BlackBerry Smartphone reboot test - Bold 9700 vs. Bold 9650 vs. Torch 9800

By Adam Zeis on 10 Aug 2010 12:42 pm EDT

Rebooting a BlackBerry - something we hate doing yet something we (unfortunately) need to do. Battery pulls, "soft reset" or whatever you want to call it, it has to be done. Historically our devices have taken nothing short of an eternity to reboot, pushing toward 10 minutes in some instances just to get up and running. Well with the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 a welcome relief comes as the improved boot time which is roughly 2 minutes. Finally we don't have to fret pulling the battery - which is few and far between on this device as it is.

Check out the video above (I didn't edit it down at all so we get the full effect of how painful a reboot is - it's kind of long and boring in the middle so feel free to skip ahead) for a head to head comparision of the Bold 9700 (OS, Bold 9650 (OS and Torch 9800 (OS Each of them is loaded up with nearly the same apps and data (messages, contacts, calendar etc) to make things as close as possible. The video is kind of long as I left it run through the whole boot process, so you can skip ahead if you want to just see the meat of it. The Torch boots up in around 2m 20s (at 3:17 in the video), the Bold 9650 takes a not-so-close second at 6m 40s (at 7:40 in the video) with the Bold 9700 bringing up the rear with a boot time of 9m 15s (at 10:33 in the video). Now keep in mind this isn't exact, but its a pretty good show of how long each device takes to boot up. This will totally vary depending on your data, apps etc as each device is specific to its owner, but we tried our best to do a decent comparison. Regardless it is totally obvious here that the Torch with BB6 is way faster (RIM did tell Kevin they improved the boot time considerably) than older devices. Your mission for today is to do your own boot test and drop a comment with your device/OS/boot time. Lets see who has the best and who has the worst!

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BlackBerry Smartphone reboot test - Bold 9700 vs. Bold 9650 vs. Torch 9800


Right after a OS update it may take anything from 90 seconds to 3 minutes for my 8520 to boot.

After I have all my apps and data back on the phone, it takes from 3-6 minutes.

How's that on the Torch? stable boot times no matter that you load into it?

9530 - - 2min, 52 sec
9700 - - 4min, 48 sec
Both on Telus network. Funny thing is, the 9530 is loaded with 3rd party apps (only 13mb available after battery pull)and the 9700 has no 3rd party apps installed O_o

Mine doesn't EVEN take 5 minutes, and I have 11 emails on my BIS account.

PS- That stupid " com" drop has got to go. It's seriously ANNOYING!

I'm am willing to be that the 9800 does not have encryption & security turned on. That adds an extra 3mins to the boot time. For that test to work all devices have to have the same configure with security. redo the test with security & encryption turned on for all 3 devices. Then do it again with all the security off. my 9700 boot in 2min 50sec with the security and encryption turned off.

My 9700 boots uo about as fast as the Torch. Is encryption or memory cleaning switched on on the other 2?

my 9650 doesn't take that long haha maybe 4m but yes that was a quick boot you shoulda gave us some more preview of the 0s6 hehe nice vid...

Once I saw what was going on, I backed my video up to where Adam pushed the batteries in. I put my battery in my 9700 at the same time as he puts his in. Mine finished only 10 seconds after the Torch. I have 21 3rd party apps.

So what? Who knows what kind of info is on these phones. There's probably ALOT of data. It can't be inaccurate because he just did it right in front of your eyes.

Was stating that the test results are inaccurate to the general 9700 owner's reboot time. Of course Adam's old phone filled with texts, emails, apps, and other data is going to be slower than a new one.

Something doesnt seem right. My Bold 9700 Is way faster than that. almost 5 mins and it kills my girls 9650

I like my 9700. I wish boot times were better. Anyway I can't stop wondering if android winmo and Iphone test their devices to see which one boots fastest. Does this issue ever come up?

No, it doesn't. Those OS's may do less battery pulls, or none at all, but i tell you what, they have a boot time. I had the chance to work with a Galaxy S over the weekend and although the screen may come on fast it took about 3m 30s for the device to be usable, and another 1m for the network to come, and another 1m30s for the wi-fi to register. They don't talk about it because heaven forbid they have the same issues as a 'Blackberry'.... At least we're honest with our devices and discuss these issues.

