAM,...the device would have 1GB of on-board RAM, when one adds say a 4GB micro-SD card to Slot 1, they can select via menu to use said RAM for device operation or storage. The second Slot would be for storage only. Now, if they really want to be "BOLD",...make the second Slot for a true SD card!,...I'm sure that the faster SD 32GB,..64GB cards would fly off the shelves!

Last Edit: Can we pls get a " .Com " button below the "Space Bar",...please,...pretty please! Or at least make it available on the virtual KB.

. . . would like to see the charger on the bottom and the earphone jack on the top. I love the extra convenience key, the 8 MPX Camera and everything else. I would like to see a larger screen, like the older Bold.

I love the design. You better get a TM/Copyright on it or RIM will steal it and I'll buy one of them. If it had a slideout keyboard I'd buy one right now!!! I like the Torch but the keyboard should be sliding out from the side not the bottom.

I like that concept style looking device, looks very cool the thin edges and large screen is where its at for sure, that looks like the next gen bold 9000. I would buy it .. for sure looks like a winning form factor :)

Why does everyone need a touch screen? Give me a great hi-res screen paired with the BB keyboard and great OS (and great hardware to support it). If we had all of the above, we wouldn't be talking about iPhone or Android. Would we?

What is the point of this? people are going to make this awesome smartphone idea in their head and then be bummed out with what they have.
Just enjoy what we have.

Wow great design , yes its hot and its my dream to see this one coming (but with a diff keyboard) :)

I used to have my dream BlackBerry, it was called the 8830. Unfortunately it had the memory of a brick and I had to move on.

All the new BlackBerries have way too much iSmudge feminine curvature about them--and a knockoff look is always wimpy. I can't stand them for looks, but email functionality is my bottom line, and a few lines above that too.

I don't expect RIM will ever get it, but there's plenty of us who thought the 8830 was the bee's nuts, and we know from the looks we got while using it that there were plenty more where that came from.

Market some models to men too, guys. Right angles. You might be surprised.

I like all the features but this almost looks like a windows phone.. kinda like the t-mobile dash. I like the original Blackberry form factor and UI. jus sayin!

I would raise the BB logo on the battery cover.

As stated before, this is the Droid Pro or BB Mangum that never got produced, but BB still does keyboards better then anyone else. I would likely never buy another phone from anyone else if BB released this device. It does everything we enterprise/consumers want a device to do.

People keep saying BB is dead or not relevant; thats false. The consumer market is not meant to be there's; Iphone and Android own that. Business wise, this will keep enterprise users satisfied, because its truly the best of all worlds. Currently, RIM has little to no competition right now since Microsoft and Palm are standing on the side line, but in the coming months they will be back on their heels as will certain Android devices. This device will come to market and blow people out of the water.

I drank the Android Kool-Aid like everyone else, however, my 9700 is still by my side and in heavy-relevant rotation.

But I think I'd rather have actual feedback keys versus touch sensitive buttons with vibration feedback. Something about the buttons just seems more solid to me. This is a great concept thogh-props for putting in so much effort



- Optimize actual screen size within constraints of the 9000 size. It could be done.
- Keep the talk key where it is for us guys who need to use it as a phone. This concept would require two touches.
- Keep the keyboard as it is on the 9700, but I like the idea of opening the symbols easier.
- Make sure Flash is included.
- Video phone is the next logical step. Why use Skype if we can have it available here? And not just for BB users either. I use Skype to talk to other friends in the USA, Europe and South America.

would never work at that thickness. The top of the phone is to crowded and on a personal note i like the talk and end keys they are truly the quickest and simplest way to make a phone call. You would also have a battery issue on that note, the size this phone would require would not be replaceable.

I would buy the Titan in a heartbeat. It's exactly the sort of phone RIM should be building - and without skimping on the memory or battery life.

great job buddy..... the phone may have to be a little thicker to maintain good battery life.... a thicker phone also adds points to the grip but yeah the concept is a 10+

hope rim is reading this..........

the headset jack does need to be on top and the charge port on bottom... i work in the industry and have access to a lot of phones and hate them being on the side. an accelerometer and compass would be nice. touch screen is nice for photos and web (zooming in and out)... other than that, i hope rim does something like this...

As a Bold 9000 guy, this is the BB I am seeking. Only one change to the design; put the original Bold 9000 keyboard size/shape of keys on this and it is a home run. Love it, and that is some tremendous work, very well done.

Where is the laser beam? I personally would not buy this without a laser.

Also, I don't see where I would plug in my time travel pod. Come on.

Actually the only thing this is missing is the $100 million it takes to actually do the R&D and then build one.

I think I'll doodle up a new Porsche and then they'll build it for me because it looks cool.

I would move the Blackberry logo of the front, to the buttom. And place the front camera right in the middle so it doesn't get in the way of the speakers. Aldo, I would add a mini HDMI output so I can watch HD downloads on my TV.

But, I guess no phone can have everything.

One more thing: I'd put the send/end buttons back.

I gotta say, this guy has done his homework. I love his ideas. This would be THE qwerty smartphone. There wouldn't be any other brand that could compare. If RIM came out with this BB, I would sell my youngest child to have one. I neeeeeeedddddd!!!!!