T-Mobile 9700 running boots from a battery pull to the today screen after the security verification in 2:45 and Berry Weather even refreshes by 3:45.

iPhone boots up much faster than any of the BBs I've seen and used. My storm used to take more than five minutes to boot up, but my iPhone 4 takes a minute or two at most. I'm still a blackberry guy at heart, I'm just playing with the iPhone 4 until the 9800 comes out :)

A battery pull on any iPhone voids the warranty. You have to remove screws and basically take it apart to get the battery out.

7 Minutes and 48 seconds, with all 3 radios(CDMA, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) on, running a custom theme, with 292.545MB of 404.375MB free on boot.

I just pulled my battery on my Storm 2 and rebooted. 3 minutes and 30 seconds to reboot. Not to painful.


My good ol' 9000 boots up in 3 mins 40 seconds... running Love this device. The _only_ BlackBerry to tempt me since getting it is the Torch.

For everyone that is saying " Oh my device loads so much faster ".... what you're failing to realize is that there are multiple 3rd party apps on each phone. The maker of the video doesn't say which or how many so you cannot compare your device boot time vs his as it will be different due to the apps and such.

Buy a torch, load it up with what you have on your current BB and then boot them up at the same time and the torch will probably kick your old bbs' ass.

agreed. i dont think this test is very accurate.

the test should be done with brand new phones fresh out of the box.

Lol How do you agree? He said the exact opposite of what your'e saying. But I agree with him, this is definite proof that the boot-up time is DRASTICALLY improved.

You obviously didn't understand what he was saying then... He was saying the test wasn't accurate because the 9700 and 9650 had been heavily used. The only way to accurately get test results for this would be to have 3 Brand new, never used, phones

Well I just did the same as another person here on my 9700, I reset the video and did a battery pull at the same time, my OS is .862 running 8 heavy apps, a ton of email, calendar entries, a bunch of non ended BBM convos going and my time was just under 4min. And my BELL splash screen doesn't stay on near as long as the T-Mobile one here. My BELL one pops on for 3sec. So I've always been pretty happy with my 9700 boot time. Would have been more informative what OS's Adam had going there. All in all something is off there.

exactly 3 minutes between battery pull and security check. my 9700 is running OS, which is the fastest OS until now on my 9700.

Only 90 seconds on the 9000 running Don't tell me the Torch will be a downgrade in terms of restart time! Then again, I generally only reboot the 9000 because its skimpy app memory has dwindled down too far.

Guys Why does my storm appear to be better then everyones. Does a simulated bat pull go faster... Mine 127 seconds. Do the math. LOL... That's with all things done and no lag when clicking any icon.

My 9700 is running .743 and it took 2:20 from the time I put the battery back in to the time the desktop appeared. So Adam, what the heck are you running on that thing huh? ;)

Takes around 4to5 minutes. 9minutes up is ridiculous, that never happened to me or most 9700 users commenting here

Blackberry 9700 / OS / 6 minutes 35 secs.

i still have 87 MB free memory on my BB.
only have 4 3rd party application

maybe it take long because of the old OS?

My bold 9700 only takes at most 4 minutes to reboot and I've got quite a bit on it. And I agree with a few above, it will reboot faster with os6 :)

Just for the sake of timing it (I've never thought of doing this before) I did a battery pull on my 8900 and it took 7 min and 42 secs to the point where it does a security check.
Running OS

I love my 8900 (only wished it was 3G) but I will definitely be moving to the 9800 once it's available on Rogers.

I've a storm 1 9500 ran I nice toasty hotfast reboot of 2:29:33 with 19 apps installed, counting time from the beginning of the red led all the way through to the 100% on checking security software

there's no way it takes 9 minutes for mine to reboot. Now I'm not saying that I have a ton of third party apps but I'd say mine is more in the 2 minute range.

BlackBerry Bold 9700
2 minutes 20 secs.
app: gtalk, twitter, wordpress, gowalla, shazam, berryweather, superstore and app world 2.0

8330 running Nathanix OS5v6 hybrid - 3:33 total boot time. Relative but impressive (that this old mule even boots at all is impressive in itself).

Yeah, something must be afoot here Adam. My 9700 was about 30 seconds slower than the 9800. And that's with quite a few 3rd party apps, and four email accounts.