If this is the phone that they are talking about being the first 4G BB on Big Red, then I will say bye bye bye to my 9530

sign me up for one... i agree with putting the charging and headphone ports on the bottom and top and maybe a mini HDMI out. Also would do a bold 9700 keyboard with send and end keys. Everything else is awesome like the two convenience keys on the left side and two LED's. I would buy it as is though...

Design-wise, I generally like the phone. I think for many BB users, the combination of the Droid Pro and Blackberry 9000 would be an idea match: A large touchscreen with physical keybaord in a bar form factor with the ability to use traditional BB navigation (i.e. trackpad). However, I would prefer dedicated send/end keys like more BB's. It's a nice and easy way to access your dialer or close an app.

However, the specs, while desirable, feel like it's too science-fiction. Yes, having a high res-screen with a 1 GHz processor is certainly nice, but cramming that into a device that 12mm thick and expecting it to be able to go 17 days on standby on 3G with a user replaceable battery seems a little unrealistic at this point in time. I recognize that it is only a concept, and while it is fine to dream, let's not get carried away and expect this to be built right now. Even if the technology were there to build this as spec'd, it'd probably be pretty expensive and thus unfeasible for general market consumption.

The biggest possible QWERTY keyboard is what BB users hunger...for typists who do not look at what they're typing. With the push to not text and drive, this helps you to not take your eyes off what you're doing. Maybe making each letter more "tactile" or cone-shaped would be a plus. The new CAP/NUM lock feature is good. The "physical" keyboard and the screen size are what keep me from going to the competition. The add'l convenience keys are great and the front AND back cams are nice too. Getting rid of the talk/end key is a good deletion. The add'l LED is a great feature to customize for various calls/contacts/etc, and it's nice to have an added speaker. The SmartSense software is what will be the clincher in the future of sales now that the device features are nearing perfection. Love my new Torch, but will try the new Titan when it becomes available. :-)

I would like Send and End buttons, but that's just me. The Titan just knows when you want to answer and hang up! Awesome...Touchscreen would be nice and a keyboard that wasn't made by playskool :)

I really like this design. Bringing back the Bold 9000 form factor with all new specs is the answer RIM has been waiting for. I don't know why they won't start producing a phone like this.

This would be a no-brainer purchase for me. I've been holding back from purchasing the 9800 because I'm not in love with the slider. My only concern with this Titan concept is also the keyboard. That doesn't look anything like any Blackberry I've ever used. I can't imagine it being better than the Bold keyboard. I'd get it despite that though!!

I would like something that's a hybrid between the Torch and a Sidekick. I want a touchscreen phone (Torch) but has a keyboard that comes out from the side instead of the bottom of the phone. I think it would have a better feel when the keyboard slides out. The camera would have a 10x min. MP. I would want direct connect and 3 more convenience buttons. The internal memory would be a couple of gigs (non of this stupid 512 MB.) I want apps and games galore. I'm sure RIM will get it and make the BB more like an Iphone without violating any TM rules.....

Put a call, and call end button like how the rest are, make the qwerty board actual keys (not touch sensitive), and make the screen a touch screen -> that would be my dream phone.

This would be THE most perfect BB ever. If it actually lived up to everything that is mentioned, I think it'd be unstoppable

My dream BB would be similar with similar specs (with the front facing cam being 5mp instead of three). But I would prefer a touch sensitive qwerty (always thought that would be cool to see on a bb). The letter lighting could be colored customly (i'd go blue). The screen would also have some touch sensitivity like the Titan Concept. that's about it...and of course innovative specs

I like it, but I always want send/end keys....part of what makes a Blackberry a Blackberry is that. Also, make the touchscreen have the ability to be disabled by holding down the trackpad, toggle from there like the # key for ring/vibrate.

As many have said, 9000 width/keyboard and KEEP the leather backing, it's a great non-slip thing. And a massive battery, weight isn't really a concern, but with touchscreen being added, you need more battery for more battery life.

I swear I had the exact same Idea in mind touch sensitive keys, dual camera, Dual flash, LED's and all, I sketched it out and its in my sketch folder. except mine wasn't as large guess I was thinking more of a Curve update.

This is ah no brainner for RIM. If there has been anytime to be proactive the time is now. This phone is on point. This is a winner down to the comparable screen of the 9000. Im digging this 200%

If this was only possible! It would be the kick ass BlackBerry of all times! And i would definitely get it!

My "dream specs" have always included 2 microSD slots. With the onboard ROM, I don't think a second slot is needed. However, I would like to see support for micro SDXC. Maybe that would be a firmware update?

I'm very happy with my 9650 and OS 6, but a little bump in specs never hurt.

I really like it, but it would be nice that it could have also the OS6, that apps could run from the sd card and that we could get fun cool apps in our phones for reasonable prices

i love this design!! touch screen without having to slide ne thing. GREAT! love how its so thin and has dual camera. hope this goes into production soon and ATT will carry it!


Il be first in line to buy :) Best BB so far.