I'm thinking for a proper test, you need to install the latest OS available for each platform platform, and only have the default apps, no 3rd party. Might also be a good test if all the SIMs were for the same carrier too. Only mention that because Kevin mentioned in a tweet that his 9800 didn't seem to last as long on Rogers.

My two cents.

Bold 9650 (VZW) on BES: 6:16 including security tests.
Bold 9700 (AT&T) on BIS: 10:24 including security tests.

I have a BB Bold 9700, and it takes about 2 minutes to reboot.Yet, I definetely hate it! That's why I sometimes decide not to get the app.

Perhaps all the haters of the world should note that Adam noted that the 9700 was running 586 - let's move beyond why he's using an OS version pre-historic man used and keep in mind 586 was a CRAP build.

I can remember wanting to take my 9700 back to the store for a refund when I had some of those 5xx builds. One time I drove from my house to Burger King drive thru and back before that crap 9700 finished rebooting.

For people to bitch and complain "I'm running 862 with this and that and these many emails and yada yada yada" perhaps need to get a life.

PS since I have no life, I'm running 862 with:

-BES with 2 BIS accounts
-545 contacts
-239 emails
-360 calendar items
-26 3rd Party Apps
-6 Add-ons
-89MB Free

Reboot time, 11 min & 14 sec.

Suck on that.

-->Shall we play a game?

i got about 3:50, with hyrbid os6 software but 38 3rd party apps, not too shabby for most of my memory being used up

I was told that boot up time depends on the data on your phone. The bigger your contacts list is and how many emails you have. On a re boot the phone recompiles all the data

My 9650 with .810 took 8:10 to boot. I have a lot of messages and apps on mine. I can't imagine it taking more than that ever. It used to boot in about 4-5 minutes (when I first got it) but is bogged down big time now.

Most high end Android devices reboot in less than a minute after a battery pull. More like 20 seconds?

9 minutes for a 9700? Mine routinely takes 3 minutes on the spot.
I see the need for an investigation into the why and why not’s of boot times.

Took 6:37 to boot.

32 - 3rd party apps

Better than my old 8330, but I assume slower than the Torch with same apps and OS6.

14 third party apps.
4 Beta Zone apps from RIM
3 email accounts
using a third party theme as well.

and further more, I've shrunk my OS to about half (53.84MB) using 'Shrink-A-OS' before that it SEEMED to take longer, but i have no data to back that up. 5 minutes doesn't seem so bad considering my older BB's... 7105t would take like 20+ mins!!! LOL!

When I first got the tour it only took about 3-4 minutes. The more apps I put on the longer it takes. Have about 14 apps now with about 80 meg of free space after a battery pull. Now it takes about 10 to 12 mintues now. Never timed it to know exactly.

My 9700 takes 2 minutes aprox. to boot. I still hate rebooting. That's why sometimes I prefer not to download an app.

lol @ all comments. I knew this would happen because the test is not accurate. They all need to be fresh out the box so that the others isn't used already and filled with apps.

Just my point and some already said it for me.

I TRIED to watch the whole video...MY BlackBerry (8230) froze half way through LOL. Shows ya who got Berry goodness and who got sour grapes. Hahaha

from battery pull to main menu, my bold 9700 took 3:48 to start up. Im using build with 94.2MB free space of application memory. This is with thousands of sms and emails, and lookout mobile security and bebuzz on startup

My 9700 doesn't take that long and has many apps/email's/messages etc! Must be around the 5 minute mark at the very latest!

I'm with 9700 AT&T running its official OS. Agreeing with some of the previous posters, I would have to say that Memory Cleaning is enable. Reason for the long reboot.

Curve 8330 on Bell
Running latest BBTweaks public 5.0 hybrid (v11)
Reboot = 4:11 (to home screen)
Stopped up/downloading = 5:51
Launch apps = about 6:30
20.6 Mb on boot up
-17 3rd-party apps (including 3rd party email program)
-11 Add-ons apps
-About 750 contacts, 25 calendar entries

I've seen my buddy's 9700 reboot in about 3 minutes when we compared his phone to my ancient 8330 (waiting for Bell to get Torch!)

My 9700 took about 10 min when I had the OS installed – I now have the OS installed and it takes 3 min.

1 min, 52 sec, from battery plug-in to a clean desktop. My only outside app is Google Maps, and I use the stock theme.

v5.0.0.862, installed over the weekend.

Don't know about the ability to re-compile info in BB6 on Torch, but like everything else surrounding Torch and 6, I imagine it is a marginal upgrade. Just enough to get noticed but not near enough to make anyone think you actually had a modern smartphone. Just think if the Torch had the hardware of the incredible, galaxy, X, or D2. 1ghz cpu, 512 RAM and 8 megs dedicated to aplication/media storage. Bat pull restart would be half complete by the time you got the cover back on.

after doing reboot test for Blackberry 9700 with :

OS / 6 minutes 35 secs.

i decide to upgrade into

OS, reboot time : 6 minutes 45 secs

HOW COME????i thought newer OS will definitely cut down the reboot time

i only have 4 third party applications :(

Notice all of the storm owner posts... So much faster than everyone else... SUCK ON THAT...Show me the STORM 3 with OS 7...haha

RIM should be ashamed. And for those saying their phone reboots in less than 5 minutes...I'm guessing you have less than 10 third party apps.

There are some of us out here with a lot more than 10 third party apps and yes I do use them.

I have up timing my Storm 2 reboots after 10 minutes. But you do know they are at least 10 minutes.

Even a 5 minute boot-up time is rediculous. I cringe every time I have to pull the batt, do an alt-shift-del or reboot after an app install or delete.

I hope OS6 speeds that up on my 9700. I am concerned that OS6 is going to have speed and resource issues for us 9700 owners, forcing us back to OS5...hence the birth of the 9780.

i did 2nd reboot after getting pissed, i upgrade my OS, from : 6 mnts 35 sec to : 5 mnts 45 secs. that's impossible right? newer OS always shorter reboot time.

final reboot 5 mnts 9 secs

212 BBM contact
30 BB contact
Twitter for Blackberry
1 BIS account (never use)
Capture It
Babelphone English-Chinese
Interlecta Translator

My storm 1 w/ .419, 4-5 3rd party apps (couldn't hold much more) and 3 3rd party themes would usually boot up anywhere from 2:20 to 3 minutes. Current phone w/ 23 apps - 45 seconds. RIM seriously needs to up their hardware.

I had two Storm 1's that booted in just over two minutes. One was consistently 2:09 and the other 2:33 no matter what OS. The one that took 2:33 had plenty of apps and data on it, the 2:09 was just factory stuff. So, it is possible for the older berrys to boot in the two minute range.

However, my Storm2 9550 is a turtle. It takes about seven minutes to boot. I usually fall asleep while I'm waiting for! On the bright side, the only time I reboot it is with app updates and such, except for maybe two times that were due to issues.

My Bold 9000 takes about 5.5 mins. That includes entering my password and it loading the rest. I have high security settings on my Phone. Its also the first Gen Bold 9000.

After reading the posts it seems as though some devices just plain boot faster than others no matter what model. I bet if Adam were to redo this test using different phones of the same models he would get different results. I wonder why that is though?

This made me curious regarding the two BlackBerry's I have in front of me. My Storm 9530, which I have had for quite some time and my Bold 9000 through my work.

Storm 9530, OS (BIS) clocked at 3:04.74
Bold 9000, OS (BES) clocked at 2:01.38

I guess that's not too bad. Running the official OS on the Bold and a leaked OS on the Storm.

I just did a boot test with my Verizon
9650 that is approximately a 10 days old. Very few apps so far (Facebook, TFLN, GoogleTalk, USAA, Pandora).

Total boot time: 2min, 50s

My T-Mobile 9700 running 5.0.862 loads in under 2 minutes. I dont even think my Bold with the stock OS took 10 minutes.

I don't know guys, but in my opinion the test should had been with all devices running the same OS, or all devices running as they come from factory. That way you could messure how well the hardware handles the software, otherwise there are too many factors that varies from one device to the other.

Besides, I don't understand how a Bold 9700 takes almost 10 minutes to boot up. I own a 8900, running OS, with a lot of apps on it (since I've been doing some testing), and it does even take the 6 minutes that the Bold 9650 took.

2:56: For the T-Mobile splash screen to appear.
3:06: The moment 9700 finish verifying security software.