I wonder what the Apollo & Atlas concepts he has lined up will look like.

And like JMDBERRY said...we need a .com button for cryin out loud.

Why is it that RIM seems to hate everything about the 9000? They've "refreshed" or tried to refresh everything from the Storm to the 85xx Curves and they refuse to admit there is a market for people who liked the 9000 series Bold.Smaller is not better! It would be so easy to update the 9000.The biggest challenge being the FF camera but if HTC & Apple can do it so can RIM.

So because I have toyed with ideas from time to time as to what I want to see I started looking at this Titan a little bit more

Height: 4.48in / 114mm
Width: 2.6in / 66mm
Depth: 0.47in / 12mm
Weight: 4.19 ounces / 119 grams


TFT Capacitive touchscreen LCD (LED Backlighting support)
3.2×3.2 inch High-resolution 480×640 pixels colour display

if the device is 2.6" wide, HOW is the screen 3.2" wide??

the Bold 9000 specs

this device is the same form factor as the 9000 except 20% thinner, so you expect to cram waaay more into this device with 20% less volume, I can't see it.

Great job with the start, but seriously 3 months? that must have been all artistic work. which I must give credit for, as I can't do it

As soon as the Torch was released I started thinking along the lines of the TK1. It would be amazing. eliminating the slide function and and still maintaining the brilliant touchscreen.. I would buy in a hear tbeat

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I have tried the 9700 and am trying the 9800 right now, but still love the form factor of the 9000 the best. Love the screen, and especially the keyboard. I would love for RIM to make a true 9000 sized replacement, with trackpad and snapdragon processor and 512 mb RAM at least! Throw in OS 6.0 and I am happy. Anyone else want one of these?

This is the ideal BB - IMO. I went as far as sending RIM emails but I don't think they're reading them :-)

RIM has to come out of the box. MY dream BB would have
4.5" touch all capacity screen.
1.5 Mhz fast processor,
16-32 GB memory on board, expansion slot for 64-128 GB
QNX, webkit, BBM ofcourse, BB email system,
8 MB camera, and 5 MB front end camera,
3 conv. keys
Quad band world phone, VZ carrier
Rest is fluff!

Now that would be a biggy, booting a fully-functional desktop linux off it, the SD card that is, and being able to use it aside from BBOS and QNX.

The 9000 is the perfect device for me. I don't really care to have a touchscreen/keyboard combination. If they made the 9000 with more application memory and a 5 MP camera, that would be all I needed.

...When it ask me, if I would marry it/her/him, I will say "Yes, I do"...and from now on my Surname will be 'Titan'... Great concept!!!!! 1000% match!!!!:-)

Smaller isn't better. More functional is better. I'd build a thicker Playbook to accommodate the features I want. Of course, it should be in red like a Swiss army knife with the traditional cross somewhere on the case.

1. From the time the power switch is pushed until the time the phone will dial 911 should be less than 2 sec. The rest of the features can continue booting in the background in order of how important they are to have in a hurry.

2. Detachable bluetooth headset that recharges from the phone. (So you don't have to hold the slab up to your ear.)

3. If necessary for the best reception, pull out antennas so that it would be the undisputed world leader in connecting and staying connected (and the best data rates.)

4. Detachable GPS receiver so it could be positioned for the best reception while the pad remained where it was eaiest to view.

5. Real camera optics with a motorized physical zoom lense.

6. Perhaps a couple of docking bays for added optional features, like infrared for directly replacing remote controls, automobile remote control emulation, BP and heart-rate monitoring, fingerprint security, smart credit card that can be reprogrammed to be whichever one of your cards you need at the moment.

By the way, if I were QNX, my first goal would be to copy or incorporate all the neat Google integration features that Google is able to give to Android phones.

You start with twice the life, and then, if you get low, you can replace them one at a time without rebooting.

And, perhaps a slot for a removable laptop disk drive.

I thought this was real ! I got so excited and was actually going to wait for this instead of the Torch. I hope RIM looks at this and considers this or something like it? But this one is perfect! We can only hope...

This is a super concept device! RIM should hire Guy Bridges and pay him a good sum of money to put this concept into Reality! Obvious all of the hardware manufacturers are interested in doling out dribs and drabs of improvements to their customers for technology they have locked away in their vaults.

Kudos for the Concept!

Are you RIM?

Motorola Droid Pro - if this takes off, RIM loses.

I and others have emailed them incessantly for a device similar to this at "bbsuggestions..." and apparently, RIM must have forwarded the numerous emails to Motorola.

Here's something funny.

What people consider the "Dream" Blackberry..already exists in the form of SO MANY other phones that are not only out on the market now; but that have been out for a while now.

RIM is way behind.

This phone would be awesome, the perfect cross of touchscreen and Blackberry without having that "awkward phone hold" that most touchscreens have.


I would absolutely sell my 9900 which I love dearly and buy this. Reminds me of the palms which had good form but crappy OS and build quality. BB generally does have good build quality. This phone is awesome!! RIM needs to step up their game. If the 9900 would have been released to market about 1-2 years ago (before it was outdated) they would be doing fine and their stock wouldnt be nearing penny stock level