I reboot every day - AT&T Curve 8900, OS
Reboot times are typically on the 5-6 minute range.

- 10+ BIS email accounts
- 400+ email contacts
- 24 BBM contacts
- large mailbox
- approx 30 third-party apps including several GPS/intensive
FB, Vodafone Update, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Talk, Yammer, Trillian, etc
Foursquare, ATT NAV, other GPS apps

Bold 9650 running .810

Boot time is right at 4 minutes.

(I had a bad database last weekend, however, and my boot time was around 22 minutes. YIKES! But a wipe fixed that issue)

ON US CELL W/ 71 Contacts 32 Programs 6 Emails 5 texts and have a reboot time of 4:05 on my 8350 running

My battery pull time on my 9650 is about 7 minutes. The big difference is with my previous Tour I would lose memory and have to reset every 24-48 hours or the unit would start to lag. With my 9650, I often go 2 WEEKS without resetting because I lose zero memory and have no problems. I look forward to BB6 reducing reboot time as I sometimes change batteries on the fly.

My ex gf 9700 would boot in about 4-5 minutes and she has more apps than me.

My 9650 is ridiculous. I have maybe 10 apps but my msgs are there for the max 30 days and it takes anywhere from 8-12 minutes to boot up. I'd rather have the faster processor than the extra ram.

I rebooted my friends 8900 at the same time as my 9650 last night and her phone was back on the home screen when mine was about 25%.

My bold 9700 with the OS boots up at 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Recorded it twice with the same average results of 2.15.

My phone 8 E-mail account on BIS plan. About 15 3rd part apps. Also has a 3rd party theme applied.

Bone stock AT&T 9700 with .656 booted up completely in 1:32.

Should be getting my Torch on Thursday so I'll have to see how the two compare....

shrunk OS
39 3rd party apps w/114.5MB available

Takes like eleventeen minutes to reboot....suck

Wow.. I'd kill myself if my phone took that long to boot up.
My S1 boots in less than 3 mins..

about 1 minute to be fully functional upon reboot of my Droid X. I sure do miss certain things about blackberry but the OS and boot times i do not.

It takes my Bold 9700 13m 48s to reboot.
My current version in
22 3rd party apps
3rd party theme
8 email accounts.

***I only reboot if my phone freezes up, so only about 1x a month for this very reason!***

Just tested my girlfriends 9700 on 3 minutes and 7 seconds.

time for an OS change there... fkin 9 minutes... you kidding me?

My bold 9700 takes 2 minutes maximumm with using a Hybrid from willboy V7 and with .862 take around 2:30 minutes maximumm, and it is a super extremly fast software. love it..

Our Bold 9000 running the latest hybrid beat the Torch, by a solid 20-30 seconds. Another 9000 running the next-to-latest version of the hybrid was just as fast as the Torch. The Torch beat the 2nd Bold to the AT&T splash screen, but the Bold caught up and they finished verifying the security settings at the same time.

My Bold 9700 is loaded up with data and my battery pull restart took 3:23.. My 8310 Curve didn't take anywhere near 9:00 mins.

i rebooted my nearly fully loaded 9630 at the exact sametime as he started the other blackberry's, and to my suprise the 9630 fully started well before the 9650 and 9700

Running Jasper's new hybrid. Over 40 apps, 10 themes, with heavy email, texting and BBM loads and my reboot is averaging 4:50.


Here we go Timer started the moment the battery hit the contact points...

Boot Time : 6m 40s (Including Security Check and Network Lock)

Phone : 9700
OS :
Carrier : Vodafone (India)
Free Memory : 86MB
WiFi : On
Radio : On

Phonebook : 520 Contacts
E-mail : 5 Accounts
SMS : 24 Messages
BBM : 8 Contacts

Loaded Apps (Manual Launch) : 33 apps. (Excluding the ones below) :D

TSR Apps (Loaded in Memory) : VeryBusy, bbCard, MessageSchedule, SMS Vcard Addon, LinkedIn, Alarm Clock, Documents to Go Files, Where's My Phone, BerryBuzz, LaterDude, OneTouch Flashlight, Call Blocker, Snippits, Add to Contact 2, MultiClipboard and regular BB core apps. :D


I didn't know the amount of apps you have had an effect. I don't that many apps on this phone.

9700 on, Turkcell, with lots of installed apps (80MB free app-memory), 8 of them starting at launch and also 400 messages, 350 calendar entries, 250 contacts. It just took 3m57seconds.

...a very scientific test. The only way to compare is with freshly wiped phones. And even then, the OS version can make a huge difference.

Oddly enough I had just reset my 9550 about a minute before watching this video and the 9800 beat it by like 20 secs. Thats a big ups to me. But being I never had a 9700 but have family members who do, I never reset one and I am quite surprised how long that took. BTW my 9550 has encryption on and security.

Oddly enough I had just reset my 9550 about a minute before watching this video and the 9800 beat it by like 20 secs. Thats a big ups to me. But being I never had a 9700 but have family members who do, I never reset one and I am quite surprised how long that took. BTW my 9550 has encryption on and security.

My 9700 reboot around 8:20

Contacts: 2055
Calendar Entries: 62
BIS Email Accounts: 6
Email Messages: 1239
SMS Messages: 2885
Free Memory: 67MB
with SmrtGuard and Adorno! MultiAlarm running in the background

I'm not sure how others claimed they got less then 3 mins...maybe the amount of data you have also play it parts in your BB reboot time

Total start up time: 3:15
Battery in - Telus screen: 3:00
15s before it would let me unlock.

19 mb free, not too much installed, reinstalled system software two days ago.

The Bold 9000 running almost any version of 5.0 would beat every one of them, by a lot.... my 9000 takes 1:10min to boot

after reading this article and putting my Verizon 9630 to the test, I realized slow is giving my phone too much credit. After over 10 minutes, the load bar is about 60-65% loaded. I will comment again when it is done. EDIT: I think my phone froze because its been 15 minutes, and its still at 60-65%....

I spent the night playing with all my old BBs and the current one (9650). I recorded all of my boot times with their configuration...

Bold 9650 - = 9:11 (no sd, 14-3rd-party apps,
bbm data, etc., no service books)
- - 8:26 (SD card inserted,
14 3rd party apps, bbm data, VZW service books)

(Weird that it was faster with vzw crap)

Tour 9630 - = 5:42 (no sd, factory fresh,
connected to VZW service books)
- = 6:40 (sd, factory fresh, vzw service

Curve 8330 - = 2:05 (no service books) = 3:46 (vzw service books, factory fresh)

8703e - = 1:25 (factory fresh, no service books)

well folks one thing that the Storm1 can do better than your phone is boot up time! I have 20 mb free and it only takes my phone 2 minutes and 5 seconds to boot! And thats with the newest O.S!

my 9700 takes 2-3 min max, on Voadfone .862

Apps: Docs to Go premium + pdf to go, Google Talk, some File Manager.
Games: None.
Emails: 6 + 1.
Other data: 675Kb (phone book + calander, Task, password keeper, Memo)

Hey guys,

The last official OS .862 boots up similar to the 9800 where the "dash" goes to 3/4 quickly. And definitely don't wait more than 3-4 minutes to boot (as others have claimed with same OS)

But kudos on the 9800.

Cheers to the test.

I tried my 9700 Tmobile with the Video and it finished just before your 9650, i think that the 9700 hat you are trying is in it's first restart after an update or something...

Tryed this a couple of times, first time took 3:45 the second time it took 3:55.
I have a fair amount of apps(62mb left), 2 emails and far too many txt messages running an old O/S
10mins is just mad, i couldn't live with that.

my bold 9000 reboots in aprox 2 minutes and 5 seconds which is faster then the torch and its currently loaded to the brim with msgs and apps wtf?

Bold 9700 on TMo running Os
Deleted all my msgs, call history, and browser cache/history etc... Took 8 minutes and 11 seconds to boot up from red LED to 100% security software check. Way too long, if u ask me. My memory went up from 77 Mb to 85.

My 9700 takes only 2 minutes and 48 seconds.
Its from Rogers Wireless (white).
I've used it for 6 months.
The OS I'm using is os (app version)

So please take this misleading video down. Thanks.

Clearly the BB line has been plagued with horrid boot times and a few hybrid users haven't changed that at all.

It's something that should have been fixed by now ....the iPhone,galaxy series and Droid line don't take this long and do a billion and one more excuses

Yeah, something wonky going on Verizon 9650 does NOT take that long to boot, and I have plenty of apps loaded......

My bold 9700 took 5:28 I have around 50 installed apps, I only have 36.4Mb left in app memory. My encryption is off. My time went up by 5 minuets with full encryption, including memory card (4Gb, 2Gb used). Also I do not delete text messages and I use about 3-4k a month and have had my phone since it came out. I am running on att.

...with 123mb of free space after the .862 OS and Google Maps, Pandora, Mp3 Ringtone Creator, BerryBuzz, BerryJoose, Memory Booster and MeterBerry; with memory cleaning turned off boots in under 3 min after a hard reset.

One of the many reasons I don't miss my Tour. Reboots took 5 minutes or so. On my droid incredible? 30 seconds or so.

And it still takes me upwards of 7 minutes to turn on, after a battery pull. About 90 seconds of that 7 minutes, is from the final "security verification" screen - seemingly an awful long time! After battery pull, I have about 27mb of memory.

My 9700 running on Bell takes in the realm of 15 minute to boot up to the point it's usable. It's BES activated, has a 2G SD card, has 114M free with memory compression enabled. (Disabling it didn't help.)

I also pull a BIS account.

I've got a custom theme (Hypaereon Sliq), BerryBuzz, BerryPopup, BeWeather Free, Blockberry, Bolt, CaptureIt, eOffice Mobile Data Alerter, Ka-Glom Free, KeePass, VQI Mileage Tracker, PageOnce Mobile Minutes Tracker, Opera, QuickPull, Crackberry Superstore, and VersaTool.

Really there's been no meaningful degradation over the last 9 months as I've added more, and more, and more. Most of the 3rd party apps and the BIS account got added long after the phone was bought.

Really, BES is what killed it.

My 8900 is running os5.0.0.411 and it takes 2minutes 19seconds which is a great improvement from my previos 8520 which took 10minutes to reboot running same os.

Now, maybe this is just my personal experience, but I find boot time is directly related to how often. Seems like the longer I go without rebooting my phone (anywhere from a couple days to a week or more) the longer it takes to reboot.

I'm running a BB8900 with OS
I've got about 115k of 207k free memory.
I've got 3155 SMS, 12 MMS, and 97 messages.
I've got an uptime of about 131300 seconds, and I've got the 2G radio and WiFi on.
Boot time: 3:30

Alright, now, the next one.
I've got 122k of 207k free.
97 Messages, 12 MMS, and 3164 SMS.
Uptime now, though, is only about 2500 seconds.
Boot time: 3:30

Both times I left the battery out for about 30 seconds. Obviously the data and everything is the same both times. Generally speaking I do a soft reset with the left alt combination, but these times I did complete battery pulls. I guess it really doesn't make any difference about the uptime. Always seemed like it did, though.

I have a BB 9700, running on OS v5 and am getting battery pull/reboot time averaging 2m 20s.

2 possible reasons for your rebooot times;

1.You have way too much junk (i refer to data as being junk) in your phone and are bogging it down. Most likely if you were getting a reboot time of over 9m, a need for app/data deletion is warranted.

Best bet keep your phone clean and only have apps that you really need on your phone.

2. Your phone is defective and need another one.

My BB 9700 is faster than BB torch!!!

[B]BB 9650 with 3rd party apps & games installed:[/B]
Initial Settings:
Adress Book 3567
SMS messages 28,271
Messages 9,010
OS 5.732
Battery Pull/Reboot time 15:39

[B]Clean Wipe on .732[/B]
Nothing installed on 9650 (no data)
3min:40 sec

[B]Installed with new Blackbery OS.865[/B]
[B]Clean Wipe on .865[/B]
Nothing installed on 9650 (no data)
2min:10 sec

Data transfer of contacts, password/memopad, contacts and messages:

Adress Book 3567
SMS messages 0
Messages 9,010
Bootup time: 4min 40 secs

Data transfer of contacts, password/memopad, contacts, messages AND SMS:
Adress Book 3,567
SMS messages 28,271
Messages 9,010
Bootup time:

I have a blackberry bold 9700 with at&t and want to remove thire provisoning so that i can take it to another company and provision it with them dose any one know how to do it ro direct me to some one that can?!!!!... anyones help would be greatly aperciated greatly!....